From the Start

  1. In the entry room, go up a screen
  2. Push the top right block and go through the door on the right
  3. Kill all of the Stalfos’ and get the Small Key
  4. Go left back into the previous room
  5. Open the locked door, then enter this next room
  6. Kill all of these Stalfos’ and open the chest to get a Dungeon Map, then go through the top door
  7. You can get these Zols out of the way if you want, then ride the cart out of the room
  8. Once out of the cart, go up the steps, then go right a screen
  9. Hit the switch with your wood, and open the chest to get a compass
  10. Go right a screen, down the steps, and back onto the cart
  11. When you’re off the cart again, go right a screen, and open the chest to get 10 Bombs
  12. Go right a screen, up the steps, down the other steps, around the blocks, and onto the switch. Collect the Small Key
  13. Go back around the blocks, up the steps again, the right a screen
  14. Look at the cracks in the wall, bomb them, go through the bombed wall
  15. Go up into the path of trap, then step back out of it. While it resets, find a safe spot, which is above/below the traps path do the same with the other ones, being particularly careful with the gold ones and the Chaser. Go through the locked door
  16. To kill these guys, just hit them with your wood a lot. Once they’re dead, a portal to the Zol room, and a fairy will appear. Get the fairy if you want, and go left a screen.

After the Mini-Boss

  1. Dodge the traps, go to the other side of the square of blocks, and push the tip of the left side up. Go down the stairs
  2. Collect the Seed Satchel, and go back up the stairs
  3. Push the block under the left tip down, then leave the room via the right door
  4. Enter the portal
  5. Kill the Zols if you want, then use the Ember Seeds in your Seed Satchel to light the torches. Enter the left room
  6. Kill the Moblins, and take the Boss Key in the chest, leave the room into the portal room
  7. Go down a screen
  8. Kill these Stalfos’ again, then leave the room through the right doorway
  9. Push the top right block again, then enter the room on the right
  10. Use the Ember Seeds to light these torches, and go up a screen
  11. Get the ring in the chest if you want, then go through the narrow path of blocks to the top of the screen. Go right a screen. All while dodging/killing the Floor Masters
  12. Go around the blocks and holes, while dodging/killing the Floor Masters, through the Boss Door. Stock up on hearts if you want


  1. This boss only has one stage, wand its pretty weak compared to the other bosses. Just hit his horn A LOT. Spin Attacks are practically 2 sword swings, so use those for faster defeating. He has a few attacks, which are mainly charging at your general direction, and shooting fireballs at you. Dodge these, and kill him quick-like
  2. Once he’s dead, collect the Heart Container (unless you’re doing some ultimate quest thing), then go right a screen
  3. Collect the Fertile Soil, and you’re teleported out of the dungeon

Congrats, you beat the 1st dungeon of Oracle of Seasons!!!!

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