"I came from the country of Wayaway, across the ocean, looking for treasure."
Hoiger Howgendoogen

Wayaway is a country mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located across the sea from the World of the Ocean King, it serves as the country of origin for the Ho Ho Tribe.

Not much is known about Wayaway other than that it serves as the homeland of Hoiger Howgendoogen and the rest of the Ho Ho Tribe, and that its currency seems to be the Rupee. This can be concluded through the fact that the Ho Ho Tribe pays Link Rupees for certain items.

Wayaway is often mentioned by the Ho Ho Tribe as a country where certain items (changing periodically) are revered by its citizens.


It seems likely that the term "Wayaway" is a portmanteau of "way" and "away", probably denoting that it is far away from the World of the Ocean King.

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