Guide Key:

  • Also known as: Other names that are sometimes used to refer to the creature (This section will only be present if the creature has other names in the first place)
  • Description: A basic description of the creature's appearance.
  • Threat: A 10-point ranking of the creature's overall threat to the player, with 1 being little more than an annoyance and 10 being extremely dangerous. (Note: The ranking is based mainly on how hard they are to me; other players might have an easier or harder time on certain creatures than I do).
  • Effective Attacks: Any particular weapon(s) or Hidden Skill(s) that make killing the creature easier. (Notes: "Sword" simply means all of the sword-based attacks that he knows from the start (Spin Attack, slashes, Jump Attack, etc.). Unless I say otherwise, assume that "Bombs" means Bomb Arrows as well)
  • Strategy: How to defeat the creature with minimal difficulties.

Okay, let's get this show on the road!

Common enemies


  • Description: A humanoid lizard creature with bat/dragon wings. They attack with a sword, and carry shields with Clawshot medallions on them. Aerolfos sometimes wear metal helmets with ridges over the eye openings that cover the tops of their heads, but these are just for show.
  • Threat: 3/10; can be higher if fought in groups.
  • Effective Attacks: (In the air) Clawshot, Gale Boomerang; (on the ground) Sword (Shield Attack, Helm Splitter)
  • Strategy: The Aerolfos attacks by swooping down and slashing at you. First things first: You can't hurt the Aerolfos when he's flying around; you need to get him down to your level. When he's preparing to attack, he raises his shield; when he does this, use the Clawshot to drag him to the ground (you can force him to raise his shield by throwing the Gale Boomerang at him). Once the Aerolfos is on the ground, slash him as much as you can (I've found that mixing in Shield Attacks and Helm Splitters works very well); if you keep attacking, he should die before he tries to get back into the air.
    • Do NOT use the Clawshot on him while he's grounded; he'll just pull you to him and smack you.


  • Description: A dark grey statue carrying a large hammer. They're dormant until Link gets to close, at which point blue lines appear on them and they start slowly hopping after Link. A large blue jewel on the back is the weak point.
  • Threat: 2/10. They move too slowly to be very dangerous, although large groups of them can be a problem.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Mortal Draw, Back Slice
  • Strategy: Obviously, the easiest strategy for dealing with an Armos is to just leave it alone. If you do have to destroy one (because you woke it up or you need to clear an area of enemies to make something happen), just get behind it and smack the gem a couple times. They're slow enough that this shouldn't prove to hard. Just make sure to back off once it's been damaged enough; they jump around swinging their hammers like crazy for a few seconds before exploding (note that the explosion is harmless), and when they're doing this they can even hit you if you're behind them!
    • If you encounter a large number of them, try to lure them away one at a time with a ranged attack (like the Clawshot).

Baba Serpent

  • Description: A reddish plant-like creature, vaguely similar to a Venus flytrap, with a big mouth full of sharp teeth. They can grow up from the ground or down from the ceiling.
  • Threat: 2/10. Early on, they can be somewhat of a hassle, but they're not quite as dangerous once you've gotten the Gale Boomerang.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Gale Boomerang, Clawshot, Bow
  • Strategy: They're invincible while attached to the roots, so sever the stem (ideally from a distance). After being freed, they slither towards you (probably why they're called Baba Serpents) and try to bite. If they do, they latch on and keep snapping, which can drain your health fast; shake 'em off with a Spin Attack, which should also kill them right away.

Baby Gohma

  • Description: Small brownish spiders with massive white abdomens.
  • Threat: 2/10. They might not attack Link directly or intentionally, but they can hurt him just by touching him. Add to that the facts that they're small, fast, and always found in swarms, and they can deal some nasty damage to you if you're not careful.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Clawshot, Spinner, Ball and Chain, Dominion Rod (controlling a statue that is capable of attacking)
  • Strategy: More often than not, these things are going to be little more than living obstacles. Kill them however you wish; just keep in mind that they tend to run amok whenever you get close, and they have this annoying habit of running into Link in their attempts to flee from him. The Spinner remedies this problem, as they'll be killed by it on contact.


  • Description: Large, blue jellyfish creatures found only underwater. They have a yellowish organ in the center of their heads, and attack by generating electricity (any contact with them while they're doing this will hurt you, so be careful).
  • Threat: 1/10. Easy to avoid and easy to kill, the only way they'll hurt you is if you get the timing wrong on your attack.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot
  • Strategy: It's simple: Stand (or float) in one spot, and fire the Clawshot at them once they finish their electric attack to rip out the yellow organ for an instant kill.


  • Description: They come in 2 varieties: A rotating, reddish-brown, box-shaped statue with a glowing pink gem on one side; and a white, pillar-shaped statue (looks kind of like a marble column used in Greek architecture) with a rotating dome on top that also has a pink gem in it.
  • Threat: 1/10. You have to get pretty close to get it to fire its laser at you, and even if it does fire it's not hard to move out of the way.
  • Effective Attacks: Bow
  • Strategy: Shoot the pink gem with an Arrow. The white variety, which is only found in the Temple of Time, can also be smashed with the hammer-wielding statue that you control with the Dominion Rod.
    • When defeated, many Beamos become moveable; moving them often opens a new path or uncovers a chest.

Big Baba

  • Description: A massive Deku Baba attached to a Deku Like. The Baba portion lunges at Link, trying to bite him.
  • Threat: 2/10. It hits kind of hard, but its attacks are fairly easy to avoid. It only appears in 2 places (the Forest Temple and the City in the Sky), and doesn't reappear after being defeated the first time.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Bombs (except Bomb Arrows)
  • Strategy: Stand in one spot until the Baba rears back; when it starts to lunge, jump to the side and start attacking it. Repeat this until the Baba is defeated. After the Baba dies, the Deku Like portion opens up; throw a Bomb (or, in the Forest Temple, a Bombling) into its mouth to defeat it.


  • Description: They look kind of like a mix between a goblin and a human (that's the best description I can come up with), with white hair and blue/purple or red skin. They wield wooden clubs.
  • Threat: 1/10 for Blue, 2/10 for Red.
  • Effective Attacks: Pretty much whatever you feel like using.
  • Strategy: Among the first enemies you fight in the game, Bokoblins are more to get you used to swordplay than to actually challenge you. The Blue variety appears first, and can take only a few hits from your weapons before dying (except the Slingshot; even these things take a while to kill with that...). Red Bokoblins are a little tougher, with roughly twice the health of a Blue, but they don't gain anything offensively. Take advantage of their frequency to practice using the Ending Blow once you have it.

Bomb Fish

  • Description: They look like Water Bombs. Probably because they ARE Water Bombs, only... alive.
  • Threat: 1/10. Clawshot them, and you've got a free Water Bomb. Just make sure you're away before they blow; underwater or not, explosions HURT.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot
  • Strategy: If you see one of these, there's most likely an underwater obstacle for you to blow up. Lure them near your target, then Clawshot them and set them in place. Then back off. Your path is cleared, and there's no explosive fish chasing you; talk about a win-win scenario.


  • Description: Imagine a greenish-colored Bomb, and add long, thin bug legs. That's a Bombling.
  • Threat: 1/10. They're the Bomb Flowers of Twilight Princess. Only with legs, and they try to bump into you when you get too close.
  • Effective Attacks: Slingshot, Sword, Blocking (yes, Blocking)
  • Strategy: Either attack them or block their attacks with your shield to knock them back; this starts a detonation timer. Pick them up and get them to your desired location before they explode. They mostly appear before the Goron Mines, and temprarily take the place of Bombs until you can buy the Bomb Bag from Barnes.
    • Barnes also develops Bomblings as a purchaseable item! Set one down and watch it run... in a straight line... and explode if it touches anything other than flat ground in front of it... Actually, I think I'll just stick with Bomb Arrows... Yeah, the Bombling is a crappy version of the Bombchu from OoT (dang thing can't even climb walls, as far as I know!).


  • Description: Imagine a flea about the size of a Deku Baba's head, with 2 huge eyes and a pair of long, skinny legs. That's a Bomskit.
  • Threat: 1/10. They run away from you, dropping tiny bombs in self defense.
  • Effective Attacks: Bow, Sword, Epona (run over them), Gale Boomerang (stuns them)
  • Strategy: Quite honestly, these things are a waste of time to kill; they're only a threat if you chase them. Pretty much the only reason to kill them is to get some bait for your Fishing Rod.


  • Description: A skull with bat wings; they sometimes have red or blue flames surrounding them (these Bubbles have special abilities).
  • Threat: 3/10. The can be hard to hit at times (mostly when they're hopping around after being grounded), usually come in groups, and when they're dormant they look exactly like the item-holding skulls lying around. And they're usually sitting in clusters of those skulls.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot, Bow, Sword
  • Strategy: If they're close to you, you can just smack them with your sword; I don't think they take more than 2 hits from the Master Sword to beat. At range, an Arrow will usually kill them instantly, while the Clawshot will stop them from flying and drag them over to you. Just don't try using the Ending Blow on them; they'll usually jump out of the way, leaving you open to attack.
    • Red Bubbles set Link on fire, and will burn any wooden shields he has equipped; Blue Bubbles freeze him, temporarily making him unable to move while slowly damaging him. I strongly recommend against fighting them with the Zora Armor equipped.


  • Also Known As: Bulblin Archers (the ones with Bows), Bulblin Riders (referring to the Bulblins that ride in pairs on the back of Bullbos); Sometimes they are mistakenly called "Moblins" (though they may actually be related to Moblins in some way)
  • Description: Short, goblin-like creatures with horns. Most of a Bulblin's body is covered in either cloth or leather, save for part of their face and sections of their arms. They mostly attack with clubs, but some of them use bows and flaming arrows instead.
  • Threat: 3/10. Where there's one Bulblin, there's bound to be more; don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself facing a swarm of them. Bulblin Archers lack strength, but they make up for it in accuracy. Riders are no stronger than other Bulblins, but they are hard to take out on foot and tend to come in groups of at least 2 (and by "2" I mean two pairs).
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (all Hidden Skills), Bombs, Bow, Epona (Hawks and the Slingshot, for some reason, can kill Archers perched on ledges)
  • Strategy: Taking them out from a distance with the Bow is the best way; a single Arrow is enough to kill them (combine the Bow with the Hawkeye for the ultimate in Bulblin sniping). If you must (or want to) fight them up close, they are vulnerable to all of your sword attacks, and die quickly even to simple combos. When facing Riders, use the Spin Attack to knock them off, then turn around and finish them off (knocking off the one controlling the Bullbo will cause the mount to fall over, dumping the other Rider on the ground).


  • Description: Large, boar-like creatures with saddles on their backs. Bulblins sometimes ride them in combat, and Link can take control of one in some areas.
  • Threat: 1/10. On their own, they pose no threat at all, and sometimes you'll have to comandeer one in order to clear a path.
  • Strategy: Kill the Riders, and they'll just stand there. If you attack one, it'll just charge straight forward. If you mount one, you can make use of its charge to destroy barriers and trample enemies; however, the charge makes it tough to control, and you can't use items while riding a Bullbo.


  • Description: Sort of like a Stalfos made of ice, armed with a spear (also made of ice) that it can regenerate at will. They first appear as icicles on the ceiling, and drop to the floor when Link gets too close.
  • Threat: 5/10. These things are nasty; tough to kill, able to attack rapidly at both close and long range, and resistant to many of your attacks.
  • Effective Attacks: Bomb Arrows, Ball and Chain, Sword (Helm Splitter)
  • Strategy: Fighting them close-up is a bad idea, since they hit hard and their melee reach is longer than Link's (if you do, try to break their spear and hit them with a Helm Splitter). Instead, shoot them with Bomb Arrows; one to break the spear, and a second one to finish them (they usually move after the spear is broken, so be prepared to adjust your aim); also, make the second shot fast, since it doesn't take long for them to make a new spear. Once you have the Ball and Chain, use that to kill them in one hit (holding it in front of you also provides a defense against the spears they throw at you).
    • If you see a Chilfos disguised as an icicle on the ceiling, try to hit it with the Ball and Chain at the longest possible range so that it doesn't drop from the ceiling and attack.


  • Description: A blob; can be Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, or Gold ("Rare").
  • Threat: 1/10. On the rare occasion that they do attack you, it's pathetically easy to dodge or block.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot, Sword
  • Strategy: Every time you attack one, it splits in half. Keep defeating the smaller Chus until they're just a puddle on the floor. The puddle is actually Chu Jelly, which can be stored in a Bottle. Chus can merge with each other; if 2 Chus of different colors merge, they become a Purple Chu.
    • Chu Jelly is very useful, as it is a free substitute for other valuable liquids you can carry in Bottles. Chu Jelly's effect is dependent on its color: Red Jelly is the same as a Red Potion (restores 8 Hearts), Blue Jelly is a Blue Potion (restores ALL Hearts), Rare Jelly is a Blue Potion with a temporary strength boost, and Yellow Jelly can be used as Lantern Oil. Purple Jelly can restore or damage your health by a random amount; don't drink it.

Chu Worm

  • Description: A green insect creature inside a large blue bubble.
  • Threat: 1/10. It just sits there, taunting you...
  • Effective Attacks: Bombs, Clawshot, Sword
  • Strategy: Either blow up the bubble with a Bomb or pull the Chu Worm out with the Clawshot. Then slash it a couple times and it's dead.


  • Description: Huge armored warriors. They carry shields and attack with either maces or swords. Their armor comes in several colors (Black (the first Darknut you fight), Blue, Red, Silver, and Gold (only one of these; it's guarding the Boss Room door in Hyrule Castle)), but there's little (if any) difference between each version. They wear full suits of chainmail under their plate armor.
  • Threat: 5/10. Definitely one of the hardest non-Boss enemies in the game, which makes sense considering that the first one you fight is a mini-boss. Their shields can block just about anything, and once their armor's ben knocked off they'll parry nearly everything you can throw at them.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Shield Attack (Armored), Back Slice (Unarmored), Helm Splitter (Armored)), Bombs (Armored; Bomb Arrows are only effective if they hit the Darknut in the side or back)
  • Strategy: The first thing you need to do is knock off his plate armor. The problem: he'll block just about any attack you use. If you wait for him to attack, you can dodge it and immediately follow up with your own strikes; repeat once he starts blocking again. Another way to open his defenses is to hit his shield, Shield Attack, then use the Helm Splitter; this knocks off some of his armor and leaves him stunned long enough for you to knock off a few more chunks. If you have no problems with using ammo, you can drop Bombs and get him to walk over them as they explode; as long as the explosion doesn't come from in front of him, he'll lose armor.
    • Use whatever method you choose to knock off his armor. Once it's all gone, he'll jump back and throw his sword at you (when the mini-boss Darknut does this, he'll trigger a cutscene and Link will automatically dodge it; for every other Darknut, you have to dodge/block it yourself) and draw a shortsword. And he gets a LOT faster. Get close and use the Back Slice; he'll block it, but he'll lose his balance and you'll be able to smack him. Unload until he blocks again, then repeat the process until he dies.
      • If you end up fighting more than one... good luck.

Deku Baba

  • Description: A blue plant creature. Similar to the Baba Serpent, but with a smaller head and it only grows up from the ground.
  • Threat: 1/10. Easy to kill, and they don't do much damage.
  • Effective Attacks: Slingshot, Sword, Gale Boomerang
  • Strategy: Hit it in the head, then attack the stem. The head drops to the ground and can be thrown around; sometimes they have Seeds for your Slingshot. If you throw the Gale Boomerang at one, the head is ripped off and the Boomerang brings it right to your hands.

Deku Like

  • Description: A big flower with teeth. It could be described as a mix between a Deku baba and a Like Like (hence the name).
  • Threat: 1/10. To hurt you, they have to eat you. To eat you, you have to try jumping over them. If you don't jump over them, they can't hurt you.
  • Effective Attacks: Bombs (except Bomb Arrows)
  • Strategy: Since you can't get the Bombs early in the game, your only way of killing the first ones you encounter is to grab a Bombling and throw it into the Deku Like. After obtaining the Bombs, just use those.


  • Description: Unlike previous Dodongos, these don't look like dinosaurs. Instead, they look like a strange gecko with a wide, red tail. And fire breath.
  • Threat: 2/10. They're not too hard to dodge, and the only real trouble is trying to get behind them.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Back Slice), Bow, Bombs
  • Strategy: Attacking their tail is the main way to defeat them; wait until they breath fire at you, then get behind them (pretty easy with the Back Slice) and hack away. Alternatively, you could stand at range and shoot the tail with Arrows (since they can cling to walls and the ceiling, the Bow is sometimes the only way to hurt them). If you're feeling bold, you can provoke them into breathing fire, then shoot an Arrow into their mouth for an instant kill. You could also throw Bombs into their mouths (a la King Dodongo)


  • Description: Large, armored lizard-men who carry shields and axes. They also have axe blades strapped to the ends of their tails.
  • Threat: 4/10. They know how to block attacks, and they know how to bring the pain. Rumor has it they can even block the Mortal Draw!
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Shield Attack, Helm Splitter), Bomb Arrows
  • Strategy: If you can get a clear shot without being noticed, Bomb Arrows will drop them in one shot (forget about it if they notice you; they can block Bomb Arrows with their shields). If you end up having to fight them with your sword, use the Shield Attack when they start to attack and follow up with a Helm Splitter and sword strikes. The Mortal Draw can work on them, but the risk isn't worth it (if you're going to use it: sheathe your sword, hit 'em with a Shield Attack, then quickly use the Mortal Draw before they recover). Don't think about using the Ending Blow, either; they can be knocked down, but they get back up too fast for the Ending Blow to be reliable.


  • Description: Large, stationary creatures that look like ice sculptures. They also bear some resemblance to the Adult Sheegoth from the first Metroid Prime game.
  • Threat: 5/10. There is little pause between each of their attacks, and they are virtually invincible before obtaining the Ball and Chain.
  • Effective Attacks: Ball and Chain, Cannonballs (fired from a Cannon)
  • Strategy: Until you get the Ball and Chain, the only way to kill a Freezard is to use one of the Cannons scattered around Snowpeak Ruins; this requires both a Cannonball and a Bomb. After gaining the Ball and Chain, get in range of the Freezard and attack as quickly as you can to keep from being frozen by its breath; it takes 2 hits to kill a Freezard, after which it will shatter and release several Mini Freezards.

Ghoul Rat

  • Also Known As: The "slow-moving Link glitch".
  • Description: They can only be seen with Wolf Link's Senses. They look like ghostly rats.
  • Threat: 1/10. They don't actually attack you; they just latch onto you and slow you down. They're only dangerous around quicksand and other enemies, because decreased movement speed can easily get you killed when you need to be able to move.
  • Effective Attacks: Wolf Link's bite/spin attacks
  • Strategy: If you suddenly slow down for no apparent reason, drop into Wolf form and activate your Senses. Do a spin attack to shake them off, then pounce on any that remain.


  • Description: Crow-like birds with large yellow beaks. Often found in flocks.
  • Threat: 1/10. Any attack that hits them is a kill, but trying to hit them can get annoying.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Clawshot, Gale Boomerang
  • Strategy: If a flock of Guays shows up, lock onto as many of them as you can with the Gale Boomerang. Let it fly, then swipe at all the Guays that get dragged in front of you. Repeat until the swarm's dead. When you eliminate a Guay flock, Rupees usually fall from the sky nearby as a reward.


  • Description: A greenish-brown animal with a silver "helmet" covering its head, sides, and back. The shield is covered in holes, and is left behind when the Helmasaur is slain.
  • Threat: 2/10. Their charge is relatively easy to avoid... when you have room to move around. They also can only be harmed from behind if the helmet isn't removed.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Back Slice), Clawshot
  • Strategy: Until you get the Clawshot, you'll have to get behind the Helmasaur to hurt it. Get it to charge at you, then sidestep and attack as it passes you. With the Clawshot, remove the helmet to make it vulnerable to attack from any angle (you can also throw the helmet at its owner).


  • Description: A much larger Helmasaur, with a black helmet covering its head, neck and back. Unlike the Helmasaur, however, this guy's helmet is firmly attached.
  • Threat: 3/10. You will always have to attack from behind, and since the creature's bigger you'll have more to dodge. On the flip side, the Helmasaurus' rear is a much larger target.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword
  • Strategy: Treat a Helmasaurus the same way you treated the Helmasaur before you had the Clawshot: Wait for it to charge, dodge, and attack from behind.

Hylian Hornet

  • Description: Big bees that live in brown, spherical hives.
  • Threat: 1/10. Not once in the game are you required to knock down a hive.
  • Effective Attacks: Spin Attack
  • Strategy: Don't knock down the hive unless you need Bee Larva or it's blocking your path (I think there's only one that blocks your path, and it's only guarding a vine wall leading to 15 Rupees). If you do, the Hornets can easily be dealt with by either evading them for a few seconds, jumping into a body of water, or killing them with a Spin Attack.

Imp Poe

  • Description: Can only be seen with Wolf Link's Senses. Looks sort of like a ghostly rag doll, with a stitched-shut mouth and a big scythe. Carries a lantern with its feet; the lantern is the only part visible without Senses. If it's not indoors or found inside an obstacle of some sort (like a destroyable rock), it only appears at night.
  • Threat: 4/10. You can't see what it's doing without Senses, and it can hit pretty hard for such a little thing. The outdoor ones tend to get annoying while trying to complete the Jovani sidequest; nothing quite like knocking one down only to have it disappear before you can rip its soul out.
  • Effective Attacks: Any of Wolf Link's attacks
  • Strategy: Just attack it until you knock it down to the ground. You'll see a "Finish" prompt; which is your cue to rip the soul out and kill it for good. If you see the Imp Poe wind up to swing, jump back to avoid damage, then continue attacking.
    • Only one Imp Poe must be killed to complete the game; the other 59 are purely optional, but their souls are needed in order to gain the fourth Bottle (20 Souls total) and an infinite supply of money (all 60 Poe Souls).


  • Description: A large bird that looks like a vulture with bat wings and a forked tail.
  • Threat: 2/10. They can't take, or deal, much damage, but they're persistent; I've been chased all the way across Hyrule Field by these things before.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword
  • Strategy: Slash them a few times to kill them. If you time it properly, you can use the Ending Blow on them, but they recover fast enough that it can be risky. If you face them on horseback, just charge a Spin Attack and let it rip when they catch up to you.
    • At one point, you'll encounter Kargarocs that carry Bombs; throw the Gale Boomerang at these ones to make the Bomb blow up in their talons.


  • Also Known As: "Goddamned Bats"
  • Description: A bat with a long tail ending with a hook. In addition to regular Keese, there are Fire Keese (surrounded in orange flames; their attacks set Link on fire and will burn his shield if it's made of wood) and Ice Keese (surrounded in blue flames; they freeze Link if they hit him).
  • Threat: 1/10. They're easy to kill and hard to take damage from if you're paying attention.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Clawshot, Gale Boomerang
  • Strategy: Single Keese can easily be dealt with via the Sword or Clawshot. When facing multiple Keese, round them up with the Boomerang and smack 'em.


  • Description: A strange green top-like plant (maybe some kind of cactus?). Usually appears in groups of 3 or more.
  • Threat: 2/10. When they show up, you get surrounded.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Epona
  • Strategy: If you're facing them on foot, charge a Spin Attack and wait; when they close in, let go. If on Epona, they can pretty much be ignored (unless you need to dismount for something, in which case use the above method).


  • Also Known As: "Axe-Tail" (those with axe blades strapped to their tails), "Skull-Face" (those that wear an animal skull as a helmet)
  • Description: Lizard-men carrying swords and small shields. They come in "Axe-Tail" and "Skull-Face" varieties, but the only differences between them are cosmetic.
  • Threat: 3/10. They get really easy to beat as your collection of weapons and Hidden Skills grows.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (all Hidden Skills), Bomb Arrows
  • Strategy: Bomb Arrows are a 1-hit kill, as is the Mortal Draw. If you knock them over with a sword combo, they're vulnerable to the Ending Blow. Unlike Dynalfos, they're not very good at defending against more than simple sword strikes.

Mini Freezard

  • Description: A lump of ice with spikes and a single red eye.
  • Threat: 3/10. On ice they can be a pain, especially when they ricochet off something and hit you.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Clawshot, Ball and Chain, Cannonball
  • Strategy: If you don't have the Ball and Chain or a Cannonball, just hit them with your sword or Clawshot until they shatter (keep your shield up, though; they'll freeze you if they touch you). Cannonballs and the Ball and Chain will kill them in one hit; if either of those are handy, use them.


  • Description: A large brown worm-like creature with a 3-4 jawed mouth (I can't remember how many exactly).
  • Threat: 3/10. The biggest problem with these things is that they're burrowing under sand, and they jump out to attack. Big surprise when they suddenly jump out behind you. Or when you're on a high ledge and they still manage to reach you; yeah, they jump pretty high.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot, Sword
  • Strategy: Fire the Clawshot at it to pull it to you. While it's flopping around like a fish out of water, slash it to death. If you're in an area that requires concentration, or you need to do something without being interrupted, clear out any Moldorms first.


  • Description: A weird, plant-like creature with large roots sticking from the bottom and a spinning thing on top that lets it fly.
  • Threat: 0/10. It's completely harmless no matter what you do; they're pretty much flying Clawshot medallions.
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot... so you can stick to it.
  • Strategy: Clawshot to it, drop off when you need to. If you're that kind of person, thank it for the ride.


  • Description: A white, cloaked creature with a creepy face.
  • Threat: 3/10. They might be able to take some damage, but their attacks are easy to avoid. The only one that'll probably give you trouble is the fourth one.
  • Effective Attacks: Wolf Link's attacks
  • Strategy: Like Imp Poes, they can't be seen without Wolf Link's Senses. Wait until they glow (they always do this before attacking), then use Wolf Link's A attack until it shakes you off. Repeat until it drops to the floor, then rip its soul out.
    • The fourth Poe you face seems to have learned from the mistakes of his comrades; he'll split himself into four, and they'll circle you before attacking. The real one glows brighter than the others; attack that one and finish it like you did with the first 3 Poes.

Poison Mite

  • Description: Small brown insects that look kind of like cockroaches.
  • Threat: 1/10. See Ghoul Rats.
  • Effective Attacks: Spin Attack, Lantern
  • Strategy: Unlike Ghoul Rats, Link can deal with Poison Mites without resorting to his Senses (or Wolf Form, for that matter). They usually come in large swarms, often near quicksand pits. A Spin Attack will kill all Poison Mites in range, including the ones attached to Link. If you'd rather avoid being swarmed altogether, bring out your Lantern; Poison Mites hate light, and won't jump on you if your Lantern is lit.


  • Description: I can't really describe these things... They're large wooden marionettes, with tattered capes and a creepy, grinning face.
  • Threat: 2/10. They won't do much damage (I think it's only half a Heart when you're in Wolf Form), and they die easily, but they come in groups of four or more every time. And the only way to get them to stop appearing is to beat the Skull Kid.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Wolf Link's lunge/Midna attacks
  • Strategy: If fighting them as Wolf Link, just lunge at them and they drop in one hit; try to get more than one if you can. In Hylian Form, smack them with the Master Sword until they die; if a group comes at you, Spin Attack to clear them all out.


  • Description: A big brown rat.
  • Threat: 1/10. They're not a threat unless they're coming at you in a swarm... which they usually do.
  • Effective Attacks: Anything you want.
  • Strategy: Just start attacking with whatever you want; they'll die quick.

ReDead Knight

  • Description: They appear to be a mix between a zombie and a mummy. They wear what looks like a badly decayed set of light armor, and they carry huge (and I mean HUGE) swords that they drag behind them.
  • Threat: 4/10. The biggest problem with trying to kill them up close is their paralyzing scream; if they scream, they'll have plenty of time to get closer, raise the sword, and hammer you with it (although you can dodge it if you keep trying to side-jump while stunned, but it takes a lot of luck).
  • Effectve Attacks: Bomb Arrows, Ball and Chain, Wolf Link's lunge attack
  • Strategy: Personally, I never attack with the sword, since they almost always paralyze you when you're close enough. Then they smack you with their sword. Which hurts. A lot. And they swing it with only one hand. Two Bomb Arrows will take them out; later, once you have the Ball and Chain, you can drop 'em in one throw (one hit going out + one hit coming back in = no more ReDead Knight). Alternatively, you can use Wolf Link's lunging attack to latch onto them; bite them until they shake you off (if you attacked from the front, you'll usually end up behind them), then immediately lunge again before they get a chance to turn around.
    • Probably my favorite change to any enemy from previous LoZ games; older ReDeads scared the crap out of me (Wind Waker ones especially; the scream combined with that face is just...nightmare-inducing). Plus their attack is less disturbing.

Shadow Beast

  • Also Known As: "Twilit Messenger" (I prefer to call them Twilit Messengers)
  • Description: A black-skinned creature with tentacles around its neck and a strange, shield-like mask where its head would be. They have red symbols on their chests.
  • Threat: 4/10. The attack in groups, can hit fairly hard, and they have a special trick: when only one member of a group is left standing, it screams and revives the others.
  • Effective Attacks: Midna's area attack, Spin Attack, Light Sword
  • Strategy: First, kill off any Messengers that are seperated from the rest of the group (sometimes the energy fields that appear with them will make one of the Messengers difficult to kill at the same time as the others). Then get all of the others to bunch up in one spot. Charge your area attack/Spin Attack, and let it rip; as long as there isn't a lone Messenger standing, they should die.

Shadow Insect

  • Also Known As: "Twilit Parasite"
  • Description: Small, whitish insects that Link can only see with his Wolf Form's Senses (although characters that have been turned into spirits by the Twilight are capable of seeing them); this is probably because the Tear of Light that a Shadow Insect carries makes it unable to exist in the Twilight in the same way as other enemies. If you're not using Wolf Link's Senses, you can see where they are by looking for purplish electricity.
  • Threat: 2/10. They move. Fast. The flying ones can be annoying to hit, and some of them burrow underground.
  • Effective Attacks: All of Wolf Link's attacks.
  • Strategy: Just keep attacking and hope you hit them, and back away if they start making electricity. If one burrows underground, go up to it and dig it out.
    • Sometimes they can be hard to find. If one's showing up on your map but you can't find it, it's probably in a box/pot, underground, flying above you, or clinging to a wall.

Shadow Kargaroc

  • Also Known As: "Twilit Kargaroc"
  • Description: A black Kargaroc, with tattered wings and a strange, horn-like (instrument) head. Instead of a bird-like screech, their cries sound like a trumpeting noise of some kind.
  • Threat: See Kargaroc.
  • Effective Attacks: Wolf Link's attacks, all attacks that are effective against Kargarocs
  • Strategy: Attack until dead. It's that simple.

Shell Blade

  • Description: A big clam.
  • Threat: 2/10. Link moves a little slower underwater, so you might not get your attack off soon enough sometimes.
  • Effective Attacks: Spin Attack
  • Strategy: Weigh yourself down with the Iron Boots first. Charge a Spin Attack and unleash once you're close enough; even if its mouth is shut, you should still kill it. If you choose to use regular sword attacks, avoid using vertical slices, which will hit the shell; instead, use horizontal slices and/or thrusts.


  • Description: A fish skeleton with a strange reddish sac inside its ribs.
  • Threat: 2/10. They can be a little tricky to avoid when you're swimming, and they don't let go easily once they bite.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Clawshot
  • Strategy: If you can, fight them from land; Clawshot them out of the water and slash them to death. If you have to fight them in the water, smack 'em when they come at you.
    • You can fish them out of the water, too! Toss your line in and fish one out, and it'll drop a Heart just like any other fish; only these guys are "forbidden," so they won't be recorded in your Fish Journal.


  • Description: A huge spider with a skull-shaped shell covering its abdomen. They also come in smaller, weaker varieties called "Pygmy Skulltulas" (only one of these can be found, in the room containing the Forest Temple's Boss Key).
  • Threat: 3/10. The biggest trouble is that, between their legs and shells, they can be hard to hurt.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Spin Attack, Ending Blow), Gale Boomerang, Bomb Arrows
  • Strategy: If you find one dangling from the ceiling, try to take it out with a Bomb Arrow; if you don't have them, knock it down with another ranged weapon. When fighting them using a Sword, wait until they rear up (they do this when they prepare to attack), then hack away (or charge a Spin Attack and unleash it when they rear up). If they collapse, use the Ending Blow to finish them.
    • The lone Pygmy Skulltula is dangling from a web above a ledge you need to jump to; knock it down with a Slingshot hit, and it'll walk into the pool of water, effectively killing itself (the Pygmy Skulltula never respawns; once it's dead, it's gone for good).


  • Description: Skeletons that carry a sword and a shield. They also wear pauldrons that look kind of like a Stalhound's skull.
  • Threat: 4/10. They require very specific attacks to die. Unless you do the right thing at the right time, they're just gonna get back up again. And again. And again...
  • Effective Attacks: Bombs, Bomb Arrows, Ball and Chain
  • Strategy: Personally, I never fight these things with the Sword; it's a hassle to beat them into submission and lay a Bomb on their bones. Instead, just fire a Bomb Arrow at them: Instant kill (if you fire into a bunched-up group of Stalfos, they should all die in the blast). After obtaining the Ball and Chain, you can kill them without using up ammunition; sending it out makes them collapse, and bringing it back in finishes them off.


  • Description: Skeletal dogs/wolves... with a few patches of fur left...
  • Threat: 2/10. They're not very fast, they're brittle, and on the rare occasion they do hit you the damage is negligible even in Wolf Form. The only time they even come close to posing a threat is when they're in large groups. Wait... they're almost always in groups.... Crap.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Spin Attack), Wolf Link's attacks
  • Strategy: Hit 'em a few times and they die. Bite 'em a few times, and they die. If you get ganged up on, use either the Spin Attack or Midna's area attack.


  • Description: Little skeletons with spears. They rise up out if the ground when Link gets too close. Hey, that sounds an awful lot like the Stalchildren from OoT...
  • Threat: 2/10. They always come, not in groups, but in swarms. Fortunately, they can't take (or deal) much damage.
  • Effective Attacks: Spin Attack, Midna's area attack
  • Strategy: Just charge your Spin Attack or Midna's area attack and let it loose when they get close. Be ready to mop up any stragglers (and there will be stragglers) after the initial slaughter.


  • Description: They look like undead soldiers.
  • Threat: 1/10. I honestly don't know why I'm including these things when they're part of the Stallord boss fight. All they do is pop up out of the sand and block your path to Stallord's spine.
  • Effective Attacks: Spinner
  • Strategy: You know how the A-Button icon says "Attack"? Use that when you're about to hit a Staltroop, and you'll defeat them. At one point, you'll have to do this to clear a path to the Boss' spine, as he summons 5 Staltroops to form a small barrier.


  • Description: A 4-legged insectoid enemy that attacks by jumping. They come in Red and Blue varieties; in this game, the coloration has no effect other than to match their location (Red for mountains, caverns, and hot places like the Goron Mines; Blue for colder/wetter areas, mostly the Lakebed Temple).
  • Threat: 3/10. They can jump higher than Link's head when he's riding Epona. Their offensive power is average, but they can't take a lot of damage.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Spin Attack), Bow
  • Strategy: A single Spin Attack will kill them outright, and proves very useful when facing a group of them (it's also pretty much the only way to keep them from knocking you off Epona when they jump at you). If you'd rather not fight them up close, whip out your Bow and shoot them in the eye: Head-shot!

Tile Worm

  • Description: Purple worm-like things with square tiles attached to their heads.
  • Threat: 3/10. If you don't see them in time (which is unlikely, but not impossible), they'll send you flying. In the City in the Sky, you'll find Tile Worms that block your path... and you can't get around them...
  • Effective Attacks: Gale Boomerang, Sword
  • Strategy: Until you get the Gale Boomerang, you'll have to go around them. With the Boomerang, you can rip the Worms out of the ground, which leaves them open to Sword swipes.
    • A lot of times, they're near water or a pit; try to get them to fall in so you don't have to deal with them yourself.


  • Description: A really big tadpole with fat lips. You can find them in lava ("Fire Toadpoli") or in water ("Water Toadpoli"), but they're pretty much the same (although the Fire Toadpolis can burn the Ordon/Wooden Shield with their attacks).
  • Threat: 2/10. When you get more than one, they can catch you off-guard. One-on-one, they're pushovers.
  • Effective Attacks: Shield Attack, Arrows
  • Strategy: Just use the Shield Attack when they spit rocks at you. If you don't have the Shield Attack, I'm gonna smack...... I mean, shoot 'em with an Arrow.

Torch Slug

  • Description: Flaming slugs.
  • Threat: 2/10. The ones that cling to the ceiling love to drop down on you as you try to jump over a pit.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Bow, Clawshot
  • Strategy: Shoot the ones on the ceiling with your Bow or the Clawshot before they have a chance to drop onto your head. If they're on the ground, smack 'em with the Sword; if you're going to use the Ending Blow, wait until right after they use their flame-burst attack.

Twilit Creatures

  • Also Known As: Varies between creatures. Twilit Keese, Twilit Babas (also called Twilight Babas), Twilit Bulblins/Twilit Bulblin Archers
  • Description: Pretty much a black version of its "light version", often with red Twili symbols. Twilit Bulblins have skull-like helmets instead of the head-wrappings their light versions have.
  • Threat: See Keese, Deku Baba, and Bulblin
  • Effective Attacks: Wolf Link's attacks (or the same as their light counterpart if you're facing them in Human Form)
  • Strategy: Same as the light versions.

Twilit Vermin

  • Description: Big creatures (about the size of a Rat) that look kind of like mites or bed bugs. Like all Twilit creatures, they're black with red Twili symbols.
  • Threat: 2/10. Usually they're no problem, since they don't do much damage and they're a little on the slow side. The only times they get tough is when you're swimming (they can attack while swimming, Wolf Link can't... which is B.S.), or when they come in swarms (which they tend to do a lot later in the game).
  • Effective Attacks: Wolf Link's attacks, Sword in Human form
  • Strategy: As Wolf Link, just pounce on the little bastards to kill 'em. If you have a group coming at you, consider bringing out Midna's energy field. As a Hylian... by this point they start coming in swarms; use the Spin Attack when they attack.


  • Description: A purple spider that clings to the wall.
  • Threat: 1/10. Even though they sometimes block a vine wall or ladder you need to climb, they're very easy to kill, and easy to avoid.
  • Effective Attacks: Slingshot, Gale Boomerang
  • Strategy: Either shoot 'em with the Slingshot, or knock 'em off the wall with the Gale Boomerang; either one will kill them in one shot.

White Wolfos

  • Description: A snow-white wolf. (Going by looks, they're one of my favorite enemies).
  • Threat: 5/10. They're very fast, and very hard to hit.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Spin Attack), Ball and Chain, Midna's area attack
  • Strategy: If facing them in Wolf Form, charge the area attack and unleash it as soon as you get a lock-on (if you get locked on, it means they're attacking you. Which means they're going to hit you in less than a second.). In Human Form, face the Wolfos and charge a Spin Attack; when it jumps to attack, unleash the Spin. Once you have the Ball and Chain, you can stand there spinning the Ball and the Wolfos should jump right into it.

Young Gohma

  • Description: Big brown spiders with one eye and a big blue abdomen.
  • Threat: 2/10. Easy to kill; the only time they're really any threat is when they're in a swarm of Baby Gohmas.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword, Ball and Chain, Clawshot (drags 'em to you)
  • Strategy: Attack until dead. That simple.

Zant Mask

  • Description: A really big version of Zant's helmet.
  • Threat: 3/10. They're not very hard, but they usually teleport out of range.
  • Effective Attacks: Sword (Shield Attack), Light Sword, Midna's area attack
  • Strategy: If they shoot their energy blasts at you, knock it back with a Shield Attack to stun them. Get in close and smack it with your sword until it dies (which, with the Light Sword, is one time). As Wolf Link, charge up the area attack and let it rip once you've locked on.

Zant's Hand

  • Description: A big, strange-looking black hand with red Twili symbols all over it.
  • Threat: 1/10. They're slow, and they pretty much ignore you unless you're holding a Sol. I still don't get how people can be scared of these things...
  • Effective Attacks: Clawshot (stun it or pull a Sol out of its grasp). As far as I know, it's impossible to kill these things.
  • Strategy: As long as you don't stand still for the 2-3 seconds it takes for them to drop down onto the Sol you're carrying, they're pretty much harmless. If they manage to grab the Sol, try to get it back with the Clawshot; even if you can't hit the Sol directly, you can Clawshot the Hand itself to make it drop the orb.


(Mini-Bosses will be added as the main walkthrough reaches them)




(Bosses will be added as the main walkthrough reaches them)

Twilit Parasite Diababa

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