Zora Cape is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A small outcropping located at the west exit of Zora Hall off the Zora Hall Coast, it plays a role in Link's adventure. In this small area, an Owl Statue and some jars containing restorative items can be found.


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Link arrives at Zora Cape only to find Lulu has lost her singing voice due to the fact that her Zora Eggs were stolen by Gerudo Pirates. Link braves both the Pirates' Fortress and Pinnacle Rock, retrieving her eggs and returning them to the care of the Professor. Once in the carefully heated water of the Marine Research Lab, the eggs hatch and teach Link the "New Wave Bossa Nova". Link plays the song for Lulu on Zora's Cape, causing a nearby island to awaken, revealing itself to be the Giant Turtle, as well as restoring the surprised Lulu's voice. Interestingly, Link must play the song while in his Zora form, otherwise nothing will happen.

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