Wrapping up the Trading Quest

The Maku Tree tells you to go to the ridge north of the Nayru's house. We won't do that just yet, however, because we can actually finish up the trading quest now. Warp to South Lynna with the Gale Seeds, then go north, north, west, and west. Talk to the guy on the right and give him the Cheesy Moustache. He'll tell you the Funny Joke in return. Now go to the past and go to the same place. This time, go into the house. Tell the kid inside the Funny Joke to receive the Touching Book. Now go to the present and leave town. Hopefully you'll encounter Maple; if not, kill some enemies. Once you do, instead of dropping a bunch of items, you'll drop the Touching Book. Maple will give you the Magic Oar.

Now go back to the past and visit Rafton. Give him the Magic Oar and he will give you the Sea Ukulele. From Rafton's house, go north, north, north, north, north, east, north, east, north, east, and south. Use your newly acquired Switch Hook to go across this pit, then go south again and into the cave. Talk to the Zora and give him the Sea Ukulele for the Broken Sword. The Zora pretends not to acknowledge this fairly obvious fact and goes to his own business. Jerk.

Well, we've got to go get this thing fixed. Who can fix things? Patch, of course. This sadly means we have to traverse through Talus Peaks again, but for a new sword it's well worth it. Go to the present and warp to Symmetry City. Go back to the present and go west, south, west, west, to the present, south, east, south, west, south, south, east, up the vine, east, north, north, west, south, to the past, north, east, south, south, south, east, north, up Restoration Wall, and into Patch's cave. Talk to Patch, play the little minigame - er, I mean ritual again. This time, there are two waves of enemies. The strategy is largely the same, though. After you're done, you get a sword upgrade, which means the Noble Sword in a normal playthrough or the Master Sword if you're playing in a Linked Game and have done the Old Man Secret. Either way, this greatly increases your power.

Rolling Ridge

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