This part will get you through the entire Temple of Courage.

Inside the Temple

Floor 1

From the room that you enter the Temple, go north up a passageway where you see rolling spiked logs going back and forth, ducking into the alcove on your right to avoid getting hit by the first log, then standing in the doorway between that log and the one just north of it. Go to the right as you watch the rolling log on your right move to the right, then go south and watch the bladed trap go past you long enough to scoot past the narrow door as you continue to the south toward the floor button on your left. Press it and the door right next to you will open. Now go up the stairs to where a treasure chest is located, where you'll find a small key. Now drop down to the right and go north of the rolling log to the locked door to open it. Go around the corner and to the south where you'll get into a closed-door battle with some Moldorms, which you can slay by hitting them in the pink spot on their tail sections. The closed door will reopen, and a door to the south of you will open. Go into that door and take the stairs down to Basement 1.

Basement 1

As you'll notice, this floor's got nothing but stationary platforms and moving platforms. From where you enter this floor, get onto the first moving platform moving left and right and travel to the left until you get to the first stationary platform on the left. There's an armored beetle on this platform that we can force to fall off if we hit it enough times. Get onto the next moving platform on your left and strike the switch orb with a Bomb or the Boomerang as we pass it to the north. At the same time another moving platform will appear to the south. Quickly get onto that after hitting the switch orb and ride it to the next stationary platform to the left, where a staircase that will lead us back to Floor 1 is located.

Floor 1

From this location go a little to the left and then north, avoiding the electric spark that travels along the sides of the walls, and slaying the Gels that will pop up along the way. When you reach the room past the red blocks, there will be two stone tablets to read. The one on the left says: "Big monsters with big ears are hugely vulnerable to loud sounds;" while the one on the right says: "Up, down, right, then left. It's not only the order for the switches nearby. It's the very order of the whole temple, so take note of it..." These will be two very important clues for things we will encounter.

Place a Bomb between the two tablets and you'll blow up an opening you can go through. In the room past the opening there's a map on the north wall of Basement 1, showing you a path you'll need to copy onto your map of that floor and a clue. Go back into the room with the tablets and bomb the blocks to your right. Then go to the right and here we have Green Chuchus that will ooze out of the way of our hitting them with the sword, so hit them first with the Boomerang to stun them. Go down and then up the stairs to our first right to a platform with a stone tablet and a pedestal. The tablet reads: "Crystals can only fit into same-shaped platforms." Note that the shape of the pedestal indentation is square, so we'll need a square crystal to place onto it.

Now go south and then to the right where we can press a floor button to open a door right next to you. Then go up the stairs on your left to the platform where a creature called a Pols Voice will drop down and try to hop onto you to do some damage to you. Remember the clue about big creatures with big ears being vulnerable to loud sounds? The Pols Voice has two large ears, so give it a good shout through the microphone, and it will fold its ears unto itself long enough for you to deliver a sword strike to kill it. (For Zelda fans, shouting into the microphone was the way to kill a Pols Voice on the original Legend of Zelda game when it debuted on the Famicom!) The Pols Voice will leave behind a small key. Now go back north to where you saw a locked door and open it. Take the staircase behind the door up to Floor 2.

Floor 2

The room that we entered this floor is a maze, and it's full of electric sparks and stationary Beamoses that will rotate their eyes and strike Link with an energy beam if he is in the eye's line of sight. This room's also got four pull switches located in each of the four compass directions: north, south, east, and west. While avoiding the sparks and the Beamoses, go to each of the pull switches in the order that you were given from one of the stone tablets -- up, down, right, and left -- causing a small chest to appear in the center of the maze. Inside the chest is a square crystal that we need for the pedestal on Floor 1.

Floor 1

Carry the square crystal with you back to Floor 1 and place it on the pedestal that you found. This will cause a door to open to the north of us. Go through the door and take the stairs back down to Basement 1.

Basement 1

From the location where we reentered this floor, it seems that there's no way that we can go to get anywhere because we're surrounded by dropoffs on all three sides. The Gossip Stone nearby tells you that not everything here is what it seems. Remember the path you've copied from the wall map of Basement 1? That path is actually an invisible bridge you can travel on to get to a stationary platform on the left. Use the path you've drawn to travel along that bridge, but be careful of the armored beetles that are on that bridge and strike at them to cause them to fall off. On the stationary platform is a treasure chest in which contains our next useful weapon -- the Bow. You'll get 20 arrows with the bow and that will be all you can carry for now, but there are some places outside the Temple you can go to to increase that number.

To the north of the treasure chest is an eye you can shoot at with an arrow. This will cause a bridge to appear that will take you to another stationary platform south of your location. On this platform, however, there's a large Moldorm you'll need to take out -- a single arrow in the tail section should do the trick. To the right on the platform there's what we would call an arrow redirect orb that will cause an arrow you shoot at it to be fired in another direction. Strike it with the sword so that the orb is pointing to the right, then shoot an arrow into it. The orb will fire the arrow into another orb which will fire it into a switch orb. Now go through the door on that platform and go up the stairs back to Floor 1.

Floor 1

In the room that you enter because the switch orb we hit caused the blue blocks there to go down, there's two more large Moldorms in the way. Hit each of them in the tail with an arrow. Up the stairs where we see a Gossip Stone is another pedestal with the same shape as the one we put a square crystal onto. Make note of that location, because we're going to have to move the crystal over here. Now go east, slaying the Green Chuchus in your way, and hit the eye across the gap to your right with an arrow. This will cause a door immediate north of us to open. Go through that door and go to the pedestal to get the square crystal from there (causing the door that was opened that led to Basement 1 to close) and bring it over to the other pedestal we just found. This will cause a door right next to the one we had just opened to also open. Go through that door and up the stairs back into Floor 2.

Floor 2

There's a lot of Octoroks in the room we just entered, three of which we need to strike with the arrows, all of which are spitting rocks at us. Slay them all and a bridge will appear that will take us across a chasm to where a Gossip Stone is located. Now go from there a little to the right and down and then stop and wait for a moving platform to appear. Ride the platform to the south stationary platform, striking the Keese that flies around there, then wait for a moving platform to appear to the right. Ride that platform across to where two other moving platforms will join together to the right, then scoot across to the one on the far right and ride that one in the same direction until it joins with another moving platform going north to south. Jump onto that one and ride it until you reach a narrow passageway on your right, then scoot into there and across to the right, watching out for moving bladed traps. In the room on the right is a Beamos. Avoid that and go down the passageway on the lower left to bomb a block out of your way and to move another block north so you can avoid the bladed trap moving in the passageway. Scoot over to the narrow passageway heading north that's to your right and take the stairs back down to Floor 1.

Floor 1

Move along the winding path to the left while avoiding the sparks until you reach a floor button near a door. Press it and the door will open. Instead of going through it, though, take the staircase near you down to Basement 1.

Basement 1

From where you reentered this floor, take the moving platform on your right and travel eastward until you reach the stationary platform there. Another moving platform will appear to the north, and alongside it are six torches, one of which is lit. Here is the tricky part: as soon as you get on that platform, direct the Boomerang to strike all six torches, starting with the lit torch. This will remove the spikes that will bar you from reaching the stationary platform you will reach. Get rid of the two armored beetles on this platform, then go over to the left and strike the arrow redirect orb with the Boomerang until it's aimed to the left. Shoot an arrow into it, and it will be launched into another redirect orb that will make it hit the switch orb. The red blocks barring your way to the north will now go down. Go along that passageway until you reach the stairs to go back to Floor 1.

Floor 1

A Pols Voice will drop down into the room you just entered on this floor. Use the shout and sword strike to defeat it, then grab the small key it leaves behind to unlock the door to the upper right and go through it to take the staircase up to Floor 2.

Floor 2

In here we have a large chasm with four pillars that have eyes on them and a single block that won't move. The Gossip Stone will tell us that the block will move if we draw how we want it to move on the map. The catch is that we don't want the block to stop where the path ends or else the block will disappear, and Link will fall into the abyss unless he's next to a platform he can jump onto. However, we can stop the block in midcourse to replot how we want it to move around.

In the same order that we used to activate the pull switches, plot your course with the moving block so that it will carry Link around to the four pillars in this order: north, south, east, west. Then, as the moving block passes by each eye, fire at it with the arrow. This will cause a large chest to appear on the platform we were on when we reentered this floor. Have the block move Link back to that platform to open it. We now have the Big Key. Carry that with it on the moving block to the other stationary platform on the lower left where the Big Key Door is located and open it to go up the stairs to Floor 3.

Floor 3

There's nothing on this floor we need to get here, just some pots you can use to restore your hearts and weapons and a blue portal that will take you back to the entrance of the Temple. Go up the stairs and into the chamber to meet the Temple Boss.

Temple Boss: Crayk

Crayk Artwork


As the door closes behind us after entering, we see a giant lobster-like creature with a reddish-purple shell on its back. This is called Crayk, the Bane of Courage, and as it starts off it will turn invisible and roam around the arena, wandering aimlessly before it will just zoom in on Link and grab him with its pincers, shaking some life out of him before throwing him down. Also there will be some smaller insects that will crawl around for you to slay. Here is where the upper screen also comes into play: we will see from Crayk's point of view in which direction it is traveling. Use that to your advantage as you try to aim an arrow in the direction Crayk is looking at you. If you get a good hit, Crayk will retreat into its shell and start rotating around. Try to hit all of the purple bumps on its shell with the arrows while it's doing that. This will cause Crayk's shell to break, exposing its weak spot: its blue tail. Aim an arrow straight at Crayk's face, causing it to recoil briefly to protect itself. While it's stunned, go behind Crayk and strike it repeatedly in the tail. Repeat this two more times and Crayk's body will turn into sand. Link will now pull out the Phantom Hourglass and you'll now have two more minutes in it.

The seal of the Spirit of Courage will now appear on the floor, but here instead of a colored fairy we see...a clone of Ciela?...emerge. The game will tell us that we now have the Spirit of Courage, but we will see what becomes of this clone.

A blue portal will appear, and so also will a treasure chest that contains our next Heart Container. Collect it and then enter the blue portal to leave the Temple.

NEXT: Jolene's ambush and chasing after the Ghost Ship again.

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