Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Pirate Ship

Now once who regain control of your character, head down to the ship's hold. At the bottom, you'll find Niko, who welcomes you aboard the ship. He'll task you with a challenge: To go from one side of the hold to the other. Sound easy doesn't it. Well that's where Niko comes in. You have to press the switch that makes the platforms on the floor go up, then jump from platform to platform, but wait, there's STILL more. You can jump onto the first platform, with ease, but to jump to the other platforms, you have to swing on ropes, but wait, there's STILL more. There's also a time limit on how long the platforms stay up. If you take too long, you have to try again, if you fall down or mess up, turn on the switch again. From where you entered, the switch that deactivates the platforms is on the left. The one that activates is on the right. Niko will give you an explanation of the controls, so it shouldn't be too hard. Once you got to the other side before the time limit, Niko will be stunned and will reward you with a treasure chest. Inside, you get the Spoils Bag!
Spoils Bag

You got the Spoils Bag! Overworld Chest #3.

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