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J-man Zelda Fan's walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Part Three "Ruin Rampage" (Elemental Sanctuary, Castor Wilds, Wind Ruins, Fortress of Winds)

Elemental Sanctuary

Continuing on with Part Three! Head back to Melari to pick up your new sword, the White Sword. Now we have to infuse it with our two elements at the Elemental Sanctuary, so let's start heading that way. Go back out the way you came in and then, once you're grown, hop down to the south. Now just head in a general southery direction to make it off the mountain and back to Trilby Highlands. Let's go back to Hyrule Town and do some stuff, shall we? First, let's buy a bigger wallet. Go to the Hyrule Town Shop, near the main entrance, and it has a large green rupee on top of it. Go in, and a wallet upgrade should be available for 80 rupees. Now, let's go obtain another sword ability. Head back to Swiftblade's dojo. Now that you have the White Sword, he will teach you the Rock Breaker. Now you can break Pots and rocks with just a swipe of your sword! So now we need to head to that sanctuary and fuse our sword with the elements. Onward we go. Exit out of the north exit and into North Hyrule Field.

Walk north (obviously) until you get to Hyrule Castle Garden. Now we can just walk right into the surprisingly open and unguarded Hyrule Castle. Inside, walk up the stairs to the left and go down the stairs. Here, walk right then up and through the first doorway you see. We come into another garden-like area. Walk up until you come to a glowing doorway, about which Ezlo will make the following comment.

"Look! See how that doorway glows? Could that be the door that leads to the sanctuary?"
—'s just there for decoration
Elemental Sanctuary

Wh--Where's Link??

Of course it's the Elemental Sanctuary, so head inside. Walk up through the crystal hallway and into the next room. In this room, walk up to the pedestal (remind you of any past Zelda games?) and walk around it and right up to it. You should see the command "Drop" on your R button, so press it to put your sword in the hole. The two elements will come out onto the pillars and fuse into your blade! Now walk north and read the tile. Swipe your sword and hold down the button. Your spin attack should charge up, and then a green bar should appear under your life bar. When it's full (remember, you have to hold down the sword button throughout this process) Walk onto one of the tiles. A glowing white thing should show. Now walk onto the other one to make two Links! This is the power of the white sword. Let's get out of here, so go back to the entrance. To open the door that blocks your way, split yourself on the two inner most tiles so you match up with the two floor switches. Step on switches to open the door and exit.

Make your way back to North Hyrule Field, and what's this? A cutscene! It''s...Vaati! AHHH!! Wait, who am I kidding? We're not scared of this guy. Vaati and Ezlo exchange some banter, and then Link stupidly goes down and is trapped by rocks! Then, two Moblins will appear and attack! When they charge, simply go down and they will charge right past you. Idiots. Once they've done that, their back will be to you and you can take them out with the sword. After both are defeated, the rocks will disappear and Ezlo will go into an explanation about how Vaati became how he is. A cutscene will play out showing Vaati taking the cap. As if his red eyes and purple body weren't enough before, Ezlo feels compelled to say this.

"Oh! What a vile form you've taken!"
— Thanks, but he wasn't much different before, clueless.

You'll see Vaati turn Ezlo into a hat (a hat, of all things. And Ezlo created a hat. Oh cruel irony.) After some more talk, you can continue with your quest, and you're about to get another Piece of Heart. From where you're standing, just travel left and up a bit to come to a cracked rock. Bomb it and head down the ladder. Head down the gray stairs you see here and walk down to pick up a Piece of Heart!

Quest for the Pegasus Boots

Now we want to head toward Castor Wilds. So go back to Trilby Highlands and this time go left and down the ladder. Split yourself on the tiles so you have extra man power to push that large block! Push it all the way over and then walk up the ladder. Out here, bomb the wall and walk inside to get a Kinstone piece, then go south. Walk down through the big grassy field, then go left. Out here, first go north and then up the stone steps to push the boulder into the hole so you won't have to push that block again if you ever want to come back here. Go south in the Western Wood. At this point, Ezlo will say he's got this weird feeling, and then sure enough, Vaati will show up to the Castle and do something to the king. Next, we see the king ordering all his soldiers out to look for the Light Force. There's something mighty strange going on here... After the cutscene, head down. When you see the area to your left with a fallen tree, head that way and then down a little more until you see a sign. Now go up past the sign and then across the bridge and enter Castor Wilds.

"So this must be Castor Wilds...It's a nasty, dank place, filled with swampland and mire...Into the muck with us!"
— thanks?

As much as we don't want to get our nice green tunic all muddy, we have to attempt to traverse this swampland. So walk forward and into the muck, but you'll soon realize that you're sinking! AHHH!!! Well, as you plummet to your death, it looks as if we can't cross these swamp just yet, so head back to Hyrule Town. Go to the center of town to the area with the four little areas where people sell stuff, and head into the shop on the left with the shoe on top. When you walk in, the shoemaker, Rem, will fall asleep and faceplant onto the desk and knock the shoes he was working on off the table. Now you can head over to the pot in the left of the room that is actually a Minish Portal! Shrink down to size and head for Rem's desk. Head up the tiny stairs and onto the desk. Talk to the Minish there, and they will inform you that you need to wake up Rem so he can finish the Pegasus Boots for you. These will allow you to make it through Castor Wilds!

They will mark the location of the Witch's Hut on your map, where you will find the Wake-Up Mushroom that will wake Rem. So, let's head in that general direction. To get the hut, we can't just head through Minish Woods directly. Head over to the eastern part of town. Near the eastern exit, you will see a house with a ladder on the right side of it. Enter the house, and if you already have the right Kinstone, fuse with Mayor Hagen. If not, go outside to the right, travel down the ladder, and open the chest for the proper Kinstone. Now you can fuse with Hagen to clear a pool of water in Lon Lon Ranch revealing stairs leading into a cave. Now, head for Lon Lon Ranch. At the entrance to the ranch, you will find that Talon has stupidly locked himself out of his own ranch. Idiot. Let's go get the Spare Key for him!

Walk past Malon to the back of the house to find a Minish Portal. Shrink and walk back to the front of the house where you will find a small Minish-sized hole next to the door. Enter it to enter the house! Grow back to Hylian size and break the pots in the upper right corner of the room to find the Spare Key! Go back outside to Talon and talk to him. Now, you can pass in and out of the ranch freely as you please. And we need to in order to get to Lake Hylia. In the field with the Cows, head into the cave there for a bigger wallet upgrade, then head up and east until you see a sign. Go north from this sign then travel west all the way until you come to a boulder. Push it into the hole to create a shortcut back to this area. Now, use the Cane of Pacci in the other hole you see and launch yourself up there. Use the Minish Portal and walk across the bridge and into the hole. Open the treasure chest for a Kinstone piece. Now go back and grow to regular size again. Jump in the whirlwind and fly directly down to the next area. Go right and down and jump in this whirlwind and fly all the way down over the pool of water. Head right to Lake Hylia. Here, go down and left and back into Lon Lon Ranch. Head left and push the boulder in to create another shortcut.

Go back to Lake Hylia and go right and down to enter the Minish Woods. Here, check the last section of Part Three to find a Piece of Heart, then go down and right and head up the stone steps. Go right and enter the Witch's Hut. Inside, pick up the mushroom and buy it for sixty rupees. Now, head all the way back to Hyrule Town and Rem's shop. In his shop, stand in front of him and press R to take out the mushroom. Rem will wake up, startled.

"Whaa--! What is that terrifyingly bad smell!? A wake-up mushroom?!"
— Glad it's just a game...

Now that he's awake, he will finish his shoes and give them to you, and they just so happen to be...the Pegasus Boots! Equip these babies and hold down the button to run really fast! This will get you through Castor Wilds! But now that we have the Pegasus Boots, let us first get another Tiger Scroll. Head to Swiftblade again and he will teach you the Dash Attack! Now, we can go through Castor Wilds.

Castor Wilds

Castor Wilds Section

Castor Wilds. NOT a nice spot for a picnic.

Here at Castor Wilds, first run across the muck to the opposite set of dry land. Once there, run down to more dry land. Climb up the vine that leads up to the higher level. Next, walk across the bridge that leads northwest. Climb down the vine to the south and enter the cave on the right of it. Here, avoid or kill the Ropes with your sword and go down the stairs to the next room. Make your way through to the left side of this room. Go through the doorway and walk forward to the chest, which disappears. Enter a battle with a Darknut! These will block most of your attacks with the sword. Just stay away until he stupidly makes a wide strike with his sword that leaves him vulnerable. When he does this, slash away. You can also randomly charge him with the Dash Attack and you might get lucky and hit him. After so many hits, he will be defeated. Open the treasure chest for a gold Kinstone piece! Head back outside and back up the vine. Take the bridge that goes northeast and then climb down the vine. Head northwest and in the next screen, you'll find an Eyegore, about which Ezlo will make the following comment.

"Now, that is one nasty-looking statue! That eye has such an evil glower to it."
— Scared, Ezlo?

Don't worry about these guys. In fact, we'll be able to deal with them in a moment. Head past. Now here, you'll have to travel through the muck, but it's not a straight path. You'll have to run forward a bit, then turn, then run, then turn. Avoid the spikes and go left, down, left, up until you get to an area with a Minish Portal! Shrink down and head for the area with deep blue water. You get to travel on another lily pad! Use your Gust Jar once more to puff up screen through the water. Turn and go around whenever a flower blocks your way. At the end, get off and in the next area, drop in the hole to battle a horde of Blue Mulldozers! Once all are defeated, a large blue treasure chest will appear. Open it to get the Bow! Now we can deal with those Eyegores. Go back to the Minish Portal, then set your bow to A or B.

Head back to the area with the Eyegore. Shoot it in the eye with your bow and it will come to life! It will start jumping towards you. When it lands, shoot it with another arrow. Three more hits after the original one, and he will be defeated. Go up the new vine that the Eyegore was blocking. Jump into the whirlwind and glide at a slight southwest angle. When you get over the area of blue water, take a left to get on the new set of dry land. In this area, just keep heading down until a dead end with more muck to cross to the right. Head right and then down and then left to an area with three big statues. These guys are called Mysterious Statues and believe it or not, they want to fuse Kinstones with you. Sure enough, the one closest to you has the matching gold half of the half you got earlier. So fuse and he will rise into the air and smash down to crack the large rock over there to the left.

Now, run straight right to another set of safe land. Activate the new Wind Crest stone that you see here, than go up and push the boulder into the hole. Now, take care of the Eyegore and head up the vine. Head across the bridge to an area with another whirlwind. Jump in and fly southwest to an area with another cave. Enter and open the chest for another gold Kinstone piece, simple as that! No Darknut! Now head outside and push the boulder into the hole, then head back and fuse with the second Mysterious Statue to make him crack more of the rock for you. Now, go back to the area you just came from and go up and then climb up the green vine again. This time, walk on the bridges northwest, northeast, southwest and then climb down the vine here to encounter another Eyegore. Now, head up then left then up and into another cave. Open the chest to get your final gold Kinstone piece! We have the last one, so go back to the Mysterious Statues. The final statue will fully destroy the rock. Take the new pathway and enter the Wind Ruins.

Wind Ruins

Wind Ruins

Ruin rampage!

In the Wind Ruins, head down then up the stone stairs. Go down and then you will encounter something blocking your way. Walk up to the thing and it will activate and come toward you, revealing itself to be a soldier robot time thing. Slash it four times to kill it and move on. Keep walking until you see a Minish Portal. Shrink and enter the Minish hole to the north. If you talk to the guy there, he will tell you that that thing you just killed is a soldier statue, or Armos, and that there's an on/off switch inside. Well that's convenient. Grab the Kinstone from the treasure chest and head out. While still Minish size, go to the Armos and hit the switch inside with your sword to turn it on. Grow back to full-size and make the statue come at you, then defeat it and move on. Push the boulder in the hole then move on. Kill the Tektites here and go up the stairs. In this area, kill all of the Tektites to make the small statue blocking your way disappear.

Keep walking until you come to an area with a Minish Portal. Shrink and go turn on the soldier statue. Grow again, kill the statue, and keep moving onward. Push the boulder in the hole and move to the next area. Here, shrink down to Minish size. Turn off the statue on the far left. Then, grow back to full size. If you kill the three remaining soldiers that are on, the two small statues blocking the treasure chest on the right will disappear. Open the chests for some rupees and Mysterious Shells. In the next area, you have to defeat all the enemies to make the tiny statues disappear. There are Ropes, so defeat those. Then however, you have to find the two Spiny Beetles that are hidden under rocks. Once you've killed those, the statues will go down. Walk through the new path and keep going to enter the Fortress of Winds, our next dungeon!

Fortress of Winds

Fortress of Winds

This strange rock is our ultimate destination.

"Don't just wonder around aimlessly...That's the quickest way to get lost!"
— Exactly! But you have this guide!

Not my favorite dungeon, but we'll get through it nonetheless! Walk directly forward and through the doorway. Get some Hearts from the Skulls if you need them, and go up the stairs on the far side of the room. Up here in this room, go left or right past the Stalfos and then go up. Whichever direction you went, there is still an Eyegore blocking your way. Shoot it to make it come to life, then shoot it again until it's dead. Walk left or right depending on which side your on and go up the stairs and open the treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map! Now, head back down the way you came. Back at the entrance to the dungeon, walk right and go through the first doorway you see. Go up the stairs and in this room, first go left, destroy the skulls and the Stalfos, open the chest for treasure, then pull the lever all the way back to open the door to the next room. Before going there, however, go to the right side of the room and repeat the process of pulling the lever to make a chest with a Kinstone inside appear. Get it then go to the next room.

In this room, head down and go up the ladder. In the next room, head for and go through the open doorway. Now, head left. Kill the Armos on the right, and you will find that he was sitting on a glowing tile. Now, split Link into two on the two tiles on the left and right extremities (farthest apart from each other). Make sure you don't hit any walls with copy-Link, and walk through the doorway and step on the Foot Switches you see there. The door will open. Delete copy-Link and walk in to find a Minish Portal! Shrink down and walk back through the doorway and left again. Head into the remaining Armos and turn him on, then exit and travel through the small Minish-sized gap to the left to get to the other Minish Portal. Grow back to full size and head down. Push the block to the right, then go kill the Armos. Pull the lever that the Armos was just guarding to make a Small Key fall down through all the holes in the floor! Go get that key! Do the same thing the key did: fall through the hole. Somehow, Link doesn't die from the height of the fall. Grab that key!

Let's grab a Piece of Heart before we continue. Head all the way back up to that Minish Portal. Shrink, and this time, we want to fall down to the bottom again, but as a Minish! Fall down. At the bottom room, you'll see another one of those holes marked by and arrow. Walk through it to get to a room with a Piece of Heart! Grow to full size and grab that thing! To exit the room, go down to the next to last block on the left. Make sure the Spark isn't around, and push the block down and out of you way. Go back to the entrance to the dungeon and this time head left until you come to another doorway. In this room, again just head up the stairs at the end of the room. Go around the hole and the enemies and head up and then right. There is a red Eye Switch next to the closed door, so shoot the switch with an arrow to open the door. Head for the next room. In this room, you will be faced with four Stalfos! If you have the Boomerang, you can stun them easily with that then use the sword. Another quick way to get rid of them is suck their heads off with the Gust Jar and then fire their head right back at their decapitated body to kill them. Once all four have been defeated, the door to the next room will open.

Go through this room. Pick up some green rupees, but one of them is a Rupee Like, so watch out. Head right. The red rupee is a Rupee Like, so get ready to kill it. Head up the ladder into the next room. Here, just make your way through the room, avoiding or killing the Spiny ChuChu on your way, and enter the next room. In this room, first get on the moving platform that travels up to your left. Shoot the Eye Switch that you approach, then quickly get on the platform going right as it comes by. Now, shoot the second Eye Switch on the right to open the door. Exit the platform and go through the door. In this room, charge your sword and head up to the glowing tile on the outside left. Then, walk around the Eyegore and head to the inside right tile. Now with two Links, head down and step on the switches to make the two Eyegores come to life. Kill both to make a treasure chest appear. Open it to get the Compass! Replenish your arrows by finding some in the skulls in the corners and exit the room. Next, get on the platform that moves to the right and then on the fast moving up and down platform on the right side of the room. There are two Eye Switches on opposite sides of the door here. You have to hit them quickly, because one won't stay shot forever, so it is advised that you don't miss when you get to the other switch. Once both are shot in time, the door will open. Head into the next room.

In this room, kill the Ropes so they don't get in your way, then destroy all the skulls in the southwest corner of the room to reveal four glowing tiles. First we have to split on the top right and bottom right tiles, so we have two Links side by side headed up screen. Once you've done this, walk straight right and push the large block all the way right, then quickly walk down and push the other large block to the left against the wall. Now, cancel copy-Link and head back to the tiles. Now, we want two Links making a line horizontally, so split Link this way and walk to the right. When you come to the block, head down then right and push the block up all the way. With the block out of your way, pull the lever to make another small key fall down through the many holes to finally rest on the floor of the first room. Drop down after it and pick it up. Now we want to head back to the room where we got the Dungeon Map.

Go back to the entrance and into the first room right at the entrance. Go up the stairs back to the room where we got the Dungeon Map. Go back up towards the chest, but this time, walk forward past the blade traps to the two locked doors you see there. Let's go in the left door first. In this room, step on the moving platform and stand on the left. When you get past the first block, walk to the center; past the second block, walk back to the left; past the next block, walk back to the center again; and you will get to the other side. In the next room, you have to shoot the two Eye Switches to create a bridge, but don't stand in one place for too long, or a Wallmaster will drop from the ceiling and send you all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon! Once you've shot both eyes, a bridge will be created. Walk across into the next room. In the next room, you will be faced with another Darknut! Again, stay close to him and force him to use a wide slash that will leave him vulnerable, and that's when you slash him. However, dodge when he charges you with his sword out. After so many hits, he will be defeated, and a blue warp will appear. Also, the south door will open. Go through it.

In this room, you have to walk behind a set of Blade Traps and go around the room and step on the switch. Then, follow the Blade Traps around the room again until you get to the door, in which case go through it. In this next area head right until you come to a set of two skulls. Bomb the section of wall between the skulls to reveal a hidden room! Walk in and open the chest to get...the Mole Mitts! These babies will come in handy!

"You got the Mole Mitts! Dig, dig, dig to your heart's content!"
— Don't track dirt into the house!
Using the Mole Mitts

How does his tunic not get dirty?

Now, use those new Mole Mitts (press the button to dig) and dig through that dirt over to the treasure chest. Open it to get 100 rupees! Now, let's head to that other locked door, so exit this room and continue walking right. When you get to the end, hop down and open the locked door on the right.

In this room, you have to pull the lever back to make the bridge appear, but the bridge doesn't stay long! Pull the level back all the way and you will here the noise of the bridge coming. Back up a little bit from the edge and immediately start running with the Pegasus Boots. If you time it right, you should get on the bridge just as it reaches the edge. Keep running all the way across and you will make it. Now, go right up the stairs. In the next room, you will encounter three Floormasters. Just take out each one with an arrow. Defeat all three to make a Minish Portal appear! But we don't want to use it yet, so for now continue on to the next room. Go down and wait until the two spiky roller things are on the other side, then drop down in the top left hole. Wait until both pass over you and then jump out and go up to an area with four foot switches. Take one statue and put it on the bottom right switch, then take the second statue and put it on the top left switch. Now, go up to glowing tiles and kill the enemies. We want to make two Links again. Stand on the bottom one of the left set of tiles and charge up your sword. Once you've made a copy on that tile, move to the top-most tile on the right set and make two Links. Now, be careful you don't hit anything with copy-Link. Walk right then all the way down, then left, then down, then right onto the two switches to make a small key drop down! Pick it up and head down.

Maneuver past the rollers again and open the locked door in the south part of the room. Now, head back to that Minish Portal we uncovered earlier. Shrink down to Minish size and go into the next room. Walk through the arrow-marked Minish hole and out the other side to the area of glowing tiles. Now, walk down to the area with the rollers. We have to get over to the door on the left side of the room, and it's really tough not to take damage from the rollers. When they come to right side of the room, quickly walk down so you are in between them. Now, maintain this position as you make your way to the door, when you get to the door quickly go down (you'll probably get hit here) and through the door. Walk left along the path until you come to a small Minish hole; go inside.

Head for the Minish Portal and grow back to normal size. Step on the switch to make a key fall down in the midst of all that dirt. Now we have to get all dirty digging for that little guy! Darn it! Anyway, go ahead and make your way to the key. A lot of the little places without dirt contain Sparks, so be careful. Once you have the key, shrink again and go back outside. Hop down to the Minish Portal below. Kill the Floormasters with your bow and continue on to the next room. Here, dig through to the ladder (you can kill the Moldorms with the sword and check the pots for goodies if you want). When you reach the ladder, climb up into the next room. Walk through this room and into one with a locked door. Go through the locked door. In the next room, drop down the hole on the right. DO NOT drop down the hole on the left. I repeat, DO NOT drop down the hole on the left. Open the treasure chest here to get the Big Key! Push the block out of your way and go back to the room where we got the Dungeon Map. Back in this room, head directly down and through the open doorway on the south wall. Here, dig to the statue and then push/pull it onto the switch to make a treasure chest appear. Open the chest to get a Kinstone piece, then continue up the ladder to the next room. In this room, dig through and then continue. The next room contains the boss's door. Get ready!

Boss: Mazaal


I'm a mime trapped in a box. Fear me!

To defeat Mazaal, you have to shoot the purple thing in his hand with an arrow. Once that's done, slash it with the sword. Repeat with the other hand. Be careful, however, because Mazaal will try to stop you by smashing you with his other hand. Generally, you have to wait for the right moment. He will stop attacking for a moment, and that would be the prime time to shoot his hand. Once both purple things are destroyed, Mazaal's head will fall. Go to the Minish Portal and shrink. Then, walk to Mazaal's head and enter the small hole in the center. Inside, slash at the pillar with an eye on it. Slash until it blows up, then a claw will pick you up and take you outside. Grow and repeat the process of shooting the hands. Mazaal's attacks will escalate. He may occasionally shoot a beam out that electrocutes you, or he might make Beetles fall from the ceiling that you will have to kill. Just always be weary of his attacks and continue to shoot and slash his hands. On the second time you enter his head, you have to dig around the pillars with the Mole Mitts. Search for the one with the eye, and slash away again. Now, repeat the process one more time and dig to find the pillar again to defeat Mazaal once and for all.


Grab the Heart Container and head up the stairs. Walk into an area full of weird birds of different colors. Walk forward and check the giant stone tablet. You'll read a freakin' message from the Wind Tribe, which basically says there's no element here. They took it with them, gosh darn it! Then, this weird bird flies and drops the freakin' Ocarina of Time or something. What the heck?? Actually, this will help you. Walk forward and take it, and it just so happens to be the Ocarina of Wind. We didn't get an element, but at least we can warp all over Hyrule! That's what those weird stones are for!

You'll be warped to the Wind Ruins again, and actually, if you want to, you can go back in the Fortress of Winds and dig around for treasure in the plethora of dirt we never even touched. Anyway, onward to the next adventure! And now that we can warp and easily get around, be sure to check out the "Extra Stuff To Do" section before moving on to Part Four.

Extra Stuff To Do

Wallet Upgrade

In the Eastern Hills, next Eenie & Meenie's field is a hole that you launch out of to the ledge above. Travel to the right to enter the Minish Woods. Here, enter the tree and go down to enter another Fairy Fountain. The Great Butterfly Fairy will show up and ask if you would throw all your rupees into the pool. Answer yes and keep saying yes until she gives you a bigger wallet.


In the Hyrule Town Shop, the Boomerang, which is an entirely optional item, can be purchased for 300 rupees. The Boomerang is useful for stunning enemies, allowing for a quicker way to defeat them.


In Mama's Cafe, you can use the Cane of Pacci to flip over the pot inside to reveal a Minish Portal! From the cafe, you can go a lot of places as a Minish, like up into the roof, over to the Hyrule Town Shop, or to the Piece of Heart mentioned in the next section. Feel free to explore and find treasure on your own.

Pieces of Heart

  • On your way to the Witch's Hut, keep heading down instead of right to the shop, and you will enter an area with your next Piece of Heart.
  • As a Minish, head out of Mama's Cafe and across the bridge spanning the entrance of the town. Head to the right and then up. To the right of the Bakery of Wheaton and Pita, there is a set of stairs with a Minish vine next to it. Climb up the vine and you can enter the back of the hotel. Inside, grow to full size and grab the Piece of Heart that is waiting for you. If you already got the Heart Piece mentioned above, you will complete a new Heart Container!
  • At the last Minish Portal before you enter the Fortress of Winds, shrink down and head down the vine nearby. At the bottom, another vine should be to the far left, so climb down it. In the next area, there should be three vines. Head down the middle vine. Go into the cave you see here, follow the path, defeat the enemies, and grab the Piece of Heart at the end.

Final Wallet Upgrade

Fuse Kinstones with Mayor Hagen (you can find the proper Kinstone piece in the cave down the ladder next to his house) to reveal stairs in Lon Lon Ranch. When you go there and get the Spare Key and can get to the other side of the ranch, go down those stairs and get the final wallet upgrade. You can now carry a total of 999 rupees!

End of Part Three <--Go back to Part Two | Continue on to Part Four-->

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