Western Hyrule also known as the Western Continent is an area in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It is where Link's adventure begins, and where the North Castle is found. It makes up half of the Hyrule map, and it is always the starting point of the game. By finding the Raft in the Island Palace, Link can go to the port near Mido Town and drift to Eastern Hyrule.

Depending on the guide "Death Mountain Area" is sometimes listed a different region and not part of "Western Hyrule" proper, some sources refer to it as South Hyrule, Hyrule Historia refers to that region as Lesser Hyrule.

It was from Lesser Hyrule that Link of the Era of Light and Dark set sail across the Great Hyrulean Sea to reach Eastern Hyrule and parts unknown to train further, when he crashed on Koholint Island.