The Zora Underlings are characters from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Three in all, they are servants to Oren, queen of the River Zoras.


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At one point, Link is in need of a tool needed to access the House of Gales, situated in the middle of Lake Hylia. He seeks out the River Zoras of northeast Hyrule; in the hidden throne room of the River Zoras, the Underlings explain to Link that the queen's Smooth Gem has been stolen, causing her to swell and grow rapidly, which will eventually kill her if her gem is not recovered. Link seeks out the Shady Guy who stole the Smooth Gem, but finds he already pawned it. Link pays money out of his own pocket to recover the gem and restore the queen to her normal state, much to the relief of her Underlings. Oren presents Link with the Zora Flippers as thanks for his deeds.

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