"Garments made of the scales of fallen Zora warriors. They let you breathe and swim in water but are weak against fire and ice."
— In-game description

Zora Armor (ゾーラの服 Zōra no Fuku?) is a recurring item in the The Legend of Zelda series. While wearing the Zora Armor, Link can dive, swim faster, and breathe underwater indefinitely, like an actual Zora.


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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, the Zora Armor is the second set of clothing available in the game. The Zora Armor is necessary to complete the game, as it is needed in Lakebed Temple to retrieve the third and final Fused Shadow.

While wearing the armor, Link is more vulnerable to extreme heat and cold, including fire and ice-based attacks. If Link falls into the the icy lake of Snowpeak or the lava of the Goron Mines while wearing the armor, he will lose ten and twenty hearts respectively. He will also take double damage from any other fire- or ice-based attacks, such as the Fire Arrows fired by Bulblins, or the spears of Chilfos. Since only twenty Heart Containers are obtainable in the game, falling into lava with the armor on will result in an instant Game Over, even if Link is at full health. In the Wii U remake, if the Ganondorf amiibo is used while playing on Hero Mode, Link will take up to six times as much damage from normal fire/ice attacks while wearing the armor.

The Zora Armor is considered the Twilight Princess version of the Zora Tunic, Zora's Flippers, and Zora Mask. It closely resembles the Hero's Tunic, but is blue, covered in scales, has a longer cap, features flipper-like boots, intricately engraved metal headpiece, and a pendant resembling the Zora's Sapphire, similar to the pendants are worn by Queen Rutela and Prince Ralis. While underwater, a strip of navy cloth covers Link's lower face, presumably filtering oxygen out of the water.


Link Wearing Zora Armor

Link wearing the Zora Armor

After clearing the Twilight from the Lanayru Province, Link heads to Telma's Bar in Hyrule Castle Town, where Prince Ralis is still in critical health and in the care of Ilia. Doctor Borville refuses to treat Prince Ralis, claiming that his knowledge of Zoran anatomy is insufficient to effectively help, when in reality he harbors a stern bias against the Zora for unknown reasons. The only way for Ilia to save the prince is by traveling to Kakariko Village to the village shaman, Renado. The Hyrulean Soldiers enthusiastically offer to help take them there, but flee when Telma says that they will likely encounter enemies. When the soldiers leave, she sees that Link is the only one left and requests his help.

After defeating King Bulblin a second time and escaping his horde of Bulblin Riders, the caravan finally reaches Kakariko Village. After Telma commends Link's courage, Queen Rutela's spirit thanks Link and asks him to follow her. She leads him to King Zora's Grave, which contains the Zora Armor.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

"Custom armor painstakingly crafted by each generation's Zora princess for her future husband. Wearing it will give you the ability to swim up waterfalls."
— In-game description
Breath of the Wild Zora Armor Set Zora Armor (Icon)

The Zora Armor is an item from Breath of the Wild. It is a Zora body armor. By extension, the Zora Armor is also the name of the set of clothes made by Mipha. After having defeated Waterblight Ganon in Vah Ruta, she offers the Zora armor set to Link, including the eponymous Zora Armor, the Zora Helm and the Zora Greaves.


It can be enhanced by the Great Fairies.

Zora Armor
Level Armor Effect Materials Set Bonus
Basic 3 Swim Speed Up

(Swim up waterfalls)

5 Swim Speed Up

(Swim up waterfalls)

★★ 8 Swim Speed Up

(Swim up waterfalls)

Swim Dash Stamina Up
★★★ 12 Swim Speed Up

(Swim up waterfalls)

Swim Dash Stamina Up
★★★★ 20 Swim Speed Up

(Swim up waterfalls)

  • Zora Armor (x1)
  • Lizalfos Tail (x10)
  • Opal (x5)
Swim Dash Stamina Up

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Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

Given that the Zora Armor allows Link to breathe and swim underwater indefinitely, it is possible that it has Silver Scales (or perhaps even Golden Scales, though their coloration more strongly suggests the former) sewn into it, and it may also incorporate a Zora Tunic. This is potentially supported by the statement in the description that the armor is "made of the scales of fallen Zora warriors", as the proprietor of the Diving Game in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time states that the Silver Scale is, indeed, a genuine Zora scale, and the scales seen in the armor are silvery in color. It is possible that Queen Rutela's husband produced the armor by sewing Silver Scales into a blue tunic, while incorporating some light metal pieces to allow for defense.

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