This part will take you through the entire City in the Sky.

Inside the City in the Sky

Meeting the Oocca

Link will land in a pool at the south end of a series of structures floating high in the air that make up the City in the Sky. Ooccoo and her hatchling will land beside you and tell you that this is the sky city of the Oocca, and that she will give you a guided tour of the city. But then she sees an armored dragon flying by overhead, and an Oocca will race toward us, squawking in fear of the dragon that's raging over the city. Ooccoo decides that she will check upon her people for survivors. From the pool, go to the left toward the door, but watch out for the winds that will blow you off the walkway; use the Iron Boots to get across safely so you don't go for any unexpected skydiving lessons without a parachute! Inside the door you'll find a shop where you can stock up on items, and Ooccoo will offer herself to you as an item to take you out of the dungeon at any time.

The central building

Return to the pool and this time head north, using the Iron Boots to fight against the wind. Twice along the walkway you'll encounter Baba Serpents, which you can use the Ball and Chain to knock them loose from the ground and then slay with the sword. There's a crystal switch over the door you need to hit with an arrow to open the gate that blocks the door into the central building. Inside, you'll see more Ooccas milling about, which you can use like cuccos to float down to other areas. Grab one and float down to the section of the floor ahead of you toward the west side of the room. Avoid landing on the blue blocks, because these will sink under your feet the longer you stand on them until it's "down you go into the wild blue under". Dispose of the Helmasaur on this part of the floor, then Clawshot onto a vine on a pillar near the east side of the room and climb to the right so you can land safely on the floor. Grab another Oocca and float down to the floor section at the northwest corner of the room. Slay the two Helmasaurs in the room as you head for the ledges on the northeast corner to climb up so you can get to the door at the north end.

In the next room, there's a Helmasaurus that will attack you the same way that the Helmasaurs do. Unfortunately, you can't remove a Helmasaurus' shell with the Clawshot, so circle around it to avoid its attack and strike it from behind to defeat it. Go to the southeast corner of the room and aim the Clawshot at the grating in the window so you can go through it to get outside. From there, drop down to the broken walkway and head to the right to a spot in the floor where you can use the Spinner to rotate some gears. A bridge will now appear that crosses over to a building on the east side from the room you were in. Clawshot onto the vine across from the part of the walkway you're on and climb up it so you can cross over on the bridge, making sure you're wearing your Iron Boots as you go that way. Slay the Kargarocs that will harass you on the bridge.

The east building

Once you're inside the east building, go across the blocks on the left until you reach the edge, then Clawshot onto the target over the platform on your right. Drop down onto the platform and open the treasure chest that contains the small key. Clawshot onto the grating on the other side to get back to the blocks and then head out of the building across the bridge into the north central room. As Link reaches the other side, the armored dragon will pass by through that area and destroy the bridge, so we won't be able to go back to that building until later.

The west building

Clawshot onto the vines on the pillar when you get back into the north central room, then drop down safely to the floor and quickly run across the blue blocks to get to the door on the west end. When you're outside, go to the walkway on your left and slay the Baba Serpent there who blocks another hole for you to use the Spinner in. Rotate it until you see another bridge forming that will take you to the building on the west. Again wear the Iron Boots as you head across the bridge and take out the Kargarocs you meet along the way.

In the first room you enter here, there are fans blowing heavy gusts on the right side that will blow you off into the gaps in the floor. Go to the left side of the room first, slaying the Helmasaur there, and aim an arrow or the Clawshot into a crystal switch you see in the middle support pillar. You'll see a fan be switched off blowing against a pathway of blue blocks. Head over to the right side of the room, wearing your Iron Boots to get past the first fan, then Clawshot onto the vines on a support pillar on the far side of the room. Climb over and down safely from the vines onto the floor and go through the door on the west to enter a small area of a room where you'll find the treasure chest that has the Dungeon Map. Return back to the previous room and travel across the blue blocks quickly to get to the door on the south.

The next room has a maze of blocks you must safely navigate your way across, with some areas where fans will turn on and off, knocking you down into the bottomless blue if you jump into the wind gusts when they're blowing. Go all the way toward the wall and take the path that goes to the right, then jump across and go a little to the right until you're standing in front of an air gust. Wait until it shuts off and then jump onto the next path, then head a little to the left and go west on a narrow path of grey blocks, but stop before you jump across and use the Gale Boomerang to uncover the Tile Worm and make it fall to its death. Wait for the air gust to stop blowing, then jump across and move toward the right to make a diagonal jump across to a narrow path of blocks to the right. Take out another Tile Worm before you head forward and then turn to the left and jump across to get to another narrow path of blocks up ahead, taking out the Tile Worm that awaits you across the gap and waiting for the air gust to stop blowing before you jump over. Leap across a blue block as you head to the left and then go through the door on the south.

In this room you'll have two Dynalfoses to deal with at the same time. You may want to mostly stick with using the Shield Attack to take them down, as the Helm Splitter may cause you to fall down through the gaps if you're not careful. An easier way to take down these creatures is to simply use a bomb arrow on each of them. The metal gate on the door you've been through will be lifted, and another gate higher up from you on the south wall will open. Clawshot onto the vines below the opened gate and climb up to an area where you'll see more Ooccas milling about, plus a uvula-shaped chandelier hanging overhead. Clawshot onto the chandelier and put on the Iron Boots to make it drop down, causing a fan to be activated blowing an air gust in the room. Now grab an Oocca and fly down over into the air gust, which will lift you and the Oocca up high enough to reach a door on the other side of the room.

Go through that door and you'll be back in the previous room a floor higher. Pick up an Oocca there and fly with her into the air gusts on the right to reach the east side of the room where there's a treasure chest that contains 50 rupees. From there, Clawshot onto the target near the blocks in the middle of the room and take an Oocca flying into an air gust so you can sail through the breach in the north wall and then fly to the east side to Clawshot onto a chandelier and activate a fan to blow an air gust on the west side. Take the Oocca with you again and fly up to the window on the west side, then drop down and go through the door on the north.

You'll now enter a big circular chamber with a lot of platforms, fans, Clawshot targets, and Ooccas. Grab one on the platform you're on and sail down to the platform below you on the left, then grab another and sail down toward a Clawshot target directly across the chamber so you can drift down to a platform below it. Grab an Oocca from another platform with the Clawshot and use her to fly down toward another platform to the right, being careful of the air gust that's blowing toward a breach in the wall. Clawshot onto the target that's near the platform closest to the door, then hop across onto the walkway and head through the door.


You're now in a room that has a fan blowing an air gust straight up in the center of the room, and a chandelier hanging over it. Clawshot onto the chandelier and use the Iron Boots to weigh it down, turning off the fan so you can extend the Clawshot chain down and drop into the room where you'll face off against Aeralfos, a winged lizard with a sword and a shield. He will mostly stay in the air for a while, and then dive down and attack you before going back up in the air again. Keep him target-locked so you can watch him until he gets ready to dive, then grab him with the Clawshot to pull him towards you and give him some good strikes with the sword. After doing this to him two times, Aeralfos will fly out one of the windows of the room and then come back through another to attack you when you least expect it. Watch the windows and target-lock him the instant you see him so you can wait for the opportunity to grab him with the Clawshot and strike him. Also try to stay away from the blue blocks near the edges of the room. Eventually he will fall down and disappear into dust, which means you have defeated him.

This will open up both the door you went through to get in here and a gate high up on the wall. Clawshot up to the opened gate and behind it you'll find a treasure chest that gives you your next useful item -- another Clawshot, which upgrades your current weapon into Double Clawshots. With this you can now aim a Clawshot onto another target while you're hanging from the one you're on (mostly from grates and Clawshot targets, not from vines), so you can swing from one target right onto the next.

To get out of the room you're in, aim a Clawshot onto a ceiling target in the northeast corner of the room, then drop down on the chain and aim for the target in the northwest corner. From there, aim for the vine that's growing in the fan in the ceiling and use it to climb up and head for the door that leads back to the big circular chamber.

The west building

Now that you're back in the chamber, go all the way to the left on the walkway to hop back onto the platform, then Clawshot your way up three platforms to the right, then go to the Clawshot target above the fan, then aim for the chandelier and use the Iron Boots to weigh it down. This will cause a gate to open in the wall. Lower yourself on the chain until you're about level with the gate, then Clawshot onto either of the targets behind the gate before it closes. This will take you to a room of cylinders that have Clawshot targets on them that, if you latch onto them, will start to lower until you end up falling. Here use the target lock to quickly Clawshot across the cylinders until you reach the door on the other side. To the right of the door is a treasure chest that contains the Compass.

The door will take you outside to the underside of the bridge you went across to get to the west building. There are gratings you can use to Clawshot your way across, but some of them have Baba Serpents hanging from them. Use the arrows to get them to fall off before you attempt to Clawshot over to the other side. With each grating you latch onto, drop yourself a little lower with the chain so you can target the next one. When you get to the last grating, Clawshot onto the vine on the right to climb up onto the walkway and then enter the north central room.

The east building

Head back across that room to where the bridge used to be that crossed over to the east building, using the Clawshots to get across the gap to the door. You'll see Peahats flying overhead outside that you can target-lock onto and then Clawshot from one to another to get to the other side. Back in the room where you got the small key earlier, go over to the blocks on the left side, then target the cylinder below the platform on the right side and quickly Clawshot past some cylinders to reach a landing near the cylinder in the southwest corner. From there Clawshot onto a target on the far wall to the north, then aim for the target on the immediate south wall near the corner on the west, then aim for the grating to the north a little higher up where you can drop down safely. Strike down the Baba Serpents, then aim for the Clawshot target on the south wall that's level with you, then aim for the grating to the east and drop down. Head through the breach in the north wall and jump across onto a platform where you can go as far west as you can and Clawshot onto the grating below you on the west wall. From there, drop down onto the landing and then shoot arrows at the Baba Serpents hanging near a ceiling grating to the east to shoot them down before Clawshooting onto it. While hanging on that target, lower yourself on the chain to the level of a crystal switch on your left and strike it, causing a gate to open on the right. Clawshot onto the target on the wall past the gate, then aim for the grating higher up to the west, then aim for the Clawshot target higher up to the north, then aim for the grating higher up to the south, then aim for the Clawshot target on the ceiling to the north. Drop down onto a platform from there and head through the door to the north.

You're now in a circular chamber with platforms, ledges, and cylinders with Clawshot targets on them lining the side walls. First head for the center where you'll see a Big Baba attached to a Deku Like and use the Ball and Chain to take down the Big Baba, then toss a bomb into the maw of the Deku Like to blow it up. Watch out for the Baba Serpents surrounding both creatures and take them out carefully, because you don't have a lot of room to maneuver around them. Head toward the east of the platform you're standing on and aim for the Clawshot target on the cylinder high above you, then quickly aim for the vine on the pillar high to the left. Go over to the ledge and hang on it to move across to the right, being careful to watch out for the flying creature near there, then climb up onto the platform where the treasure chest is and use the Ball and Chain to take out the Baba Serpent before crossing over. (You can also walk over on the ledge, but it's very narrow, so be careful.) Past the Baba Serpent, go as far as you can on the platform until you reach where it drops down, then Clawshot onto the cylinder target high above you to the left, then quickly aim for the next cylinder to the left, then quickly aim for the vine on the pillar to the left. Drop down onto the platform there, then aim for the Clawshot target hanging from the ceiling directly in the center of the chamber. Lower yourself on the walkway below you and take down the Dynalfos blocking your way to the door.

This will take you to an outside area, the first of a few that are separated by walls. Take out the Baba Serpents in the area you're in, then target onto the Peahat floating over the south wall and ride it across to the next section. Drop down, take out some more Baba Serpents, then target the Peahat floating over the next south wall to the west. Ride that across the wall so you can target the Peahat to the west, then lower yourself on the chain so you can go through the gap in the wall and target the next Peahat to the west to pass through another gap to reach a landing on the north so you can get to the door on the west. The door will lead you back over the broken bridge, but much higher up to latch onto a series of Peahats to take you back to the central building on a higher floor.

The central building

You'll enter an open area with a door leading to a chamber in the center, with some Dynalfoses patrolling this area. Take them down, then Clawshot onto the vine near the east wall to climb onto a platform where you'll see ropes crossing between some small platforms and the chamber building. There's also some Kargarocs resting on the platforms, so take them out first with the arrows, then change into a wolf so you can cross over on the ropes to reach a door on the west side. Inside the chamber on that floor is a big fan blowing an air gust straight up and a moving panel in the center. There are also two Helmasauruses you'll need to destroy, but you won't have much room to maneuver around in to take them down, so be careful when dealing with them. Clawshot onto the chandelier to get to the other side of the room to open the treasure chest that contains the Big Key. Then Clawshot onto the chandelier again and use the Iron Boots to weigh it down so you can shut off the fan. Drop down through the hatch into the room below you, slay the Helmasaurs there, then latch onto the grating with the Clawshot to lower yourself down to the north central room so that you're near the north door. Before you drop down to the door, aim for the chandelier on the ceiling there and use the Iron Boots to pull it down. This will turn on a fan that will blow outside toward the north.

The north building

Go through the north door, and you'll see some rotating grated panels hovering overhead that will take you to the north building. Latch onto the panels as they rotate into reach of your Clawshots, then aim for the grating in front of the fan above the door. Drop down from there onto the balcony and enter the door. You'll see a big chamber that's full of hovering panels to ride on and two Aeralfoses to fight. Fortunately, there's no windows for them to fly out of and go around, but do watch your back for one of them to do a surprise attack while you take down the other. Latch onto the grating above the door, then target the inactive rotating panel and from there hit the crystal switch to get the panel to move. Clawshot onto three rotating panels to reach a fourth that isn't rotating, then hit the crystal switch to get it to rotate. Ride that one until you reach the Clawshot target that is over the Big Key Door, then drop down when you get there and open it to face the dungeon boss.

City in the Sky Boss: Argorok



To get to where you'll have to fight the boss, Clawshot onto the grating on the support pillar to the right, then aim for the vine high on the pillar across from you, then climb up until you reach a grassy area with four pillars on each of the corners. Link will then see the menacing armored dragon flutter into view and hover in midair when it stops flying around, letting out a fierce howl. This is the dungeon boss Argorok, also referred to as Twilit Dragon.

In the first part of the battle, Argorok will fly around the area before making a scraping attack to knock Link off the ground. You'll also have to watch out for the winds that will blow you off, so use the Iron Boots to keep yourself from falling. Latch onto one of the four pillars with the Clawshot and get as high as you can so you can target the dragon's tail and then Clawshot onto it and use the Iron Boots to weigh yourself down. This will pull the dragon down to the ground and cause part of its armor to break off. Repeat the same strategy again, and then Argork will cause what little armor he has left to break off to begin the next phase of his attack: hovering in midair and turning itself to breathe out flames at you. Several Peahats will also emerge from the ground and hover high above the pillars where the dragon hovers. Crisscross between the pillars with the Clawshots to get high enough to latch onto a Peahat, then repeatedly circle around Argorok with the Peahats and watch for when he breathes fire so you can get behind him and target the orb on his back. Pull yourself onto him and strike the orb repeatedly with the sword to make Argorok fall. He will rise back up and repeat the same method of attack, so go back up there and circle around him so you can target the orb and strike him there. The third time won't be that easy, because immediately after he stops breathing fire, he will start rotating the other way and breathe fire. Lower yourself on the chain while you're attached to the Peahat to avoid his breath, then latch onto the next Peahat to continue circling. After Argorok falls three times, he will writhe in agony before he explodes. Midna will get the last Mirror Shard we're after, and a Heart Container will be released.

You have completed the City in the Sky. Collect your Heart Container, and enter the portal to leave the arena where you fought Argorok. You will be asked to save your game at this point.

NEXT: Entering the Palace of Twilight.

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