This part will get you through the entire Tower of the Gods.

Inside the Tower of the Gods

First Floor

The first floor has five rooms that we need to travel to by boat, and as we travel and go through these rooms the water level will alternately go up and down even inside the rooms.

The first room we want to go to is located near a pavilion in the southeast corner of the main area. In that room there are some blocks we need to move toward three wall sections that we can blow up with bombs. However, we also have Electric Chuchus moving around in the room that will zap and stun us if we touch them. Our best bet of dealing with them is hitting them with the Boomerang to stun them before striking them with the sword. Get upon one of the boxes when the water level is low so you can still be standing on them when the water level rises, then time a bomb toss into one of the three walls so that it will blow up the wall and not you. Behind one of the walls is a treasure chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

The second room we should visit is one located in the northeast corner of the main area. Outside the room, pick up the Armos statue and place it on the glowing panel near the door, causing metal bars in the front of the door to rise so we can enter. Inside the room there is a pool that constantly fills and empties of water, and at the bottom of the pool there's a glowing panel that we need to put something on. Pick up a small box at the bottom of the pool and place it on the panel, causing a gleaming bridge to appear. However, when the water level rises, the bridge will disappear, only to reappear when the water level lowers. Climb out of the pool, then cross the bridge when it appears and pick up the statue with the cross-shaped base and carry it outside the room to a pavilion where there's a slot to place the statue into. A beam of light will then shine unto the ceiling, and an enormous golden gate will open. Travel past the gate by boat to enter the next room we need to visit.

Outside the room, place the two Armos statues onto the two glowing panels so we can open the door into the room. Inside there is a pool with six big boxes and two small ones. On the side of the pool where the door is there are two lit torches, and on the other side there are two unlit torches. What we want to do is arrange the six big boxes so that when Link gets a stick from one of the two jars and lights it with the torches, he can easily hop across the boxes to the two unlit torches and light them when the water level rises. This part will take a good deal of trial and error to do correctly. When the two unlit torches are lit, a treasure chest will appear that contains a small key. It will also cause some Electric Chuchus to drop into the room, but they're the least of our worries at this point. Just simply exit the room and travel toward the west side of the main area, using the sailboat's cannon to blast away at the walls separating us from the two last rooms on this floor. To get to these last rooms, we'll need to get out of the boat and get across the divider to swim to them.

The next room to visit is in the northwest corner of the main area. Inside the room there's a Fire Bubble that floats around in the room and sets Link on fire if it touches him. Use the Deku Leaf to blow it out of the air before striking it with the sword. A treasure chest in this room will give you the Compass.

Exit the room and light a stick on fire, then wait for the water level to go down so you can light the torches near the door of the last room we need to visit. This will make a treasure chest appear that will give us a Joy Pendant. Unlock the door and go inside the room where you'll be dealing with four Electric Chuchus at the get-go. Defeat all four of them, and a gleaming staircase will appear that we can go up and grab the other cross-based statue and then carry and place it outside in the shaped slot. Another beam of light will shine unto the ceiling, and a tunnel will appear where the water had just stopped pouring out. Sail toward the tunnel and enter it.

In the room that we enter, there's two Armos statues we need to carry over to the other side where there are three glowing panels. However, bringing them over there will not be easy, as there is a Beamos statue that will shoot an energy beam at us if its eye spots us. Your best bet is to carry the Armos statues across to the left of the Beamos instead of to the right, since its eye constantly rotates clockwise. When both statues are on two of the panels, have Link stand on a third. This will cause a series of platforms to move up and down. Time your jumps across the platforms so you can reach the next floor.

Second Floor

There are three statues that we need to get from three areas to bring to this main area that Link enters that has a pavilion in the center on top of some steps.

The First Statue

Go to the door on your right that has the flashing symbol on it. In the next room, there is a single moving platform to ride from one end of the room to the other. Slay the Electric Chuchus in your way first, then ride the platform to the other side and go through the other door into the next room. Climb up the gleaming staircase onto a platform to jump down in front to the pedestal with the first statue on it. A stone tablet will tell us to use the R button to call upon the statue, so do it, and the pedestal will be lowered so that the statue will follow you. Follow the gleaming path as close as you can to the door, then pick up the statue and hop across the gap to the door. (Don't worry -- Link is apparently strong enough to carry a statue like that while leaping across gaps.) While still carrying the statue, leap onto the moving platform in the room we previously crossed through to return to the main area. The statue will then automatically move into place, and a stone tablet will appear under the pavilion with some musical notes inscribed on it. Get out your Wind Waker and copy the notes as they are being played. You've just learned the Command Melody, which will allow you to control statues in the next two areas of this floor as well as two additional characters later on in the game. The statue's glow will fade, and another door will now have a flashing symbol on it.

The Second Statue

Go to the next door that has the flashing symbol on it. In the next room, there is a gap we need to swing across by latching the Grappling Hook onto some posts overhead. Flying around in the middle of the gap are some Fire Bubbles we need to avoid. Use the Deku Leaf on them to knock them down, then swing across the gap to the door on the other side. Past that door is another room with a gap that requires a Grappling Hook swing across. On the other side of that room is the statue on a pedestal. Call out to him to follow you, and the pedestal will lower so that the statue will follow you. There is a glowing panel nearby that Link or the statue can step on in order to make a gleaming bridge appear across the gap, but the instant Link or the statue moves off it, the bridge disappears. So have Link stand on the panel and use the Command Melody to take control of the statue to get it across the bridge first. Then press the R button to switch control back to Link so he can swing his way across the gap and pick up the statue to carry it back into the first room.

Here is where we have a problem: how do we get the statue across the gap in this room to get back to the main area? First have the statue stand on the glowing panel in this room to raise up metal bars in front of a door that's now to our right. Then have Link swing out into the middle of the gap and then turn him to the right so that he swings toward the door we've just unbarred. Go through that door into a room where you'll see a hulking warrior in armor wielding a big sword. This enemy is called the Darknut, and it's a tough enemy to fight because it has all that armor to protect him. However, the Darknut has a weak spot in the back. To reach that weak spot, wait for the moment until you can do a parry attack so Link can swoop around and strike the back. This will cause the armor to fall off him piece by piece. Keep striking his back until he's completely vulnerable to frontal attacks, then finish him off. He will leave behind a multi-colored orb you can break for items which include a Knight's Crest. A treasure chest will also appear which will give us our next useful item -- the Hero's Bow. You are given 30 arrows with the bow to start off, but you can expand the amount of arrows you can carry later on in the game.

So go back into the room with the gap in it where you left the statue. Strike down the Fire Bubbles with the arrow first, then aim for the eye switch across from you and hit it. This will cause two moving platforms to appear which will allow you to carry the statue across to the other side. Swing back to the side of the room where you left the statue, then pick it up and carry it across using the moving platforms into the main area. The statue will then move into place until its glow fades, and a third door will now have a flashing symbol on it.

The Third Statue

Go to the last door in this area that has the flashing symbol on it. In the next room, there are two platforms hanging on chains over a pool of water below us. First leap down into the pool and go to the door on your right. This will take you into a room full of moving platforms to jump onto. Watch the movement of the platforms and time your jumps across them carefully. There are some platforms with eye switches on them that we need to hit with the arrows to get them to move. Watch out for the Fire Bubbles flying around in the room and hit them with your arrows. On a ledge near a wall there's a treasure chest that contains the small key. Keep riding the platforms until you are high enough to aim for an eye switch that's above the door you entered this room through. Hit it, and it will cause another treasure chest to appear on another ledge that will give you a Joy Pendant. From there, glide back down to the door with the Deku Leaf and then exit.

Back in the room with the pool, climb up the ladder to the ledge near the door that leads back into the main area, then grab an Armos statue and place it on the platform that's near a wall we can bomb. The platform will then sink as the other one is raised up. Drop down to that platform, slaying the Keese that will bother you along the way, then time a bomb toss so that it explodes near that wall. Behind the wall is a door that leads into a room with two large Armos statues in it. First stand on what is called the Wind Mark and play the Wind's Requiem with the Wind Waker to make a treasure chest appear on the Triforce symbol. However, it will also cause the Armos statues to come to life and chase Link around the room. To dispose of them, toss a bomb in front of them when they stop and open their mouths. They will spin around the room a few times before they explode. Open the treasure chest to get a Treasure Chart.

Go back into the room with the pool and this time toss two Armos statues onto one of the platforms. This will raise the other platform high enough so you can leap across to the ledge on the other side of the room. Unlock the door and go through it into another room there's a statue on a pedestal that's behind a force field that will burn us if we touch it. Climb up onto the block in the center of the room, then glide down over the force field with the Deku Leaf until you're in front of the pedestal to summon that statue to follow you. To get Link safely out of here, use the Command Melody to control the statue to have him stand on the glowing panel past the force field so that the field will be deactivated. Then resume control as Link to pick up the statue and leave the room with it.

When you return to the room with the pool, drop the statue and get ready to deal with a new enemy called the Wizzrobe, which will randomly appear long enough to hurl fireballs at you before disppearing. Aim for the Wizzrobe when it appears with your arrows to hit it twice in order to destroy it. Then go back over to the ledge near the door to the main area and toss all the Armos statues onto one of the platforms to weigh it down so that you can carry the statue across the raised platform without it sinking on you.

When you're back in the main area, the statue will move into place until its glow fades, and suddenly all three statues will shoot out beams of light, causing a glittering beam of light to appear under the pavilion. Go up the steps to where that beam of light is and enter it.

Third Floor

We need to get to the treasure chest that's behind the force field, so carry the two Armos statues to the glowing panels on the floor, making sure you watch out for the Beamoses on either side. With the Armos statues on two of the panels, have Link stand on the third panel. Now he can open the treasure chest that contains the Big Key. Immediately after he gets it, though, the two Armos statues will come to life and chase him around. Use the arrows to fire into the center holes of the statues to stun them, then hit the red jewel in their backs with the sword. When both of them explode, we can now leave the room.

Past the other door is a staircase that will take us up to the chamber of the dungeon boss. Along the way there are some Beamos statues that will fire at us. You can take out the ones with the blue orbs by targeting them with arrows, but the ones with red orbs simply must be avoided. Also along the same route there are Kargarocs that will harass you. You can either slay them or just avoid them.

Tower of the Gods Boss: Gohdan



As Link steps into the chamber, a voice from the tower tells him to accept the final challenge. He sees that a giant mechanical head and two hands have come to life, emerging from the wall. This is the dungeon boss Gohdan, whose main form of attack is through its hands, trying to sweep Link off into the electrified gutter surrounding the arena or to crush him. If Link falls into the gutter, he must quickly pull himself out or take heart damage.

Our first focus of attack is to hit each of Gohdan's hands in their eyes with the arrows, which will shut the hands down, then take out each of the eyes of its face. During that part, Gohdan's face will let out a rapid-fire burst of energy shots that we need to avoid. When both of the face's eyes are hit, it will go briefly lifeless and open its mouth. Throw a bomb into its mouth to hurt it. Then the face and hands will come back to life again. Repeat the same strategy of attack two times. If Link runs out of arrows during the battle, Gohdan will spit out more for him to collect. After three successful strikes, Gohdan will then be deactivated, and a voice will tell Link "what will now come to pass will be tied to your fate -- the path that you have chosen" and warns him to proceed with caution. It will also spit out a Heart Container as Link dances in victory.

You've just completed the Tower of the Gods. Now step into the beam of light to leave this dungeon.

NEXT: Getting the Master Sword.

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