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J-man Zelda Fan's walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Part Four "I'm Singing in the Droplets" (Miscellaneous, Fetch Quest, Lake Hylia, Temple of Droplets)

We Got Stuff To Do

Tiger Scroll

Piece of Heart (The Minish Cap)
Tiger Scroll

Before we move on, it would be a good idea to learn another sword skill. To do this, travel back to Mount Crenel using your Ocarina of Wind. We want to go down and make our way to the cave where we bought the Grip Ring so head down until you find the area with the big rock wall again with the boulders falling down. Now we want to head right to that cave, but when you get there, don't go in. Instead, head up the rope ladder and in through the doorway you see here. Walk in and you will find more glowing tiles. You have to split Link so he can step on both switches, so count the space between them if you need to and split on the proper tiles. Go in and grab a Piece of Heart and learn your next skill, the Roll Attack!

Bomb Bag Upgrade

If you have the money, go to Hyrule Town Shop, where you can purchase a bigger bomb bag for 600 rupees. If you don't have the money quite yet, just pick it up later.

On to Business

Bottle fun

We're about to head to Lake Hylia and inch ever closer to our next dungeon, but first, let's get some more bottles shall we? Head to Mama's Cafe and push the cabinet along the top wall all the way to the left. Then, shrink to Minish size and head up the stairs next to the cabinet and across to the left and then enter the hole. Make your way through here to the right and go out the other side. Now, walk across the board spanning the distance between the two buildings to enter Stockwell's place. Go over to the right and open the Treasure Chest for some goodies, then drop down. Yes. Fall straight down. You'll end up behind the counter of the shop. Grow to full-size and startle Stockwell. He doesn't seem happy...

"Egad! I knew there was someone here! When did you find your way back here? This area is for employees only. That is to say, me and me alone!"
— Stockwell's reaction to our burglary attempt

After this, go over to the bottle of Dog Food. Stockwell will say you can have the bottle if you feed his dog Fifi in Lake Hylia. How convenient! That's where we're headed! Score! So, head back the way you came until you can get out of the Cafe full-size again. Now let's actually get a bottle that's empty to start with, and to do that, we need to pay a visit to dear old Grandpa. Head back to your house and fuse Kinstones with Smith. A treasure chest will appear in the Eastern Hills. Go there and open the chest to get an empty bottle!

A Visit to the Lake

Lake Hylia Map (The Minish Cap)

Lake Hylia, serving all your watery vacation needs!

No, it's not a boating vacation, but we do need to go to Lake Hylia. So play your Ocarina of Wind. But WAIT! We haven't been to Lake Hylia yet! How can there be a Wind Crest? I'm glad you asked, good sir (or ma'am)! Luckily, the developers are on your side: they put one there for you. So, we can conveniently travel to the Lake. When we get to the spot, you'll see a Minish Portal, so shrink down and head in the Minish house. When you talk to the guy inside, he'll mention that if we want inside the Temple of Droplets, we'll have to speak with Librari, who is actually found in the Hyrule Town Library (coincidence?). So, head outside and grow back to original size. But we're not ready to head to Librari just yet. Hop down and head north. Go across the bridge and keep walking until you come to a house. Head inside and inside, walk to the dog bowl and press R to empty the dog food into the bowl. You now have another empty bottle! But make sure you wash it out before using it again! Dog food tastes nasty...

Fetch Quest!

Now that we're all good to go, let's go talk to this Librari guy (still a mystery as to how he got his name, eh?). So warp back to Hyrule Town. Head west through the town, and right before the river, there will be a building. Head into it to enter the Royal Hyrule Library. Inside, head upstairs to the next level. Here, fuse Kinstones with Sturgeon (the crazy old dude) to uncover a tree in North Hyrule Field and then head outside. Here you'll find another pot that can be turned over with the Cane of Pacci to reveal a Minish Portal. Shrink down and head back in the library. Head over to the area with Sturgeon and the marks on the floor. If you talk to the Library Minish in this area, he'll tell you that they can't reach Librari because some books were checked out and never returned! We have to go get them. So, fuse with the Minish, making a treasure chest appear in South Hyrule Field, and then head back out of the library and grow to full size again.

Book the First

A Hyrulean Bestiary

Return to the ground floor and talk to the lady at the counter on the left. You'll tell her about the books and she'll tell you that the first book you need to fetch is A Hyrulean Bestiary, checked out by a girl with a cat. With your mission clear, head outside to Hyrule Town. You'll need some water in a bottle, so go left and get some. Now, head down to the Hyrule Town Shop again. When you get to the shop, go right until you see a set of two houses side by side with a board connecting the roofs of the two. Head inside the left house. Inside, you'll find a man and a woman staring at each other. The girl happens to be the one who has an overdue library book. Anyway, walk over to the fireplace with a fire going in it. Use the water in your bottle to put out the fire. Now use your Cane of Pacci to flip the pot over, then shrink down. Believe it or not you can talk to animals as a Minish, so go over to the dog, Rolf, and fuse Kinstones with him to make a treasure chest appear in the Minish Woods. Now head over to that fireplace you just doused and walk into it. You'll end up on the roof of the house. Walk across the board and into the next house. Go over to the left (watch out for the cat) and up the tiny stairs to be on top of the bookshelf. Walk over to the book and push it off the top onto the floor.

Book the Second

Legend of the Picori

Head back over to the other house and grow back to full size. Now go over to Julietta's house and pick up the first library book. Give it to the lady at the counter then talk to her again to find out where to find the next book, Legend of the Picori, which apparently is with an absentminded scholar. First, go to Mama's Cafe and shrink again. Go outside and to the left until you come to a bridge with the left side of it is only a small board. Walk across this bridge and head up. Talk to the dog in front of the stairs and he'll start moving. Now you can go back to the cafe and grow, then go all the way over to the area with the dog, and now you'll be able to get past. Walk to the house directly next to the area with the dog. This is the house of the scholar, who will tell you to come in. His name is Dr. Left, and unfortunately, he hasn't seen the book for several days. Well, gee, thanks. That makes our life sooo much easier. Luckily, the author of this walkthrough knows where to go! If you shrink down in the Carpenters' house below Dr. Left's house, you can enter the Doctor's house and talk to a Minish inside who will tell of a mysterious quest that begins right from Dr. Left's house.

"Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow...Through the land of the fearsome beast...Until you reach the misty falls...The treasure sleeps on the other side of the secret entrance there..."
— Oooh, mysterious

Well alright then. Go back to the Carpenters' house and grow back to full-size. Next, head outside and put some water in a bottle. After that, go back into Dr. Left's house. Douse the fire blazing in the fireplace, then head back to the Carpenters and shrink again. Back in Dr. Left's house, walk into the fireplace and out of the house. Keep walking straight and enter the mushroom house to fuse Kinstones with the Minish inside, then head back outside. Go into the house with the yellow roof and walk up. If you talk to the Minish there, she will oh-so-thoughtfully advise you to not die. Thanks... Anyway, head outside. The first part of the instructions: "Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow..." so go right and then down and then right across the small board spanning the stream.

"Through the land of the fearsome beast..." Head up then right to the small garden area. There are two big cats in there, aka the "fearsome beasts." They will swipe at you if they see you. Just quickly make your way down and wait until the second cat's back is turned, then head down the vine. "Until you reach the misty falls..." refers to the fountain that you are now standing on the edge of. So just make your way around it and into the cave. "The treasure sleeps on the other side of the secret entrance there..." So inside the cave, kill the Sluggulas and go right through the doorway. Kill the Mulldozers in your way and then use your Cane of Pacci on the hole. Drop into the hole and you will be launched up onto the next level. Go through the open doorway. When you enter the room you will face a bunch of blue Mulldozers. Kill them all to make a large blue treasure chest appear. Open it to get the Power Bracelets! Head out of the room through the doorway on the left.

Now we want to backtrack all the way to Dr. left's house. In the area with the cats, you can now push the large box forward to avoid the second cat. Now in Dr. Left's house, with the Power Bracelets we can push the two large dressers over to the left to make a pathway to the Minish hole up there on the wall. So push them over one at a time then head up the ladder and into the hole. Upstairs you'll find a Minish reading a large human-size book. Wow. Anyway, head left and use the Gust Jar to suck away the dust to reveal some glowing tiles. If you head right, you'll see a Minish standing on a book teetering on the edge of the beam. He says he's not heavy enough to make it fall. Let's help out! So go back to the glowing tiles and split into two Links. Carefully make your way over to the book. With an extra Link (which apparently has weight even though he looks like a hologram) the book will fall down - and you with it. Now with our library book on the floor, we can head back to the Carpenters' house, grow to full-size, and go pick up that book.

Book the Third

A History of Masks

Return Legend of the Picori to the library, and the clerk will tell you about the next book overdue, A History of Masks, checked out by Mayor Hagen. How could he keep that book so long! He's a public official! Anyway, head over to the Mayor's house, located by the east exit of Hyrule Town. Keep pestering the mayor until he tells you to just ask the masks where the book might be! Sheesh! OK, fine, maybe we will. Equip your Pegasus Boots and teach that insolent politician his manners by running into the wall and knocking all his masks down. With all the masks gone, we can now flip over the Minish portal, shrink, and head up the ladder and across the ledge and into the Minish hole. Talk to the Minish inside and they will tell you that Hagen probably left the book at his cabin on Lake Hylia. You have to head through the Minish Woods to get there. So head out and then grow back to full-size. Head out of the east exit of Hyrule Town. Go down and right until you get to the bottom of the Lon Lon Ranch area. Hopefully you pushed the boulder into the hole, or else you'll have to do the whole thing with the updrafts again. Head right and then into Lake Hylia.

Head south in the Minish Woods. Go down and then right, but don't go up to the Witch's Hut. Instead, head past that and use your Mole Mitts to enter the underground cave. Head through the cave until you come to a ladder. Head up it to enter a new area of Lake Hylia. Go right then down the stairs then right again to come to Hagen's cabin. For fun, go inside and read the note on the table.

"Hagen's Words of Wisdom: If you can't solve a problem, just ram headlong into it. BAM!"
— Something tells me a massive headache won't give you wisdom

Anyway, go back outside then up. We are actually going to follow this genius of a politician's advice and ram headlong into the tree. Use the Pegasus Boots and run into the tree to reveal a Minish Portal. Shrink and then go down to the area of deep blue water. You'll find another lily-pad that needs the Gust Jar for propulsion, so just head straight down (no annoying obstacles this time). When you get to the end get off the pad and then enter Hagen's cabin again. Hitch a ride on the moving leaf and then go over to the shelf. Push it to the right to reveal a ladder. Climb up and then go over to the book. Now just push the book off to the ground and then make the long treck back to the Minish Portal. Grow and then go back into the cabin to claim the third and last book for the library.

Getting to the Temple of Droplets

Now that we have the last blasted book, we can get to Librari. So use the Ocarina of Wind to fly back to Hyrule Town. Give A History of Masks to the librarian, then Sturgeon will come and take them upstairs and return them to their proper places on the shelf. Go upstairs then out and flip over the Minish Portal, and once you've shrunk, head back inside. Head into the area with Sturgeon to come to the base of the bookshelf. We can now get to Librari, so climb up the blue book and keep following the path until you come to Librari's room. Talk to Librari (you can also fuse Kinstones with him) and he will talk about a bunch of junk. Eventually, you'll fall through the freakin' floor and end up underground again! Great. Anyway, we have to go get something in order to get to the Temple of Droplets, so go to the left corner of the area you're in and push a block left then the other one down. Once you're out, head down. Kill the Sluggulas here, and then use the Gust Jar to suck the mushroom to you to get to the other side; head left. Kill the Sluggulas and break the pots for some hearts, then go into the next room. To defeat the two enemies in here, wait until they click their pincers, and then move out of the way when they throw them at you. Without their pincers, they are unprotected, so slash away. But the pincers act like boomerangs, so make sure you're out of the way by the time they get back.

Repeat this process until both are defeated, then a large blue treasure chest will appear. Open it to get the Zora's Flippers! We can now swim in water! So head into the water next to you and press A to swim forward. Now just keep heading down and you will eventually find the way out. Go to the right and then go up the tiny ladder back up to the top of the library. Jump on the Minish Portal to grow again. We can now go to the Temple of Droplets, so use the Ocarina of Wind to warp to Lake Hylia. Jump off the cliff to the north and head up and around to get to the water. Walk right in and then swim in a general southerly direction. On your way to Hagen's place, you may have noticed a Piece of Heart. So keep going down and then left until you come to this Piece of Heart. Walk up there and grab it! Before we go to the temple, let's learn another sword skill. So go up and left and then up the stone steps. Go down and into the tree. Here we find another dojo. Pick up the Piece of Heart to complete another Heart Container, then learn the next skill, the Peril Beam!

Now we can charge through the Temple of Droplets, so get back into the water and head up and left until you come to a circle of ice with a hole in it. This is bascially a large Minish Portal, so jump on and shrink to enter our next dungeon!

Temple of Droplets

In the Temple of Droplets (it's freezing in there!) head down and then go either right or left and then up. Push an ice block out of the way then keep going until you get to the open doorway, which you need to go through. In the next room, avoid the Flying Pots and fireballs and go right through the open doorway. Kill or avoid the Mulldozers in this room and then head down the stairs. In this room, head over to the right side of the lever and push it forward. It will make part of the floor of the room above open up, allowing sunlight to shine down. Now we need to head back up. Of course there is now a hole in the floor, so drop through it. We need that key in the ice block. To get it, we need to push the block into the sunlight, so push it down and then right. Pick up the Small Key. Go down and right and push the block over. Now go back upstairs. Go back to the room with flying pots and this time open the locked door. In this room, we have no choice but to fall through the floor. In this room, you'll notice a parculiar thing. The Big Key? This early in the dungeon?? Yes that's right folks. But don't worry; we've still a long way to go before we fight the boss. Anyway, to get the key out of the ice block, we need to do a couple things. Go to the ice block above the block with the key and push it to the left. Now go to the remaining block without the key and push it down and then left. Now go to the Boss Key block and push it left, up, left, down, left, up, right. Grab the key. Now flip the lever over to close the floor, blocking off the sunlight.

Frozen Boss Key


Backtrack to the main room (where you first entered the dungeon) and this time head all the way down. Now open the "boss" door and go into the next room. Inside we see the Element, but it's trapped in a gigantic block of ice! We have to do a lot to get that out, so first, go left and through the doorway. Go down until you come beside a huge waterfall and a treasure chest on your right. Open it to get the Dungeon Map! Now that we have the map, go up. When you come to the water, you'll notice the spiky roller thing. When you swim forward, press B to dive under it. Once past it, go left to find dry land. Go up the stone steps and then go right. Swim all the way down until you find dry land again. Here, use the Gust Jar to suck the mushroom and launch to the other side. Step on the switch to make the statues in front of the waterfall go down. Now go into the water and just simply fall down the waterfall. Go down and make sure you dive under the roller. When you get to the bottom, go left and then step on the switch to make the statues go down. Read the tablet.

"The way forward is hidden in the bottom of the pot"
— I wonder what that's supposed to mean

Strange words, but we'll figure it out. So, swim right. In the next screen you'll notice an area surrounded by purple block things. If you look at it long enough, you may notice that it looks to be in the shape of a pot! So swim to the center of the "pot" and press B to dive. You'll come up with a small key! With key in hand, head back to the foot of the waterfall. To get back up to the top, climb up the rock wall. Once at the top, go up. Next, go through the locked door on the left and then in the next area go down. Step on the floor switch to make the statues go down, then swim onto the lily pad. Obviously, we have to use the Gust Jar once again to propel ourselves across the water, so do this and go up. Just follow the path of the water to get back around to the waterfall, and then head straight down it with the lily pad. In order to avoid damage from the roller, you're gonna have to know when it's coming, and when it does, quickly get in the water and dive under it. But it's OK if you get hit. Anyway, avoid the roller and head right. Go past the "pot" and to the area with the switch. Get off the lily pad and step on the switch to make the statues go down. Get back on the lily pad and continue on. Go all the way right until you come to an area with another Madderpillar. It will be kind of hard to defeat this guy on account of the ice, but you should be able to manage it. Try not to touch the webs on the perimeter of the area, because you will bounce off them and they will hinder you from getting to the Madderpillar's tail. Once defeated, the door will open. Head through the opening and in the next room open the big chest for the Compass.

Go back into the other room and get back on the lily pad. This time, go left and then up. Go up then step on the switch to make the statues go down. There is a mighty tricky ice block puzzle in the center of the room, but follow these instructions exactly and you won't have any trouble. Below is a rough map with the positions of each block; each block is labeled with a number, the topmost block labeled as "1". The floor switch that needs to be held down by a block is labeled "S". Push the blocks in the following directions, in the exact order that they are listed (don't push 4 before 5).

                                        1Ice Block (The Minish Cap)

                              2Ice Block (The Minish Cap)
                               S                3Ice Block (The Minish Cap)
                                        4Ice Block (The Minish Cap)
                           5Ice Block (The Minish Cap)
                                              6Ice Block (The Minish Cap)
  • Block 1: down, left
  • Block 3: left
  • Block 5: up
  • Block 4: left, up

You solved the puzzle! Get back on that lily pad and take it around and then go up, right, down, right, up, and then go through the open doorway. It's really dark in this room, so cautiously make your way into the next room, where thankfully there is some light. Head up the ladder and then up the stairs to enter a room with three more of those pincer guys. You know how to defeat them: dodge their pincers then slash away, but get out of the way when the boomerang-pincers come back. Once you've defeated all of them, a blue warp pad will appear and the door to the next room will open up, so head that way. Follow the path and go into the next area. Here, you will find a big version of those levers we were pushing earlier. You by yourself is not enough to push this guy. So go down to find two glowing tiles. Split Link into two, and now you can push the lever, which will open up part of the ceiling, allowing sunlight to come down onto one half of the huge ice block that the Element is inside of. It will also melt the small ice block that was blocking your way into the right side of the dungeon! So jump down and head to the new area. Follow the path and in the next area open the chest to get a Kinstone piece, then continue on. Careful on the icy path here. First go down, then left and around to get the chest with another Kinstone piece, then go back and now go down. Here you will see a bunch of blade traps. There is only a small space for you to slip into and get around without hurting yourself. And it's tricky because you are sliding. Just carefully follow them around until you get to the other side, then continue on.

You can't do anything yet in the next room, so just go up and through the doorway, then down the stairs. Now we can either walk down the stairs again, or fall through the hole (if you like falling better). Down here, we need to flip the lever then head back up. We can now walk across to another lever in the south of the room and flip this one. This will open up the ceiling and light will come down. The final step is to go back down the stairs and flip this switch again. The sunlight will come down and melt the ice block. Open the chest to get a small key! Head back to the room with those four ice blocks, and now we can go through the locked door in the south of the room. Go through the door and get ready to face the mini-boss! Push the lever to open the ceiling and watch as he comes down.

Mini-boss: Big Blue ChuChu

The difference between this guy and the green ChuChu of Deepwood Shrine (other than the fact that this guy's name rhymes) is that Big Blue ChuChu has electricity all around him, hindering you from sucking up his goo with the Gust Jar. You're going to have to play the waiting game. The first time, he will jump once, and then his electricity will eventually stop. This is when you suck away the goo with the Gust Jar. Once you've done enough, he will sway around and eventually fall. Go to town with the sword. After each slashing session, he's going to jump aroung a lot more, so just be patient. Once you've finally defeated him, open the chest to get...the Flame Lantern! This handy item lights up the night!

Temple of Droplets Part Two

Flame Lantern

Burn, baby! Burn!!!

The Flame Lantern is a mighty handy tool. Head back to the other room. Equip the Lantern, turn it on, approach the ice blocks, and watch as the Flame Lantern immediately melts them on contact. Cool...or should I say hot! Anyway, with the ice out of the way head down those stairs. Melt the ice and open the chest to get 100 rupees, then go right (watch out for the Mulldozers). It's all dark in the next room, and you have to fight more Scissors Beetles! You can light the torches to give yourself extra light, but they don't stay on forever. It's tricky, but you should be able to manage. Once you've defeated all three, the door into the next room will open up. It's also dark in this room so keep the Lantern out. First go down and all the way right. Light the torch here and a block will disappear. We can now go that way. It's pretty simple. Just follow the path, kill the enemies, and when you see another block, head for the next torch to get it out of the way. You can also find your way around to a chest with a red Kistone piece inside. After you've got the second block out of the way, though, head left until you see a bombable wall. Bomb and go inside. There are bunch of red and blue Mulldozers inside. Kill them all and pick up a small key. Continue to navigate your way through the room. By the area with the next torch there is another chest containing a red Kinstone. Yet another chest with a red Kinstone piece is by the last torch. When you finally get to the end, head through the locked door. I don't like the next room. Try the best you can to avoid the fire things that march randomly around the room. You don't want to get your butt burned off! Anyway, in the next area, go up and through the doorway into the next room, which finally has light in it.

Go up into the tunnel. When you can't go up anymore, go left. Go through the doorway on the other side. In the next room you have to have two Links to push the blocks. Follow the map and directions to get to the next room. (T=tile)

                                                         1 1
                                                   3 3   1 1
                                                   3 3   2 2
                                                         2 2
                                                   T T   T T
                                                   T T   T T 
  • Block 1: Left 2x
  • Block 2: Down 2x
  • Block 3: Down 1x
  • Block 1: Right

The next room contains yet another tricky puzzle. First you need to get an ice block on one of the three switches, so go to the second block (in the left side of the room) and push it down and then left onto the switch. Now we need that other ice block out of our way, so push it to the left. Now we need to be two Links and make our way to switches. But this will be tricky because of the ice and obstacles. No worries, just charge up your sword and step on the top tile of the bottom set, then walk around and complete the split on the top tile on the top set. We need to move quick but precise. When you see an obstacle, go either up or down so that both Links can walk forward. You need to be careful not to hit anything with copy-Link, because that will cause him to cancel quicker. It might take a try or two, but you should eventually get to the two switches and when you step on them it will open the door. Go through the new doorway. In the next room, avoid the fire things and push the top right block up in order to open the door to the next room. In this room, split two Links vertically on the tiles (that are blocked by ice that you have to melt) and go down and push the big block right until you can walk directly down between the two torches. Head left and go up the stone stairs. In this area, you need to move quickly. You have to light all the torches, but they won't stay lit forever. If you take too long, the torches will one-by-one start to go out. Move quickly but precisely around the room and get them all lit to open the door to the next room.

Here, carefully make your way down, diving under the rollers when necessary. When you get past them, just avoid the stupid Scissors guys. We've head quite enough of them. In the next room, avoid the freakin' Pestos who will try to drop crap on you. Step on the switch to make a red warp pad appear, then bomb the wall. The next room contains two Madderpillars. Take out your Flame Lantern to burn the web and then take out the Madderpillars. When you've killed them, go through the newly opened door, then through the next doorway, then across the ice bridge, and up the stairs. Keep following the path (it seems as if the dungeon has finally exhausted all of its devious enemies and puzzles) and eventually you'll come to the second big lever. Split and flip, and the sunlight will melt the element out of the ice, but...

"What in blazes!? Hey, something's not right here!!"
— Yeah, no kidding

A FREAKIN OCTOROK TOOK OUR ELEMENT!!!!! More stupid work for us. Oh well, this giant Octorok just so happens to be the boss of the Temple of Droplets, so let's go kick its butt!

Boss: Big Octorok

Big Octorok

Maybe it's female?

Big Octorok is now a threat because the little pebbles he (or she?) shoots are now giant bolders. When he shoots one, simply use your sword or your small shield to reflect it back into him. After this has been repeated enough times, the floor will turn to ice (as well as the octorok). He also sports a frozen flower/tail thingy. Use the Flame Lantern and run around to his back (it may take a couple tries, the ice is slippery) and light the flower on fire with the Lantern. Repeat the processes, but there will be variations. At some point the octorok will make it dark in the room, making it more difficult to get to his tail, but you shouldn't have much trouble. Also, watch out for his sucking attack. Instead of shooting a boulder, he will try to suck you in his mouth, which will deal the most damage out of any of his other attack methods. After you've burned him up enough times, he is defeated! Grab the Water Element and the Heart Container as your rewards! Take the warp out of that place.

End of Part Four <--Go back to part Three | Continue on to Part Five-->

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