This part will take you through the entire Forest Temple.

Inside the Forest Temple

The first monkey

As you enter, slay the Keese that are in the dark passageway, then go forward toward the vine in the distance where you'll see a monkey in a cage. Slay the Boko Babas and the Bokoblins in your path, then smash through the cage to release the first monkey. She will be grateful and then hop up to the top of the vine and wait for you to get up.

The second monkey

Use the Slingshot to get rid of the Walltulas on the vine before you climb up to the top of it. Go through the door ahead of you to go into another room. Run forward up the stairs to a platform where there's a Skulltula for you to use the Ending Blow on, and four torches for you to light with your lantern. This will cause steps to appear in front of the door that's to the north. Go up to the door and open the chest to the left of it to get your Dungeon Map. Through the door there's a wooden bridge that goes over a chasm that the monkey tries to get across. However, a baboon with a crazed look on his face will cut it down using a dark-glowing boomerang, causing the monkey to flee from the bridge before it is cut down. Midna will then say we will have to go back, so return to the room with the torches and this time follow the monkey toward the door that's on the west side. She will swing upside-down on a rope to allow you to swing across to the door so you can open it.

In the dark passageway behind the door, go to the right and there is a creature called a Bombling which will curl up and turn into a bomb when struck with the sword or shield. Have it blow up the wall where behind it are some jars, one of which will shake and crack when you pick it up. Inside that jar is a chicken-like creature with a human head called an Ooccoo who will thank you for getting her out. She will reward you by letting you carry her so you can teleport out of the dungeon at any time through her help.

Now go the other way through the passageway and burn the spiderweb with the lantern. In the next room that you enter, slay the Boko Baba, then hop across some platforms toward a door on the north side that will be to your right. The monkey will urge you to follow her further, but instead we will go through this door for now. We're back in the chasm we have been in earlier, this time crossing a bridge that rotates with the passing winds. Wait for it to rotate so you can get across to the other door, then enter the next room and to your right there is a chest that contains a small key.

Go back across the bridge to the room where you left the monkey, then go toward the platform facing the door to the west. A Skulltula will then drop down in front of you to block your jump to the other side. Shoot at it with the Slingshot to make it drop into the water and instantly explode. Hop across and open the locked door to get into a room where the monkey will see another caged monkey, but this time his cage is on top of a pillar. Head down the winding path to the bottom of the room, and at one point you'll see Link cross a bridge that will break afterward, meaning that we can't go back up to the door yet. Once you reach the bottom, do two roll attacks into the pillar to knock the cage down and free the other monkey. However, it will cause two Bokoblins to drop into the room to deal with us. Quickly get rid of them, then follow the path back up to the door. The two monkeys will then swing on a rope that is over the broken bridge for you to swing across to the door.

The third monkey

Head back to the room with the four torches and this time go toward the door on the east side. A monkey will swing on a rope for you to swing across to get to the door. Burn the spiderweb that's in front of it and open. In the next room, go forward toward the stairs going up to the left, and before them there will be a new creature called a Baba Serpent, which will attack you by latching onto you to chew on you when its stem is snapped. Slay it quickly before it has the chance and then go up the stairs to a fork where one set of stairs goes to the left and another ends at a wall where's a Deku Like sitting there that will chew on you before spitting you out. Go up the stairs to the left, and you'll see a Bombling we can use for two things. First, we can drop it down to where the Deku Like is located so that it will swallow it and then be killed from within by the explosion. Second, we can carry it across a gap to a giant boulder that's blocking a door on a ledge to the east.

Climb up the ledge and open the door to enter a room with two ramps going down to where there are two pillars, one of which has a treasure chest on it. Go down and do a roll attack into the pillar to knock down the chest and get a small key. Next, we want to cross over to the other side of the room where there are two platforms in front of a locked room where another monkey is held captive. However, the bridge that crosses past two bodies of water on either side of it has Tile Worms hiding underneath some of its tiles that will knock Link away if he steps on them. You can either carefully cross over the bridge or swim across and get back on the bridge when you're near the other side, safely away from a Tile Worm. On the other side, light the two torches near the bodies of water to make two more platforms be raised up. You can now climb up to the locked room, slay the Skulltula that drops down in front of it, and free this monkey, which will follow you back into the room you just left.

The fourth monkey

From the door that was blocked by a boulder, head south where there's a vine with some Walltulas crawling on it and slay them with the Slingshot before you jump across to grab the vine and climb up on it. Past the vine, open the door and you'll enter a room where there's another monkey in a locked room, and the small key that can open the room is right out in the open, but then it is swallowed up by a Deku Like that has a Big Baba attached to it. Take care of the Big Baba first by waiting for its head to extend out first before striking it. Then grab a Bombling that's near the locked room and throw it into the Deku Like's maw to give it a deadly case of indigestion. Grab the small key and open up the room to free this monkey.

Head back into the room with the four torches and go through the door that leads to the broken bridge over the chasm. Here the four monkeys will swing upside-down on a line for you to swing across to the other side to a door that leads to a mini-boss battle.




Metal bars will drop in front of the door behind you, preventing you from leaving. The crazed baboon will appear again with the boomerang, standing on one of several pillars in the room and spanking his behind to taunt you before letting loose some Baba Serpents from the ceiling. This is the mini-boss Ook, and besides letting loose Baba Serpents, he will hop across pillars and throw his boomerang at you.

First of all, you want to get rid of the Baba Serpents quickly. Next, watch Ook's movements on the pillars and do a roll attack into one of the pillars after he stops on a pillar and throws out his boomerang. If done right, the boomerang will come back and hit him, knocking him off the pillar, making him vulnerable to your sword strikes. He will then jump back on the pillar and resume his method of attack. Knock him down a few more times to strike him with the sword, and he will bump his head into a pillar, knocking off a parasite that was on his head that will explode. Ook will then look at Link and run away, embarrassed. The boomerang will suddenly arise and the Fairy of Winds that inhabits it will tell Link that the dark power surrounding it is now gone. We now have our next useful item, the Gale Boomerang, which besides taking out small enemies and stunning bigger ones can also be used to summon gales and retrieve distant items, among other things. Like the Boomerang in The Wind Waker, the Gale Boomerang can be aimed at up to five targets at a time in its targeting mode, though here the player can manually lock onto targets he wants to aim at.

Now let's work on getting out of here. On top of the door there are some propellers that will raise the metal bars on the door we entered this room through. Aim the Gale Boomerang three times at the propellers to spin them so that the bars will be raised and we can exit.

The fifth monkey

The monkeys are now gone from the broken bridge, so we're going to have to get across another way. To your left is a bridge that you can spin the propellers with your Gale Boomerang to turn it your way so you can cross. On the other side of the bridge is another monkey on a cage, and a Bokoblin guarding it. Take down the Bokoblin and then snip away at the thread holding up the cage with the Gale Boomerang. It will drop and break, and the monkey will be happy and then jump off to another place. Midna will then say that there are still some monkeys we need to rescue and that we might as well rescue them to see what we can get for it.

The sixth monkey

Head to the south, spinning the bridge's propeller to make it turn so you can cross it, and you'll be back in the room with the Baba Serpents and Deku Likes. Go through there back into the room with the four torches and use the Gale Boomerang to cut down the treasure chest, which will give you your Compass. Midna will then say you'll be able to find the rest of the captured monkeys with it.

Go through the west door and take the passageway back into the room you went through to rescue the second monkey. When you reach the door that leads to the bridge across the chasm, go to your left, make the Skulltula drop into the water, and then jump across the platform toward the other door in this room. Then take a left before the door and go across the bridge where there's four propellers on top of four pillars, and on the floor is a pattern that you need to make each of the propellers spin in. Lock onto each propeller with the Gale Boomerang in the order shown and then let it fly. The gate ahead of you will open, and in it is a treasure chest that contains the Big Key.

Now head back towards the door to the bridge and cross it, and in the room where you earlier found a small key there's a bridge that we can turn. Make it turn so that you can go straight across to the other door, and the monkey that will follow you will then jump onto one of a series of platforms that other monkeys are waiting upon. Midna will then say that in order to explore the temple completely, we need the help of the monkeys.

While we're in this room, go to the bridge on the right and spin the propellers on this bridge and the one to the north of you so you can get across to a ledge where there's vines growing on a rockface. Slay the Bokoblin waiting there with the sword, then use the Slingshot or Gale Boomerang to knock down the Walltulas hanging on the vine before you climb up and to the right onto a higher platform. Take out the Walltula hanging on the vine to the right and then climb all the way up to the highest ledge. Slay the Bokoblin waiting up there and open the door into the next room.

In here, destroy the two Baba Serpents near the bridge, then target the Gale Boomerang onto a Bombling on an island in a body of water to your left so you can retrieve it while it's sparking. Then quickly toss it into the Deku Like on an island in a body of water to your right before it explodes. This will get of the Deku Like so you can jump across to the ledge where there's a treasure chest containing a small key. Past the bridge, after you destroy the Baba Serpent, there's a boulder on top of a vine that's blocking your way. To remove it, target-lock the Gale Boomerang onto a Bombling and then target-lock the right side of the boulder. If done right, the Bombling should travel over to the boulder and blow it up. Climb up the vine and defeat a Bokoblin and two Baba Serpents, then target-lock onto a Bombling to bring one to you so you can blow up another boulder that's blocking a room where another monkey has been held captive.

The seventh monkey

Make your way back into the room with the single spinning bridge and turn it so that you can access either of the doors to the east and west. Waiting near them are some Bokoblins. You can easily get rid of them by shooting at them with your Slingshot so that they will run right off the platform and kill themselves. Or you can do it the hard way and use your sword.

Go to the west door. which you'll be able to unlock with the small key, and you'll be in a room where there's some Tile Worms hiding behind tiles. You can expose them by using the Gale Boomerang on them before you slay them. Head to the cave in the far right corner of the room and go through it until there's a Skulltula below you that you can drop in front of and defeat with your sword. Get rid of the Walltulas that are on the vine so that you can climb out. At the top there's a monkey behind a gate with two propellers we need to spin in order to free him. Once that's done, head for the open door, slay the Baba Serpent that's in it, then go to your left and drop down to the floor of the room you've passed through and exit.

The eighth monkey

In the room with the single spinning bridge, cross over it to the door on the east, and in this room there are some holes with spiderwebs over them. There are also some Skulltulas in here that will trouble you. Stand over the spiderweb that's to your left from the entrance of this room and burn it with the lantern. You wll then drop down onto a ledge where there's a cage with a monkey in it. Smash the cage, and the monkey will jump toward the vine and leave. We might as well climb the vine ourselves and leave this room. (If you drop down one of the other holes, you might end up dropping into a Deku Like! Ewwwww...!)

So head back toward the room where there are monkeys on platforms, and with all of them freed, they will form a swinging monkey chain across a huge gap so that we can get to the Big Key Door. Time your jump onto the monkey swing and then off it so that you'll get safely across. On the other side, smash whatever pots there are to get hearts and a fairy, then open the door to meet the dungeon boss.

Forest Temple Boss: Diababa



In the next room, Link sees huge-looking Big Baba-type creatures emerge from a sea of poisonous purple liquid. They are part of the dungeon boss Diababa, referred to also as Twilit Parasite. These will initially attack you by lunging at you to snap their jaws onto you, which you must avoid. Target-lock onto a Bombling that's near them, then target-lock onto one of the Babas so that they will swallow it and then blow up. However, blowing up both of these Babas will not be the end yet, as they will regenerate and be joined by a mouth with a long neck, from which a tongue with an eye can be seen when it opens.

Now the next part of the battle starts. Again, avoid getting snapped up by the Babas as they lunge toward you. But how are we going to put Bomblings in their mouth now, since the Bomblings have disappeared? This is where Ook the baboon reappears, swinging on a vine and carrying around a Bombling we can use. Target-lock onto the Bombling, then target-lock onto the long-necked head of Diababa so that the bomb will go into its mouth when it's open, causing it to fall near us so that we can strike the eye on the tip of its tongue. Its two Baba heads will then duck back into the water and re-emerge before its main head sprays the poisonous purple fluid at us. Avoid getting hit by the spray as much as possible. Again wait for Ook to swing around carrying a Bombling, then do the target-lock attack again to make the main head fall down near us so we can attack the tongue's eye. With enough hits, Diababa will writhe in agony before its body hardens and it drops its eye, which explodes and turns into a Heart Container. Diababa's body will then explode into Twilight bits which will form into a different shape, which Midna says is a Fused Shadow as she collects it.

You have completed the Forest Temple. Collect your Heart Container, and enter the portal to leave the temple. You will be asked to save your game at this point.

NEXT: Your third visit into Twilight.

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