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"The land of Termina faced imminent destruction from a maniacal mask figure and a furious moon, but a young hero named Link appeared just in time to summon the four giants and set things right. Link originally found himself in Termina while in search of someone dear to him. The Skull Kid stole the Ocarina of Time from him and set the events of Majora's Mask in motion. Despite his youth, Link is a formidable warrior, possessing mastery of a sword. He also comes equipped with the Fierce Deity Mask, an object that allows him to turn into a powerful spirit."
Young Link, A Determined Youth Historical Entry Tutorial Bio

Young Link is one of the DLC characters that appear in Hyrule Warriors and is based off the incarnation of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He also appears a character in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Background and History

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Ocarina of Time

Hyrule Warriors Link Kokiri Tunic (DLC Outfit)

Young Link's adult self, The Hero of Time as he appears in Hyrule Warriors

Young Link is the Legendary Hero of Time who saved Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf during the events of Ocarina of Time. Young Link was a Hylian orphan who survived the Hyrulean Civil War, thanks to his dying mother, who had fled into Kokiri Forest and entrusted her child into the care of the Great Deku Tree, who sensed the boy's heroic destiny. As a result, he was raised as a member of the Kokiri tribe, unaware of his Hylian origins. However due to not being a Kokiri himself, he was the only member of the tribe who lacked a fairy partner and was bullied by the tribe's leader Mido. However despite this he was best friends with Saria and lived peacefully among the Kokiri until the day he met Navi the fairy who was assigned to him as his fairy partner by the Great Deku Tree. Around that time, Link was beset by nightmares which were actually prophetic dreams caused by the evil that was growing in Hyrule. After retrieving the Kokiri Sword and purchasing a Deku Shield, Link was allowed to meet with the Great Deku Tree who informed Link that he had been cursed by an evil man from the desert and asked Link to journey inside him in order to remove the curse. Though Link defeats Queen Gohma, the Great Deku Tree revealed that it was a death curse and that the Great Deku Tree was doomed even before Link started. However before dying, the Great Deku Tree entrusted Link with the Kokiri's Emerald that the evil man sought and told Link to leave the forest and find the princess of destiny. After receiving the Fairy Ocarina from his friend Saria, Link left Kokiri Forest and headed to Hyrule Castle to meet Princess Zelda. Upon meeting Princess Zelda, Link was informed by her of the evil Ganondorf and her suspicions that he after the Triforce. In order to stop him, Princess Zelda reveals that in order to reach the Sacred Realm where the Triforce can be found they must first open Door of Time inside the Temple of Time which requires the three Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time. She instructs Link to find the other two Spiritual Stones. Link manages to defeat King Dodongo and Barinade to obtain the two Spiritual Stones. However while he was doing this, Ganondorf attacked Hyrule Castle forcing Impa to flee with Princess Zelda while Ganondorf gave chase. Like in his dreams, Link confronted Ganondorf before Hyrule Castle Town's drawbridge on Hyrule Field. Despite Ganondorf's power, Link heroically stood up the Gerudo King of Thieves, but Ganondorf brushed him aside with a blast of magic. After retrieving the Ocarina of Time that Zelda had thrown into the moat around the drawbridge, he saw a vision of Zelda who taught him the Song of Time that was needed to open the Door of Time. Link entered the Temple of Time and played the Song of Time to open the Door of Time which lead him to the chamber containing the legendary Master Sword stuck in the Pedestal of Time. Link removed the Master Sword, however, as he was too young to wield it he was sealed inside the Temple of Light for seven years. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Ganondorf had been aware of Link and Zelda's plan, manipulated Link into opening the way to the Sacred Realm, allowing Ganondorf to steal the Triforce of Power and become the King of Evil. Seven years later, Link was awakened by the Sage of Light, Rauru who revealed all that had transpired and that Link had aged while he slept and became an adult capable of wielding the Master Sword. Guided by the mysterious Sheikah survivor Sheik, Link traveled to the five temples to awaken the other Sages to help him in defeating Ganondorf. After defeating Phantom Ganon and saving his childhood friend, Saria the Sage of the Forest, he was informed by the Deku Tree Sprout of his Hylian origins. Link continued on his quest, awakening Darunia the Sage of Fire, Princess Ruto the Sage of Water, Impa the Sage of Shadow, and Nabooru the Sage of Spirit. After awakening six of the Sages, Sheik is revealed to be a disguised Princess Zelda, the seventh and leader of the other Sages. However Zelda is captured by Ganondorf, as she is in possession of the Triforce of Wisdom. With the aid of the other Sages, Link enters Ganon's Tower and confronts the King of Evil to free Zelda. Link is revealed to possess the Triforce of Courage which Ganondorf seeks in order to obtain the complete Triforce. Ganondorf is defeated, though in his dying breath he causes the tower begin to collapse, forcing Zelda and Link to escape. However, Ganondorf is revived as the evil Ganon.

Childhood Restored

Following Ganon's defeat and being sealed in the Sacred Realm by the Seven Sages, Princess Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to send Adult Link back into the past seven years so he could live out his stolen childhood. Upon returning to the past, Navi leaves Link who decides to visit Young Princess Zelda in the garden of Hyrule Castle. Link befriends Young Zelda, who has no memories of the events of Ocarina of Time, save for a lingering feeling that she has known him for a long time. Link and Zelda end up becoming good friends and Zelda admits she will always treasure the time they've spent together. At some point during this time, Link either haf his Kokiri Sword reforged (due to alterations in its design) or obtained another one. He also obtains his first Hero's Shield, a small metal shield that he can actually wield as a child. He also apparently manages to convince Malon to let him take ownership of Epona (or at the very least borrows her temporarily from Lon Lon Ranch).

Link eventually decides to leave in search of a dear friend (presumably Navi), though before leaving Princess Zelda gave him the Ocarina of Time and taught him the Song of Time (due to being unaware he already knew the song) so the Goddess of Time would protect him on his journey. Equipped with only his new Kokiri Sword and Hero's Shield, Link rides Epona off in search of his friend.

Majora's Mask

Hyrule Warriors Young Link Fierce Deity (Form)

Young Link's Fierce Deity form from Hyrule Warriors

During his search, while riding Epona through the Lost Woods, he was attacked by Masked Skull Kid and two fairies. Skull Kid steals Epona and the Ocarina of Time, forcing Link to give chase. After falling down a dark chasm, Link is confronted by Skull Kid who curses him, transforming Link into a Deku Scrub. Despite being horrified by his new form, Link continues chasing after Skull Kid, only to be stopped by Skull Kid's fairy cohort, Tatl causing her to become separated from both Skull Kid and her brother Tael. Desperate to get back to her brother and Skull Kid, Tatl offers Link a truce and becomes Link's fairy partner. She helps Link get used to his new form and the pair eventually encounter the Happy Mask Salesman who reveals that Skull Kid stole something from him as well. Link finds himself in the parallel world of Termina which is under threat of being destroyed by the Moon. Link discovers that Skull Kid is behind it and confronts him at the top of the Clock Tower during the Carnival of Time. Link manages to retrieve the Ocarina of Time which transforms into the Pipes of Awakening allowing him to play the Song of Time in Deku form. The Song of Time transports Link back in time, to the day he arrived in Termina. After retrieving the Ocarina of Time, the Happy Mask Salesman teaches Link the Song of Healing which removes the Deku curse turning it into the Deku Mask which allows Link to transform in his Deku form whenever he dons the mask. The Happy Mask Salesman informs Link that Skull Kid has stolen the evil Majora's Mask which grants him immense magical powers. To stop the Moon from destroying Termina, Link is tasked with awakening the Four Giants. Along the way he collects various masks which grant him special abilities, powers, or fulfill certain tasks. During his adventures on Snowhead Mountain, Link encounters the Spirit of the Goron hero, Darmani who's sorrow he heals with the Song of Healing turning his spirit into the Goron Mask. Later on Great Bay Coast, Link rescues the dying Zora guitarist, Mikau who he heals with the Song of Healing turning his spirit into the Zora Mask. With the aid of his Hylian, Deku, Goron, and Zora forms, Link awakens the Four Giants who he summons during the Carnival of Time to stop the Moon from destroying Termina. This frees Skull Kid from the control of Majora's Mask, though the Mask enters the Moon in order to continue its plans to destroy Termina. Link and Tatl follow, only to find themselves in a surreal world inside the Moon populated by the Lunar Children each of whom wears one of the Boss Remains as a mask. After giving 20 of his masks to the Lunar Children, he speaks to the lone Lunar Child wearing Majora's Mask. The Majora child gives Link the Fierce Deity's Mask that allows Link the power to transform into a god-like being known as the Fierce Deity so Link can play the role of the "bad guy". Link then finally confronts and defeats Majora Mask, saving Termina from destruction. Skull Kid, freed of the Mask's influence is reunited with Tatl and Tael, and recognizes Link as the fairy boy who once taught him a song. His adventures in Termina over, Link and Epona return to Hyrule to resume Link's quest.

Twilight Princess

Main article: Hero's Shade

It is unknown if he ever reunited with Navi after returning to Hyrule. What is known is that he grew up into an adult once more and presumably continued to defend Hyrule until his death. At some point before his death, he entrusted the Hero's Bow to his sworn allies, the Gorons while his signature green tunic fell into the possession of the Light Spirits, having switched to wearing the armor of a knight. However he died lamenting that he was never remembered as a Hero by most of Hyrule due to his actions as the Hero of Time having occurred in an alternate timeline (the Adult Timeline), though the Light Spirits and Gorons remembered him as the Legendary Hero. As a result, his spirit continued to linger in the world of the living as a Golden Wolf. During Zant's Invasion, he appeared before his descendant and successor, also named Link and wearing his ancestor's tunic, transporting him to the world of Ghostly Ether where he took the form of an undead warrior, known as the Hero's Shade. Revealing that he regretted not passing on his Hidden Skills, he began instructing his descendant in the various sword and shield techniques he had learned over the course of his lifetime. His descendant would later obtain his Hero's Bow after defeating its Goron guardian, Dangoro in the Goron Mines (a fight that was the result of a misunderstanding on Dangoro's part). By imparting his techniques to his descendant, the Hero of Time's spirit was able to finally rest in peace, confident that his descendant would carry on his legacy and role as Hyrule's hero.

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Hyrule Warriors

Young Link Kokiri Sword (Hyrule Warriors)

Young Link wielding the Kokiri Sword

Young Link is one of two DLC character from the Majora's Mask Pack DLC and uses Mask as his weapon moveset. Young Link wields a slightly larger version of the Kokiri Sword from Majora's Mask. Instead of Link's traditional Sword & Shield fighting style, Young Link wields the Kokiri Sword two-handed and does not use a shield. He also carries two masks: the Keaton Mask and the Fierce Deity's Mask. When not in use he wears the Keaton Mask on top of his head while he wears the Fierce Deity on his belt. Despite his youthful appearance, Young Link is a veteran warrior and hero who has fought across both time & dimensions with the aid of the Ocarina of Time. Because of his experience, Link is a surprisingly agile and nimble fighter and skilled swordsman even without the power of the Fierce Deity. However by donning the Fierce Deity's Mask, Link gains the power of a god and wields the powerful Fierce Deity Sword. Of course, even though he may be a legendary hero and warrior he is still a kid at heart. Like his main Hyrule Warriors counterpart, Young Link is a silent protagonist who lets his fairy partner, Proxi speak for him. Like most of the game's DLC characters, Young Link does not play a role in the games' main story.


Hyrule Warriors Artwork Kokiri Sword (Concept Art)

Young Link wields a slightly longer version of his Kokiri Sword (based on its design from Majora's Mask) two-handed and does not use a shield. The reason for Young Link's two-handed sword style and lack of shield is to match the fighting style of Fierce Deity as he wields the Fierce Deity Sword two-handed, making the transition between the two more seamless. Although Young Link is still a child, he possess great courage and fighting skill common to his older incarnations. In Ocarina of Time he is shown to be sensitive to growing darkness in Hyrule, which causes him to have a prophetic dream of his fateful encounter with Ganondorf on Hyrule Field. He is also shown to possess great musical talent being able to play Ocarinas, Pipes of Awakening, Drums of Sleep, and Guitar of Waves. During his quests in Hyrule and Termina, Link learned how to use Magic allowing him to preform spells such as Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love. He could also use Magic to enhance his abilities allowing him to perform the Magic Spin Attack and use magical items such as the Lens of Truth, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Light Arrows. He is also shown gift in riding horses and skilled at horse-mounted archery.

However his young age has hindered him at times, such as he was initially unable to lift Bomb Flower without the aid of the Goron's Bracelet and could not wield a Hylian Shield properly as a young boy. His young age also made many people like Darunia doubt his abilities initially, however through his heroic feats in Dodongo's Cavern, Link gained the respect and friendship of the Gorons who hailed the boy as a hero after he defeated King Dodongo.

It also prevented him from wielding the legendary Master Sword, leading to him to be sealed in the Temple of Time for seven years so he could grow old enough to wield it. Due to his sheltered life in Kokiri Forest, Link also relied on his Fairy Companion Navi and his allies such as the Great Deku Tree, Saria, Zelda/Sheik, Impa, and Kaepora Gaebora to aid and guide him during his quest. Though Link normally fights wielding a Sword and Shield, during his adventures, he has wielded at least three different two-Handed Swords such as the Biggoron's Sword (as an Adult), the Great Fairy's Sword (as a child), and Fierce Deity Sword (as the Fierce Deity).

As an Adult, Link demonstrated many abilities common most incarnations of the Hero, including the ability to wield the legendary Master Sword. His abilities where even enough to impress the Gerudo after he managed to infiltrate their Fortress and free the Carpenters, they recognized his skill and accepted him into their tribe granting him honorary membership, making him the only male besides the Gerudo's King Ganondorf to earn their respect. Link himself would ultimately surpass Ganondorf, becoming the first Link to have defeated him in combat. As a result of this accomplishment, he would be remembered as the legendary Hero of Time.

By the time of Majora's Mask, Young Link was much stronger and physically fit, to the point where he no longer needed the Goron's Bracelet to pull Bomb Flowers and the capability of performing impressive acrobatic leaps when jumping between platforms. He was also a seasoned warrior and adventurer thanks to his quest across time to save Hyrule from Ganondorf. Though once again a child, Link retained knowledge of many of the skills he used as an Adult, such as horse riding, archery, and had apparently aged enough to wield items such as a Bow and Hookshot as he was able to use them during his adventures in Termina. Before he arrived in Termina, Link gained a metal Hero's Shield to replace the wooden Deku Shields and bulky Hylian Shields he had used previously. Though it was made of metal like the Hylian Shield, the Hero's Shield was small and light enough to be wielded by Link in his child form. He also either got a new Kokiri Sword (as he had originally just borrowed it) or had it re-forged at some point as it had a different design from the one he had used in Ocarina of Time. Before leaving on his journey, he either borrowed or obtained ownership of Young Epona from Malon. Before leaving Hyrule Castle Town, Link received the Ocarina of Time from Princess Zelda to serve as both a memento of her and to protect him on his journey. Link apparently abandoned or left behind most of the gear he obtained in Ocarina of Time, however he retained his knowledge of how to use various items such as the Lens of Truth and Hookshot.

During his adventures in Termina, Link was forced to take on various different forms using various Masks in order to save the land from the falling Moon. After being turned into Deku Link by Skull Kid, Link was forced to learn how to use his new Deku body in order to track down the Skull Kid and regain the Ocarina of Time. Once free of the curse, Link could use the power of the Deku Mask to transform into a Deku at will, granting him the ability to use Deku Flowers, hop on water, and shoot magic bubbles from his mouth. After obtaining the Goron Mask, Link gained the power to transform into the mighty Goron Link, which granted him Goron strength, resistance to lava, Goron Roll, Goron Ground Pound, and the ability to wield Powder Kegs. As Zora Link, he gained the Zora's ability to breath, swim, and fight underwater. He could also throw his twin boomerang-like fins and produce a electrified shield using Magic. Upon obtaining the Fierce Deity's Mask from the Lunar Child wearing Majora's Mask, Link gained the power of a god and the ability to wield the powerful Fierce Deity Sword which allowed Link to fire Sword Beams.

In addition to his various transformations, Link also used various other Masks he obtained to perform certain tasks, grant certain abilities/powers, or interact with enemies such as Garo Robes, Stalchildren, and Gibdos.

Throughout his journey in Termina, he obtained Terminan versions of items he had wielded in the past such as the Magic Beans and the Lens of Truth, as well as "child-friendly" versions of weapons he had used as an adult such as the Hero's Bow and Hookshot that he could wield even in his child form. He also continued to use Deku Nuts and Sticks which he had used ever since he began his adventures in Ocarina of Time.

Already an experienced time traveler as a result of his quest to save Hyrule, Link found himself forced to relive the same three day cycle over and over in Termina until he managed to free the four giants and defeat Majora's Mask. During Link's adventure in Termina, Link had to learn how to manage the time he had left in each three day cycle wisely, keeping a record of important events in his Bombers' Notebook, and even discovered how to control the flow of time using variations of the Song of Time. However due to his unfamiliarity with the alternate world of Termina, Link relies on maps supplied by Tingle and required his fairy companion Tatl to guide/advise him during his adventure as Navi had previously in Hyrule, though Tatl's personality and initial hostility towards Link made the partnership between the two difficult at first, throughout the crisis plaguing Termina, the two grew closer and eventually learned to trust each other.

After the events of Majora's Mask, he continued training and honing his skills in case he was ever called upon to defend Hyrule. He would eventually grow up into a skilled warrior, though he eventually died before having a chance to pass on his skills. Due to his regrets his spirit lingered with in Hyrule, taking the form of a Golden Wolf and a spectral knight known as the Hero's Shade. During the events of Twilight Princess, his lingering spirit would encounter his descendant and the current incarnation of the Hero, whom he taught the various Hidden Skills he had accumulated over his lifetime, before passing on.

Hyrule Warriors/Legends

In Hyrule Warriors, Young Link is fast and nimble fighter who can enhance his abilities using the power of the Fierce Deity's Mask. Unlike his older counterpart and Toon Link incarnation, Young Link forgoes the use of shield and instead wields his slightly larger Kokiri Sword two-handed, possibly changing his fighting style to match that of his Fierce Deity form. He can also use the Ocarina of Time to convert his SP into Magic. As the Fierce Deity, Link is powerful enough to slice the Moon in half with his sword. He can also fire Sword Beams as well, which take the form of slash waves that increase the range of his attacks. He can also perform the Spin Attack during his Special Attack.

During his Triforce Slash-like combo, Young Link will briefly don the Pegasus Boots (which resemble a winged version of his Kokiri Boots) to increase his dash speed, allowing him to perform the attack very quickly thanks to the increased speed granted by the boots. He only requires the Pegasus Boots to perform the technique while he is in his Hylian form, as his Fierce Deity form seems to naturally possesses the ability to run at a speed comparable to the Pegasus Boots. However it should be noted that he does not don the Pegasus Boots when performing the technique in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Moveset & Weapons


Dark Young Link

Hyrule Warriors Young Link Dark Young Link (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Young Link from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Young Link is the Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Young Link and an enemy that appears in Adventure Mode. He uses the same moveset & drops the same materials as Young Link. He can transform into a Dark version of the Fierce Deity, potentially making him one of the most powerful and dangerous incarnations of Dark Link.

Material Drops

In Hyrule Warriors, Young Link drops the same Materials as Link, while in Hyrule Warriors Legends he gains his own set of Materials.

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Materials Link's Boots (Silver Material)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Link's Scarf (Gold Material)

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Young Link's Belt (Silver Material)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Keaton Mask (Gold Material)


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