This part will take you through the entire Dragon Roost Cavern.

Inside Dragon Roost Cavern

First Floor

In the first room that we enter, there are three statues, one of which is blocking a door. Go to the left statue and pull it towards you, then go behind it to the middle statue and pull it towards the left. Go through the door into the next room to fight some Bokoblins with fire sticks. Then pick up one of the dropped fire sticks and light up the two unlit torches on the left side of the room. A treasure chest will appear in between the two torches that contains a small key. Use it open the locked door and go through a short corridor to break the weak boards at the end of it with the sword.

You'll enter a large lava pool-filled cavern with some wooden walkways in your immediate area that you'll need to walk across. Go to the left from here on the walkway. You'll see a locked door on your left that you can't open right now, so just continue on that walkway until you drop down to a ledge where there's a block in the wall that needs to be pulled out for you to climb onto and jump onto the next walkway. Continue until you reach the end of the walkway, slaying the Keese that is in that area. Wait for the lava fountain to subside, then jump across toward the rope bridge where there are more Keese to slay. DO NOT use the sword on the bridge, because you might cut the ropes and cause it to break, making Link fall into the lava. Pick up a Bomb Flower on the other side and bring it across another bridge to blow up a boulder, revealing a door.

Go through the door, and you'll enter a room where there's a pool of lava on your right and jars of water lined up around the walls. Pick one of the jars up and throw it onto the lava to create a platform for Link to cross the lava pool with, but don't stay on it for too long because it will dissolve. First make a platform for Link to cross over to where a treasure chest appears so he can get the Dungeon Map. Then grab a water jar from around the treasure chest to create another platform to cross over to where there's a ladder for you to climb. At the top of the ladder, a Red Chuchu will jump out at you. Quickly slay it with the sword, then proceed to the door at the top of the ladder.

In the next room, there's a boarded-up door that a Bokoblin will crash through with a machete. Defeat him and take his weapon to break through another boarded-up door to your right. Climb up to where two torches are flanking a boarded-up door, slaying the Chuchus that appear there, and break through that door to open a treasure chest containing a small key. Slay a few more Chuchus and exit the room through the far door to return to the fiery cavern.

To the left of the door there's a rock near some Bomb Flowers growing out of the wall that you need to blow up. Pick up a small rock neaby on the ledge and throw it at one of the Bomb Flowers to activate it, so Link can now cross the wooden plank and hop back onto the walkway we went through earlier. Now we can open the locked door that we had passed by. Inside that room, ignore the deep chasm on the right and head straight for the boarded-up alcove ahead on the left. A Bokoblin will emerge from a jar and attack us with a stick. Defeat him, grab his stick, and use it to set the other wooden boards ablaze. Step on the floor button behind those boards to raise the metal bars blocking the other door, and head outside.

Outside The Cavern

Cross the rope bridge, slaying the Bokoblin on the other side, and climb the ladder, being careful to watch for when the flames of lava spurt from the side of the mountain so you can pass when it isn't. On the ledge above, destroy the Kargaroc and then quickly sidle across the gap while avoiding the lava. Get as close to it as you safely can while it is spurting, and then quickly step past it as soon as it slows down. Go around the boulder that's blocking a door, then jump up to grab the wooden ledge. You'll have to move Link over to the other ledge while still grabbing the wooden ledge because of the configuration of the wall. Then pull yourself up and climb up to where a Bomb Flower is, then use one to throw it onto the boulder to blow it up. Now you can go through the door and reenter the dungeon.

First Floor

In the room that you reentered the dungeon, there's a door near the ceiling that's behind a stack of ten blocks. Pull out the bottom blocks from the left and middle stacks, then climb up the lowered stacks so that you can get to the door. Beyond that is another room where you'll see rats roaming around the walls, stealing rupees from you if you get close. Simply slay them with the sword, then pull out the block that's in the wall and climb up it so you can reach the locked door. Go to your right where there's a torch and open the treasure chest next to it to get the Compass. Break a jar that's full of sticks, set it on fire with the torch, and then throw it across the room toward the wooden boards above the ladder. Climb up that ladder and open the treasure chest that was behind the boards to get a small key. Go back to the locked door to open it.

Outside The Cavern

Now you're back outside again. Go up the stairs to another locked door which you'll need to get the key for from a nesting Kargaroc that's nearby. Lure it out of its nest so you can grab it, then head for the locked door to open it. You can slay the Kargaroc to get it out of your way for good. It will leave behind a Golden Feather which you can collect in your Spoils Bag.

Second Floor

The room that you enter is dark, with only a lit torch to your right. Break a jar full of sticks and light one on fire with the torch so you can go to the left and light another torch. In that part of the room there is a swarm of Keese you need to destroy. Inside the treasure chest near that torch is a Joy Pendant. Relight the stick when it goes out and use it to burn wooden planks barring a door and then go through it to light two torches flanking a door, causing the metal bars to be raised from it. Go through the door and we're now in the fiery cavern again, this time with a rope bridge crossing over to another door. Before we go across, though, pick up a Bomb Flower and set it near the pot on your left to blow up the rock covering it. This pot will be useful in this dungeon and further dungeons in that, the more pots you can uncover, the more places you can teleport to when you enter the pots. They're usually located at the beginning of the dungeon, somewhere in the middle, and near the end.

In the room past the door on the other side, a metal bar will slide over the door behind you, meaning you'll be in a closed-door battle with something until you defeat it. Here we're in a closed-door battle with what appears to be a single Bokoblin. However, there are some other Bokoblins that are hiding in jars that will attack you if you break their jars, so break all the jars in the room to expose the other Bokoblins. The bars on two closed doors will now be raised, including one at the top of a ladder that we need to climb up. Use a stick to light up a torch next to the lit torch and a treasure chest will appear, containing a Treasure Chart.

Climb up the ladder and go through the door. In the next room there is a lava pool and an island in the middle of the pool on which there is an insectlike creature called the Magtail. These creatures are difficult to destroy, requiring you to strike at its bright blue eye when it rears back on its hind legs and then do a combo attack when it's curled up in a ball. This particular creature's placement in this room makes it even more troublesome. After you dispose of it, though, grab a water jar and throw it onto the place in the lava pool where it bubbles up and then jump onto it before it flares into a geyser or before the platform melts. It will lift you up onto a walkway you can jump onto to get to a door.

Third Floor

We're now in the room that's outside the cavern where the dungeon boss is. However, we're still lacking two essential items in order to take on the boss. For now, let's use the Bomb Flower in this room to blow up two boulders -- one that hides a teleportation pot, and one that hides a door that will bring you back outside. Go through that door.

Outside The Cavern

We will see that Link is getting close to the top of the mountain that Valoo is nesting on -- and Valoo isn't particularly happy! We have no idea what's tormenting him, though, but we'll find out what it is in time. For now, just rush up the stairs because they're falling apart behind Link, then go through the gate which will close behind him as he gets into a closed-door battle with two Bokoblins and one Moblin. The Bokoblins are easy to dispatch, but the Moblin is a tough fighter who uses his spear to knock Link away from him. Fight defensively, staying out of reach of his spear and using combo attacks when his back is turned. The prison that Medli was held in will open, and she will thank you by giving you your next useful item, the Grappling Hook, which will allow you to swing across gaps using posts. (It can also be used to pull things toward you, as we'll find out soon enough.) She will tell you that some creature is doing awful things with Valoo's tail, which is making him so angry, and that she will go to tell everybody about it.

Now onto getting out of this enclosed area: go up the stairs that's to your left, and at the top you'll see a post you can latch onto with the Grappling Hook. Just aim for it with the red pointer until it turns yellow, then throw it so that it wraps around the post and swing forward. You'll cross over to another ledge, and there will be another post for you to swing across with to a third ledge. Break through the wooden boards with your sword, then just drop down to the ledge below where there's a door. Instead of going through the door, head for where there are a series of posts between ledges and swing your way across them with the Grappling Hook, being careful not to swing your way into falling. Enter the doorway that you reach to reenter the dungeon.

Third Floor

Go across the bridge in this room and slay the Bokoblin. This will cause a chest to appear on the floor directly below you. Now snap the ropes of the bridge with your sword, causing it to break and you to fall onto a narrow walkway below. Open the chest to get another Joy Pendant, then exit the room.

Second Floor

We're again in the large fiery cavern, but this time we're high up on a tiny ledge near a birdcage. Go inside and use a spin attack to snap all three ropes holding the platform of the birdcage. It will fall onto the lava pool below, but a lava fountain will also erupt beneath it, causing it to be raised back up to the birdcage if you stay on it long enough. Stand on the platform and wait for the lava fountain to stop erupting, then run and jump for the doorway leading across the pool. Leap across two suspended platforms and climb the ladder toward the doorway above.

First Floor

Approach the edge of the cliff and target the hook near the ceiling with your Grappling Hook, then swing out in order to pull down the hook, but don't let go! This will cause metal bars on the door behind us to be raised. Now swing back toward the edge and go through that door. In the next room, Grapple Hook the post, but don't swing all the way across to the other door. Instead, use the R button to stop and turn Link to the right as well as to adjust his height so he can swing into the door that was on his right. Past that door, leap across some more suspended platforms and Grapple Hook across to where the door is that goes into another room. In that room, fight the Magtail to make him curl into a ball, but don't kill him. Instead, place him on the floor switch while he's still curled up so the ring of fire around the treasure chest goes away. Go into the treasure chest to get the Big Key, and then leave the room the same way you came. Retrace your steps to return to the fiery cavern where the platform that was suspended by the birdcage ropes is, then stand on the platform and let the lava fountain raise you up so you can leap back onto the ledge and reenter the third floor room where we cut the ropes of the bridge.

Third Floor

To get back to the door that leads outside, take a water jar with you and throw it onto the spot on the lava pool where it erupts into a fountain to create a platform, then ride the platform up to the ledge near the door and exit.

Outside The Cavern

Swing back across the same posts and ledges that we did earlier to get back to the other door.

Third Floor

We're now back in the room outside the cavern of the dungeon boss. Swing across the lava pool using the Grappling Hook, then slay the Magtail and open the treasure chest that contains another item that we can store away in our Spoils Bag -- the Knight's Crest. Smash one of the jars near the Big Key Door to get a fairy that you can snatch up in your empty bottle for your health to be instantly restored when your health meter is emptied. Then open the door to meet the dungeon boss.

Dragon Roost Cavern Boss: Gohma

Gohma The Wind Waker


In the cavern that you enter, you'll see a crab-like creature emerge from a pool of lava. This is the dungeon boss Gohma, whose main form of attack is to jab a claw right onto Link if he stands still for too long. He will also try to trap Link with those claws so he can blow large flames onto him.

In the first part of the battle, we'll be using Valoo's tail which is hanging from the ceiling. Get out your Grappling Hook and aim it for Valoo's tail so you can latch onto it and then swing your way over Gohma's head to the other side. The ideal landing spot is one of the higher walkways on the outer walls of the cavern. The ceiling will drop onto Gohma and cause his armored shell to crack. He will then push the ceiling back up into place. Valoo's tail will stick out again, so latch onto it as soon as you can and swing your way across two more times to make the ceiling fall on Gohma two more times. After the third hit, his armor cracks off completely. At this point, get down to ground level and target Gohma's eye with the Grappling Hook, using the L button for targeting, so you can pull it towards you and slash at it with the sword. Eventually Gohma's body will disintegrate while his eye drops off before it explodes, turning into a Heart Container.

You've just completed Dragon Roost Cavern. Now step into the whirlwind to leave this dungeon.

NEXT: Forest Haven

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