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"As the portal to the Era of Twilight opened, the land was once more subjected to the fearsome Usurper King, the Twili who brought both the Twilight Realm and Hyrule to their knees. Zant earned his reputation and title when he stole the throne from Midna, the Twilight Princess. Immediately after doing so, he cursed her and set about invading the land of Hyrule. While Zant is usually able to keep his regal composure, all of his grace and calmness melts away when he become flustered. This can make him very dangerous indeed."
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Usurper King, Zant (僭王ザント Senō Zanto?, Hylian ZHylian AHylian NHylian T) is a playable character and an antagonist in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is the Usurper King of the Twilight Realm who invaded Hyrule in the Era of Twilight.


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Most of the time Zant maintains regal persona that is calm and aloof, standing straight and speaks in a cold sinister voice. However his regal persona, is just a facade which melts away whenever he becomes frustrated, causing his voice to change to a higher pitch and his behavior to become erratic.

At his core, Zant is extremely arrogant, exemplified when he curses Midna instead of simply killing her. Despite being a usurper, having taken the throne of the Twilight Realm by force, Zant arrogance makes him believe it should belong to him. Like his ancestors the Interlopers, Zant possesses a dark and evil heart. His invasion of Hyrule, appears to be partially driven by his warped desire for revenge against the Light Spirits and inhabitants of the Light World for his ancestors imprisonment, even though he himself embraces the Twilight and seeks to cover the Light World in it. His desire for revenge may have been why he chose to force the crown Princess Zelda into surrendering to him, allowing Hyrule to be bathed in Twilight, while her subjects were transformed into spirits.

However this does not extend to the relics of his ancestors as he discarded the pieces Fused Shadow that Midna had managed to collect, instead of taking them for himself. However again the is likely due to his arrogance, viewing the power of the Fused Shadow as inferior to his own.

His arrogance however does have its limits, as shown by his fanatic loyalty to Ganondorf whom he worships as a God. During the Era of Twilight, his devotion to was rewarded, as Ganondorf granted him the power to usurp the throne of Twilight, place a curse on Midna that turned her into an imp, and granted him a form of immortality as he could not truly die unless his master was vanquished. In addition, some of his win quotes indicate he is fully aware of the possibility that he may face a defeat in the future, and has in some cases complimented his foes for their strength while being quick to state that he was stronger when beating them. This loyalty even extends beyond time and space, as he was quick to serve the Ganondorf from the main Era of Hyrule Warriors as a General in Ganondorf's Forces.

Background and History

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Era of Twilight

Zant is a member of the Twili race, the descendants of the Interlopers, a tribe of dark magic users who were banished to the Twilight Realm by the Light Spirits for trying to seize control of the Sacred Realm. Zant was unusual among the Twili. While most of his brethren seemed to have accepted being sealed in the Twilight Realm, Zant harbored strongly held desire to conquer the Light World in revenge for what was done to his ancestors and their descendants. A candidate to become the next Ruler of Twilight, Zant was passed over in favor of Midna due to his apparent lust for power. Angered, Zant fell into a crazed depression. During this period, he was approached by Ganondorf, who had been sealed in the Twilight Realm after surviving his execution at the hands of the Ancient Sages. Ganondorf posed as a god to Zant, offering him power, immortality, and a chance to seize the throne of the Twilight Realm. Zant, unaware that Ganondorf was just using him to escape imprisonment in the Twilight Realm, accepted, and donned a monstrous metallic mask-like helmet as a symbol of his ascension to power.

The Usurper King

With his newfound powers, Zant placed a curse on Twili Midna, transforming her into an imp. With Midna out of the way, Zant was free to usurp the throne and proclaim himself the new King of Twilight. Under his rule, the light of the Sols was sealed away, leaving the land dark. Zant then transformed most of the Twili into Shadow Beasts, dark beings bent to his will. Working in conjunction with Ganondorf's minions, such as King Bulblin , Zant opened a portal to Hyrule and began a conquest of the land.

Zant's Invasion

After a series of successful campaigns, Zant's Forces assaulted Hyrule Castle directly. The Hyrulean Forces defending the Throne Room were easily subdued by the beasts in the ensuing battle. Princess Zelda raised her sword in defense, but Zant threatened to kill all of the inhabitants of Hyrule if she did not comply with his order to give up the throne. Zelda dropped her sword as a form of surrender and abdicated her throne to Zant to save the lives of her people. During this assault, the castle was set on fire and twilight came out of the castle, turning the watching residents of Hyrule Castle Town into spirits.

Imp Midna and the Blue-Eyed Beast

However Midna followed Zant to Hyrule, wearing a piece of the Fused Shadow an dark relic of the Interlopers that had been sealed along with its creators. As they both shared the same enemy, Midna allied herself with Princess Zelda, however did not reveal her identity as the Twilight Princess and the True Ruler of Twilight. As the light of the Hyrule was harmful to her, Midna sought out the Goddesses' chosen Hero to aid her. Meanwhile, a young Ordonian named Link lived peacefully in Ordon Village located in the Ordona Province, one of the few provinces not yet covered by Twilight. Unaware of the events occurring in Hyrule, he prepared to deliver an Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield, as gifts from the village to be given to Princess Zelda. While trying to retrieve his horse, Epona from Mayor Bo's daughter Ilia, who had taken the Horse in anger over an injury she had sustained while Link was trying to rescue one of the village's children who had been kidnapped by Bokoblins living in Faron Woods the day before, Link is attacked by Bulblins along with Ilia and Colin (who had been helping Link convince Ilia to return his horse). The Bulblins knock out Link, while kidnapping Ilia and Colin, while King Bulblin uses a horn to summon a Twilight Portal over Ordon Spring. Link later comes to and chases after Ilia and Colin, only to find Faron Woods covered in Twilight and is pulled into the Twilight by the hand of one of Zant's Shadow Beasts. Fortunately, the Triforce shaped mark on Link's hand shines brightly, causing the Shadow Beast to release him. Strangely, instead of being transformed into a spirit like most of the Light World's inhabitants, he is transformed into a blue-eyed wolf. However the stress of his transformation causes him to faint and he is taken away by a Shadow Beast. Midna who had been watching these events from afar, follows after them. In his Wolf form, Link awakens to find himself imprisoned in a cell with a chain wrapped around his leg. Though shocked by his current form, Wolf Link becomes determined to escape in order to rescue his friends. Biting at the chain around his leg, he is approached by Midna, who uses her magic to free him. After helping him get accustomed to his new form, Midna leads him to a room in a tower. There he meets none other than Princess Zelda and realizes he is in Hyrule Castle. Zelda explains to Wolf Link how Zant managed to conquer Hyrule and how the land had become covered in Twilight. Believing she had found the chosen Hero, Midna teams up with Link and transports him back to his village. There he learns that the other Children of Ordon have been kidnapped as well and his mentor and Colin's father Rusl had been injured. After acquiring the Ordon Sword and Shield, Link returns to Faron Woods. Along the way he stops a Shadow Beast from stealing the Light Spirit Ordona's Tears of Light, preventing the Ordon region from becoming covered by Twilight. After restoring Light to Faron Woods, Link is restored to his Hylian form and is given the Hero's Clothes by Faron, revealing that he is the chosen Hero destined to save Hyrule from Zant and his master. He then joins Midna in her search for the pieces of the Fused Shadow, facing various creatures transformed by their dark magic.

Execution of Queen Rutela

While Zant had spared Princess Zelda and most of Hyrule, the same could not be said for Queen Rutela of the Zora. Refusing to bow down to Zant, he executed her for her defiance, though her son Prince Ralis managed to flee to Hyrule Castle Town before collapsing. He was saved by Ilia, who had managed to escape from the Bulblins along with the Children of Ordon, though Ilia suffered amnesia as a result of the ordeal. To make matters worse, Zora's Domain froze over due to cold winds bellowing down from Snowpeak, causing Zora River to stop flowing. Fortunately, Link and Midna managed free the Zoras and helped transport Ilia and Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village where they were placed in the care of the Shaman Renado and the Children of Ordon who had taken refuge there. From beyond the grave, Queen Rutela's spirit aided the Hero and Midna, by leading them to the Zora Armor that had been made for the Hero by her late husband, to thank him for aid her son. Link used the Armor to travel to the Lakebed Temple where the final piece of the Fused Shadow rested. From the Light Spirit Lanayru, he learned the history of the Hyrulean Civil War, the Fused Shadow, and the Interlopers.

Confronting Zant

Having had enough of the Hero and Midna's interference, Zant appeared before them in Lanayru Spring. Though Lanayru tried to stop him, Zant's power proved to great and the Lanayru region was covered in Twilight once more. Wielding the Fused Shadow, Midna tries to defeat him, however it proves no match for Zant's power. Zant offers Midna the chance to join him, however she refuses causing him to attempt to kill her with a Shadow Crystal, however Wolf Link takes the hit and it become embedded in his forehead, trapping him in his Wolf form. As Lanayru returns, Zant immune to the effects of the Light, exposes Midna to a fatal dose Lanayru's light, putting Midna near death. Confident in his victory over the pair, Zant leaves them. Lanayru uses its power to transports Wolf Link and the injured Midna near Hyrule Castle and tells them to seek out Princess Zelda.

Zelda's Sacrifice

After managing to reach Zelda's room in Hyrule Castle, despite her condition Midna implores Zelda to restore Link to his Hylian form. However Zelda reveals the magic affecting him can only be dispelled by the power of the Blade of Evil's Bane, before noting that Midna's condition is far worse. Eventually, Zelda realizes who Midna is and transfers her power to Midna in order to save her life, despite Midna's protests. Touched by Zelda's sacrifice, Midna and Link leave the castle to search for the Master Sword.

The Blade of Evil's Bane

Together they manage to reach the Master Sword's hiding place within the Sacred Grove deep within Faron Woods. The blade's power removes the Shadow Crystal from Link restoring his Hylian form. Taking advantage of the gift Zant had left them, Midna decides to keep the Shadow Crystal in order to allow Link to transform between his Wolf and Hylian forms. With the Master Sword in hand and having recovered from the disastrous encounter with Zant, the pair once again set off to defeat him.

The Resistance

After receiving a letter from his ally Telma, Link travels to Telma's Bar where he meets the Resistance, a group dedicated to restoring the Kingdom of Hyrule. Lead by Telma, the group consisted of Aura, Zelda's former tutor and a student of the Ancient Sages, Shad, a Hylian scholar and expert on the Oocca, Ashei the daughter of one of the Knights of Hyrule, and a recovered Rusl, the swordsman who had mentored Link. After apologizing for having insulted him during an early encounter in Telma's Bar and having heard of his heroic actions, the Resistance asks Link to join them in the mission. With the aid of his new allies, Link journeys to Gerudo Desert, the sight of the abandoned prison the Arbiter's Grounds.

Twilit Fossil: Stallord

As they journeyed through the desert, Midna reveals to Link that she and Zant are descendants of the Interlopers. After attacking Bulblin Camp that King Bulblin had set up defend the abandoned prison, Link and Midna entered the prison. There they were confronted by the restless spirits of its former prisoners. Unbeknownst to them, Zant was aware that they had recovered from their last confrontation and was waiting for them deep with in the prison. Standing atop the skeleton of a Dragon, Zant used his Scimitar of Twilight to reanimate it as Stallord, the Twilit Fossil, before leaving his minion to deal with his enemies. Aided by hordes of Staltroops, Stallord attacked the hero with all of its might. Fortunately Link used the Spinner, an ancient device capable of traveling on rails to attack the undead dragon. Targeting Zant's Scimitar of Twilight that was the source of the beast's power, Link managed to defeat the beast, granting him and Midna access to the Mirror Chamber which housed the artifact that Midna sought, the legendary Mirror of Twilight.

The Sages & the Mirror of Twilight

However unfortunately for Midna, Zant had shattered the Mirror of Twilight to prevent it from being used by his enemies. While pondering their next move, Midna and Link were approached by the Mirror's guardians, the Ancient Sages. After listening to their tale of Ganondorf's failed execution that resulted in the death of the Sage of Water and Ganondorf's banishment to the Twilight Realm, they revealed that Zant was unable to completely destroy the Mirror of Twilight, who instead only managing to smash it into four pieces, as only the True Ruler of Twilight can destroy it. To prevent it from being reassembled, Zant had scattered the three other shards across Hyrule, forcing Midna and Link to search for the other pieces into order to reach the Twilight Realm in order to confront and defeat Zant.

Mirror Shards & Palace of Twilight

Aided by the Resistance, Link and Midna searched all over Hyrule and beyond for the remaining pieces. Like the pieces of Fused Shadow, the Mirror Shards transformed local creatures into monstrous entities, forcing Link to battle them in order to acquire the shards. After recovering the shards from the Snowpeak Ruins, Temple of Time, and City in the Sky, Link and Midna returned to the Mirror Chamber. As Midna and Link prepared to enter the Twilight Realm, the Sages appeared and revealed Midna to be the Twilight Princess and True Ruler of Twilight. Together with Midna, Link traveled to Zant's stronghold, the Palace of Twilight. There they where confronted by several of Zant's minions such as Zant's Hands, Zant Mask, and Phantom Zant. The pair eventually managed to recover the Sols, which they infused into the Master Sword, giving it the power to return the Shadow Beasts back into Twili and bypass Zant's Shadow Crystal Fog.

King of Twilight: Zant

In the Palace's throne room, Midna and Link confronted Zant once more. Zant reveals his connection to Ganondorf, before letting go of his composure and engaging the pair in a fierce battle. Despite using all his power to kill them, he evil power is no match against the evil destroying power of the Master Sword and he is defeated. However in his dying breath he reveals he will be revived by Ganondorf as long as his god lives, and also reveals that Midna cannot return to her original form because he used Ganondorf's magic to turn her into an imp. Zant then tries to destroy Link and Midna in one last effort, but Midna is overcome by the power of the Fused Shadows and uses her hair, which splits into three giant spears, to impale Zant. Zant flails wildly, inflates, and explodes. However the two realize that in order to truly defeat him, they must kill the one who granted Zant his power: Ganondorf.

The Dark Lord: Ganondorf

Realizing that Ganondorf had taken control of Hyrule Castle which had been covered by a barrier after Midna and Link had fled from their following Zelda's sacrifice. Using the Fused Shadow, Midna destroyed the barrier and with the aid of the Resistance, Link and Midna managed to reach the castle throne room. There they confronted Ganondorf, who used his newfound Twilight powers to possess the body of Princess Zelda. Fortunately, Midna manages to drive Ganondorf from Zelda, who's soul is restored to her body. However Ganondorf returns and transforms himself into the Dark Beast Ganon. As Wolf Link, the Hero manages to defeat the Ganon. However Ganondorf power proves too great and Midna uses her power to transport Zelda and Link away while she battles Ganondorf using the power of the Fused Shadow. However Ganondorf defeats her and appears before Zelda and Link atop his horse holding Midna's Fused Shadow. Determined to save her Kingdom, Zelda prays to the Light Spirits who grant her the power of the Bow of Light and Light Arrows, allowing her to join Link in battling Ganondorf atop Epona. After an epic battle on horseback, the Hero and Ganondorf confront each other on foot. Wielding the Sword of the Six Sages that had claimed from the Sages during his failed execution, Ganondorf attack the Hero. However he was eventually overcome by the Hero's sword skills and the power of the Master Sword.

End of Twilight

After Ganondorf's ultimate defeat at the hands of Link, Zant appears in his vision, snapping his neck, dying together with his master. Midna is revived by the Light Spirits, free of her curse. After saying goodbye to Link and Zelda, Midna returns to the Twilight Realm, destroying the Mirror of Twilight with a tear to prevent another conflict between the two worlds. However this would not be the last time that Zant would threaten the peace of Hyrule.

War Across the Ages

In different Era separate from the Era of Twilight, the soul of the Demon King Ganondorf had been split into four fragments by another incarnation of the Hero. One of these fragments was placed in the Throne Room of the Palace of Twilight within the Era of Twilight. It remained sealed their along with two other fragments sealed in the Era of the Hero of Time and the Era of Skyloft. That was until the Demon King managed to corrupt the Guardian of Time who watched over the Triforce, transforming her into the Dark Sorceress, Cia by driving the light from her heart and corrupting her love for the Spirit of the Hero. As Ganondorf had done with Zant, the Demon King manipulated her into freeing him from his imprisonment using the power of the Triforce to warp time and space, causing the Era of Twilight to appear in Hyrule. Like Zant before her, Cia placed a curse on Twili Midna to weaken her, forcing her to don the Fused Shadows once more. Despite having been turned into an imp, Midna aided by her loyal Twilight Wolfos, wolf-like Shadow Beasts that resembled her former partner, Wolf Link, she managed to recruit managed to recruit Stalchildren, Stalfos, and Darknuts to form Midna's Forces. However as a result of the warping of time and space, Zant was resurrected as well and seeking to reclaim the throne of the Twilight Realm, lead his forces in a battle against her and her allies.

Cia's Tale: The Usurper King

As Midna and Zant's Forces fought within the Palace of Twilight, Cia and her Dark Forces arrived to seize control of the Gate of Souls that had opened up in the Palace's throne room. Seeing Zant's greed would make him easier to manipulate, her general Wizzro suggests defeating Midna's Forces to aid Zant. After managing to defeat Midna, Dark Forces try to convince Zant to join them, however he refuses to serve Cia, unaware of her connection to Ganondorf. Cia is forced to defeat Zant and his army, in order to convince him to yield. Seeing her power is superior to his own, Zant joins her cause and guards the Gate of Souls within the Twilight Realm.

The Shadow King

Eventually, he is confronted by the Hyrulean Forces lead by Lana, along with her allies from the Era of Twilight, Midna and Agitha. He summons the Twilit Dragon, Argorok to defeat them, however they manage to defeat it with help of the Great Fairy that resides in the Fairy Fountain located in the Twilight Realm. With little recourse, Zant is forced to confront Midna and Lana himself, only to be defeated once more. Lana uses her power to close the Gate of Souls and following a confrontation with Cia, Lana is revealed to be the "light" that had been driven out of the Guardian of Time by Ganondorf.

Ganondorf's Return

Eventually, Ganondorf manages to regain his physical form and ends his alliance with Cia, however before he can claim the Triforce, she returns the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom to the current incarnations of Link and Zelda, while keeping the Triforce of Power for herself, which she uses to briefly reseal Ganondorf. Cia is eventually defeated by the Hyrulean Forces and their allies from the three eras effected by the warping of time and space. As the Master Sword which had kept the final fragment of Ganondorf's soul under seal, had been removed by the Hero Link in order to defeat Cia, Ganondorf was able to free himself and set about rebuilding his army to obtain the Triforce he long sought after. Reviving Zant and Demon Lord Ghirahim from the Era of Skyloft, Ganondorf demanded they follow him or face death once more. Eager to serve his god once more, Zant was quick to join his master's cause and alongside Ghirahim, become the Demon King's new generals. After defeating the Monster Forces controlling Gerudo Desert, Zant joined his master in his quest to reclaim the Triforce of Power which had fallen into Lana's possession following Cia's defeat.

March of the Demon King

Battle of the Triforce

Enduring Resolve


Zant (Hyrule Warriors) 2

Though his power pales in comparison to Twili Midna, the True Ruler of Twilight, thanks to the power he received from his master Ganondorf, Zant is a dangerous foe not to be underestimated. During the Era of Twilight, he managed to overwhelm both Princess Zelda and the Hyrulean Forces, forcing her to surrender the Kingdom of Hyrule to him. He was also strong enough to challenge the Light Spirit Lanayru and is the only member of the Twili race capable of surviving in the Light World. However like most evil beings, he is vulnerable to the power of the Master Sword. His connection to Ganondorf renders him practically immortal, as he can be revived by his master if he is killed. Like his master, Zant has many minions under his command and like Midna can summon his minions to aid him in battle, however unlike Midna who relies mainly on her Twilight Wolfos, Zant can summon Zant's Hand, Zant Mask, and Phantom Zants to aid him in battle. As a member of the Twili race, Zant use Twilight magic and create Twilight Portals. He can also summon objects such as totems from the Forest Temple use as improvised weapons. He is also able to create Scimitars via Twilight magic. In Twilight Princess, his Scimitar of Twilight are capable of reanimating a massive dragon skeleton. However despite how powerful and dangerous he is, since he is not the true king of Twilight, he is incapable of completely destroying the Mirror of Twilight and was only able to smash it into four fragments.

Moveset & Weapons


Giant Form

Hyrule Warriors Usurper King Zant Giant Form (Scimitars)

Giant Zant in Hyrule Warriors

During certain combos and attacks, Zant can enlarge himself transforming into a giant sized version of himself. In this form he is physically stronger and uses his size to his advantage.

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Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Materials Zant's Magic Gem (Silver Material drop)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Zant's Helmet (Gold Material drop)


Dark Zant

Main article: Dark Zant

Dark Zant is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Zant. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Dark Zant is a manifestation of out of control Dark Twilight Magic. Unlike his counterpart, Dark Zant is apparently a loyal servant to Dark Twili Midna.

Fake Zant

Fake Zant is a body double of Zant created to distract the Hyrulean Forces in Enduring Resolve while the real Zant remained hidden observed the battle from safety. It resembles a pale version of Zant. Fake Zant uses the same moveset and drops the same materials as the real Zant.


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