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J-man Zelda Fan's walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Part Two "Fun with Fire and Falling Rocks" (Mt. Crenel's Base, Mt. Crenel, Cave of Flames)

Moving On

Continuing right along, folks! Before going to see the elder, let's make another Heart Container! Go back outside to the Village and turn right. On the right, you should see a dock running up parallel to the Shrine. Walk onto that and at the end, turn right. Walk all the way to the end of the pier and pick up a fourth Piece of Heart! Now we have five Heart Containers, so make your way back to Gentari. The elder will tell you about Melari at Mount Crenel, and instructs you to go there to reforge the sword and get the next element. So, exit to the left. On the outside and after you've gone through the log, go in the little mushroom house. Talk to the Minish inside and he will give you the Bomb Bag! It's about to get dangerous, kids.

Grow back to Hylian size and follow the path out of there. Right before the bridge out of the Woods, however, there is a strange looking stone. We'll be able to use these later, but for now check it out to make it explode and leave a bare patch with a symbol on it. After that's done, continue on your way. Blow up some rocks with your Bombs and then you can either use the red mushroom at the next area to jump across the chasm and go that way, or just go up and then eventually left. On your way, blow open the cave that you will pass. Go inside and open the chest to receive some more Mysterious Shells. Exit the cave and make your way up the stairs. Either kill the Peahats by stunning them with the Gust Jar and then using the sword, or avoid them and go all the way back to Hyrule Town, which is no longer in the midst of the Picori Festival.

Hurdy-Gurdy Man

When you enter the village, a scene will play out in which the Hurdy-Gurdy Man and his admirers will come and talk and inform you about Kinstones. These things only come in halfs, and you must find the person with a matching half. Fuse two together and "something good might happen!" Basically, these little medallions will be a huge part of your quest from here on out. The Hurdy-Gurdy Man will give a free Kinstone Bag and teach you how to fuse. And what do ya know? You're in luck. If you fuse with the Hurdy-Gurdy Man, a tree covered in vines in South Hyrule Field will be transformed and the vines blocking the entrance to the tree will disappear. Let's go see what's in the tree, shall we? The tree is in the bottom right of the field. You can check where it is via the icon on your map. Make your way down there and go in to find another Piece of Heart! Head back towards Hyrule town, and on your way, next to your house, you should find another one of those stones. Make it explode to reveal another symbol.

The Spin Attack

Next, we have to learn the classic ability, the Spin Attack. Go back to Hyrule Town and go west until you get to the river. Go down and go in the house with a chick on top. Inside you will find Swiftblade, one of the Blade Brothers. Talk to him and he, in his most special way, will bestow upon you the power of the Spin Attack. Now all you have to do is hold down the button your sword is assigned to until it's charged up, then release it to unleash a Spin Attack. Now we need to make our way to Mt. Crenel.

Mount Crenel

Mount Crenel

Looks intimidating.

"Oh, don't tell me you've forgotten already! What is WRONG with you? The Minish elder told us to see Melari up on Mount Crenel."
— Ezlo (what a jerk)

Before heading to the mountain, though, let's uncover another one of those symbols. Go all the way to the the entrance to North Hyrule Field (a soldier blocks your way into the area) and turn right to find your next symbol in the corner. Now, we can make our way to Mount Crenel. Make your way through the center of the village to the bell and then turn left and go across the bridge. When you get to the west exit, talk to the soldier who blocks the exit. He will ask you to show him your Spin Attack, so show it to him and he'll let you pass into the Trilby Highlands. Go left and go down the ladder that you see there. At the foot of the ladder, bomb the wall to your right. Go in the cave to encounter another Business Scrub. Reflect his seed back at him with your shield and talk to him to buy his bottle for 20 Rupees.

Mount Crenel's Base

Exit, go back up the ladder, and walk up screen to the next area. Here, keep bearing a left until you enter Mount Crenel's Base. Go over to the tall vine on the left and climb up to get a red rupee. After you've done that, walk to the edge of the pool of water, equip your bottle, and press the button to put some water in you bottle. Go to the blue-seed vine that hasn't grown yet and sprinkle water on it to make it grow! Climb up to the next area. Travel left and you can bomb a wall to uncover a Fairy Fountain and three blue rupees. Exit and continue on your way south. Avoid the spiky balls, or suck them up with the Gust Jar, and then go right. You will find that there is a sign next to the wall....

"Beware crumbling walls! Blasting strictly prohibited."
— Sign that we will rudely ignore

Exactly, so the obvious solution is to blast away at the wall. Sure enough, an opening will be uncovered. Go in and either kill or walk past the Red ChuChus and climb up the ladder. Up on top, you will find a rock which is in fact another Minish Portal. Jump on top and shrink. After the cutscene (which by the way we can skip from now on by pressing R) walk to the right towards the green stuff. In this area, walk all the way up past the Mulldozers and up to the pool of green stuff. This stuff is in fact Mt. Crenel Mineral Water that you can put in your bottle. We will need this later, so get some and exit the area.

Now, go back down to where you first entered the bombed-out cavern and travel left. Over here, you'll find another bombable wall, so bomb it and enter the cavern. Pull back the red mushroom and launch yourself to the other side. In this next room, to defeat Helmasaurs, suck the helmet in front off with the Gust Jar, and then they are easy to defeat with the sword. Go to the other side of this room and outside. Out here, Ezlo will mention something about the little whirlwind thing. In fact, you can use Ezlo to jump into this updraft and glide over to the opposite ledge. Jump off into the updraft and immediately go left. Hit the other updraft so you have enough height to get on the other ledge.

Helmasaur (The Minish Cap)

The Helmasaur looks happy...?

Now on the other side, walk all the way left past the little rope ladder and then continue north until you come to a seemingly dead end. But is it? Bomb it! Bomb it I say! Inside, bomb the purple blocks out of the way to get a Piece of Heart, rupees, and a Kinstone piece. If you happen to not have enough bombs, you can buy some from a Scrub in a cave whose entrance is near the two updrafts (though it's down a level). Now, backtrack to that small rope ladder that you just passed on your way to Heart Piece. Go up and past the area with the green seed things (we'll deal with those in a minute). First, use your Gust Jar to suck all of the spiky balls away, and you should uncover a small hole. Then, go down to the area surrounded by dead trees and suck those spiky things away to reveal a Minish Portal. Shrink down to size and walk to the small hole in the ground. Drop down to a Mountain Minish's home and open the chest there to get a Kinstone piece. If you talk to the Minish, he'll tell about the melted ChuChu...ahem...I mean Mt. Crenel Mineral Water that we were already smart enough to get earlier! So climb out of the guy's home, but before moving on, however, head to the far right and climb up the small brown vine you see there to enter a miniscule cave. Follow the path and destroy the enemies and move on. Avoid the spikes and open the chest to get another Kinstone piece.

Now back outside, head to the area with the big green seed. This area is in fact a small Minish canyon. At the end is a special seed that will only grow with Mt. Crenel Mineral Water. So pick it up (Link is so strong) and carry it out. Walk right and then up to the hole you see there against the wall and throw the seed into it. Now, head back to the Minish Portal and grow back to full size. Go to the seed, equip your bottle of Mineral Water, and press the button while standing next to the seed to sprinkle it on. Climb the new vine to enter Mount Crenel!

Mt. Crenel

First, let's grab another Piece of Heart. So, climb up the rope ladder and walk forward until you see a large wall with boulders falling down and a sign. Bomb the section of wall on the right side of the sign to reveal a cave. Walk in to a Fairy Fountain and a Piece of Heart! Now, walk to the right until you come to a small narrow bridge going north spanning a chasm. Walk across the bridge and bomb the section of wall and enter the cave. Kill the ChuChus and open the chest in here for some treasure, then walk up the stairs to the next room. In this room, Spiny ChuChus will turn into a spiky ball when they are near you, so dodge. When they turn back to normal, slash them quickly two times with the sword to kill them. Walk to the purple blocks and bomb the cracked ones. Then, push the right block up and then the one right next to that up also to clear a way into the next area.

Out here, fly from the ledge to the one to the left of you. Once there, climb up the rope ladder and once up on the next level, head right. You will come to a bombable wall, so bomb it and enter. Another Business Scrub can be found inside. Perform the seed reflection and then buy his Grip Ring for 40 Rupees. (Don't you hate it when required items cost money?) Now that you have the Grip Ring, head back down that rope ladder that you climbed up right after flying from ledge to ledge. Head left and then jump down from the ledge and then head left back to the area with the wall with falling rocks. Yes, now we have to climb this wall. So head up while avoiding the rocks. Link moves faster going sideways so move that way if you need to dodge. When you reach the large open area of the wall, head all the way right as far as you can go. Now, climb down onto the little outcropping. There is a sign there...

"No bomb throwing!"
— Yet another sign we will ignore

You guessed it. Bomb the wall next to the sign. Walk up to the pool and throw a bomb in (pick it up with R). The Great Mayfly Fairy will appear and ask you if you threw the silver bomb or the golden bomb into the spring. Answer "neither" and she will reward you with a larger bomb bag! Now you can carry 30 bombs! Exit the cave and start climbing directly up, avoiding boulders on your way. Now, head left and down the rope ladder. Go in the cave to meet the Crenel Hermit. This guy gives lowsy advice, but at least you can fuse Kinstones with him. If you have the right piece, fuse and watch as something good happens! Now head back up the ladder. When you get all the way to the top, head right. Pull the mushroom all the way back and launch to a new area.

In this very rainy area, shrink to Minish size and head down to another Minish-canyon-path-thing. In here, you have to make your way across while dodging large raindrops. Just walk and role forward if you find yourself under one, and stop short to allow ones in your way to hit. On the other side, grow back to full size and push the small boulder next to the hole into the hole. Now, go to the right corner with the lone boulder and push it the following directions: left, up, up, left, up, up, left 4x, down, left 10x, up 5x, right. Now that that's in the hole, push the remaining boulder out of your way and go down the ladder.

In this room, avoid the Helmasaurs and go down and left. Move the top purple block in front of you to the left. Head down and left and push that block out of the way. Next, you'll see two blocks side by side. Push the one closest to you left and then the other one up. Now go down to the block directly below you and push it down. Now, walk over to the next set of blocks side by side. Push the bottom one right and the top one up. Now at the set of four blocks, push the one on the right over, then push the far left one down; push the one on the right down, then the last one left. Exit the room and on the outside walk to the right to the next room. Here, walk in front of the mushroom and suck up the pots on the opposite side of the chasm. Then, use the mushroom to get to the other side.


In this room, stand on the uncompleted bridge and throw a bomb across to hit the switch and create the bridge. Move on and exit the room. In the next room, push the boulder down, left 2x, down 2x, left 3x, up, left, up, left. Push the statue out of your way and continue. To get to the treasure chest in the next room, push the very bottom block left and the one next to that up. Then walk forward and push the block you come to left. Open the chest to get a Kinstone piece, and exit the room. We're almost to the next dungeon! Shrink down and follow the little Minish path to enter Melari's Mines. Follow the path down to the center of the mine and speak with Melari. He'll take the broken Picori Blade and start working on it; you head out to the next dungeon. On the outside, become full size again and check the stone to reveal another crest. Walk up the stairs and enter the Cave of Flames.

Cave of Flames

"This isn't time to idle about, you lazy boy! We have to go search for the elements while Melari works on that sword!"
— Ezlo is a great assistant, isn't he?
Cave of Flames

One heck of a dungeon.

Let's get going in one of my favorite dungeons in the game. First, head right. In this room, either use your own bombs or get lucky with one of the Bob-ombs (hit them with the sword to set them off) to blow up the rock wall. In the next room, use your shield when the Spiked Beetles come at you. When they hit your shield, they will flip over. Once they flip over, one sword strike will dispatch them. When both are defeated, open the chest to get the Compass! Leave through the new open door. In this room, feel free to get some rupees, but be careful. One of them is really a Rupee Like. Move around a lot and press the sword button to escape if he gets you. Head down the stairs and then head left. Keep going left and up the stairs, then go up and walk around and go down, then make a right. Follow the tracks through the open door. Hop in the Mine Cart, and boy is it a wild ride! You now have to endure Link's screams on each ride. After acting all big and bad, Ezlo is reduced to a blubbering idiot after the ride.

"Sweet jumping jellyfish, that was awful! Hey, kid, what are you smiling about? I knew it was madness to risk our lives in that rickety human contraption! From now on, let's just stick to our feet! Well, I mean...your feet."
— Yeah, fat chance of that happening

After your wild ride, continue left. If you're skilled enough, use a Bob-omb to blow up the wall, or just use your own bombs, which you have plenty of. Kill all of the Helmasaurs in this room to make a Minish Portal appear! Shrink down, and up on the right wall, you will see a small opening with an arrow. Go in there and just keep walking right. Whenever you see another hole marked with an arrow, head that way. Soon you'll get to a hazy room, so head left here. Then go down and hop off the little opening. Walk around the flames and grow back to regular size. Walk up the stairs and open the big chest to get...the Dungeon Map! Now we want to go down and across the lava. Careful. These dried lava platforms don't last long when you step on them. Walk at a steady pace off to the area with a small treasure chest. Open it to get a Kinstone piece, then walk down and step on the button to open the door to the next area. Walk back across the lava and head down. Walk on the dried lava platform and quickly pick up a pot and get on solid ground before it falls. Head down then left and go through the open door.


Step on the platform as it comes to you. Get off as soon as you can on the other side so you don't fall in. Here, Rollobites infest the ground. One swipe of the sword and they roll up in a ball like pill bugs. So, do just that and pick one up and throw him in the hole in front of the treasure chest. Open it for 50 rupees, and then get another Rollobite and throw it in the hole in front of the pots. Pick up the pots and go up the stairs. Up here, walk to the updraft and get ready to glide with Ezlo again. Jump off and glide down screen. When you hit the second updraft, however, swivel around so your traveling up screen around the rocks to another patch of ground. You should just barely make it. Go up the stairs and step on the switch to open the door, then push the block up. Now, push the treasure chest to the hole over by the door. The purple thing will drop in the hole and you can now open the chest to get a Small Key! Go into the next room.

Now we want to head right and take the Mine Cart back to where we first found it. As you may have saw before, there is a locked door in this area. Go through and then walk across the cart tracks. Here, you'll see a switch. Hit it with your sword to change the direction of the cart tracks! Now we can go back to the Mine Cart and ride it to a whole new area! When you get to the new room, follow the doors until you get to a room with two Blade Traps on opposite ends and a hole right in front of you. Walk forward and drop into the hole, and the Blade Traps will pass without harming you right over your head! Jump out of the hole and go right, walking on the cart tracks. When you get across the lava pit, go down and bomb the wall you see there. Enter the room and pick up a Piece of Heart to complete a new Heart Container!

Spiny ChuChu

Go back to the other room and head through the open doorway. Drop down to battle a bunch of Spiny ChuChus! Don't worry, you know what to do. Dodge them when they are spiky, then quickly slash as they turn back to normal (random button-mashing will probably work too). Once all are defeated, open the chest to get the Cane of Pacci! Head through the doorway. In here, there are two lava platforms, but the second is upside down! Not to worry, that's what your new Cane is for. Walk onto the first platform and quickly fire your Cane of Pacci to turn over the second so you can walk to the other side! On the other side, walk to the hole and Ezlo will relate what may be his first piece of useful advice:

Cane of Pacci

Lollipop, lollipop!

"Hey, kid! Why don't you take that Cane of Pacci and fire it at that hole? I mean, you never know what'll happen until you try, right?"
— Ezlo's first piece of useful advice

Let's give it a shot. Fire your Cane in the hole, and then get in the hole. Link will spin around rapidly and then be launched into the air onto the ledge above! Thank's Ezlo! Step on the switch to reveal a blue warp and open the door. You'll find yourself back in the Blade Trap room, so avoid the traps on your way in. Now, turn over that Mine Cart with your Cane and take a ride. Here, pull the chest on the purple thing into the hole and open it to get a Small Key! Ride back on the mine cart and back to the room with the blue warp and upside down lava platform, and head through that locked door.

In the next room, walk over to the Minish Portal and shrink, then head to the area with alternating Blade Traps. Here, you'll have to wait right in front of the trap as it goes by, then walk past before it comes back again. There are little spots to wait between each one, so repeat the same process until you make it into the next room. Here, make your way through the block maze to the Portal and grow back to original size. Now on your way back, you'll have to contend with more unfriendly blade things. There are little nooks in the blocks that you can stand in so the blades pass by. So as you make your way, let them pass then quickly go through. When you make it back, turn that cart over and hitch a ride. When you get to the next room, switch the tracks then hop in the cart again. Here, you have to get all four Rollobites into the four holes. Aim for the holes closest to the switch first, then the holes closest to you. When that's done, pull the switch out, then push it to the remaining hole in the top left of the room. Hit it to make the statues go down.

Head over to near the front of the room, and hop down to get a Kinstone piece. Push the block out of the way, then use the Cane of Pacci to launch up to another Kinstone piece. Move on to the next room. Here, first you need to flip over the platform as it moves up to the top of its route. Then wait til it comes down, then walk onto the stationary platform then on to it. As you ride, be ready to flip over the next one. Walk on to that when you get there, then quickly flip over the one coming from your right, and then get on it. Ride it over to solid ground again. Walk up and turn over the next platform, but don't get on it yet. First flip over the pots in the way of your dismount. Now hitch a ride on the platform to the other side. Next, you face a clever puzzle. Turn over the first one. Now when you get on it, quickly flip over the one running parallel to you on the right. This has to be done quickly, or else you'll turn over the one you're about to get on. Get on the next one, and here again, flip over the opposite-parallel one before the next one comes by. Now you have them flipped over, so ride the last two to your destination. Here, go up the stairs and hop down. You can either go right and brave the Blade Traps to get another Kinstone piece, or just use the Cane of Pacci on the hole to launch up and go left. Once on the left, you need to launch up into the updraft, so do so and get on the higher level.

Walk all the way right until you come to another updraft. You need to fly at a southwestern angle to get to the other side. The game will automatically boost you up the extra height. Follow the path back to the large room with the lava. Jump in the updraft and fly south until you get to another safe area with a hole and an updraft. Launch out of the hole and fly left (west) on the updraft. The game will boost you up to the next platform. Jump into the next updraft and just follow the updrafts until you come to an area in the southwest with a treasure chest, a hole, and another updraft. Open the chest to claim your prize and prepare to fly again. Launch into the updraft than fly northeast to the updraft that you see. Hit this updraft and fly north to the platform with a big blue treasure chest. Open it to get the Big Key! Now we can face the boss, whose door happens to be in this room. So hop off this platform to the north and step on the switch to activate the red warp. Now go left and turn over that platform again and get on it to get to the boss door.

Boss: Gleerok


Say ah!

To defeat Gleerok, you have to flip off his shell. So roll around fast enough to get behind him, and quickly fire the Cane of Pacci to flip the shell. With his shell off, Geerok will fall and his head and neck will form a bridge that you need to walk across to get to his weak spot, his back. Slash away repeatedly at his back. When Gleerok starts to shake, get back to the land or you'll be dumped in the lava. When Gleerok comes out again, he will spit a bunch of fire balls out (and he is invulnerable to the Cane while he's doing this). Other attacks include making rocks fall from the ceiling and raising the lava level. When the lava rises, stay up against the wall and you will barely miss touching it. Repeat the process of flipping over his shell and then slashing his back. After repeating this about two times, Gleerok should be defeated. You get the Fire Element and a Heart Container as a reward! Let's go get that sword from Melari.

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