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"Legend tells of two worlds that intersect. In A Link Between Worlds, the hero traversed these mirrored worlds to protect the sacred Triforce. He uncovered a sorcerer's plot to revive the Demon King. This sorcerer tirelessly sought things of true beauty across both worlds. With the unique power to turn people into paintings, he did just that to the seven sages' desecendants, capturing them one by one. In battle he hides within a beautiful picture frame while his illusory attacks blindside enemies. He can summon a massive spear from the frame to pierce his enemies' defenses and to wipe the field clean."
Yuga, Sorcerer of Lorule Historical Entry Tutorial Bio

Yuga is a playable version of Yuga from the Hyrule Warriors series. He is based on the Lorulean Sorcerer who sought to steal Hyrule's Triforce in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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Physical appearance

In his normal state, Yuga is a skinny Lorulean with red, braided hair. He wears a black robe with a Lorule Triforce symbol on his chest, a purple cape with red trimming, blue and black puffy pants and yellow elf shoes. Overall, Yuga slightly resembles Ganondorf, with some effeminate traits seen in female members of the Gerudo, including eye makeup, diamond earrings, and lipstick.

After merging with Ganon, his body structure changes to that of Ganon's: a large muscular pig with tusks. His skin tone changes to purple and his braided hair now grows from the back of his head as opposed to the top. His clothing is tattered. Upon absorbing Princess Hilda for the Triforce of Wisdom, Yuga-Ganon becomes darker in color, and had his forearms, neck, and waist covered in spiked cuffs and black plant tendril patterns. His tusks turned red and his eyes became completely white.


"Aiming your weapon at me shows you have no sense of danger... An ugly feature!"
— Yuga

Yuga is largely focused on physical perfection and beauty, often being disgusted by apparent imperfections and ugliness. He is also shown to be very arrogant, as evidenced by his interactions with Link in A Link Between Worlds and battles quotes in the Hyrule Warriors series. After joining with Ganon in A Link Between Worlds, his motives for getting the Triforce and eventually betraying Princess Hilda are revealed to be because he felt that Lorule was "as hideous as Hyrule," and thus did not deserve to be restored to its original state.

Unlike Ganondorf/Ganon, Yuga's pursuit of power is driven by his desire to essentially become a god and recreate the world of Lorule (and possibly Hyrule) as he sees fit, which is unlike Ganon who desires it out of a lust for power and to take over the kingdom of Hyrule which he covets. This is in sharp contrast to Yuga who had no real desire to save or rule Lorule, as it is implied he simply planned to destroy it and create his ideal new world in its place.

Like most of the Lorulean counterparts, Yuga lacks Ganondorf's defining trait: Power. This is shown by the fact that Yuga was originally a sorcerer who served the Royal Family of Lorule who conspired with and manipulate Princess Hilda to steal Hyrule's Triforce in order to fulfil his desires, unlike Ganondorf who was born the lawful King of the Gerudo tribe of thieves (due to his status as the only male born among the Gerudo in 100 years) as well as a powerful sorcerer capable of cursing the likes of the Great Deku Tree. However Yuga managed to overcome his lack of power by merging with Ganon's body and claiming his Triforce of Power, granting him the power to betray Hilda and follow his own selfish desires.

Background & History

Originally Yuga was a servant of the Royal Family of Lorule who served Princess Hilda along with Ravio. One day while investigating Lorule's Sacred Realm, Yuga discovered a fissure in the Sacred Realm's stone slab that lead to the parallel world of Hyrule. As Lorule's Triforce had been destroyed by Lorule's Royal Family in a misguided attempt to end the cycle of conflicts over it, only to bring ruin to Lorule, Yuga conspired with Princess Hilda to steal Hyrule's Triforce to restore Lorule. Unbeknownst to Hilda, Yuga desired to obtain the Triforce for himself and held no love for his homeland. However due to actions of Ganon and the hero's past conflicts with him, Yuga was forced to kidnap the descendants of the seven sages in order to revive Ganon. Despite the current Hero's meddling, Yuga manage to kidnap the sages and Princess Zelda, turning them into paintings and using their power to resurrect Ganon who Yuga merged with to obtain the Demon King's Triforce of Power and mighty body, transforming himself into Yuga-Ganon. Together with Hilda, he managed to trick the hero into believing that Hilda was the hero's ally and Yuga-Ganon's enemy. Hilda manipulated the hero into rescuing the 6 sages while she (and Yuga) kept Zelda's painting hidden in Lorule Castle. This was done as the sages descendants would assist the hero in obtaining the Triforce of Courage which had been sealed away. Once the hero had obtained the Triforce of Courage and returned to Lorule Castle, Hilda revealed her true colors and ordered Yuga-Ganon to attack the hero and claim the Triforce of Courage. However the hero defeated Yuga-Ganon with the Blade of Evil's Bane, causing Hilda to order Yuga to hand over the Triforce of Power to her, which she planned to combine with the Triforce of Wisdom she took from Zelda in order to grant herself to power to defeat the hero. However Yuga refused and revealed his intentions to steal the Triforce in order to become a god, allowing him to remake Lorule in his image. He also revealed he had no intention of saving Lorule. Yuga then turned Hilda into a painting which he absorbed into himself to obtain the Triforce of Wisdom. With the power of two pieces of the Triforce, Yuga-Ganon transformed into an even more powerful form. However the hero was able to kill the traitorous Yuga-Ganon using the Master Sword, Ravio's Bracelet, and the Bow of Light he received from Zelda. Following Yuga's death, Ravio who had never trusted Yuga managed to show Hilda the error her ways and Lorule's Triforce was later restored by a wish made by the hero and Zelda on Hyrule's Triforce.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends Yuga Picture Frame (Level 2) - Frame of Sealing (Render)

As expected of someone of his physique, Yuga relies mostly on his great feats of magic as opposed to brute strength. He can merge with walls as a painting, create Magic Circles, create pillars of fire on the walls, summon lightning from his staff.

Moveset & Weapons

Picture Frame

Material Drops (Legends)

Hyrule Warriors Materials Ganondorf's Gauntlet (Silver Material)
Yuga drops the same materials as Ganondorf because Yuga is the Lorule version of Ganondorf.
Hyrule Warriors Materials Ganondorf's Jewel (Gold Material)


Subseries warning: This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon.