This part will get you through the entire Temple of Wind.

Inside the Temple

Floor 1

As we make our way north in the first room that we enter, Ciela will point out that there will be "sudden gusts" that will blow through this Temple. In fact, there are some that will blow us into an open pit as we go northward, so the trick is to wait for the gust-blowers to stop blowing at the right time. Up ahead, we see a Bomb Flower that we need to throw across a gap in between two rows of Bomb Flowers to make them go off. These will hit switch orbs that will cause bridges across the gap to appear.

Go across the bridges and slay the Chuchus in the north part of the room, then push a block eastward that will allow you to reach a switch orb in the middle of two gust-blowers. Hit it, then block the gust-blower to the right and then go up the stairs and cross the bridge to the south. Go down the stairs, slay the Chuchus, and touch the door on the south wall to open it. Then go into the next room south of you and step on the floor button. This will open a door that will lead you back into the first room you were in when you entered the Temple.

Slay the Keese and then go up the stairs and run across the narrow ledge to the right, watching for the gust-blowers to shut off in order to do so. Then go down the stairs and go through the door on the north wall. It will close behind you as you'll face off against purple wormlike insects that you can easily slay with the sword, causing the closed door to reopen and a door on the west wall to open. Go through that door into the next room where you can collect a bunch of rupees, then push a block that's blocking your way into the room on your left. Enter and slay the purple worms in there, then go up and to the left into the room where you see a gust-blower that you must move down and to the left in order for you to jump across a gap. Once across, hit the floor button and a door south of your location will open. Go through the door that's immediately north of you to go down to the stairs into Basement 1.

Basement 1

In the first room you enter, the door will close behind you, but the only thing you'll see in this room are rocks and Bomb Flowers. Actually, some of those rocks are Rock Chuchus, so to expose them, we need to toss some Bomb Flowers at the rocks, then bomb their rocky shells before we can slay them with the sword. The closed door will open, and a door on the east wall will open. Go through that door and then go up the stairs to move past some Chuchus and then down the stairs. Here we'll be moving to the right and then down until we see a floor button to press on our left, avoiding or fighting off Miniblins in our way. A door will open southeast of our location, but before we head there, read what it says on the stone tablet next to the floor button: this will give us a clue as to what we need to do next.

Now head over to the southeast, where the door was opened; go up the stairs and then drop down north to where we see a moveable block that we need to push up and to the right next to another block. Then use the air gust to blow yourself on top of the block and then go across to the right and head toward a staircase that will take us to Basement 2.

Basement 2

In the first room we enter, use a Bomb Flower to blow up a crack in the wall, then go through the opening into a large space where we will encounter more Sandworms that we need to avoid and/or blow up. Try to get to the platform in the center of the floor where there's a map we need to read, saying "when all the pillars of wind rise, the door will open". Mark the locations it shows on your map of the floor, then go to each of the locations and dig up the mounds of dirt with your Shovel to let loose the air gusts. When all four air gusts are blowing, a door in the southwest corner of the floor will open, as also will one on the north wall. Head for the southwest corner and enter the door to go up the stairs back into Basement 1.

Basement 1

In the first room that you enter, slay the Chuchus, then go up the stairs and travel to the east across the bridge until you see two windmills to the north of you. There's a gust-blower on your right that you need to move to line up with one of the windmills to get it rolling. Once that is done, go back into Basement 2 and then head for the opened door to the north to reenter Basement 1. Before you reach the stairs, however, pick up a Bomb Flower and use it to blow up the blocks that are in your way.

From where you reentered the floor, now head south on the bridge until you see the windmills south of you, then go over to the gust-blower and move it until it's blowing on the other windmill. A small key will now drop near the floor button. Drop down and grab it, then head toward the southeast corner where we'll take the stairs back down to Basement 2.

Basement 2

Now go through the opening and head north to where we see a locked door. Open it and enter the room on the northeast corner of the floor where inside we see a treasure chest containing Bombs...yes, we now have a Bomb Bag! At present we can only carry 10 bombs, but there are places you can discover that will give you more room in your Bomb Bag.

Now that we have Bombs, go over to the northwest corner of the floor where we see a crack in the wall that we can use a Bomb on. Go through the opening, and inside the room we need to toss a Bomb into an air gust to blow up a block preventing us from reaching a level. Ride the air gust up and then head for the stairs that will take you back to Basement 1.

Basement 1

In the room that we enter, slay the Chuchu, then toss a Bomb into a nearby air gust that will trigger off a series of Bomb Flowers in order to hit a switch and cause a door we need to get through to open. Proceed to the right, slaying the Chuchus, and then go down and then all the way to the right until we reach a dead end. Note that there's a tiled space near the north wall. Use a Bomb on that space to blow up a hole, then go through it and travel up and around to the south until we reach a door. Touch it to open, then go up the stairs back into Floor 1.

Floor 1

In the room that we enter, note the spot where the tiled floor appears and use a Bomb to blow a hole in the wall there. Go through it and go up the stairs and around until we see two rows of Bomb Flowers arranged in an L-pattern near two switch orbs. Place a Bomb near both rows to trigger them simultaneously, causing a door to the south to open. In the next room there's a treasure chest that contains the Big Key. Carry it as you drop down a level to where you see air gusts blowing where two blocks are blocking your way. Drop some Bombs into the air gusts to blow up the blocks, then ride the air gusts with the Big Key up to where we can open the door and proceed to Floor 2.

Floor 2

There's nothing we really need to get here, just pots for hearts and Bombs if we need them and a blue portal that will take us back to the entrance of the Temple. Just proceed north to where we will meet the boss of the Temple.

Temple Boss: Cyclok


Cyclok riding around on a cyclone

The boss we'll be fighting here is named Cyclok, an Octorok-type creature that rides on top of cyclones in the air. He likes to swoop down and attack us, and he will drop small cyclones that we can use to make Bombs go up into the air to hit him. Time it so that Cyclok will be near over the cyclone before using a Bomb, but don't wait too long: the cyclone will disappear, forcing you to find another cyclone. Once Cyclok is down, strike it silly with the sword. He will rise again, and you will have to repeat the same strategy a few more times. If you run out of Bombs, use the Bomb Flowers that are on the outer edges of the arena instead. Once you hit it enough times, Cyclok's body will turn to sand, and Link will capture it inside the Phantom Hourglass, giving you two more minutes of time in the Temple of the Ocean King. Now the seal will appear on the floor, and Neri the Spirit of Wisdom (a blue fairy) will emerge, saying that Link has freed her and that now she will help him. So now he's got three fairies along for the ride.

You've completed the Temple of Wind! Open the treasure chest to collect your next Heart Container, then step into the blue portal to return to the entrance of the Chamber.

NEXT: Your third visit to the Temple of the Ocean King

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