"Just look at how young this kid is! The way he handles his money is so...reckless! Young sir, you are my hero tonight!"

The Windfall Auction is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Every night, Zunari rents out the first floor of the Hall of Wealth on Windfall Island to hold the auction, which Link can participate in to win various prizes.

Every night, six residents of Windfall Island will gather in the Hall of Wealth to bid on the items. If Link joins them, he will be given one minute to outbid his opponents. The more money he bids over the preceding bid will affect the other bidders and disable them from bidding for a designated amount of time; the more he bids, the longer the others will be too shocked to challenge him. If at the end of the auction, Link has the highest bid, he will receive that night's prize. Link can bid 999 Rupees at anytime to automatically claim the prize. If Link is low on Rupees, he can still participate in an auction, but he will not be able to make a bid of his own if the current bid is for more Rupees than the amount he is holding.

The offered prize is either a Joy Pendant, the Magic Armor, a Piece of Heart, a Treasure Chart, or in the HD remake, the Swift Sail. Once Link has claimed all of the prizes, Zunari will still be found in the Hall of Wealth at night, but he will no longer run the Windfall Auction. If Link acquires the Magic Armor via the Merchant's Oath, then Zunari will not offer it in the auction. If any other bidders win any of the prizes, they will return it the next night out of apparent dissatisfaction, allowing Link another chance to bid for that prize. Items will reappear until they are won.

During the Endless Night, the Windfall Auction is put on hold due to the bad weather conditions.

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