"Woodfall Shortcut
For use by Deku Scrubs only.

The Woodfall Shortcut is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As its name implies, the Woodfall Shortcut is a quick route to Woodfall. Located just outside the Deku Palace, the shortcut is only accessible to Deku Scrubs since the use of Deku Flowers is required during the trip.


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With the abilities of the Deku Mask, Link must use the Deku Flower in the Deku Palace entry area to access the shortcut. After traveling through a tunnel, Link emerges in the Southern Swamp, where he must use more Deku Flowers to fly to the cliffs just outside Woodfall. When Link arrives at these cliffs, he meets Kaepora Gaebora and finds a stone tablet with the "Song of Soaring" inscribed on it. The owl teaches Link about the Owl Statues scattered throughout Termina and then flies away. Link can then complete the shortcut and enter Woodfall to gain access to Woodfall Temple.

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