This part will take you through the entire Goron Temple

Inside the Temple

Floor 1

As we first enter the Goron Temple, Ciela will note that there's no sign of Gongoron, so we'll need to find him. Also you'll notice that there are areas of sand. These areas are actually quicksand, and these will cause Link some heart (meter) damage if he walks into them, so we need to avoid them at all costs.

For now, let's head to the right, where we'll enter a maze with Beamoses ready to burn our britches. There's a floor button we need to press in order to disarm some spikes, but we'll need a heavy object to keep the button pressed. Push the inactive Armos statue that's near the button over to the button, then run past the spikes to the north wall where there's a door that we can't open just yet. Head to the left of the door where there's an Armos statue that will come to life and bounce after us if we get close to it. Bomb the statue to make it inactive, then push the statue over onto a nearby floor button. This will cause the door we passed by to open. Go through the door into the room where another Armos statue needs to be bombed and pushed onto another floor button, this time causing a bridge to appear crossing two nearby plateaus. Go over near one of the plateaus and dig around for an air gust to ride up on, then cross the bridge to the other plateau and drop down into the room with two Armos statues. Bomb them and a door south of us will open. Go south to the staircase and press the floor button to disarm the spikes at the bottom of the stairs, then go to the left where you see four pillars and a crack in the wall, indicating a spot you can bomb. Instead, bomb the spot two pillars east of that and you'll find an opening you can go through that will take you to the staircase leading down to Basement 1.

Basement 1

You'll enter a closed-door battle with a Fire Bubble and some Beamoses standing around a patch of quicksand. You only need to take out the Fire Bubble, which will cause the door behind you to reopen and some spikes to the southwest of your location to be disarmed. Go down, then east, and then north as you head toward the northeast section. Here, across a patch of quicksand, we'll run into Gongoron again, who finds himself trapped in a certain area that monsters threw him into. Agree to help him, and instantly he will warn you about a monster behind you. This monster is the Hinox, a one-eyed blue-skinned brute that we need to stun with an arrow before striking with the sword. This will cause spikes south of Gongoron's location to be disarmed. The little Goron will be grateful for the rescue, but Ciela will now point out that there are spikes to the south of us that need to be disarmed. Gongoron will now offer us assistance by allowing us to switch off between him and Link by tapping the icon at the top of the touch screen. He can be moved around as a rolling ball the same way as we can move around Link; to make Gongoron do a jump attack, simply tap onto the target that you want to attack. However, Gongoron will also tell us that our fates are linked with each other: if Gongoron takes damage, so also does Link.

So now onto using both Link and Gongoron: as Gongoron, go over to the room south of his location and smash all the rocks in there. Some of the rocks, however, are Rock Chuchus that we can do jump attacks on. When all the Rock Chuchus are slain, the spikes south of Link's location will be disarmed. Switch to Link and guide him into the south room to slay the two Like Likes there and then press the floor button. Killing the Like Likes will cause the spikes next to a gap on Gongoron's side to be disarmed. Now switch to Gongoron and roll across the gap to press the other floor button. This will cause a treasure chest to appear on a platform northwest of Link. Switch to Link to grab the next useful item in the chest -- the Bombchu. These wind-up bomb toys can be used by plotting their course on the map with the stylus (the upper screen will also show us where the Bombchu will go when it travels) and just letting them go. You can stand and watch the Bombchu travel to its destination, or by quickly tapping on Link you can resume control of him while the Bombchu does its thing.

But we're not done using both Link and Gongoron yet! As soon as we get the Bombchus, the spikes south of Gongoron's location will be disarmed, so switch to him and roll into the next room where there are Eye Slugs slithering around. Use the little Goron's jump attack to destroy them, and a door will now open to a room in the southwest corner of this floor. Switch to Link and enter this room to slay some more Eye Slugs, causing a chest to appear which contains Goron Amber. Then use a Bombchu to crawl through a small hole in a nearby wall to hit a switch orb on the other side. This will disarm spikes on the west side of this room. Gongoron will now tell us that we need to split up and that he will see us later.

Anyway, there are two staircases that we can take on the west side: one on the upper left going up and one on the lower left going down. Take the one on the upper left to go back up to Floor 1.

Floor 1

From where we reentered this floor, slay the blue Electric Chuchu and then send a Bombchu through a small hole to hit the switch orb on the other side of the wall. This will cause a bridge to the right of us to appear crossing over a chasm. Now go back to the room in Basement 1 and this time take the stairs that go down to Basement 2.

Basement 2

Go to the right and slay the Like Like nearby, then pick up a rock that's next to the wall and throw it away. The rock is covering up a small hole that we can use a Bombchu to go through. Now go up and to the right to find a switch orb behind some rocks we can pick up and throw away (and a Rock Chuchu we can bomb and slay) that's near another switch orb separated by a wall. The Gossip Stone that's nearby will tell us that we need to hit both switch orbs at the same time. To do this, set the Bombchu on a course to go through the walls into that room where the switch orb is, then instantly as it travels off tap on Link to control him and keep hitting the switch orb that's near him until the Bombchu reaches its destination. If both switches are hit at the same time, the spikes to the left of our location will be disarmed. Now head left and go down the staircase that leads to Basement 3.

Basement 3

Go south and then around to the north to slay Miniblins that are in your path, while watching out for flying pots. This will cause a chest to appear which contains 20 rupees. Now head over to the left where there's a switch orb glowing red and hit it. This will cause red blocks on the other side of the wall to go down and the blue blocks to go up. Past these blocks is another switch orb we need to hit with a Bombchu, but the trick is to hit the switch orb at the right time to make the blocks go down before the Bombchu hits it, so as soon as you release the Bombchu, tap onto Link and get ready to hit the switch orb at the right time. This will disarm spikes barring our way near the north end of this floor. Go past the spikes and head east where there are four Armos statues near four floor buttons. Hit each of them as they come to life with a Bomb, then push them onto each of the floor buttons. This will disarm spikes immediately to the lower right. Go past them down the long passageway to the south, watching out for flying pots, and then go west to the staircase that's to the right of the Big Key Door back up to Basement 2.

Basement 2

From where we reentered this floor, press the floor button to your left to cause a bridge to appear crossing the gap between here and the southwestern section. Then head east into a closed-door battle with two Hinoxes, both of which now throw bombs at you. Stun both of them with arrows, then strike one of them repeatedly until he falls. Stun the other Hinox with another arrow and do the same thing. The closed door will now reopen, and some spikes in the upper left door of the room will be disarmed. Go through that door and head north to where a switch orb is located that will disable spikes barring our path north of us going to the west. However, it is timed rather quickly, so first slay the blue Electric Chuchus that are in this area, go near the spikes and direct a Bombchu to hit the switch orb so we can quickly scoot past them.

Now that we're in the northwest section of this floor, there's a large patch of quicksand blocking our way to two switch orbs we need to hit. We can hit both of these with two Bombchus, but in their path are both rocks and Eye Slugs. Your best bet may be to get rid of the Eye Slugs first before directing your Bombchu's path around the rocks to the switch orbs. Getting rid of all the Eye Slugs will cause a chest to appear that contains Goron Amber. When both switch orbs are hit, a large treasure chest will appear on a platform on the northeast section where we've been. Return there, this time using the Boomerang to hit the switch orb to disarm the spikes, and go up to the platform to get the Big Key. Take it with you as you head back toward the staircase going down to Basement 3.

Basement 3

From the left of the staircase, throw the Big Key into the Big Key Door to open it. There's a room with some pots in it we can break for hearts if we need them. Go to the right and head for the staircase going down to Basement 4.

Basement 4

There's nothing we need to get on this floor, just pots we can break for refilling hearts and weapons and a blue portal that will take us back to the entrance of the Temple. Proceed to the door on the left and get ready to meet the Temple Boss.

Temple Boss: Dongorongo

Dongorongo Artwork


As the door closes behind us after we enter this room, we meet a giant armored lizard across a sandpit called Dongorongo. Because there's no bridge across the sandpit, we can't fight it directly. Fortunately, Gongoron appears on the other side of the sandpit where the lizard is, offering his help again in defeating the creature. So again we're going to switch off between Link and Gongoron during this battle.

During the first part, Dongorongo will attack by shooting fireballs and by ramming Gongoron. As Gongoron, we need to strike the lizard on its side to knock it over, as striking it head-on will do nothing. Wait until it charges where it will stop and be stunned, then roll over and repeatedly hit Dongorongo's side with a jump attack. Eventually it will be knocked out with its mouth gaping open. Switch to Link and direct a Bombchu to go across the sand pit into the lizard's mouth, causing it to detonate inside the creature. During this part of the battle, though, you'll have to watch out for either Link or Gongoron, as Link will be attacked by Eye Slugs while Gongoron deals with Dongorongo, so when either of them yells for help, switch to that other person immediately.

After Dongorongo is hit with three Bombchus, a bridge will appear across the sand pit, and a door to the north side of the room will open. Gongoron will rejoice that he and Link succeeeded in destroying the creature and that he is going to get the pure metal that's behind the door. After Link crosses the bridge, however, the bridge disappears, the door closes, and Dongorongo reawakens for battle once more, growing a blue bump on his back. In the second part, he will now inhale before letting out a stream of fire from his mouth. As he inhales, throw a Bomb or a Bomb Flower into his mouth to knock him down long enough to strike the blue bump with your sword. He will then get up and spew some fireballs at Link which you need to avoid. Again throw a Bomb into his mouth as he inhales and strike the blue bump with the sword. After three successful strikes, Dongorong's body will turn into sand. Link will get out his Phantom Hourglass, and we now have two more minutes added to the hourglass. A treasure chest will appear that will give us our next Heart Container.

Go through the door on the north, and Gongoron will ask us what happened before giving us the first of the three pure metals we need: the Crimsonine. After we get it, step into the blue portal to leave the Temple.

NEXT: The Isle of Frost.

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