The Zora Royal Family, often shortened to the Royal Family by Zora, is the governing monarch family of the Zora people in Zora's Domain in the land of Hyrule. It typically consists of either a King Zora, Zora Queen, Zora Princess, and/or a Zora Prince. In most games, there are at least two or more members usually a King or a Queen and their children. The Zora Royal Family governs Zora's Domain and the Zora people as a whole.

The Zora Royal Family has a long history of being sworn allies with their Hylian counterparts Royal Family of Hyrule and at least two Zora Princesses have had romantic feelings towards their respective era's incarnation of the Hylian Hero, Link. They are recognized as the leaders of the Zora and respected by the Royal Family of Hyrule which governs all of Hyrule as the Zora often operate with a respectful amount of autonomy though will work together with their Hylian counterparts to ensure the peace and stability of Hyrule. Like the Royal Family of Hyrule, the Zora Royal Family has a long dark history of conflicts with the King of Evil Ganondorf/Ganon whom they often oppose and/or combat aside their Hylian allies.


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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Hyrulean Civil War ended less than a decade before the events of Ocarina of Time. The Zora Royal Family lead by King Zora XVI swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule with the Zora protecting Hyrule's primary source of freshwater Zora's Fountain where the Zora's patron deity Lord Jabu-Jabu resided. The Zora Royal Family had been entrusted with the Zora's Sapphire the Spiritual Stone of Water which was passed down from mother to daughter becoming viewed as akin to an engagement ring among the Zora Royal Family. Eventually King Zora had a daughter named Princess Ruto who became Lord Jabu-Jabu's attendant responsible for feeding him offerings of Fish. Princess Ruto was a brave and strong willed Princess who was beloved by her father. However while feeding Lord Jabu-Jabu, Princess Ruto and the Zora's Sapphire wer swallowed by Lord Jabu-Jabu after he was cursed by the Gerudo King of Thieves Ganondorf and infected by the parasitic Barinade as part of a plan to acquire the Zora's Sapphire which was one of the keys required to bypass the Door of Time that barred access to the Sacred Realm. Unaware of Ganondorf's betrayal and evil plot, King Zora sent search parties to find his missing daughter. Meanwhile, a young Hylian child named Link whom had been raised as a Kokiri by the Great Deku Tree had come to Zora's Domain at the behest of young Princess Zelda to acquire the Zora's Sapphire before Ganondorf. Using Zelda's Lullaby to prove his association with the Royal Family of Hyrule, Link learned of Ruto's dissappearance and decided to help King Zora in hopes of acquiring the Spiritual Stone as well as suspecting Ganondorf's involvement with her dissappearance. Link find a Letter in a Bottle from Ruto downriver in Lake Hylia which reveals Ruto is Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. This convinces King Zora to grant Link access to Zora's Fountain. Using a Fish, Link enters Jabu-Jabu's Belly to find Ruto. He finds Ruto but she refuses to leave until she finds something she lost which turns out to be the Zora's Sapphire. However she is captured by a Bigocto. However Link defeats the Bigocto and Barinade to rescue Ruto who manages to recover the Zora's Sapphire. After returning to Zora's Fountain, Princess Ruto becomes enamored with Link and agrees to part with her Zora's Sapphire though Link fails to realize accepting it essentially means he agrees to become betrothed to Ruto.

Link returns to Hyrule Castle only to see Princess Zelda flee from Ganondorf who attacked Hyrule Castle to acquire the Ocarina of Time though Link manages to acquire it from the moat where Zelda threw it as she fled. Link uses the Spiritual Stones and Ocarina of Time to access the chamber containing the Pedestal of Time and Master Sword the final barrier barring access to the Sacred Realm which only the chosen hero could remove. Unfortunately Link did not know this and removes the sword but is too young to wield it and is sealed within the Temple of Light within the Sacred Realm for seven years. However this inadvertently removes the only barrier keeping Ganondorf from the Triforce. Having realized Link had conspired with Zelda against him, Ganondorf manipulated Link into opening the Door of Time and removing the Master Sword. Acquiring the Triforce of Power due to his heart's lack of balance between the virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage, Ganondorf became the Great King of Evil and conquered much of Hyrule in the seven years Link slept. The Zora suffered terribly with Zora's Domain frozen over and King Zora frozen in Red Ice along with the Zora Shop while the rest of the Zora were frozen in ice under the Ice Cavern near Zora's Fountain. However Princess Ruto now an adult managed to escape thanks to Princess Zelda disguised as a Sheikah named Sheik. Sheik informed Ruto the ice was due to a curse placed upon the Water Temple in Lake Hylia. Princess Ruto entered the Water Temple to dispel the curse and free her people and father. Meanwhile Link had awoken and was tasked with awakening the sages as part of a plan to defeat and seal Ganondorf inside the Sacred Realm. Link frees King Zora and the Zora Shop of Red Ice using Blue Fire. King Zora learns his daughter is safe and is happy to see his old ally Link giving him a Zora Tunic as thanks for freeing him unless Link has purchased one from the Zora Shop. Link had learned of what happened to Ruto from Sheik and went to the Water Temple to aid her in hopes of awakening the Sage of Water. Princess Ruto was happy to reunite with her beloved finaceé Link whom now understood what he had promised to her seven years prior though Ruto decided to hold off until after they removed the curse. Going on ahead Ruto was captured by the source of the curse Morpha. However Link defeated his doppelganger Dark Link and Morpha. After defeating Morpha, Ruto awoke as the Sage of Water. Realizing they were destined to follow different paths, Ruto released Link from his promise to marry her before giving him the Water Medallion to support the man she loved and waited for over seven years.

During the "Quest for Biggoron's Sword", Link take Biggoron's Prescription for the World's Finest Eye Drops to King Zora who is an old friend of Biggoron. However King Zora explains that while he has the ingredient required he requires the Lake Scientist to make them. He gives Link the ingredient an Eyeball Frog but notes it cannot survive long outside its natural habitat meaning he must race to Lake Hylia as the shortcut in Zora's Domain leading there has frozen over. King Zora will continue to give Link replacements until he manages to bring one to the Lake Scientist.

As one of the Seven Sages lead by Princess Zelda, Princess Ruto aided Link in dispelling the Water Barrier inside Ganon's Castle. After the Hero of Time dealt the final blow to Ganon, she and the other sages sealed Ganondorf inside the Sacred Realm bringing peace to Hyrule. King Zora is seen celebrating Ganondorf's defeat at Lon Lon Ranch though quietly sits with Mido while missing his daughter, while Mido similarly misses Saria whom had become Sage of Forest. Princess Ruto is seen overlooking Hyrule with the other sages except Zelda atop Death Mountain.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

In the Child Timeline created when the Hero of Time was sent back in time to relive his stolen childhood, Ganondorf plot was foiled and he was captured after rampaging throughout Hyrule becoming known as a demon thief due to his power and evil nature. The six Ancient Sages were tasked with executing and sealing Ganondorf who had been imprisoned in the Arbiter's Grounds. They attempted to kill Ganondorf and seal Ganondorf away using the Sword of the Six Sages but unbeknownst to them Ganondorf had as if by some kind of divine prank somehow acquired the power of the gods which revived Ganondorf. Removing the sword which despite being holy could be wielded by an evil person like Ganondorf, he slayed the Ancient Sage of Water forcing the remaining five Ancient Sages to seal Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm using the Mirror of Twilight. Inside the Twilight Realm, Ganondorf took the form of a flaming head and encountered the Twili Zant. Worshipping Ganondorf as a god, Zant swore loyalty to him and Ganondorf empowered Zant allowing him to usurp the throne of the Twilight Realm from the Twilight Princess Midna cursing her and transforming her into an imp-like Twili. Midna took the piece of the Fused Shadow sealed within the Twilight Realm and escaped to the Light World and kingdom of Hyrule currently ruled by another incarnation of Princess Zelda whom was soon to be coronated Queen of Hyrule according to the Hyrule Historia. Zant and Ganondorf meanwhile transformed the remaining Twili into Shadow Beasts and invaded the Light World so Zant could avenge the Twili's ancestors and Ganondorf could conquer Hyrule and gain revenge for his imprisonment and failed execution.

Meanwhile the Zora where ruled by Queen Rutela following the death of her husband. She lead her people from Zora's Domain in Lanayru Province alongside her young son and heir Prince Ralis. They lived together peacefully until Zant's invasion. However she refused to yield to the Usurper King of Twilight and sent her son to Hyrule Castle to warn the current Princess Zelda. Due to her defiance, Zant made an example out of her by having her executed leaving Ralis an orphan and the family's sole remaining member. Ralis escaped to Hyrule Castle Town but fell ill due to being away from water for too long. Fortunately Ilia the amnesiac daughter of Mayor Bo and a Human from Ordon Village found Ralis after she escaped from Bulblins that had kidnapped her and the Children of Ordon. Aided by Telma the bar owner and leader of the Resistance that was fighting to save Hyrule from the evil forces invading it, the amnesiac Ilia tried to do everything she could to save the gravely ill Ralis despite him being a total stranger and of an entirely different race. As Ralis was unable to warn Princess Zelda, she was ultimately forced to surrender as Zant and his Shadow Beasts were too powerful for the Hyrulean Soldiers that defended the castle and the ancient Hero of Time had since passed his heroism largely forgotten or consigned to mere folklore with the location of the Master Sword and Temple of Time long forgotten as well. Without a hero, Zelda had little hope of combating Zant and surrendered to spare the Hyrulean population which became spirits after much of Hyrule was bathed in Twilight. Pitying Zelda's plight Midna ended up conspiring in secret with Zelda to locate the current hero to defeat their shared enemy Zant unaware of Ganondorf's involvement.

Meanwhile Queen Rutela became a Ghost who watched over her son and Zora's Domain which Zant had frozen over in a manner reminiscent of Ganondorf's freezing of Zora's Domain in the Adult Timeline. While trying to restore Light to the Lanayru Province, Midna and Wolf Link the descendant of the Hero of Time who turned into a divine blue eyed Wolf when exposed to Twilight, they encountered Rutela's spirit which recognized Wolf Link as a Hylian and current incarnation of the Hero requested he aid her son after explaining the events that lead to her death. Wolf Link and Midna manage to unfreeze Zora's Domain by dropping a volcanic rock from Death Mountain into the Zora Royal Family's Throne Room. After restoring light to Lanayru province and reviving the Light Spirit Lanayru returning Wolf Link to Hylian form, he reunites with his childhood friend Ilia though discovers her amnesia and the situation with Prince Ralis. When Doctor Borville refuses to treat Ralis, Telma suggests Renado the shaman of Kakariko Village. Overhearing their conversation a group of Hyrulean Soldiers offer to escort them until they are scared off when Telma offhandedly mentions the dangers they will face, though Link remains and agrees to help as Ilia is a friend and Ralis is in desperate need of Renado's care. Ilia stays with Ralis in Telma's cart while Link riding Epona fights off monsters lead by Zant and Ganondorf's chief Light World underling King Bulblin.

Eventually they make it to Kakariko Village. Colin, Beth, and Renado's daughter Luda help Renado care for Ralis while a relieved Ilia rests under Renado's care as he is an old friend of her father. With Ralis and his friend Ilia in safe hands, Queen Rutela thanks Link for his assistance by showing him her husband's hidden grave in Kakariko Graveyard. There she reveals the Zora Armor her husband had made for the chosen hero and gives it to Link to aid him in his quest to defeat Zant. Eventually Ralis recovers and takes the opportunity to visit his father's grave to mourn the loss of his mother and pay his respects to both his parents unaware Rutela is watching over him. Meanwhile the Zora search for their missing Prince and pray he is safe.

During Link's later quest to repair the shattered Mirror of Twilight after learning Midna's true identity and obtaining the Master Sword, Link and Resistance member Ashei investigate Yeti sightings in the Snowpeak province. Using Ashei's Sketch to learn more about the Yeti, the Zora mention the Reekfish depicted in the sketch and Ralis' knowledge of how to catch them. Link learns from Beth whom had become somewhat smitten with Ralis that Ralis has been visiting the graveyard. Link shows Ralis the sketch and Ralis reveals the Reekfish are attracted by a type of coral which his Coral Earrings happen to be made out of. Ralis gives Link a Coral Earring to use as a fishing hook for his Fishing Rod and decides to eventually return home to take the throne and lead his people. Link catches a Reekfish to acquire the Reekfish Scent which allows him to follow the Yeti Yeto's trail leading him to Snowpeak Ruins. After Link defeats Blizzeta, Ralis returns to Zora's Domain and can be found in the throne room where Link can visit him. The Zora are relieved by his return and do their best to support their young prince as he takes the throne. After Ganondorf's defeat, Ralis is seen in Zora's Domain still being watched over by Queen Rutela in spirit.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

In the Hero Downfall Timeline, the Zora had become hostile to Hylians and had become River Zora. During the events of A Link Between Worlds, Queen Oren leads the River Zora from Zora's Waterfall though like her ancestors is friendly towards Hylians and is apparently trying to restore relations between the River Zora and Hylians. However she requires the Smooth Gem to maintain her appearance otherwise she bloats up. Unfortunately the Shady Guy steals it, causing Oren to bloat. While trying to combat the mysterious painter Yuga, the current incarnation of Link learns of Oren's plight and recovers the Smooth Gem from a remorseful Shady Guy. Oren thanks Link whom acquires the Pendants of Virtue to acquire the Master Sword. Meanwhile Yuga turns Oren into a painting after discovering she is one of the Seven Sages he needs to revive Ganon to acquire the Triforce of Power. Yuga merges with Ganon to become Yuga Ganon before fleeing to Lorule a parallel world similar to Hyrule. Link allies himself with Zelda's Lorulean counterpart Princess Hilda to combat Yuga Ganon and free the Sages. After rescuing Oren's painting, Oren awakens as a Sage like Ruto before her. The Seven Sages grant Link access to the Triforce of Courage. Unfortunately this was all part of a plan concocted by Hilda and Yuga to steal Hyrule's Triforce as the Royal Family of Lorule had destroyed the Lorulean Triforce to end countless wars fought over it with disastrous results. However Hilda simply wanted to restore her broken world and failed to realize Yuga only wanted to use the Triforce to become a god and recreate Lorule as he saw fit. Link manages to defeat Yuga Ganon despite him being empowered by Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom and Ganon's Triforce of Power. However Hilda refuses to give up on stealing the Triforce until Link's counterpart Ravio convinces her it is wrong and the very reason her predecessors destroyed the Lorulean Triforce. Hilda feeling guilty helps Zelda, Link, and the Sages return to Hyrule. Feeling sorry for Hilda and Ravio's plight, Link and Zelda restore Lorule's Triforce using a wish made with Hyrule's Triforce. Queen Oren returns to leading her people and to continue to create better relations between the River Zora and Hylians.

Like the other sages, Queen Oren lacks a Lorulean counterpart implying the Zora Royal Family has no Lorulean equivalent or its Lorulean equivalent died out before the events of A Link Between Worlds possibly during the conflicts that lead to the destruction of the Lorulean Triforce.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Some time after the events of Ocarina of Time in an indeterminate timeline and ten thousand years before Breath of the Wild, the Zora founded the current incarnation of Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region in the province of Lanayru. The Zora used a unique form of stonemasonry to create this incarnation of Zora's Domain which is essentially a giant sculpture. However every decade, the province suffered heavy rainfall that flooded Zora River bringing disaster to Zora's Domain and areas downriver in the Lanayru Wetlands where Hylians lived. It became such an issue for both the Zora and Hylians that the reigning King Zora and King of Hyrule met to solve the problem. They decided to construct the East Reservoir Lake and Rutala Dam to control the flooding. Using a combination of Hylian engineering and Zora architecture they completed the project successfully and the ancient King Zora swore an oath to watch over the water level to guard against future floods. The ancient Zora King also commissioned Zora craftsmen to create Zora Greaves for Hylians that visited Zora's Domain as a token of friendship between them and the Zora.

Eventually Calamity Ganon appeared as part of his repeat cycle of resurrections and sealings. The Sheikah who had prepared for Ganon's inevitable return, bequeathed the Divine Beast Vah Ruta named in honor of the legendary Zora Sage Princess Ruto to the Zora who selected a Champion to pilot it against Ganon in support of the Hero and Princess of Hyrule at that time in defeating and sealing Ganon. Thanks to the Sheikah technology, Ganon was defeated. The people at first venerated the Divine Beasts and Sheikah technology but over time it became viewed as a threat to Hyrule's peace and stability. The Sheikah became ostracized from Hyrulean society until they chose to bury their technology for future use when Ganon returned. Vah Ruta was buried in Lanayru Great Spring.

During an unknown period, Zora's Domain came under threat by a Lizalfos general who brought war to Lanayru Great Spring. This forced the King Zora of that era to lead the Zora Kingdom's army of Zora Knights against the invading monsters. However his wife knew he was unskilled in the art of war sewed one of her white scales into her husband's Zora Armor in the hope her love would protect him. The King unaware of his wife's actions confronted the Lizalfos general at Zodobon Highlands where their armies clashed in a fierce battle. However the general was a dangerous foe and as the queen had feared her husband was no match for him. As the general prepared to deliver a deathblow to the King an errant sunbeam hit the Queen's scale sewn into his armor reflecting into the Generals eyes blinding him giving the King precious time to rally his forces to slay the general and his army resulting in a miraculous victory that became known as the "Miracle of the White Scale. The queen's act of love that created the miracle also lead to a new royal marriage custom of Zora Princesses crafting armor for their future husbands.

A century before Breath of the Wild, the Zora were ruled by King Dorephan a strong King Zora blessed with supernatural strength and a historian-like understanding of Zora History. Eventually he and his wife were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Mipha. Dento the Zora blacksmith created the Lightscale Trident for Mipha to celebrate her birth. Mipha was blessed with healing powers in the form of Mipha's Grace which she used to heal injured knights causing her to become beloved by them. The legendary shock resistant Zora Knight "Demon" Sergeant Seggin became Mipha's combat instructor while Muzu was her royal tutor. Seggin viewed Mipha as a surrogate daughter while Muzu loved her dearly as his student. One day a Hylian envoy appeared in Zora's Domain with a young four year old Hylian boy named Link accompanying them. Despite being only four years old, the boy was a swordsman prodigy capable of besting grown Zora and Hylian Knights. As a result Link became popular among the Zora children whom befriended him including Princess Mipha who developed a crush on him much like Princess Ruto. However she had a rival for Link's affection in Kodah a Zora girl who had also become smitten with Link. However Mipha and Link became close as she often healed his injuries as despite his skill Link was brave to the point of recklessness. Eventually Link left Zora's Domain joining the Knights of Hyrule to follow in the footsteps of his father a Royal Guard Knight. Meanwhile Princess Mipha became a big sister to Prince Sidon and matured into a young adult. Link eventually returned to Zora's Domain an accomplished knight and to Mipha's joy and pride the current chosen wielder of the Master Sword. However his new burden as hero caused him to silently bare the burden of his destiny with Mipha noting his change in both personality and in height though still loved him.

Eventually it was foretold that Ganon would return causing the Royal Family of Hyrule lead by King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule and his teenage daughter Princess Zelda to work with their allies to excavate the Divine Beasts and Sheikah technology in preparation for confronting Ganon. Vah Ruta was discovered and Mipha developed an immediate bond with it. Eventually Princess Zelda visited Zora's Domain to recruit Mipha to be the new Zora Champion. Despite Seggin and Muzu's disapproval, Mipha accepted with the support of her father who recognized the threat Ganon posed as the Zora had suffered many times in the past due to the King of Evil's actions. King Dorephan also saw it as the work of fate as he noted Mipha's similarities to Vah Ruta's namesake. Mipha wanted to fight to protect both her people and beloved Link whom she hoped to marry after Ganon's defeat even crafting Zora Armor for him in accordance with royal family tradition. Link briefly returned to Zora's Domain and assisted them in dealing with a Lynel from Ploymus Mountain that was terrorizing Zora's Domain presumably as a sign that Ganon's imminent return was growing closer.

However Mipha did become jealous when Link was promoted to Captain of Princess Zelda's Royal Guard detail envying Princess Zelda getting to spend time alone with Link. She longed to confess her feelings and even prayed to a Zora Princess that fell in love with a Hylian swordsman implied to be Princess Ruto for courage to reveal her true feelings. Calamity Ganon finally returned ironically on Zelda's seventeen birthday. Rallied to action by Daruk. Mipha piloted her Divine Beast, unfortunately Ganon had created Waterblight Ganon to kill Mipha and take control of her Divine Beast by imprisoning her spirit. This resulted in the Great Calamity that left Link barely clinging to life and forced Princess Zelda to seal herself and Ganon in Hyrule Castle while Link recoved in medical stasis for a century. However King Dorephan and Prince Sidon survived along with Zora's Domain though believed both Link and Zelda had perished.

Mipha's death hit the Zora people hard and lead many adults including Dento, Seggin, and Muzu to blame Link and the Hylians for Mipha's death and the Great Calamity while King Zora and Prince Sidon simply mourned Mipha's death and the perceived death of their Hylian allies Link and Zelda. The Zora attempted to bring peace to Mipha's spirit by floating her Lightscale Trident but she managed to communicate her final wishes through the triden, insisting they treat the Lightscale Trident as an extension of Mipha herself, to remember her, and to know happiness once more. This lead to the creation of the Champion Festival and a memorial statue was constructed in Zora's Domain. The Zora came to venerate the Lightscale Trident with Dento creating the Ceremonial Trident a inferior but identical replica for ceremonial purposes during the festival.

On the one hundredth anniversary of King Dorephan's reign, a Guardian wondered into Lanayru Great Spring near Zora's Domain. The Zora Knights fought valiantly but their weapons proved ineffective. King Dorephan without any thought for his own safety confronted it alone and armed only with his supernatural strength lifted the Guardian throwing it down a ravine destroying it receiving only a minor but well earned scar on his head. Prince Sidon grew into a noble Prince who like his father and late sister was a heroic person saving the fishermen of Lurelin Village from a a giant Octorok becoming a hero to them. Sidon also had many female admirers who formed Prince Sidon's Fan Club. A century later, Vah Ruta awoke after a century of dormancy and threatened to flood the Reservoir and break the 10,000 year old promise to prevent flooding. Prince Sidon and the now retired Seggin tried to attack Vah Ruta's weak points with Shock Arrows but Seggin' shock resistance proved to be insufficient causing Sidon to seek Hylian assistance to the out rage of Seggin and the rest of the Council of Elders which aided the Zora Royal Family with governing Zora's Domain and serving as Royal advisors on various matters of state. However King Dorephan and most of the younger generation supported Sidon's plans. Sidon inadvertently recruits an amnesiac Link who had been tasked by Zelda through Impa to free Vah Ruta and the other Divine Beasts. Sidon having been too young to remember Link invites him to Zora's Domain where King Dorephan reveals Link's true identity and learns of Princess Zelda's survival. However Muzu and the Elders are out raged to learn of Link's survival. Muzu even storms off when Dorephan gives Link the Zora Armor Mipha made for Link. He and Sidon welcome Link's aid and Sidon reveals Mipha's true feelings for Link to Muzu who lets go of his hatred as Link's memory of Mipha returns. Laflat the Royal Family's Chief Secretary also requests a picture of a Lynel to scare Zora away from risking their lives by diving off Shatterback Point rewarding him with a pair of Zora Greaves she kept after her father closed down the old Zora Armor Shop due to a lack of Hylian customers.

After collecting Shock Arrows, Link and Sidon confront Vah Ruta stopping the water allowing Link to enter it. There Link confronts Mipha's killer which he slays avenging Mipha's death and freeing her spirit. Mipha reveals her true feelings and grants Link the power of Mipha's Grace to heal himself then retakes control of Vah Ruta. This causes the rest of the Zora Elders to let go of their misplaced hatred of Link and the Hylians. Grateful to Link for freeing Vah Ruta and Mipha's spirit King Dorephan and Prince Sidon give Link Mipha's Lightscale Trident to use as a weapon which can be reforged by its creator Dento when it breaks.

During The Champions' Ballad DLC, Link discovers Mipha's Diary gaining insight into her private thoughts from their childhood to their preparations for Ganon's return. He also acquires the Picture of the Champions which depicts Link and his fellow Champions during more happier times. Link cherishes the picture and puts it next to his bed inside his house.

During the battle with Calamity Ganon, Mipha supports Link using Vah Ruta. After Dark Beast Ganon's defeat and sealing, Link and Zelda pay a visit to Zora's Domain. Presumably King Dorephan and Prince Sidon supported Zelda in retaking the Hylian throne as was her birthright as he, Sidon, Impa, Purah, and Robbie were the only people known to be alive a century prior thus capable of confirming Zelda was indeed the legitimate heir and the Princess Zelda from a century prior as some modern Hyruleans might doubt her claims of being the 117 year old Princess of Hyrule as she hadn't physically aged since she sealed herself with Ganon. Additionally Zelda likely sought out King Dorephan for advice and Zora assistance in Hyrule's reconstruction following Ganon's defeat as they are famous for their architectural prowess which would be sorely needed as much of Central Hyrule's infrastructure was damaged, destroyed, or had since deteriorated in the aftermath of the Great Calamity.

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