This part will take you through the entire Temple of Time.

Inside the Temple of Time

Searching for the statue

In the first room you enter after you go down the stairs, proceed to the door ahead of you that's past the bell. As you get close to it, Midna will point out that there were always matching statues in the grove and in the temple entry, but here there's only one. Something's not right about this arrangment, so go over to the empty alcove on the right, change into a wolf, and use your sense mode. There's a ghost image in the form of a statue similar to the one on the left, so apparently one of the statues is missing, and we need to find it in the temple. Change back into Hylian form, then pick up one of the vases on the platform near the missing statue and place it on the floor button there. This will raise up a ledge you can climb up on to get to the staircase on the east side of this room. Go up and around the staircase to the west side where you see two torches and light them with the lantern. A treasure chest will appear that will give you the small key. When you head over to the torches, you'll run into Ooccoo, who will tell you that this is where she's trying to go because the ancient technology of her people sleeps in this place. As usual she will let you carry her around so that you can use her to transport out of the temple whenever you need to.

With the small key, head back up the stairs to the locked door to open it. You'll enter a room that splits off into four directions, some of which are blocked by gates. There's also a spiderlike enemy called the Young Gohma that you can slay with the sword. Get a vase and put it on the floor button in the middle of the room to open the gates. Behind one of the gates is a small treasure chest that will give you more arrows. Behind another is a staircase to go up on to get to the next room. However, blocking your way on the stairs is another gate, so to open that, get halfway between the two sets of stairs and aim the Clawshot at the vase to break it, closing up the first gate in the process. Besides another Young Gohma, you'll also encounter a Lizalfos on the staircase as it turns a corner. Strike it down quickly, then head up to the room where there's three more Lizalfoses to destroy and an Armos that will come to life and hop after you to pound you with its hammer. Get behind it with a Back Slice roll and strike its back a few times, then quickly hop out of the way before it explodes. It will cause a treasure chest to appear that contains the Dungeon Map.

There are two floor buttons near a gate in this room that we need to have pressed down to open the gate. Grab two of the metal statuettes with the holes in them near the window on a ledge, then place one on each of the two buttons. Now go up the stairs and through the door into a room with a fenced area in the center that's surrounded by a swarm of Baby Gohmas and blocked off by an electrical field. Head to the bottom of the stairs on the right, fighting off the Lizalfoses that will come at you, then go up the stairs to the spot where there's a rail on the wall for you to use the Spinner to ride to the top on. Head for the circular platform on your right when you get to the top and push the handle so that you can go down and fetch one of the metal statuettes in the fenced area. Then raise the platform back up one level to go around the circular pathway and fetch the other metal statuette while watching out for the rolling spike balls traveling around the pathway. Bring them both near two floor buttons to place them on to raise up a ledge that will take you up to a door you need to go through (make sure you're standing on the ledge before it raises up, though). Beyond that door is a room where you'll get into a closed-door battle with two Armoses. Destroying both of them will cause the metal gate in front of the door to be lifted, and will also make a treasure chest appear in an alcove on the east wall that will give you a small key.

Go back into the previous room and across the circular pathway until you get to the locked door on the other side. Open it and you'll enter a room with sliding stone panels that will move only when you strike the crystal switch that appears on your left. Strike it to move a panel so you can get across to behind the dividing wall on your right, but watch out for the Beamos statue as you make the U-turn; aim your arrow at its eye to put it out of commission. Through the hole in the dividing wall, aim an arrow at the crystal switch to move the panel again to make another U-turn move behind a second dividing wall to the right, taking out another Beamos in your way. There's a treasure chest that was behind the second moving panel that will give you the Compass. Now aim an arrow through the two dividing walls at the crystal switch to move the panels again to move the second panel so you can go up the staircase and fight more Lizalfoses to reach a second room with moving panels and a crystal switch to move them. Besides Lizalfoses, you'll also have Dynalfoses which are heavily armored lizards, requiring you to use the Helm Splitter repeatedly to take them down. There's an electrified field in this room blocking off a fenced area that you must avoid.

Get to the other side of this room and head for the door that will take you to a room with two giant scales at the top of the stairs that we need to get across. First off, take care of the swarm of Baby Gohmas that are crawling around at the bottom floor of this room; you can just repeatedly strike at them with the Clawshot. Get up the stairs and step on the first scale, which will cause it to be weighed down as the other one is lifted up. On each of the scales are one of the metal statuettes, so grab the one that's on the scale you're standing on and throw it onto the other scale, making the scales level with each other until you step on the other scale. Climb up onto the other set of stairs and head for the door that takes you to a circular room with a single Beamos in the center and some rolling spike balls making orbits around it. Deactivate the Beamos before you make a clockwise run around the room to a passageway on the right. Strike down the Lizalfoses as you come into a maze-like room with rolling spike pillars and a bladed pendulum to avoid. Get to the treasure chest behind the pendulum to get the small key, then head for the corner to grab a metal statuette and carefully carry it around the fence toward a floor button to place it on. This will shut down an electrical field so you can proceed on to the next room, where there's a whole swarm of Baby Gohmas to destroy and two Armoses to make explode. This will make a treasure chest appear that gives you 50 rupees, and it will also open a gate that leads to a locked door behind a bell.


Open that door and you'll enter a room where you'll see the missing statue sitting on top of a platform near a window. As Link gets close to the center of the room, a hulking warrior in armor with a big sword and shield will start to move and swing his weapon around. This is called Darknut, and he will mainly block our frontal attacks with his shield while striking us with the sword. Just keep avoiding his sword strikes and do Back Slice rolls around him until he thrusts his weapon, then strike at him with the sword to make pieces of his armor fall off. When he's totally stripped of his armor, the Darknut will cast aside his big sword and pull out his smaller one to continue attacking you. Wait for him to attack, then dodge his strikes and give him some of your own sword strikes. Eventually, he will go down, and the gate on the east end of the room will open. Behind it is a treasure chest that will give you your next useful item -- the Dominion Rod. With it, Link can control statues that have holes in them by flinging an energy orb into its cavity to activate them, then by moving around to make them move wherever he wants them to. He can also make the energy orb return to the rod to make the statues stop moving altogether.

Delivering the statue

First off, get as close as you can to visibly see the giant statue so you can use the Dominion Rod on it (a yellow target mark will appear if you're able to cast the energy orb into the statue). With the statue now come to life. direct it to fall off the platform it was standing on and bring it toward the door where there's a platform under a bell for the statue to stand on. The bell will then lower and transport the statue out of the room. Now go back into the previous room with the two Armoses and the Baby Gohmas, and the statue will reappear from another bell. Move the statue over to the gate so he can smash it with his axe by just pressing the item button for the Dominion Rod. The two Armoses will reappear again, so have the statue go over and smash them. Then direct him to go over to the lifting platform at the south end of the room and have Link stand on the floor button in the center of the room to lower the platform so the statue will get on it and be lifted up. Bring the statue through the electrified field in the room with the rolling spike pillars to have him stand on the floor button so Link can enter the room with him. From there, have the statue break the pillars that are in Link's way and make your way through the maze and back down to the room with the Beamos and the rolling spike balls. Break the spike balls first, then break the Beamos to reveal a floor button. Move the statue onto the lifting platform, then use the Dominion Rod to pull down a metal statuette on one of the pillars to place on the floor button to lift the statue up so you can move it under the next bell.

The statue will now reappear in the room with the two scales as you reenter that room, but don't move the statue yet. Instead, go across the scales and use the Dominion Rod to yank some more statuettes hanging on the shelf down to throw on one of the scales. This will lift one of the scales high enough to stand on top of a column from which you can aim the Clawshot at a target on the roof of this room, dropping you down onto a walkway leading to two rails you can ride with the Spinner to reach a balcony. On the balcony is a door that leads to a room with two Helmasaurs and an Armos to defeat. In that room are also four floor buttons that need to be pressed down to open a gate behind which is a treasure chest. Clawshot up to the ledge above the gate where the floor buttons are, then grab two of the metal statuettes to weigh down two of the buttons, then Clawshot onto the Helmasaur shells to grab them and place them on the other two buttons. The gate will open, and you can open the treasure chest that gives you the Big Key.

Now head back into the room with the scales, drop down from the balcony to activate the statue, then have him move onto one of the scales. Here we're going to need all the statuettes we can throw onto the scales to make them level so that the statue can move from one scale to the other and then onto the staircase going down to the next bell. Here the statue can pound the ground with his axe to take out many Baby Gohmas at a time, so do that before you place him under the bell and transport him to the next room. The statue will reappear in the second room with the moving panels, so head there and get him moving again. You can use him to break the gates now so you can easily get through this room and the other room with the panels, making it less of a problem. Direct him to the next bell to transport him into the room with the circular platform. Head back there and turn the handle to raise the platform to the walkway where you can retrieve the statue, then lower the platform all the way down and let the statue do the work of clearing out all the Baby Gohmas so the electrical field can be shut off. Direct the statue toward the bell that's behind the gate which he can easily smash and have him transported into the room where we got the Dungeon Map. Go back down to that room and Clawshot over the gate to activate the statue and bring him down the stairs to the room where the next transport bell is located. Smash through the gate and guide the statue toward the bell for transport.

Now it will appear in the first room that we've been in when we first entered the temple through the stained-glass window. Guide him into the alcove where he is supposed to stand for all eternity. The door that the statues were guarding will glow and then open. We now have access to a room we must cross through to get to the boss chamber. In this room, leap across onto a narrow walkway ahead of you while watching out for the rolling spike ball, but don't move forward from there yet. Instead, take out the Beamos that's to the left of you first. Move forward past a rolling spike ball and a spike pillar, then stop before the bladed pendulum and take out the Beamoses on either side past the pendulum before crossing. Grab the metal statuette and place it on the floor button behind the second pendulum to open a gate that's past a gap that the third pendulum is swinging over. Time your jump across the gap to go through the first gate and take out the Young Gohma there, then use the Dominion Rod to yank the metal statuette off the floor button to open the second gate. Slay the other Young Gohma that crawls in front of the Big Key Door, then open it to face the dungeon boss.

Temple of Time Boss: Armogohma



As Link enters the chamber, he sees four beams of light shining through holes in the ceiling next to four giant statues with holes in them. Then he looks up to the ceiling and sees a giant spider with an eye on its back hanging over the center of the room. This is the dungeon boss Armogohma, also referred to as Twilit Arachnid. It will mostly crawl around on the ceiling and then stop over one of the beams of light to shoot a heat beam from its eye toward wherever Link is standing in the room. Get out your Hero's Bow and aim for the spider, tracking its movement until it stops and its eye glows red, then fire at the eye to knock it down from the ceiling. Once it's down, quickly head over to the statue it's near and use the Dominion Rod to activate it and make its arm smash down on the spider. It will get up and crawl back onto the ceiling, letting loose a swarm of Baby Gohmas that will hatch from eggs to deal with you. Strike them down quickly, then repeat the same strategy of aiming for Armogohma's eye to knock it down and using a statue to strike it. After this is done three times, the spider's body will explode, and Link will holster his sword as he, uh...wait a minute! Armogohma's eye is an insect that's still alive, and it's running around with a swarm of Baby Gohmas surrounding it. No problem, just shoot at the eye three times with arrows and it's dead along with the swarm. Midna will get the next Mirror Shard we're after, and a Heart Container will be released.

You have completed the Temple of Time. Collect your Heart Container, and enter the portal to leave the chamber where you fought Armogohma. You will be asked to save your game at this point.

NEXT: Restoring Ilia's memory and searching for the City in the Sky.

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