This part will take you through finding the Triforce Shards.

Tingle Island

David Jr

Tingle's sourpussed brother David Jr., who works at Tingle Island

Now that you've gotten all the Triforce Charts, you need to take them to somebody who can decipher them, since we can't read them as they are. The only one who can make these charts readable is Tingle, who at this point is on Tingle Island along with his similarly-dressed "brothers". Tingle Island is one of the warp spots you can get to with the Ballad of the Gales, so let's warp over there and talk to him about getting our charts deciphered. Make sure you've got a big wallet and you're carrying lots of rupees, because Tingle will charge you 398 rupees for each chart. (That's a total of 3184 rupees you'll have to spend! Go find them where you can!) In addition, all the locations will be marked out on your IN-Credible Chart as Triforce symbols. Once you get all of them deciphered, we're going on a fishing trip for Triforce Shards.

Triforce Shards

When you get to each of the locations on the Triforce Charts, you'll see a glowing ring of light on the water, indicating that this is where you need to use the Grappling Hook to fish from. You can use the Triforce Chart of that location itself to get yourself pinpoint to that location. The following is a chart and list of all the locations that the Triforce Shards are located near:

X X X 2 X 7 X
X 1 X X X X X
X X 3 6 X X X
X X X X X X 5
X 4 X 8 X X X
  1. Greatfish Island
  2. Gale Isle -- watch out for cannon ships
  3. Stone Watcher Island -- watch out for cannon ships
  4. Outset Island
  5. Cliff Plateau Isles -- sharks!!!
  6. South Triangle Island -- Seahat swarm
  7. Seven-Star Isles -- watch out for cannon ships
  8. Two-Eye Reef -- cannon ships and cannons

Once all the Triforce Shards have been collected, you'll see the full Triforce of Courage form together in the Quest Status screen. With that done, let's warp to the Tower of the Gods, where Link will present the completed Triforce of Courage to the Goddesses, and the Triforce symbol will now appear on his hand. The King of Red Lions will then say that Link is recognized as a true hero. It's time for us to return under the sea to Hyrule Castle and protect Princess Zelda.

NEXT: Our final return to Hyrule Castle and the first floor of Ganon's Tower.

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