This part will take you through the entire Temple of Ice.

Inside the Temple

Floor 1

In the first room that we enter this Temple through, hit the switch orb to make the red blocks barring our way to the north passageway go down, then use the Boomerang to hit the orb again to make the blue blocks go down. Then proceed around to the narrow icy bridge where two flying bladed traps will move back and forth, carefully crossing it to the other side. Then go to the left and press the floor button to open the nearby door into the room we just left. Go back in there and toss a Bomb at the switch orb to make the red blocks go down that are blocking the door to the staircase near the upper right. Make sure you're standing past the blue blocks at the south end of the bridge before the Bomb goes off. (You can also use a Bombchu for better results.) Then cross the bridge again and take the stairs to Floor 2.

Floor 2

There's nothing in this room that we enter on this floor. Just head north to the staircase leading to Floor 3.

Floor 3

As you head south and across the bridge to the southeast corner of this floor, be careful of the floor because it is very slippery. There's a post you can jump onto, and we'll need to jump onto it in order to use a Boomerang to hit the switch orb that's north of us. This will cause an ice gate north of us to melt. Go back to where the ice gate was and cross the bridge going westward. Here on this snow-covered part of the floor we have a new enemy called the Stag Beetle that wears a mask and are pretty hard to kill unless you go behind them and strike them with the sword. For now your best bet is to knock them into a hole where they won't bother you.

Anyway, in the area we are now in, go around and find three stone tablets that will give you clues on which pull switches on the north wall we need to pull in what order, and then pull those switches. (The interpreted order is far left, far right, center right, center left.) This will cause a door south of your location to open. Go through the door and up the two staircases to the plateau where there's blue blocks to your left and an narrow icy bridge to the north. There's also a Stag Beetle you need to knock down. Go across the icy bridge to the next plateau and take out the Ice Bubble and the Ice Keese before they touch you, causing Link to freeze. Then go left across an icy bridge to a third plateau and do the same with another Ice Bubble and Ice Keese. Now go south over a third icy bridge and take out the Ice Keese over on that plateau. Next to that on the left is a blue-glowing switch orb that's one level down. Throw a Bomb at it to make it glow red, causing the blue blocks to go down. Go back to the first plateau and now go left past the blue blocks and across an icy bridge to a snow-covered plateau where there's a blue tile and a stone tablet telling you to stand on the tile and hit the switch orbs surrounding you in the correct order. Using the Boomerang, direct it to hit the northeast orb, then the northwest, then the southwest, then the southeast in one circular motion. This will cause a small key to drop onto a platform to your right that you can snag with the Boomerang. Now go over to the plateau where you saw the locked door and open it. Go through the door and take the stairs back down to Floor 2.

Floor 2

In the room that you reenter Floor 2 in, you'll enter a closed-door battle with a white Yook and a dark gray Yook. The dark gray Yook is more aggressive a fighter than the white one, as he tends to swing his club more at Link than he does inhaling. Nonetheless, use a Bomb when they inhale to stun them and then strike them with the sword. When both Yook are slain, the closed door will reopen, and an ice gate across a chasm to our left will melt. Also a treasure chest will appear, which will give us our next useful item -- the Grappling Hook. It works pretty much like the Hookshot in other Legend of Zelda games in that it pulls Link toward bigger objects it latches on and it pulls smaller objects it grabs toward him. It can also be used as a long-reaching striking weapon, but there are other additional uses for the Grappling Hook that we'll cover through this part of the walkthrough.

Anyway, with the Grappling Hook, go over to the chasm and latch onto the post that's on the other side to get across, then go south to the staircase that leads us back to Floor 1.

Floor 1

In the room that you reenter Floor 1 in, there are three face statues with tongues sticking out of them as well as a few Stag Beetles to your right, and an ice gate blocking another chasm to the south. First use the Grappling Hook to yank the masks off the Stag Beetles to make them vulnerable to your sword strikes. Then latch onto the tongue of the face statue in the middle to pull it out further. The ice gate will melt, allowing you to latch onto the post on the other side to pull yourself across. There's an ice gate blocking a staircase to the lower left. But first, go over to the floor button on your lower right and press it, opening the door that leads back into the first room of the Temple. Then go into the room and Grapple Hook the tongues of the face statues to pull them out. This will cause the ice gate to melt. Now go down the stairs into Basement 1.

Basement 1

First place a Bomb near a crack in the wall just north of you to open the way into the room where there's a face statue, an ice gate, and a floor button that we can press right now to cause a chest to appear across a chasm to our right. Grapple Hook onto the chest and pull yourself across, then press the floor button there to cause a bridge to appear across the chasm. Inside the chest is 200 rupees. Now go to the right and a place a Bomb about one Link space to the right of the right staircase, blowing up another opening in the wall. Go through it and strike the Gossip Stone statue, which will tell you about the tightrope challenge. In other words, you can use the Grappling Hook as a tightrope by directing it to strike two posts across from each other. Then you need to jump onto one post and direct Link to move across the rope to the other post where you can jump off.

To start this challenge, go to the left and make a tightrope between the two posts on your left. Then jump and walk across it until you reach halfway. Now pull out your Boomerang and direct it to make a half-circle sweep of four switch orbs that surround an eye switch just north of you. The ice gate blocking the eye will melt, allowing you to have a clear shot with an arrow. The ice gate in the room with the face statue will melt.

Now go to the right and make a tightope across the two posts to the right. Cross over it and Grapple Hook onto the pull switch to your north to make a chest appear southeast of your location. Go a little to the right and then north, slaying the Stag Beetles, until you reach a face statue near a locked door. Pull the statue's tongue out and you'll cause an ice gate to melt in a room to your south where the chest appeared. Now quickly race over into the room where the chest is before the ice gate reappears to get a small key from it. To leave the room, push the moveable block north until it reaches a dead end, then go to the right and press a floor button. This will make a bridge appear across the chasm to your left. Now go across and back north to the locked door to enter a room with a chest containing a Wisdom Gem and a red-glowing switch orb. Instead of entering the room to hit the switch orb, which will cause blue blocks to go up in the room, stand outside it and hit the orb with the Boomerang. This will cause red blocks to go down on a platform to the west side of this floor.

Now go back to the room where the ice gate was in the front of the face statue and pull its tongue as far out as you can. This will cause a door at the north end of the floor to open. Here is where it gets tricky: while the tongue is still retracting, Grapple Hook your way across the platforms on your left to reach the one where the door is before it closes. Succeed and the door will stay open; fail and you'll have to pull the tongue out again. The longer the tongue is pulled out, the more time you have to reach the door. You can bomb a hole in the wall near where the chest with the rupees is to shave off some time.

On your left past the door is a Big Key Door. Go to your right and go down the stairs into Basement 2.

Basement 2

To your right where you enter this floor, there is a closed door. To the left, there is a platform with an ice gate blocking the top of the stairs. To the north of the platform there is a chasm with two torches on either side. Go to the chasm and use the torch on the other side to pull yourself across. Then go to the right and fight a white Yook in a closed-door battle to cause the closed door to reopen and an ice gate immediately north of you to melt. Past the ice gate is a post for creating another tightrope with another post just north of it. As you cross over on the rope, watch out for the flying bladed trap moving back and forth. Create another tightrope between that post and another post to cross over another gap. Then head to the left where you see two posts on your side and nothing on the other side of the gap for you to latch on. Here is where you can use the Grappling Hook in another new way: by connecting them to the two posts on your side, you can launch Link over to the other side by having him pull back on the rope like a bowstring.

Across the gap, slay the Ice Keese and then head south to a platform where there are four switch orbs you need to hit in a single spin. This will cause a treasure chest to appear on the platform in the southwest section of this floor and also open the door near it. Now bomb the wall near the switch orbs to open a passageway back to that area. Go through the open door and head to the right where there are two torches near each other. Sling the Grappling Hook between them and use them to launch yourself onto a plateau north of you. Grapple Hook your way onto two more plateaus with torches on them and then fire an arrow at the eye that's north of you. A door on your left will now open. Leap down to the left of that plateau and go to the right of the open door to press a floor button, activating a bridge crossing a gap going south. Then go through the open door to where there's a narrow platform for you to stand on between two posts and south of two eyes. The eyes will close if you face their direction. As you look away from the eyes, Grapple Hook the two posts and then fire an arrow to ricochet off the rope into each of the eyes. This will cause a chest to appear to your left which contains a small key.

Now go back down to the south where the two torches are and go to the locked door on your right to open it. Go past the door into a room where you'll get into a closed-door battle with a dark gray Yook and an Ice Keese. Slay them and the closed door will reopen while a chest appears in the room to give you 200 rupees. Nice reward!

Leave the room the same way you came and go to the right of the opened locked door to throw some rocks out of the way. One of the rocks is a Rock Chuchu which you need to bomb and strike down with the sword. Past the rocks on your right is a two-tiered platform with posts on various parts of the platform and a floor button on the top tier. First Grapple Hook your way across the gap to the south, then stand on the post and Grapple Hook the post on the first tier, then stand on that and Grapple Hook the one on the top tier. Press the floor button, and an ice gate to your left will melt. Go through the door it was blocking and carefully make your way across a long and slightly winding ice bridge to the left where there's a floor button to press, slaying the Stag Beetle along the way. The ice gate blocking the treasure chest in the southwest corner of this floor will melt. Now make your way back to that area to open the treasure chest and get the Big Key, then carry it with you up the stairs to Basement 1.

Basement 1

Just head to the Big Key Door and throw the key into the lock to open it. Then head for the door to the north and up the stairs to the Temple Boss battle. In this room there are pots you can break for hearts and weapons, and a blue portal will appear that will take you back to the entrance of the Temple.

Temple Boss: Gleeok



As the door closes behind Link, he sees two heads lifting up from the murky cold waters. This is the Gleeok, a dragon with one head that spews an icy breath and another head that spews a fireball at Link. They will also also attack Link by using their heads as spears to strike him.

In the first part of the battle, use the four posts to create diagonal tightropes to ricochet one of the head's breaths to the other head before it strikes you. Quickly dodge its head attacks after it spews its breath. After a few breaths, both heads will dive into the water and cause a tidal wave to hit you. Jump onto one of the posts to avoid the tidal wave, but jump off when you see chunks of ice floating down toward you. After a while the water will go down and the Gleeok will stick its heads back up to spew more breaths.

After a few successful hits, the heads will break off the two upper posts and will now alternately attack you by snapping at you twice and then sticking its tongue out while preparing to breathe out fire or ice at Link. Avoid its head attacks, then as it sticks out its tongue, Grapple Hook that to one of the nearby posts to pull the head down, allowing you to strike it with the sword. Do the same to both its heads twice and Gleeok will turn into sand. Link will get out his Phantom Hourglass, and we now have two more minutes added to the hourglass. A treasure chest will appear that will give us our next Heart Container.

A bridge will appear just ahead of Link that will take us into the chamber where the second pure metal is located: the Azurine. After we get it, step into the blue portal to leave the Temple

NEXT: Your fifth visit to the Temple of the Ocean King.

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