This part will take you through the entire Snowpeak Ruins.

Inside Snowpeak Ruins

Meeting Yeta


Yeta the Yeti

In the first room that you enter in this house, you'll see a lantern floating around in the air, indicating that it is a Poe. Go into wolf form and strike it down so you can rip out the Poe Soul and collect it. Then go through the door directly north of you to enter the living room, where you'll see a female Yeti named Yeta sitting on a chair near the fireplace. She will tell you to come closer, and when you do, she will tell you that she had a cold since her husband found the mirror and there are bad things happening in the house, so they kept the bedroom locked up. She will give you a map of the mansion, which is our Dungeon Map, then she will tell you that the Bedroom Key is located in a room at the western end of the house. She will point us to a door that's to the west that we can go through to start our search.

Your first search for the key

Go through that door and you'll enter the kitchen, where Yeto is busy making soup in a giant kettle with the reekfish he caught. He invites us to take a taste of the soup, which he says is really nutritious. However, the Simple Soup will only restore two hearts to our health meter if we bottle some up and then drink it, so we might as well wait until later. Go behind the shelves to the south of this room and pick up a jar which will release Ooccoo, who as usual will give us help by transporting us out of the mansion.

Go through the north door from the kitchen to enter a cold storage room where you see three giant blocks, one of which is frozen and will freeze us if we touch it, so avoid it for now. There's also an ice chunk in the center of the ice floor that will freeze us as well if we touch it. Focus on shifting the large blocks around so that one of them will cover over the floor button, raising a metal gate over a door to the east. Go through that door and you'll see an ice chunk blocking a door to the north, so we can't go through that way yet. However, on the east wall there's a place where you can dig under the wall as a wolf, so go into wolf form and tunnel through.

You'll appear outside in the west outer court of the mansion, and there will be White Wolfoses that will attack you there. Carefully take them down one by one, then look for a spot where you can barely see a small treasure chest and dig to uncover it. In that chest will be the small key you can take over to the door on the west side of the court and open in Hylian form. This leads to the other half of the hallway you've been through on the other side of the ice chunk, and ahead of you near the door to the north are little iceberg creatures called Mini Freezards that will come near you and freeze you. Smack them twice with the sword to destroy them, though be careful because your first strike will cause a Mini Freezard to ricochet around on the icy floor. The next room you'll enter to the north will have you in a closed-door battle with some Mini Freezards that you must destroy to lift the gates off the door you went through and a door that leads to the west room.

As Link enters the west room, he will see the treasure chest that may contain the Bedroom Key through a window in the adjacent room. However, as he gets near the door to that room, a metal gate will close down on it and two icicle-like warriors with spears will appear. These are called Chilfos, and they can be rather tough to beat. Try to disarm them of their spears, then strike them down until they are nothing but legs, which is when they will destruct. The metal gate to the next room will be lifted, and you can go in there to open up the treasure chest that Ordon pumpkin? Midna will then pop up and say that Yeta got the wrong location, so we need to go back and get her to remember where the Bedroom Key is.

Your second search for the key

Go back to Yeta in the living room to talk to her, and she will realize that she was mistaken. She will tell us to go to the kitchen with the pumpkin, where Yeto will smell the pumpkin and take it from you to add it to the soup, inviting us to taste it. The Simple Soup from earlier on now becomes Good Soup, but it will only restore four hearts of health if we bottle it up and drink it. Return to the living room to talk to Yeta, and she will give you a new location to look for the Bedroom Key, which this time is through the east outer court. The metal gate of the door to that area will now be lifted.

As in the west outer court, this area will also have White Wolfoses that will attack you, so get into wolf form to take down the pack. There is also a giant Freezard that stands in front of the door leading to where we need to go that will breathe out an icy frost that will freeze you if you get in range of it. Look around this area for a spot you can dig, then dig that spot twice to uncover a treasure chest with a small key in it. Take it and open the gate on the east side to enter a hallway where you'll see some lead balls and some kind of mechanism to pull a ball into. Pull the lever of the mechanism so you can put a lead ball into the cup, then go back outside and pull the lever to make the ball roll outside. Now carry it with you toward the cannon in the center of the court and put the ball in the cannon. Aim the cannon straight at the Freezard, then insert a bomb into the cannon to fire it. The Freezard will then shatter into a few Mini Freezards that you can dispose of with your sword. Now we have access to the door leading to the next possible location of the Bedroom Key.


In a passageway with bars on both sides there are two suits of armor between Link and the other door across from him. As he reaches the other door, a metal gate will close down in front of it, and a suit of armor will come to life and smash down the other suit. This "living suit of armor" has a creature in it that's wielding a ball and chain, swinging it around as its melee weapon. This is called Darkhammer, and its main form of attack is to hit you with the ball and chain. What you want to do is wait for him to get close to you, then target the ceiling with the Clawshot to get behind him so you can drop down and target-lock on him. Dodge his ball throw, then quickly get behind him while he's pulling the chain back and strike his tail. Quickly run to the other side of the room and repeat the same strategy. Once Darkhammer is down for the count, he will disappear and leave behind his weapon while the metal gates on the doors will be raised. You can now pick up your next useful item -- the Ball and Chain. This weapon will allow us to smash through breakable objects, including those made of ice, but the downside is that Link's moving speed is greatly reduced when he's carrying it.

Your third search for the key

Yeto's Soup

Yeto makes his homemade soup

After you pick up the Ball and Chain, go through the other door into a room and break through the ice chunks in there with your new weapon. There is a treasure chest behind the ice chunks that will give us...a ring of Ordon goat cheese? At this point, Midna is starting to get a little impatient with Yeta, because all our searches so far only lead us to food. Anyway, head back to the living room to talk to Yeta, who again will be embarrassed that she was mistaken. Go to the kitchen to talk to Yeto, who will then take the cheese from us and throw it into the soup, inviting us to taste it. Here the soup becomes Superb Soup, and if we bottle it up and drink it, it will now restore eight hearts. And the best part of the whole thing is that we can get free refills whenever we need it. (Frankly, though, a soup made of fish, pumpkin, and cheese doesn't sound all that appetizing!) Talk to Yeta again, who will now give you a new location to look for the Bedroom Key, which she is certain of this time, and will cause a metal gate to be lifted from a door to the east.

This door will lead to a winding passageway where caged Freezards will breathe icy frost on you if you try to go up. We will soon go up this passageway, but first go through the door on your left. You're back in the hallway where you found the cannonballs, but there's a large block you must push forward to get to the cannonballs. Pick one up and place it in the transfer mechanism next to the door to the winding passageway. Go back through the door to get the cannonball, but don't take it with you yet. Instead, go up the winding passageway and time your throw of the Ball and Chain at the Freezards through the hole in the cage so you'll hit them twice, turning them into Mini Freezards that the Ball and Chain can easily break. At the top of the passageway is a cannon hiding behind some ice chunks you can insert the cannonball into, but we won't be using it yet. Instead, go through the door that's to the left of the cannon.

In the next room, take down the Chilfos with the Ball and Chain, then use it on the chandelier in the middle of the room to swing it back and forth. Jump onto it when it's swinging toward you and then jump onto the walkway on the other side where the treasure chest is. Inside you'll get the small key. Slay the Ice Keese, then use the chandelier to get back to the door leading to the cannon. Go behind the dividing wall that's to the right of the cannon and unlock the door to the southwest which will lead you to a balcony in the first room you've been through in this house. Smash the ice chunk near the wall to reveal a Clawshot target, then make the chandelier between this balcony and the one ahead of you to swing so you can jump over to the other balcony. Be careful, though, of the Chilfos that's on the other balcony. If he knocks you down, you can get back onto the first balcony by climbing up to the top of the broken stairs and then aiming for the Clawshot target to pull yourself back up.

The next room has walls lined with ice, and Mini Freezards skating around the icy floor. There's another door on the west side that's locked, and a door to the north that isn't. Go through that door, and you'll be on the upper floor of the cold storage room with the blocks. Go over to the left side of the room on the walkway and push the big block forward so that it falls down, allowing you to climb back up to that floor later on. Then go down to the blocks on the ice and smash the ice on the third block as well as the ice chunk in the center of the ice to reveal another floor button we need to have pushed down. Here we may have to use all three blocks to push one over that other floor button while having the first floor button later be pushed down, lifting the metal gate from a door to the northeast on the upper floor that we can now reach.

Go through that door to reach an open area on the roof of the hallway below. On the other side of the roof there are Chilfos that will throw their ice spears at you. Use the walkway on the right to get to the other side, taking out the Chilfos that's on the walkway first before dealing with the other Chilfos; you may want to use the Ball and Chain for quick results. Once they're gone, aim for the Clawshot target on the other side of the broken wall to pull yourself over there and go through the door to enter a room with two chandeliers to jump across on to get to the treasure chest that contains the small key.

Now return to the ice-covered room with the Mini Freezards in it and open the locked door there to get into a room with two Freezards in it as well as a transfer mechanism for the cannonball. Smash down the Freezards as well as the Mini Freezards that spawn from them, then knock down the two big blocks so you can get back to the room with the cannon. Aim the cannon at this room and fire the cannonball there so you can take it to the transfer mechanism and then go outside on the balcony and carry the cannonball to the cannon located there. To the right there is a Freezard that's situated on top of the ladder in the hallway with the cannonballs. Aim the cannon at the Freezard and destroy him, reducing him to Mini Freezards.

Go back to that hallway and climb up the ladder to destroy the Mini Freezards, then go through the door that's to your immediate right. You'll be locked up in a room that resembles a church with an army of Chilfos to attack you. Fight carefully with them, using your Ball and Chain to take out a few at a time, until they're all destroyed and the metal gates on both doors are lifted. Go through the other door into a room with a treasure chest that contains (at long last!) the Bedroom Key.

Head back outside the church room, and Yeta will meet you at the door, saying that she feels better now and that she will accompany you to the bedroom. Go up the winding path to the right and unlock the door that leads to that room. Link will wait until Yeta gets there before they enter.

Snowpeak Ruins Boss: Blizzeta



As Link enters the bedroom, Yeta walks over to the Mirror Shard hanging on the wall and stares into it, saying over and over how pretty it is. As she continues to stare into it, though, her voice becomes stuttery as something is taking over her mind. Suddenly she turns her head, and her face becomes that of a hideous monster, shrieking, "NOT TAKE MIRROR!" The windows of the bedroom all break as cold air surrounds the transformed Yeta, causing ice to form around her and her bedroom becomes a dangerous ice arena. She is now the dungeon boss Blizzeta, also referred to as Twilit Ice Mass.

In the first part of the battle, Blizzeta is in the form of a giant ice egg that simply slides around the room to knock Link down by simply bumping into him. Use your Ball and Chain to break the layers of this egg to make it smaller. As it gets smaller, it will slide around the room faster and even change shape. Blizzeta will also release some Mini Freezards to deal with you. Just focus on breaking down the giant egg until it is all broken. However, Blizzeta is not yet done with you, as she causes ice to form around her again, turning herself into a giant icicle and creating a series of giant icicles to use as her weapons.

Now the second part of the battle starts. In icicle form, Blizzeta will float around high above Link and drop her icicles down on him one at a time, then will raise them up again and surround him with the icicles before dropping in the center of them, hurting Link. Use the reflection of the icy floor to watch for the icicles as Blizzeta chases you around the room with them and try to keep one step ahead of them as they drop one by one down on you. After they all drop down, quickly use the Ball and Chain to break at least one of them so you can have an opening to escape Blizzeta's icicle trap, then when she comes down, smack her with the Ball and Chain. She will then regenerate her icicles and chase after you again with them. You need to hit her at least two more times, which will cause Blizzeta to fall to the ground and be changed back into Yeta, releasing her from the Mirror Shard's evil grip. As the bedroom returns to normal, Midna will then take the Mirror Shard, saying we need to find the other two pieces. Then Yeto will charge into the bedroom, knocking Link over as he rushes toward Yeta to see if she is all right. Yeta will see that the Mirror Shard is now gone, but Yeto will tell her to forget about the mirror and look into his eyes where she can see a true reflection of love. In a rather comical romantic moment, the two Yetis will fall in love and embrace each other, causing Recovery Hearts to pour out as well as a Heart Container.

You have completed Snowpeak Ruins. Collect your Heart Container, and enter the portal to leave the house. You will be asked to save your game at this point.

NEXT: A return to the Sacred Grove.

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