"Holder of the sacred powers, we grant you the power of wind..."
— In-game description

Wind Crests are objects from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. These stones have musical notes engraved on them. When approached, they explode to reveal the same note embedded in the ground. There are eight Wind Crests altogether that can be found throughout Hyrule. When Link has obtained the Ocarina of Wind, Zeffa will transport him to any Wind Crests he may have approached.

"Aha! So that mysterious mark we've been seeing s a Wind Crest."


There are a total of eight Wind Crests spread throughout Hyrule. Their locations are as follows: Minish Woods, in the southwestern fringe; South Hyrule Field, next to Link's House; Hyrule Town, in the northeastern corner next to Funday School; Mount Crenel, in front of the entrance to the Cave of Flames; Castor Wilds, in the southeastern corner; Lake Hylia, next to the Temple of Droplets; Veil Falls, on the mountain after the rock climbing wall; and the Cloud Tops, in front of the Wind Tribe's home. It should be noted that the Lake Hylia Wind Crest is already "activated" prior to the events of the game.

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