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Well, I have the game and nobody else has made a walkthrough for it, so...

It probably won't be done for quite a while though; I'm already juggling my Twilight Princess walkthrough and my fan-game...

Part 1

The start of the game, getting off of Mercay Island, and the Isle of Ember.

Part 2

The Temple of Fire, protection from a curse, and exploring the west side of the Southwest Quadrant.

Part 3

Through the fog, meeting a golden toad, and finding the Isle of Gust.

Part 4

The Isle of Gust, the Wind Temple, and returning to the Temple of the Ocean King.

Part 5

Learning our next destination, buying some equipment for the S.S. Linebeck, and reaching the Temple of Courage.

Part 6

The Temple of Courage, sidequesting, and finding the Ghost Ship.

Part 7

The Ghost Ship, another trip into the TotOK, and exploring the Southeast Quadrant.

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