Yeah, it's the prologue. Talks about how the Spirits of Good defeated the Demon King. If you wanna skip it, press START and tap the little "skip" button.

Aboda Village

Niko's masterpiece seems to be rather... boring, to our hero at least. Alfonzo will walk in and remind you about the ceremony. Huh? What ceremony? Oh, right. The Ceremony. After Alfonzo leaves, you can run around the place.

You can skip these little "side quests" and go to the train platform.

For a FREE Red Rupee, go to the other house. There is a little girl. She'll ask you to move those rocks that are blocking the door to the house. Tap them to pick them up, then tap anywhere else to throw them.

Also, if you want a Treasure, go up to the beehive on a tree. The boy near it will dare you to roll into the tree. Tap the screen twice to roll. Unfortunately, the bees will attack you! Either jump into the water or enter a house. After the bees leave, talk to the boy and he will give you a treasure!

That's all you can do right now. Go up to the platform, where Alfonzo says you're late.


Alfonzo will reprimand you for being late. After a little tutorial of the train's controls, you are tasked with getting to Hyrule Castle Town within 300 seconds (that's 5 minutes for those who can't divide). The "rope" at the top right is the whistle. Pull it down to give it a good toot. The gearbox on the right controls the speed. Crank it up to the highest speed (the arrow).

Gearbox Overview
The Arrow on the gearbox is the TOP SPEED.

The triangle is normal speed.

The two lines symbolize the "neutral" position, where the train will cruise to a stop.

Finally, the little "u-shaped" thing at the bottom is the train's emergency brake. It can also let the train go in reverse.

Continuing on, you will encounter some Moinks. Use the whistle to scare 'em off. If one hits the train, it will cause it to come to an abrupt stop. After that little obstacle, Alfonzo will tell you that you'll be sharing the tracks with other trains. If you collide with another train, you'll have to start over, so be careful!

Simply go right to avoid the first train. For the second train, however, go left to turn away from the train. Then go right to get closer to the castle. For the final run, go left. Alfonzo will point out the Tower of Spirits. Stop at the Castle Town Station by moving the gearbox down to the double lines or the "u-shaped" thing.

Basically, right, left, right, left, and then stop at the station.

Castle Town

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