The following is Zeldapedia's policy for administrators on blocking users or IP addresses. Blocking is used to prevent users from editing Zeldapedia for various reasons if their behavior is disruptive in some way.


Blockable offenses

  • Edit warring (repeatedly adding back information that has been removed)
  • Inappropriate account names
  • Obscenity (swearing/cursing and other inappropriate material, including images)
  • Persistent spamming links to external sites
  • Repeated personal attacks on other users
  • Sockpuppeting
  • Vandalism
    • Adding misinformation
    • Adding nonsense/gibberish to pages
    • Changing words/current information into things obscene/wrong/nonsensical
    • Page blanking

Duration for blocks

  • Vandals with clear intent:
    • First offense: Two weeks to one month
    • Further offense: Permanent block
  • Problem users:
    • First offense: Warning on talk page
    • Second offense: Three days to one week
    • Third offense: Two weeks to one month
    • Further offense: Permanent block
  • Sockpuppeting:
    • Infinite on any secondary accounts used to evade a ban -- follow "problem users" guidelines for primary account
    • Infinite on all accounts if multiple accounts are active at the same time and interact with each other in any way

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