The Climb Continues

Kargaroc Artwork (The Wind Waker)

Kargarocs are generally only good for knocking travelers off ledges and out of boats.

Back in the central chamber of Dragon Roost Cavern, we're to the right of where we first entered this place originally. There's a boulder on your left that must be destroyed in order to return to where you started. A couple of Bomb Flowers are growing on the wall next to it. To set them off, toss nearby pots and rocks at them. Aim well, and the boulder will be out of the way in no time. Then you can go to that locked door straight ahead. With the Small Key you found, you can now see what lies beyond. This next room is a hallway with a few more Red ChuChus to fight, and there are a couple of wooden barriers as well. The weak one has a Blue Bokoblin wielding a Boko Stick behind it, and the strong one has a floor switch behind it. Defeat the Blue Bokoblin and set its Boko Stick on fire. Bring this fire to the strong barrier and burn it away, giving access to the floor switch. Step on the floor switch and the nearby barred door will open, letting you into an outdoors area on the side of the mountain. Be careful not to fall here! There's a bridge to your right, with a Blue Bokoblin guarding it. An easy way to pass it is to lift one of the jars by the side of the door and toss it into the enemy's face when you draw near. Climb the ladder here, but be sure to let the fire geyser on the side of the wall spew its fire first before you pass the burnt midsection of the ladder. Otherwise, you could get burnt on your way up. At the top, there's a new enemy- the Kargaroc. You saw a pair of these birds drop some Blue Bokoblins on you way back at Outset Island, remember? These underlings of Ganon's monster bird are very weak and easy, taking just two hits to defeat. Still, they will sometimes fly just slightly out of reach, so let them swoop down to bite. Sidestep that attack, and then attack them in turn. In addition, you could just lob a rock or a pot at them. Often, a Kargoroc will drop a Golden Feather upon defeat, an item for your Spoils Bag. Around here, there should be a spot where you can sidle across to a ledge with a large boulder on it. Once again, let the fire geyser on the side of the wall spew its fire first before you sidle across the middle. By now, you probably know what has to be done to get rid of the boulder. There's a new kind of sidle area to the left of the big rock. You have to hold onto it with your hands and sidle across further to the left. On this next platform, climb up and pluck the Bomb Fruit from the Bomb Flower. Time your throw correctly, and toss the explosive fruit down to that boulder, clearing the way and revealing... another door.
Golden Feather

Try and collect 20 Golden Feathers before you leave the cavern.

This room is sort of like the very first room of Dragon Roost Cavern- there's a wall made out of moveable blocks right in front of you. However, don't just pull them all at once. Instead, pull the middle one out by one step, and do the same for one on the side. Then, walk behind them and crawl to find a hidden path. There are a few Rupees back there. Once that's done, feel free to pull the bottom row out from underneath. For the next row, do the same thing that you did to the bottom row to find a hidden passage. There's another hidden passage with Rupees up here behind the second row, so crawl down into the tunnel and get them. Now, climb to the top and go through the opening. There are a few Rats in this room, annoying enemies that strike to steal Rupees. They are hard to hit, but they take only one hit to defeat. If you want, you can also spread some All-Purpose Bait by the small rat hole in the wall to find a Rat who sells various things, like All-Purpose Bait, Hyoi Pears, and sometimes even Red Potions and Blue Potions. To get past this room, you must pull out the block in the side of the wall. Climb up there and open the treasure chest to get the Compass. Next, break the pot here to get some Boko Sticks. Set one on fire using the torch here, then throw it across the ledge to the strong barrier to burn it off. Now jump down and climb up the ladder to where the strong barrier used to be. Open the treasure chest here to get another Small Key. Use it to open the locked door near the treasure chest where you got the Compass. You'll be back outside. This is a very simple area. Just hop up the stairs and then run to the Kargaroc's nest. Knock it out of the way to get the Small Key it was guarding. Use this to open the locked door and go back inside.

Close Combat


Valoo can be seen from the summit area of the dungeon.

This hallway may be small, but it sure is dark. To help see better, break one of the pots here to get a Boko Stick and light it on fire using the nearby torch. Use this to light the way forwards. There are a few Keese to bash around here, and fortunately the Boko Stick has a wider sweep than your Hero's Sword, even if it does take longer to swing. Light the torch in the center of the small room here to see better. Also, open the treasure chest in the alcove to get a Joy Pendant. Once you have it, pick up your lit Boko Stick again and go into the last section of the hallway. Light the two torches here to get the door to open up. Head on into the next room. You might not recognize the area immediately, but you're on the second floor of the dungeon's central chamber. Check your dungeon map to have a look. Be sure to pluck the Bomb Fruit from the Bomb Flower here. Use it to blast the boulder off the strange jar to your left. This is a Warp Jar. If you fall into a Warp Jar, it'll take you to one of its counterparts throughout the dungeon. This particular Warp Jar will bring you back to the second room of the dungeon that had the pair of Blue Bokoblins holding torches, and there's another Warp Jar there that'll bring you back here. It's convenient if you need to backtrack to something in the dungeon. Cross the bridge here and head into the next room. This room is a Blue Bokoblin house of sorts. You need to defeat all three of them for the door to open, but a few of them are in hiding. One of them is hiding in the big collection of pots lined up near the wall, and the other is inside a pot on top of a shelf near the door where you start. Roll into the wall and the shelf will give out, breaking the pot and exposing the enemy. In addition to defeating the Blue Bokoblins, use one of their Boko Sticks and get some fire from the lit torch in this room. Use it to light the unlit torch next to it, revealing a treasure chest which contains
Water Pot

It'll be easier to bring across the water jug if you kill the Magtail first.

Treasure Chart #39 (4/41)! Before moving on to the next room, climb up the ladder and roll into the shelf up here. One of the pots should contain a Joy Pendant.
Grappling Hook (The Wind Waker)

The Grappling Hook was used by the Rito before they got their wings.

Open the door up here when you're ready. This next room requires precision. Otherwise, it can take a toll on your hearts. The new enemy here, the Magtail, is positioned in a very dangerous spot on a small platform in the middle of the lava pool. Its body takes up most of the space on that platform, and touching it will cause you to burn. In addition, it is only vulnerable when it opens its pincers to strike at you. That's your chance to attack. Unfortunately for you, attacking the Magtail results in knocking it back into the lava, where it will just crawl up again to annoy you. In order to kill it, you'll have to use the parry attack on it before it bites you. Be sure to position yourself with plenty of platform space behind you when you parry, because after landing the attack, you'll do a backflip off the enemy. You half to make sure you're not backflipping into the lava. Once you've killed the Magtail, be very careful to not fall in the lava or you'll be forced to repeat the process. Grab a water jug from the back of the room, then jump with it to the small platform. From here, throw it into the bubbling lava area ahead. This bubbling lava will open up into a fire geyser at times. Once the magma platform is made, hop onto it and ride the fire geyser to the top. Hop up to the next platform and open the door. In here, you can pluck a Bomb Fruit from the Bomb Flower that grows near the door. Use it to destroy the big boulders here. One opens up the final Warp Jar of the dungeon which leads to the other two Warp Jars, and the other leads to another door. Go through it and you'll be outside again. Run up the stairs quickly, because they collapse behind you. At the summit, go into the small arena. A gate will shut behind you. Medli's up here, but she's in a prison cell being guarded by two Green Bokoblins! Time for a miniboss battle! These two are pretty easy to deal with, especially if you use the parry. But after you beat them, a Kargaroc flies overhead and drops in a tougher enemy... a Blue Moblin. This foe can hold its own with a long spear used for sending opponents flying. You'll take a lot of damage if this happens, and with your low health this enemy can be dangerous. The parry is useful for its long side sweep and overhead swing, but sometimes it'll fake you out with short jabs with the spear. Use your Hero's Shield to cancel these attacks out. If you knock its weapon out of its hands, it will switch to hand-to-hand combat combos, ending with a big punch. These attacks can be dangerous as well. The final attack that it has is when it recovers it spear. If you're standing near it when it picks up its spear, it will do a very quick swing attack which is tough to avoid. If you take damage, immediately recover your health by breaking pots for hearts around the arena. About a dozen hits should do it in. As a reward, Medli hands you the Grappling Hook. She found out that Valoo is angry because some monster is doing terrible things to its tail. With this new item, you should be able to proceed further into Dragon Roost Cavern and do something about it.

Grappling With Evil

Link Wind Waker 11

The Spin Attack is useful for hitting multiple targets at once, such as ropes.

The new item, the Grappling Hook, functions a lot like swinging on lanterns back in the Pirate Ship and Forsaken Fortress. First, take it out and then attach it to any pole that it can lock onto. Then you'll be able to use your old lantern-swinging technique. Because it's made from a long rope, you have a lot more space to go up or down, and you can even climb on top of the pole if you want to. If you lock on to an enemy with L-targeting and use your Grappling Hook, you can hit small enemies like Keese and kill them instantly, and for most other enemies you can steal items like Rupees, hearts, items that go into your Spoils Bag, and more. It has a few other functions that you can try out at sea. Well, let's start getting used to our new Grappling Hook. Start by following Medli up the stairs to the ledge. From here, there's a Grappling Hook pole. Swing across the poles ahead and break the weak barrier and you'll be by the door where you started this outside section. Look to your left to find another pole. Swing across the poles on this path and you'll find a new door. Head through it and you'll be back inside. There are a few Blue Bokoblins in this room- one is on the bridge, and another is inside a pot past the bridge. You can grapple them to get one Joy Pendant each, a strategy you'll want to do for nearly every Blue Bokoblin you encounter from this point on. Although the area cross the bridge is a dead end, the real path is directly under the bridge. The safest way to get there without burning in the lava below is by Using a Spin Attack on each pair of ropes, causing the bridge to collapse from underneath. You'll land on a strip of land in the middle of the lava. If you defeated both of the Blue Bokoblins, there will be a treasure chest here with another Joy Pendant. There's also a door, so go through it. This is pretty much the top of the dungeon's central chamber. Over here, there are a few steps leading up to a strange cage of sorts. In this cage, the floor is held in place by three ropes. You must stand in the center and cut all three with a Spin Attack to make the cage floor fall straight into the lava as opposed to tipping to the side and dropping you down instead without a safe landing.
Big Key Artwork (The Wind Waker)

The Big Key... it almost looks like a monster itself.

With the floor released, it becomes like an elevator because of the huge fire jet that occasionally pushes it up to the top. Ride the platform to the bottom, and jump into the passageway in the wall. Hop across the platforms here and climb the ladder up to an area where there's a barred door inside a stone dragon head. To release it, use your grappling hook on the pole located where the dragon head is staring. It's attached to a pressure switch which will release the bars on the door. Swing back to the dragon head and enter the door, ignoring the Keese. This new room is a fiery hallway. There's something extra you can do here if you have been using the Tingle Tuner. From where you entered the room, there is an empty alcove immediately across from you. Use a Tingle Bomb there and a treasure chest will appear. Swing across with your Grappling Hook and open it up to get the Dragon Tingle Statue, a secret item. After that, return to the previous pole you swung across. Change your direction and lower yourself down so you can swing to the open platform on the side. After that, just hop across the next platforms and swing across the poles you encounter. Open the door and you'll be in a dead-end room of fire and magma. There's a floor switch here which will shut off the fire vents around the treasure chest, but it needs something to weight it down. To do that, lure out one of the Magtails away from the lava (the room will only hold one at a time) and hit it in its eye with two normal attacks or a more powerful move like a jump attack or Spin Attack. Don't parry, because that will kill it instantly. The other attacks will make it curl into a defensive position. At that point, you should pick it up and place it on the floor switch. Open the treasure chest before it recovers to get the Big Key, which opens the door to the room where the dungeon's boss lurks!

Item Grinding

Knight's Crest

What could be gained from collecting 10 Knight's Crests?

Bottled Fairy (The Wind Waker)

Catch a Fairy in a bottle for a second chance during battle.

To find this room, go back the way you came to the room with the final Warp Jar. But beware: now that you have the Big Key in your possession, the rooms ahead will have some new enemies in them: Fire Keese. These are bats seemingly made from fire which are both irritating and somewhat disturbing. Don't risk hopping around at them with your sword when there's so much magma around. Instead, knock them out with your Grappling Hook. Once you make it back to the room with the final Warp Jar, hop inside it and return to the room with the first Warp Jar. From there, go back to the central chamber and then take a left through the door. In this room you've visited before, defeat the Blue Bokoblin, take its Boko Stick and set it on fire. Then look around in this room for an area with a lava pit. Swing across on your Grappling Hook using the pole and destroy the weak barrier to find a treasure chest. Open it and take Treasure Chart #11 (5/41)! Next, you might want to consider returning to the room with the first Warp Jar. Grapple Joy Pendants off the two Blue Bokoblins and then leave through the door. Come back and you can take Joy Pendants off them again. I recommend doing this until you have 40 of them. As one final preparation, go back to the outdoors area with the single Kargaroc that guarded a Small Key. You can grapple a Golden Feather off it, then go through the door. Go back out and repeat the process until you have 20 Golden Feathers. These two instances are very repetitive, but collecting these items early on will help you. After these preparations have been made, return to the room with the final Warp Jar. Swing across the lava using the Grappling Hook, then kill the Magtail. Open the two treasure chests to find both a Yellow Rupee and a Knight's Crest, which you definitely want. You should do your best to find 10 of them on your journey. Although the big locked door is ahead, you should break the pots here and try and catch a Fairy in your Empty Bottle. If you fall in battle, you can get back some hearts and continue the fight if you've got a Fairy in a bottle. You can also select and use it manually as well. This could be helpful in the cavern's final chamber. If you've done everything there is to do in this dungeon, go up and open that big door.

Bio-Armor Bashing

Gohma The Wind Waker

You'll have to break Gohma's bio-armor to effectively attack its obvious weak point.

The big door shuts behind you. In this massive room, you might notice a few oddities such as platforms stationed high above, as well as Valoo's tail hanging down from a hole in the ceiling. But before you can get too comfortable with your surroundings, Gohma (a behemoth Magtail and the first boss) erupts from the center of the lava lake. Obviously, the eye is its soft spot, but there seems to be no way of hitting it. In truth, you'll want to instead focus on targeting Valoo's tail with your Grappling Hook. To get a good shot at the tail, you'll have to avoid Gohma's slamming claw attacks by rolling, preferably not into the lava. If you just try to get Valoo's tail from the get-go, unless you have precise aim you'll be met with a short scratch by Gohma to send you back. One attack you definitely want to avoid is when it slams down its two claws at once. In this combo attack, it will bend down and snap at you to damage you- then it'll follow that attack up with a big blast of fire! If you do get stuck in between those claws, don't sit around! Roll out from underneath the gaps in the claws, or crawl underneath. Once you finally grab hold of Valoo's tail with your Grappling Hook, swing up and over Gohma. Once you let go, Valoo will thrash around from above, and a sheet of bedrock from the ceiling will smash down hard on Gohma's bio-armor, fracturing it. Afterwards, it will emerge from the lava and reattach the bedrock sheet to the cavern roof. Be careful- when it rises up, many small magma shots will fly around the arena, and it does a second wave of magma shots soon after.
Din's Pearl

Din's Pearl, supposedly handed down from a Goddess.

To avoid these annoying attacks, try to swing across to one of the raised platforms. It's easy to avoid attacks up here, and if you consistently land on platforms it'll be easier to swing across on Valoo's tail. The only thing you have to worry about while swinging or while on a platform is that Gohma will breathe fire on you if you wait for too long- this also can burn and destroy your platforms. If you ever start taking a lot of damage, try breaking the pots found around on the floor and the platform for extra hearts. Smash three layers of bedrock on Gohma, and at last the armor will shatter. Now,you've got to attack that eye! Go down to ground level to fight it more easily. You can L-target and grapple the eye to bring it to you where you can easily attack with your sword. However, it's arguably more fun to let Gohma go down and try its "combo attack" on you- then interrupt its combo with a few sword strikes and Grappling Hook swings in return! The eye is very sensitive, so it shouldn't take long to defeat at this point. After the colossal beast turns to ash, you'll get a Heart Container for your efforts! This raises your life gauge by one entire heart! Now you have 5 Hearts! A worthwhile reward for all the trouble you've been through. Well, when you're ready, step into the circle of wind to teleport outside to the palm tree-dotted area outside the Mail Center, where Medli and a stronger Komali hand you Din's Pearl, the treasure you've been searching so hard for. Although it might seem like your business on this island is done, don't be so sure. If you found 20 Golden Feathers, you'll want to return to the Mail Center. Talk to the various Ritos who guard the doors. One of them will ask for Golden Feathers for his girlfriend. If you hand over those 20, he'll hand you an Orange Rupee in return! However, this will also trigger a future reward. Even if you can't hold the Rupees he gives you, the true reward will come later on. Now, do as the King of Red Lions tells you and set the south using the Wind's Requiem. Climb aboard and get sailing towards your next destination!

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