Link Artwork 2 (The Minish Cap)

J-man Zelda Fan's walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Part One "Of Minish and Men" (Introduction, Minish Woods, Deepwood Shrine)


Peaceful Hyrule 2 (Minish Cap)
"There's a storyteller here! We should listen to--Oh! I wonder what's over there..."
— An ADD Princess Zelda

Let's jump right in, shall we? Princess Zelda comes to Link's home and talks to Master Smith. You then go with Zelda to the Picori Festival in Hyrule Town. Before you leave, though, be sure to pick up the 20 Rupees from the chest in Smith's room. Once you get to the Festival, feel free to chat around with the various villagers, who will tell you about the Picori.

Your main objective, however, is to get the Small Shield. So seek out Zelda and talk to her. Each time you talk to her, she will say something random and then move on to another location. Keep chasing and talking to her until she comes upon the game where she wins the shield (that she chooses, to the proprietor's dismay) and gives it to you as a present. After getting the shield, continue on towards Hyrule Castle. In North Hyrule Field between the town and the castle, you will come across a Business Scrub that shoots a seed at Zelda.

Walk in front of the Scrub and block his next seed with your shield. You will then be able to continue on to the castle to present the sword. Talk to Minister Potho in the courtyard, and the ceremony will begin. Vaati will enter to touch the Picori Blade, and of course, he turns out to be the villain. He destroys the blade, opens the chest, and turns Zelda to stone. What a jerk. Oh, and you get knocked out. Great.

You'll wake up in the castle and have an audience with the King and his subjects. After some talk, he instructs you to go to the Minish Woods to seek out the Minish. Your adventure begins!

Minish Woods

Minish Woods

Nice spot for a picnic.

Exit the castle and go to North Hyrule Field. Mutoh's Carpenters block your way back into the village, so the only way to go is right. Go south through Lon Lon Ranch and into the Eastern Hills. Go south to the bridge and turn right into the Minish Woods. Go east through the Minish Woods, then south at the first intersection you come to. Go south all the way down, then turn left, north, and then left. At this point, a cutscene should be triggered showing Ezlo being attacked by two Octoroks. Before going to the rescue, however, walk to the left to pick up your first Piece of Heart! Continue back the way you came until you find him. Kill the octoroks, and after a lot of talk, Ezlo wants to come with you. Start walking, and Ezlo will stop you three times. On the third time, he will decide that he is now your hat for the remainder of the game.

"Augh! If it isn't one thing, it's another! You are a troublesome boy!"
— Ezlo. Geez, he just met you

With Ezlo as your new head gear, go south. When you get to the tree stump in the southeasternmost corner, Ezlo will explain its importance as a Minish Portal. Do as he instructs and shrink to Minish size. Continue on to the left. Travel through the tunnel in the stump and continue until you come to the puddle. Step onto the a leaf as it comes around, and get off at the northern stop. Continue on to enter the Minish Village.

In the Minish Village you will find that the Minish speak a language that you cannot understand. Travel north until you come to a large building with hexagonal shapes on the roof. Inside, speak with Festari, who will tell you where to find the Jabber Nut. Continue to the barrel house, which is in the eastern edge of the village. Enter the house through the ladder on top. Go inside and up to encounter your first block puzzle! Actually, it's hardly a puzzle at all. Just push the block in the way to the left or right. Continue on to get the Jabber Nut!

Now that you understand the language, speak with the Minish elder in the northwestern corner of the village. (his house is all mushroomy. You can't miss it). The elder will instruct you about and mark the locations of the four elements needed to restore the Four Sword. Your first destination is the Deepwood Shrine, the location where you spoke with Festari earlier. Go there, and enter your first dungeon!

Deepwood Shrine Part One

Deepwood Shrine Entrance

How do they grow such small bushes?

"A Minish shrine filled with monsters? It sounds dangerous in there! We'd better be careful...I mean, you'd better be careful!"
— Wow, Ezlo is such a coward

Alrighty, time to charge through the Deepwood Shrine! A good dungeon, considering it's the first (and it has great music). Jumping right in, walk forward to find three statues. Simply push the front one to left to get past to the next room. This next room is pretty dark, and you'll notice there are four torches with buttons next to them. Walk around and press all four buttons (kill any Sluggulas in your way) and light all the torches. A Treasure Chest will appear. Open it to get a Small Key! Continue forward and open the locked door into the next room.

In the next room, you'll find that water blocks a straight path. Avoid the Sluggulas that fall from the ceiling and proceed to a lever-like switch device on the far side of the room (Ezlo will point this out to you). Press R to grab it and pull it back all the way. This triggers the creation of a bridge across the hazardous water! But wait! You're still blocked to the other side. Not to worry. Grab the mushroom thing on the left and pull it back in the direction of the bridge. When you reach the bridge, stop pulling (but keep holding down R) and the mushroom will launch Link across the water to the other side. In the next room is a giant barrel! Giant to Minish, that is. In reality it's a regular human-sized barrel. Anyway, walk to the right and past the Puffstool. Don't worry, we'll be able to deal with these dusty guys who would give your mother a heart attack later. Walk up the stairs directly above the Puffstool's dusty area. Up on top is another switch that lights a torch. Step on the switch, and the torch will light and burn the vines holding the large barrel. The right side of the barrel is now free on its axis.

Now for the left side. Go back to the entrance of the room. An opening in the barrel can be found on the right side. Walk in, and inside the barrel, another opening is on the far left (the barrel can't turn freely yet, so just walk over there). On the outside, walk left, past the area of two Puffstools, and go down. Another flight of stairs is over here on the left side. Up here, there are two switches. Walk past the switch closest to you and continue on past the statue on its left side. Circle around so you are facing the statue on its right side. Now, simply push the statue left onto the switch and walk and stand on the other switch. The same chain reaction will sever the left side of the barrel from the vines.

The barrel is now free to turn! Go back to the entrance on the left side of the barrel. Since the barrel now turns when you walk, it will reveal new entrances. Once inside, walk directly down. Keep walking until the new entrance right where you are walking (on the bottom left of the barrel) is revealed. Walk through it. On the outside, continue left into the next room. Go to the left side of the room and up to discover another mushroom. Grab it and pull it all the way back as far as it will go. Launch over to the far side and travel up the steps and open the large blue treasure chest to receive the Dungeon Map! To view the map, go to the start screen and scroll with R or L until you see it labeled "Map."

Deepwood Shrine Barrel

How they fit a barrel in there is beyond me.

After getting the map, walk down to the end of the ledge and jump off to the left (the side with the mushroom). This time, we only want to pull the mushroom about a third of the way back so we only jump over the first little water pool. On the other side, walk through the doorway. In this room, first kill the Pesto so it's not a nuisance to you. You'll find that the switch that creates the bridge must be held down by something. On the left is a Pot. Walk over to it, and push it all the way over to cover the switch. Walk across the newly created bridge.

In the next room, you will find two statues next to two switches. Of course pushing them onto the switches makes a treasure chest appear. But you can't get to it! Or can you? Push the left statue onto the switch. Then, however, pull the right statue out to the right one unit. Walk to the left side of it, then pull it with you and onto the switch. Now, you are on the inside and can access the treasure chest to get...another small key! Push the statue out of your way and exit the room.

Head all the way back to the barrel (make sure you push the block down one unit to exit the room with the dungeon map treasure chest). Enter the barrel and immediately walk to the right side. Then, simply walk forward to turn the barrel until you exit out of the top right side. On the outside, walk all the way to the right and open the locked door. Walk to the mushroom and launch to the other side. Then, on the left, hit the switch to create a bridge. Grab the mushroom on the top and walk upscreen across the bridge to launch to the bottom half of the room. In this room, there are two statues. Push the statue on the left up against the right statue. Then, walk to the other side of the room and pull the right statue all the way back to the right side of the door switch. Then, return to the left side of the other statue and push it on to the switch to open the door. In the next room, defeat the Mulldozers to get another small key! Exit the door to your left.

Back in this room, walk up the stairs and up to the next screen. Jump down and travel through the opening. First, let's go down the stairs at the top of the room. In the room, first push any one of the pots onto the switch to make a treasure chest appear. For now, we can't get to it, but we will later. Next, head over to the blue treasure chest. Push the right block up and then the left block left. Walk to the chest and get the Compass! We're done in here, so return to the other room and this time, travel through the door on the left side of the room. In this room, carefully avoid the Puffstools and make your way to the left side of the room. Step on the visible switch on you way there. Go through the locked door, and enter the room of...the mini-boss!

Mini-boss: Madderpillar

Link and the Gust Jar

Ezlo looks uncomfortable

To defeat this guy, you have to first slash his nose when he is walking toward you. Once slashed, Madderpillar's tail end will turn into a heart. Go around and slash that repeatedly. After so many hits, Madderpillar turns red and angrily crawls around. If he hits you, you'll take damage. Once he turns back to normal, rinse and repeat about two more times to defeat him. Open the treasure chest to get...the Gust Jar!

Deepwood Shrine Part Two

The Gust Jar is quite a handy tool. Go to your items screen and equip it to A or B (I prefer A). Now, just hold down the button it's assigned to to start sucking wind! Literally! This is the best way to clean your room, kids! Now with the Gust Jar, you'll notice an opening blocked by a spider Web in the bottom right of the room (not the opening on the right wall, but the opening on the south wall). Suck that web up with your Gust Jar, walk through the opening, and continue down to get your second Piece of Heart! Now, go back to the room before the mini-boss room.

We can now suck up all this dust and even better, we can kill those pesky Puffstools. To eliminate a Puffstool, suck them until they turn gray to stun them, then go to town with the sword. Also, if you suck up a pot in your jar, launching it into a Puffstool will also kill them. So, time for some cleanup. In the upper left of the room, suck up all the dust to reveal two switches. Step on them to reveal two treasure chests. Open them to get Mysterious Shells! These will come in handy later. Now, use your Jar to clear away the dust in the center part of the room (below the ledge) and on the left side, you will uncover a switch. If you haven't already hit the one on the right, do so and then step on the left one. On the ledge a blue warp pad will appear! You can now warp to the Piece of Heart up there from the second blue pad in the entrance of the dungeon. (An easy and quick way to get to the beginning is save and quite, then start again. You can easily warp to the Piece of Heart and continue on!)

Get the Heart Piece with the shortcut if you want (or get it later) and then continue on. We don't need to be here anymore, so leave through the opening in the center of the south wall to get back in the barrel room. Go left and push the block out of your way and enter the left side of the barrel. In the barrel, go to the center and start walking. Soon, a web-covered hole should show up in the direct center. Use the Gust Jar to get rid of that baby! Next, drop through that new hole down to the unknown B2 level...

Down here walk to the edge of the shallow water. After Ezlo's useless comment, use the Gust Jar to pull the big lily pad to you so you can walk on. You can now use the Gust Jar to emit small puffs of air that will propel you across the water! If Link is facing right, when you puff out air, the lily pad will travel to the left and vice versa. Puff yourself down the small waterfall and go right. In the next area, turn onto the water way that goes right. Puff yourself up to the big stairs and go up to an area with a switch and a bunch of pots. Pick up a couple pots so one is free for you to push onto the switch. Once you've done that, the statues blocking your way through the water to your right will go down. Get back on your lily-boat and puff all the way back to the room where you got the compass! You can now puff all the way up to the other side of the treasure chest you made appear earlier and open it to get a small key!

Now, travel back to the room you were first in (where you first got on the lily pad) and this time go up. Travel all the way left (travel fast so Sluggulas won't fall onto your lily-boat) and go all the way to the locked door. Open it and go into the next room. In this room, first go up and grab the mushroom to get to the other side. Keep going and you'll see another mushroom, but this time it's on the opposite side of the water! Not to worry. Just stand on the water's edge and use the Gust Jar to suck the mushroom to you. When it reaches, you will automatically be launched over. Do the same with the next mushroom.

Go down, and with the next mushroom, you have to stand all the way back against the right wall before sucking the mushroom to you. This way, you will be launched all the way to the big blue treasure chest. Open it to get...the Big Key! Now we can face the boss. So go down and step on the switch to make a red warp pad appear. Step into it to be taken all the way to the beginning of the dungeon.

Now is a good time to use the blue warp to get that Heart Piece if you haven't already. Back in the main room, first suck away the web from the stairs on the left side. Go up and push the block in front of the chest to the right and open it to get 20 rupees. Then return to the beginning room. This time, go right and suck the web from these stairs to go to the right side of the boss room. First, stand far enough back and launch yourself to the opposite side. Then go down and right to be facing the mushroom on a direct course to the boss door. Launch yourself to the door and get ready.

Boss: Big Green ChuChu

Big Green ChuChu

This guy is pretty straight forward. To defeat him, you have to suck his gooey base out from under him. When he gets too close, run around to another side of him and continue to suck away. Once you've sucked everything away, he will start to sway, and he will eventually fall over. To avoid being crushed, run around him in circles (rolling helps), and you should be out of the way when he falls. Once he falls, slash away. After the first slashing session, the ChuChu will start jumping. Dodge his jumps and repeat the sucking and slashing process again. Each time, he jumps around even more so just dodge until he's done. After about three times of slashing, he should be defeated. You have now obtained the Earth Element! Grab the Heart Container and take the green warp out of there.

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