This part will get you through the entire Forbidden Woods.

Inside the Forbidden Woods

First Floor

In the first room Link enters in this dungeon, there are two paths: one straight ahead and one going to the right. The one straight ahead leads to a door that is locked by vines that protect its flower when Link comes near it. Go up the path to your right first, slaying the Chuchus that get in your way, and open the treasure chest that contains the Dungeon Map. Go to the left side of the room from the entrance and there you'll find a Boko Nut that you can carry up to the door with the vines and knock out the flower from a short distance so the door will be unlocked. Go through the door and you'll enter a big room where there's large thorny tentacles along the sides of the room that will knock Link down and hurt him if he gets too close. Here we're going to have to travel to the ledge on the other side of the room, so use the Baba Buds to launch yourself into the air and then float with the Deku Leaf to the next Baba Bud to drop down into, timing your drop very carefully. If you fall down to the ground, you can use Baba Buds to bring you back to the first ledge. When you reach the other ledge, slay the Chuchus, then grab a Bomb Flower and set it near the door with the vines to blow up its flower.

Second Floor

In the room beyond the door, there is a chasm we need to cross by riding a lift. To get the lift to roll over towards you, use the Deku Leaf to blow some wind into the propeller on your left. After you hop onto the lift, face back towards the door and use the Deku Leaf to give yourself a pushoff so that the lift carries you to the other ledge. Go through the door, and you'll see a path that leads to the front of a big tree stump. Near the stump are some Boko Babas that you need to slay so you can use the Baba Bud it leaves behind to launch into the air toward a ledge with another Baba Bud to launch from. At the top of the stump there's a door with vines on it. Blow the propeller that's to the left of the door to summon a lift to roll toward you, then jump on the lift and propel yourself over to another ledge where there's a Boko Nut behind a boarded-up alcove for you to carry back to the door with the vine. Be careful of the Peahats that float in the air. You can use the Deku Leaf to temporarily knock them down. Also don't take too long to bring the Boko Nut over to the door because it will disintegrate in a short period of time, and you'll have to ride the lift back to get another nut to throw.

Third Floor

Past the door with the vine is a short corridor toward another door with a vine. The Boko Nut is right ahead of you, but thorny vines will spring up from the ground to block your way if you get close to it. Instead, use the Deku Leaf to blow it toward the door so you can pick it up and destroy the flower to unlock the door.

The next room is a large chamber that extends from the depths of the basement all the way to the fourth floor, and it has doorways leading in and out on every floor in-between. Go over to the ledge on your right where there's a post above your head that you can use the Grappling Hook to swing over to the next ledge, then jump onto one of the living moving platforms when it's close enough to you. Jump over to the next moving platform, then jump onto the ledge where there's a Boko Nut. Pick it up and carry it with you as you go to the right on a hanging tree stump to the ledge where there's a door with a vine on it. Knock out the flower and go through that door into a short corridor with a ditch in the middle. If you drop down into the ditch, you'll have these annoying little sticker bugs that will latch onto you. They won't hurt you, but they can slow up your movements. Shake them off quickly with a spin attack. Down in the ditch is a treasure chest that will give you 10 rupees. Get out of the ditch and then jump across it to get to the other door.

In the next room is a maze of thorny vines that will sprout up from the ground. You want to first navigate your way to the left and use a Bomb Flower to blow open a boarded-up alcove so you can get to the treasure chest and get the Compass. Then pick up a Bomb Flower and toss it through some thorny vines toward another boarded-up alcove to the right of the one with the treasure chest. Now we're going to navigate the maze going to the right until we get to the other alcove, where we find another treasure chest that contains a small key. To get back to the door, you can use the nearby Baba Bud to launch yourself in the air and then ride across over the thorny vines by using the Deku Leaf. Head back to the large chamber and jump back onto the ledge where you got the Boko Nut to unlock the door there.

The room beyond that door has a watery chasm that we need to cross using a lift, so blow on the propeller to roll it towards you, then jump on it and push yourself off towards the ledge where the other door is. Avoid getting hit by the Peahats in this room by blowing them down with the Deku Leaf. Go through the door and you'll see a tree that we'll need to get to its highest branches. On the ground, though, are Boko Babas and some insects called Mothulas that will shoot out sticker bugs at you. Slash at these insects quickly. Then use the Baba Buds that the Boko Babas leave behind to shoot yourself in the air and then glide down to the higher branches using the Deku Leaf. Knock down the flying Peahat up there with a Deku Leaf gust before striking it with the sword. Then hop onto a Baba Bud on the ledge and launch yourself up toward another row of branches. Up here are two doors: one that's protected by a vine with two flowers, and one that isn't. Go through the door that doesn't have the vines.


Past the door you'll get into a closed-door battle with a giant-winged Mothula that will swoop down at you from above the door. It possesses great speed and can soar close to its prey and knock it back before it can dodge. Use the Deku Leaf to knock the insect out of the air so you can strike at it with your sword. When it loses its giant wings, it will attack much like a normal Mothula would by shooting sticker bugs at you. Destroy it, and a gate will open into an alcove with a treasure chest in it that contains your next useful item -- the Boomerang. To use it on your enemies, press the L button to target them before you throw it. Like the Grappling Hook, the Boomerang has its own targeting mode where you can move a red marker over your target, causing a yellow sparkle to appear over the target, before you throw it. In this mode you can aim up to five targets at a time. To get out of the room that you're in, aim for the two crystal switches above the door with the Boomerang to raise the gate in front of the door so you can exit.

Fourth Floor

Go back to the room with the tree and this time head for the door with the two flowers on it. Target both flowers with the Boomerang to destroy the vines covering the door. Go through there and you'll enter a room with Boko Nuts hanging on the ceiling from short vines. Cut them down by using the Boomerang on the vines, clearing a path to the ledge on the other side that you can glide across with your Deku Leaf. Open the chest to get a Joy Pendant to add to your Spoils Bag, then head through the door back into the center chamber with the suspended large tree stump. Glide down onto the flower on top of the stump and target each of the vines attached to the stump with the Boomerang to cut it loose, sending both you and the flower you're standing on plummeting all the way down to the basement. CRASH!!!


Once you're down there, go to the door and enter the room where it splits into a Y. We want to take the fork that goes to the right, but first of all get rid of the sticker bugs on the platforms in the water by targeting them with the Boomerang to dispatch many at once. Then cross over to the fork and on the other side run past the Chuchus and the extending killer vines to get to the door. Past the door in the next room there's a large flower suspended by vines that we can glide onto and ride down by snipping away the vines with the Boomerang. In the distance in the water is an Octorok that will spit rocks at you. Deflect them back at him with the shield to get rid of him. Then use the Deku Leaf to propel the flower you're on down the path of the waterway. You'll come across some more Octoroks along the path the waterway takes. Once you get to the other end of its path, run past some more Chuchus and extending vines to get to another door.

In this next room, thorny vines will spring up behind you to block the door. What we want to do is take a short winding path to get on top of the tree stump ahead of us and then target five crystal switches in counter-clockwise order to hit them with the Boomerang. This will open up a gate at the bottom of the stump where inside there's a treasure chest that contains the Big Key. Once you get the Big Key, however, you'll have company to deal with in the form of two Moblins. Use the Boomerang on the Moblins to stun them before attacking them, which may require a few stuns to defeat each of them. When both are defeated, a gate in front of a door on a ledge above the tree stump will be raised. Get back on top of the stump and use the Grappling Hook on a nearby post to swing over to the ledge and go through the door. You'll now be back in the Y-shaped room, so drop down, slay the Chuchus that appear around you, and dispatch the sticker bugs on the platforms with your Boomerang so you can hop across and get to the exit.

Now that you're back in the big room with the giant flower, blow the propeller to the left of you with the Deku Leaf to cause an updraft to appear where the flower is. Then quickly hop into the Baba Bud to your right and launch yourself into the air to glide into the updraft with the Deku Leaf. You'll be carried as far up as to the second floor, where you'll see a vined door with two flowers on it. Use the Boomerang on the flowers to get rid of the vines and go through the door.

Second Floor

There's a corridor we have to get through that has two Mothulas in it. Defeat them quickly to make the thorny vines in front of both doors go away. This will also make a treasure chest appear that contains a Joy Pendant. Go through the door at the other end of the corridor to enter a room that has Boko Nuts on the floor we can destroy to get items from (rupees, hearts, a fairy, magic) or to cause enemies like Chuchus or sticker bugs to emerge from. Up ahead is the Big Key Door. Go through it and get ready to meet the dungeon boss.

Forbidden Woods Boss: Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos

As soon as Link enters the room, he sees Makar standing in the center of an inert plant. Link is happy to find him, but suddenly Makar is snapped up a Boko Baba-type plant who then closes itself up inside a giant bulb that was originally inert and attaches itself to the ceiling using tubules. This is the dungeon boss Kalle Demos, whose main form of attack is to use its tentacles to whip at Link, mostly by burrowing through the ground in order to attack Link from below.

What we want to do is run around the thing, staying ahead of the burrowing tentacles, and aim the Boomerang at many of its tubules near the ceiling as we can at a time. However, the tubules will regrow and reattach themselves over time, so we need to cut all of them quickly. Once that is done, the bulb will fall down and open, leaving the center of the plant exposed. Go in quickly and strike at it with the sword. But soon it will close up the bulb and chew on Link for a while before spitting him out, causing him one heart of damage. Just repeat the strategy of snapping the tubules from the ceiling and getting the plant to open its bulb so you can strike at its center. Eventually the center part will break off from the rest of the plant and wiggle for a while before it explodes, turning into a Heart Container. Makar will also appear, grateful for Link's rescue.

You've just completed Forbidden Woods. Now step into the whirlwind to leave this dungeon with Makar.

NEXT: Greatfish Island and a second visit to Windfall Island.

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