This part will take you through your fourth visit to the Temple of the Ocean King.

Return to Mercay Island

Once we're at Mercay Island Harbor, head back up through the same path as before to the Temple of the Ocean King. Once we reach the outside of the Temple, an earthquake will take place, with Ciela pointing out that it must be Bellum who's causing it.

Inside the Temple

We now have 14 minutes in the hourglass and three more floors we need to pass through to get what we need this time. This means we have to go through the same six floors that we did on our last visit here.

Floor 1

Just go straight up through the two Safe Zones to the door in the center of the floor.

Basement 1

The strategy for this floor is the same as it was for your last visit here, except that there are now red Swift Phantoms to deal with, who will close in on Link faster than the blue ones when they spot you.

Basement 2

Use the same strategy that you did the last time you were here.

Basement 3

Use the same strategy that you did the last time you were here.

Checkpoint Chamber

The hourglass stops flowing, but there's nothing we really need to get here this time except for a yellow pot that gives you 30 more seconds in the hourglass.

Basement 4

The same strategy you used to get through this floor the last time you were here still applies. However, there is an eye in the northeast corner of this floor you can shoot at with an arrow that will stop all the gust-blowers, saving you some time.

Basement 5

The closed-door battles in the same two rooms you'll be going through here feature Fire Bubbles in the first room and Moldorms in the second.

Basement 6

Again we want to reach a red door near the south end that's being blocked by gust-blowers and patrolled by a Phantom, so follow the same strategy that you did the last time you were here, but ignore the six stone tablets on both sides of this floor. On the red door draw the symbol of the Triforce in one pen stroke. This will open the door and take you into a different version of the Sacred Crest Chamber.

Sacred Crest Chamber

The hourglass has stopped again, but the layout of the chamber is different this time. Up ahead is a door that has the seal of the Spirit of Courage on it, which Ciela can give us the power to open. After opening it, however, a nearby skeleton will open a yellow portal that will allow us to not only return to the surface from there, but will also let us skip the previous floors of the Temple to return here at any time. The catch here is that however much time it took us to get through the previous floors to get to the chamber will be deducted from the total amount of time we have in the hourglass on subsequent visits. It would probably be best to make sure you can get through the other floors in the least amount of time before using the yellow portal to save.

Once we're ready, head through the open door and proceed into Basement 7.

Basements 7 through 9

We'll be going through these three floors repeatedly in order to open the way to the Elevator Chamber.

Basement 7: From where you enter this floor, ride the floating platforms up to the northwestern section of this floor, protecting yourself from arrow launchers. When you get off the platforms, you'll notice that the purple-tiled floors are ringing when you run on them. A nearby skeleton will warn you that these are special floors that will alert the Phantoms of your presence if you run across them long enough. The best way to get across these floors is to move slowly, so carefully make your way to the southwestern section, watching out for the Phantom that moves around in a circle there, and head for the door to take you down to Basement 8.

Basement 8: Watch the movement of the Phantom around the southwestern section of this floor and you'll notice that it goes across an invisible bridge to the southeastern section. Make a note of where that bridge is and carefully make your way across to the southeastern section, and head for the door to take you back to Basement 7.

Basement 7: A blue Phantom is guarding a switch orb on the right where you reenter this floor, and a red Phantom continually moves around from north to south and back. While watching the patterns of the Phantoms, use the Boomerang to hit the switch orb: this will make a wall of fire northwest of your location to go out. Now, before the timer goes out, make your way past it onto a floating platform going north, then switch over to the next floating platform, again protecting yourself from arrow launchers. When you reach the top of the screen, head left to where a treasure chest is. Open it and you'll get the round crystal, which you'll need to put in a pedestal. Carry it with you as you make your way to the northeastern section, then break a red pot halfway down to the southeastern section to hide yourself and the crystal from the Phantoms. Then make your way to the staircase and go back down to Basement 8.

Basement 8: Carry the round crystal across the invisible bridge to the southwestern section. Then, watching out for the blue Phantom that patrols the northwestern section, head for the pedestal located there and place the round crystal on it. This will disable spikes in the door immediately to the north of your location. Now head into that room and press the floor button to activate an air gust to the southeast of your location. Then go north to the door and take the stairs down to Basement 9.

Basement 9: In the room you just entered, there's a wall of fire to your left and a treasure chest to your right. Inside it is the triangle crystal. Take it with you as you go back up into Basement 8.

Basement 8: Carefully make your way to the northeastern section of this floor to where there's a pedestal with a block you can bomb in front of it. Get that block out of your way with a Bomb, then place the triangle crystal on the pedestal. This will make spikes in the door to the south of you be disarmed. (The block you bombed also hides a small Safe Zone you can use to hide out from the Phantom patrolling that area.) Now go to the door where the spikes were and use the Boomerang to hit the switch orb to the right. This will cause a door to the northeast of your location to open. Grab the triangle crystal from the pedestal and take it with you as you go through the door and back down to Basement 9.

Basement 9: From where you reenter this floor, a skeleton will warn you about a new danger that will take seconds from your hourglass. This new danger is the Wizzrobe, a few of which will appear on this floor. They will travel through walls and sneak up on Link to drain 15 seconds from the hourglass. These will appear as skulls on the map, so watch their movements and use a quick spin attack on them when they get too close to you. Fortunately, they won't attack Link as long as he is standing in a Safe Zone. When defeated, Wizzrobes leave behind additional seconds that you can collect into your current time in the hourglass.

First take the triangle crystal into the room where three pedestals are located and leave it there. Next, let the Wizzrobes come near you so you can strike them with a spin attack before they strike you. After that, while watching the movements of the red Phantom carrying the square crystal, go to the south middle where there's an arrow redirect orb and hit it with the Boomerang so it's aimed toward an eye, then while the eye is open, shoot an arrow into the redirect orb so that it hits the eye. This causes spikes to be disarmed in an alcove on the southwestern section of this floor where there's a floor button. This floor button activates a trap door to your right for the Phantom to fall into, so watch for the Phantom to pass directly to your right before activating it. When done, the Phantom releases the crystal, and you won't have to worry about it anymore on this trip.

Before we take it to the room where the three pedestals are, take it to the northwestern section where there's a pedestal next to a wall of fire and place it there. The wall of fire will go out as long as the crystal is in the pedestal. Now go through the door and up the stairs back to Basement 8.

Basement 8: While watching the Phantom's movements, climb up the stairs and travel along the ledge until you drop down past the Phantom when its back is toward you and grab the round crystal, rearming the spikes in the door. Now carefully bring it around the south wall until you reach the air gust that will blow you back up to the ledge. Walk along the ledge and then drop down into the room where the staircase to Basement 9 is.

Basement 9: Take the round crystal into the room where the three pedestals are and drop it onto its appropriate pedestal. Then go back and grab the square crystal from the pedestal near the staircase (causing the wall of fire to reappear) and bring it into the room to place it in its appropriate pedestal. Finally, take the triangle crystal and place it in its pedestal. The door up ahead will open, leading you to the Elevator Chamber (which we will find out why it's called that on our next visit).

Elevator Chamber

We made it!!! We're now in a room where a treasure chest is, and in it a Sea Chart that will give us access to the Southeastern Sea. Step into the blue portal after you get the chart to leave the Temple and rejoin with Linebeck.

NEXT: Goron Island.

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