This part will take you through the entire Palace of Twilight.

Mirror Chamber

Mirror of Twilight

The Mirror of Twilight is activated once more

Midna Unmasked

Midna doesn't get mad -- she gets even!!!

Once Link leaves the arena where he fought Argorok, he will reappear at the Sky Cannon located to the south of the pool at the City in the Sky. It's time to return to the world below, so get to the rear of the cannon and Clawshot onto the target there to enter the cannon, which will then aim itself downward and fire. Link will land safely in Lake Hylia next to Fyer's cannon contraption, since landing anywhere else would cause him to leave a Hylian-shaped dot on the landscape! Have Midna warp you to the Mirror Chamber located at Arbiter's Grounds, then go over to the mirror stand. She will assemble the shards of the Mirror of Twilight together, then cause the big stone to be loosed from its chains so that she can activate the mirror and open the portal that leads to the Twilight Realm. As Midna talks about the beauty of that realm, the Ancient Sages will reappear and humbly beg her for her forgiveness in the manner of sending Ganondorf into that realm. Through a flashback scene we will see how Midna was turned into the form she now possesses, and she will confess that she originally sought out Link for the selfish purpose of saving her people in the Twilight Realm. However, now that Midna has seen the sacrifices made by Link's people in the light world, she realizes that his world also needs saving, and that if they can defeat Zant, then the curse put upon her will be broken. After the cutscene ends, have Link go up the mystical stairs to the platform where he will warp through the portal between worlds to enter the Twilight Realm.

Palace of Twilight

Palace of Twilight

The Palace of Twilight

As Link reappears in the dusky landscape of the Twilight Realm, Midna will ask him the selfish favor of allowing herself in remain in her shadow form, since she would not risk appearing to her own people in her current form. Head down to the circular platform that is before the big palace, and Link will notice that the Twili have been turned into hideous shadow beings, which Midna will warn him not to harm them. There are two circular indentations in the center of the platform which Midna will say was where the Sols that provided light to her people were originally placed. We need to find both of the Sols and return them to their proper places before we can go through the main entrance of the palace, which is blocked by a thick shadow fog.

The first Sol

Head down the path to the east where the entrance to the east wing is located. Inside the first room you'll encounter Twilit Baba and Twilit Keese that you need to slay to get past to the other side of the room, where a large version of Zant's mask will fire energy bolts at you and then teleport to another location. Deflect the bolts by using the Shield Attack, then strike the mask repeatedly to destroy it. This will cause a treasure chest to appear that contains a small key. To get to the other door, latch onto one of the Clawshot targets that are over the platform near the door. Open the door to enter the next room where there is a black shadow fog in the center. As you drop down from the platform and enter into the fog, it will change you into a wolf, and you will be stuck in that form until you leave the fog. Use your sense mode to see through the fog, and you'll find another Zant mask hiding in it firing energy bolts at you. Dodge the bolts and attack it repeatedly as it warps around this part of the room. When it is destroyed, two treasure chests will appear on opposite sides of the room. Open the one near the door you went through to get a small key, while the other one will give you the Compass. Slay the Twilit Vermin that will crawl toward you, then Clawshot onto the targets that are near the platform on the side of the room with the other door. You'll now enter the room that has a mechanical hand holding the Sol that you're looking for, but as you get close to the Sol, a Twilight barrier will appear around you, and Zant will also appear as a holographic phantom to open a portal above you to cause dark creatures to come out to attack you. When he first does this, you'll have a swarm of Twilit Keese to strike down. He will also summon smaller versions of the shadow beasts, alternating between these two creatures. Watch as the phantom warps himself around the room and wait for him to summon up a large magical orb so you can go over and strike him repeatedly. With enough hits, the phantom will disappear, and the Twilight barrier surrounding you will also disappear, giving you access to the Sol, but the center of the room will be filled with the shadow fog, so you'll need to go around it.

Strike the hand holding the Sol and pick it up so you can carry it with you back outside. After a few moments, however, the hand will come to life and start drifting through the air in pursuit of you and the Sol. Place the Sol in the indentation on the floor in the center of the room to make a set of stairs appear so you can reach the platform near the door. When you get to the platform, quickly target the Sol with your Clawshot to snatch it toward you before the hand gets a hold of it and brings it back to where you found it. If the hand does get a hold of it, you can Clawshot onto the Sol while it's still carrying it before it reaches the spot. Be careful, though, not to let the shadow of the hand appear over you, because it will swat you out of the way and then grab the Sol. When you enter the next room, it will take a short while before the hand phases through the door to continue following you. Drop down from the platform and enter the shadow fog, which the Sol will disperse, to place it in the indentation on the floor to make another set of stairs appear. Watch out for the Twilit Vermin and strike them down quickly to get them out of your way. Once you're safely on the platform at the top of the stairs, snatch away the Sol with your Clawshot and head for the other door when you drop down from the platform. The next room simply has the Twilit Baba to avoid, which shouldn't be a problem to weave your way through. Once you leave the east wing of the palace, place the Sol on one of the indentations on the circular platform. This will create a glowing-line platform that you can ride on to get to the west wing and start your search for the second Sol.

The second Sol

In the first room you enter on this wing, you'd probably think Link has stepped into a location from the movie TRON because of the floating platforms with the same blue glowing lines that resemble circuitry. In fact, much of the look of the palace seems to resemble that movie! Anyway, we're going to need to ride those platforms to get across the room to the other side onto the ledge with the door. Not making this part any easier is that a Zant Mask will fire bolts at you to knock you off the platforms and into the shadow fog below, turning you into a wolf and contending with the creatures in the fog. Leave the fog and go back near the first door so you can Clawshot a target onto the ceiling and get back on the first moving platform if that happens. Strike down the Zant Mask, and a treasure chest will appear on the left side near the other door which will give you the small key. (The treasure chest on the right side gives you 50 rupees.) Go through the locked door into the next room where there's a sea of shadow fog to get through, and several shadow beings hiding in the fog that will attack you. Use your sense mode so you can attack them, but make sure you don't leave one left to revive its fallen companions; try to leave at least two of them so you can take both of them down at once. When the shadow beings are gone, you will be confronted by a few Zant Masks in the mist. Avoid their energy bolts and take them down one at a time, which will cause a treasure chest to appear in the center west alcove which will give you the small key. Leave the fog and head back toward the ledge near the first door, then Clawshot onto the targets on the ceiling and aim for the target above the center east alcove so you can drop down and open the treasure chest that has the Dungeon Map. Then go to the center west alcove to get the small key and Clawshot your way to the ledge where the locked door is so you can open it.

This will lead you into a room where the other Sol is protected by a mechanical hand, and like in the room where you got the first Sol, Zant will appear in holographic form and summon a portal to appear above you which will produce Twilit Babas and other dark creatures to deal with you. Again the phantom Zant will teleport around the room and will only remain stable in one location when he summons his magical orb to send forth more creatures, making him vulnerable to your sword strikes. When that battle's over, the Twilight barrier surrounding you will disappear along with the phantom Zant, giving you clear access to the Sol, but also filling the center of the room with the shadow fog. Use the sword to knock it out of its hand and bring it to the indentation in the middle of the floor to raise up a staircase to the platform near the door. Snatch the Sol away with the Clawshot when you reach the platform and head through the door into the previous room. Drop down and cut through the fog with the Sol to place it on the indentation in the middle of the floor to make another set of stairs appear. This time, though, there will be a gap in the stairs which will require you to Clawshot onto the ceiling targets to get to the other part of the stairs, but do it quickly before the hand comes and snatches away the Sol. When you reach the platform where the first door is, quickly snatch up the Sol and head into the room with the glowing platforms to jump across, making sure you don't get knocked down from the platforms. In the middle of these platforms is a stationary platform with two dark orbs that will light up and cause a moving platform to appear under your feet that will take you to the entrance of the west wing.

Light Sword

"This is your father's lightsaber, Link!"

Outside at the entrance, ride the moving platform back to the circular area outside the front of the palace and place the other Sol in the second indentation. Link will then step in between the Sols, and his Master Sword will now be energized with the power of the Sols. This means we can cut through the shadow fog in front of the main entrance and go through the rest of the palace in search of Zant.

The rest of the palace

Go up the ramp to the front entrance and use a spin attack to slice through the fog to get to the door. In the first room that you enter in the central part of the palace, head for the other end where you see the thick fog and slice your way through it, also taking out the Twilit Vermin and Keese in that same area. You'll see two indentations on the floor for placing two orbs that just happen to be nearby which will cut through the fog and cause a staircase to appear. Place the two orbs in the indentations and go up the staircase to a raised area on the east side of the room. There strike the dark globe on the north side to create a glowing-line platform to carry you over to the west side, where there are three dark globes to strike at the same time to create another platform. However, there are also some Zant Masks that will appear there. Strike all of them down with the sword, and a treasure chest will appear that gives you a small key. Strike the three globes with a spin attack to make the platform appear, then ride it back over to the east side of the room to where the locked door is so you can open it.

You're now back outside the palace, but a floor higher on a battlement, and between that door and the one to the north is an area of platforms that's blocked by a cloud of shadow fog. Slice through it and enter that area where you'll be Clawshooting up the platforms to a treasure chest that has the Big Key. Slice through the fog again and jump all the way back down until you're outside the area the fog was hiding. Go all the way to the edge of the battlement where you see two dark globes and strike them at the same time to create a platform that will take you south to an area where a Zant Mask will attack you. Strike it down, then light up the two dark globes located there to make another platform appear to take you back onto the battlement where several Zant Masks will attack you. Strike them all down to make a treasure chest appear near the north end door that contains the small key. Use it on the north end door to reenter the palace.

When you get into the center of the next room, you'll get into an enclosed-area battle with some shadow beings. Employ the same strategy that you did in similar previous battles with them: save at least two of them so you can use a spin attack to slay them together. With the Twilight barrier gone, head for the shadow fog on the other side of the room and clear it away to reveal four dark globes to light up at the same time to make a platform appear. Ride it up until you see four platforms appear in four compass directions, then jump to the one on the east and ride that one toward two more platforms that will appear to the left and right. Jump onto the left platform and ride that one up until you see a Clawshot target toward the east wall, then aim for it and pull yourself onto the ledge where there's a Twilit Baba to slay. Jump onto the platform there and ride it up and to the west end where there's a Zant Mask. Clawshot onto that ledge when you get close enough and strike down the Zant Mask, then aim the Clawshot at a target on the ceiling and lower yourself onto the moving platform heading back toward the east end. Strike down the Zant Mask on that ledge to make a treasure chest appear. Hop over to the chest to open it and get a small key, then hop onto the glowing-line platform that will lift you up and take you to the door on the north side.

Open the door and you'll enter the next room where there's shadow fog as well as shadow beings that will attack you. Slice through the fog and strike down the shadow beings as they come at you one by one. The Twilight barrier will then be removed, and you'll have access to the Big Key door that leads you to the palace boss.

Palace of Twilight Boss: Zant

Zant Unmasked

Zant without his mask

As Link enters the room and ascends the stairs, he and Midna approach the throne that Zant is sitting on, with Midna sarcastically thanking him for giving her and Link the power to come this far into the palace. Zant will rise from the throne and remove his mask to tell Midna that their people had been locked away in the Twilight Realm for so long, they now knew neither hatred or anger or even the faintest bloom of desire -- and all of that because of a "useless, do-nothing royal family" that resigned itself to this "miserable half-existence". His cold calm demeanor breaks apart at this point, showing the frustration he felt as a servant of that household, whose sole desire is to become the next Twilight King, but was denied both the role and the powers befitting it. He then tells of how his god has given him the powers to take over as king, appearing unto him as a flaming face. He then says his god had only one wish: to merge light and shadow together to create darkness. He will then put his mask back on and rise up into the air to demonstrate the powers that were given unto him to battle Link.

Throughout the entire battle, Zant uses his power to transform the throne room into virtual reality recreations of the arenas where Link fought bosses or mini-bosses. The first arena is where Link fought Diababa in the Forest Temple, and here Zant will hover above the purple water rapid-firing magic bolts at him. Aim the Gale Boomerang at him to cause him to fall and bounce over the water until he reaches ground, then strike at him with the sword.

After this is done two times, Zant will change the arena into that where Link fought Dangoro in the Goron Mines. Here he will jump on the edges of the magnetic platform to cause Link to fall off it. He will also stop to fire his magical bolts at Link. Wait until he's finished firing the bursts, then quickly go over to him and strike him.

After this is done two times, Zant will change the arena into that where Link fought Morpheel in Lakebed Temple. Quickly put on the Zora Armor, because you'll be underwater during this part, and put on your Iron Boots. Zant will first appear inside a Zant Mask statue that emerges from the center, firing his bolts at you when the mouth of the statue is open. Use your Clawshot to snatch him out and strike him with the sword. That statue will sink into the ground and be replaced by a few other similar statues, where Zant will appear out of any of them. Try to be where he will most likely appear, then snatch him out again with the Clawshot and strike him.

Zant will change the arena into that where Link fought Ook in the Forest Temple. He will then jump from pillar to pillar and fire his magical bolts at Link. Wait until he stops jumping around and starts firing, then do some roll attacks into the pillar he is standing on to make him fall off so you can strike him with the sword.

After enough strikes, Zant will change the arena into that where Link fought Blizzeta in Snowpeak Ruins. He will appear as a giant and will attempt to jump on top of Link and crush him with his feet. Use the reflection of the icy floor to watch for Zant as he drops down, then use the Ball and Chain to hit one of his feet after he lands. Zant will start hopping around holding his foot while he shrinks to action figure size, so chase after him when he shrinks and strike him.

After enough strikes, Zant will change the arena into the southern entrance area of Hyrule Castle Town, trapping himself and Link within a Twilight barrier. He will come at Link swinging cleavers with his hands, sometimes by wildly flailing them around, other times by using a very fast spin attack. He will also teleport after each attack, making it difficult to strike at him. Try to keep sidestepping his attacks by using the Back Slice roll, then attack when he's vulnerable. With enough hits, Zant will fall to his knees and let out a frustrated screech before he collapses.

Midna's fury

After the battle ends, the throne room will return to normal, and Zant will appear on his throne, wounded and exhausted. Midna will see that the Fused Shadow parts are now back in her possession, but will also look down at her hands and realize that the curse wasn't broken. She tells Zant that the reason he was never made king is that the people all saw the lust in his eyes. Zant will tell Midna that as long as he lives, and as long as his god will resurrect him, the curse he has placed on her can never be broken. In a flash of fury, Midna strikes at Zant with her hair suddenly sprouting sharp tentacles, killing him and causing his body to revert into Twilight bits, leaving a Heart Container behind. Realizing the amount of power she now has at her disposal with the Fused Shadow and whatever powers Princess Zelda had given her, Midna decides it is time to return the favor and rescue her inside Hyrule Castle.

You have completed the Palace of Twilight. Collect your Heart Container, and enter the portal to leave the throne room. You will be asked to save your game at this point.

NEXT: Return to Hyrule Castle.

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