Getting back to Lynna City

The scene will cut to Ambi and Nayru. Ambi will say that the tower is almost complete. The scene will cut back to Link. The Maku Tree will tell you that she senses an Essence of Time northwest of Lynna City. Go south, then northwest. You will find a red Dodongo and two Tokays. The Tokays apparently want to eat it, thinking it's a fish. If you talk to one of them, it will ask you for your Ember Seeds. If you say yes, they will be burned and run off.

Now if you talk to the Dodongo, he will say that he is Dimitri and that he can swim. You can ride on his back the way you ride Moosh and Ricky. Now go north and west to shore. Dimitri will leave. Go north and into the cave. Stand on the left northeast square and shoot a seed northwest. A bridge will appear. Take it to a staircase.

Jump and slash Tingle's balloon, then talk to him. You can now hold up to 50 of every type of seed. Go south, south, south, west, north, north, north, and north up to Lynna City.

Lynna City

First go to Bipin and Blossom's house. Blossom will say that their son is sick and that they need rupees. Choose how many rupees you want to lend them. I generally give them 150 rupees, but you can give less if you want.

Now leave Lynna City through the western exit. Go north, then west and into the building. Talk to the man in here, and he will say that he is hungry. If you give him the Tasty Meat, he will give you the Doggie Mask. Go back into Lynna City, then go east and into the building. Talk to the woman here and give her the Doggie Mask. She will give you the Dumbbell.

Alright, at this point you've encountered all three animal friends, Moosh, Ricky, and Dimitri. You will have to choose one that you will be able to use anytime for the rest of the game. Moosh is the default. However, if you buy the Strange Flute from the shop for 150 rupees, you will get to use Dimitri.

If you go into the past and enter the building where Vasu is in the present, you will be able to play a minigame. You use your sword as a "bat" (further evidence that your sword is just a stick) to hit a ball into certain targets. Reds (they're really purple; Nintendo is apparently just colorblind) are worth -10 points, blues are worth 30 points, and angels are worth 100 points. If you don't hit the ball at all, you will lose 50 points. If you get at least 250 points, you will be able to use Ricky. I generally opt for Ricky, but it's entirely your decision.

Whichever one you choose, leave Lynna City through the western exit and then go north. Shoot the switch with the Seed Shooter, then cross the bridge and go north. Go west, north, east, and east. Depending on which animal partner you chose, this area will be different. If you chose Moosh, jump across the pits and go east, then north and west. If you chose Dimitri or Ricky, just go north.

Talk to the man here, Mutoh, and he will talk about how his workers ran off. You can't do anything about it yet, so retrace your steps. Eventually one of the Hide 'N' Seek Fairies will come and tell you that an animal got lost in the woods. It will describe whichever animal you picked.

Go back to the Fairies' Woods. Go north, south, and north to find Moosh, Dimitri, or Ricky. Whichever one you chose, after you talk to him, the fairies will transport you out of the woods and Moosh, Dimitri, or Ricky will either give you his flute (if it is Moosh) or make your Strange Flute his flute (if it is Dimitri or Ricky), which allows you to call him to wherever you are. Now go back to Mutoh. If you talk to him now, he will ask you to find his workers for him. This area will change depending on which animal partner you chose.

Nuun Highlands

Moosh Instructions

If you chose Moosh, the area will be full of holes to fly over. From Mutoh's location, go east. Fly to a staircase, then fly over some holes and go north. Talk to the worker here. Now go south, down the staircase, and northeast. Then fly over some holes to a staircase. Go north, east, down a staircase, and south. There's a worker here, and a whole bunch of holes. Ordinarily you'd need to fly over all of them, but you can shoot an Ember Seed to a southwest patch of grass. Then just fly south, chop the grass on your right, and talk to the worker. Now go north, west, south, south, and east. First go to the northernmost square you can reach, then fly east, then south to some grass. Go south. You can fly to a cave, inside of which is a chest containing a ring. Then leave the cave and go west, north, east, and north. Talk to the worker here.

Dimitri Instructions

If you chose Dimitri, the area will be very watery. This is the easiest of the three. Go south, then east, and go up the waterfall. Go north and talk to the worker. Go south, down the waterfall, then northeast. Now go east, up a waterfall, and north. Talk to the worker here. Now go south twice and talk to the worker here.

Ricky Instructions

If you chose Ricky, the area will be grassy with several cliffs. Go south, west, and up the cliff. Go north and talk to the worker. Then go south, down the cliff, north, west, and north. Go up the cliff, then go east and south. Talk to the worker. Go north, east, southeast, south, and south. Charge up your attack along to shoot a small whirlwind to cut the grass across the pits. Then jump across, go up the cliff, and go north. You can enter the cave for a ring. Then go up the cliff and talk to the worker.

Symmetry City

No matter which animal partner you chose, as soon as you talk to the third worker, you will be transported to the area with Mutoh and the workers will build the bridge. Go west, then north. This area used to be Symmetry City, but it is now in ruins, with lava everywhere and buildings destroyed. Kind of reminds me of Cinnabar Island from Generation 2 of Pokemon, only decidedly more tragic. Go west, then slash the tree for a new kind of seed: Gale Seeds. You can use these to "teleport" you, for lack of a better word, to any seed tree. Now cut the grass around the tree to find two time portals (gotta be symmetrical, remember). Play the Harp of Ages to get transported to the past, back when the town actually had inhabitants.

Go into the building here. Talk to either of the women here and they will explain that their sacred symbol, the Tuni Nut, is broken, which caused the volcano to start erupting. Now go down either of the staircases. Talk to the man here, and he expresses his wish to work out. However, he has only one dumbbell, and it goes against the entire city's policy to only do something on one side, meaning he'll probably be arrested and cut into tiny pieces (which will of course be symmetrical). Give him your dumbbell, however, and he's free to work out on both sides. He will give you his Cheesy Mustache.

Now go upstairs and leave the building. Go north, then east, and into the building. Talk to the man here and he will say that he was injured and that if you want the Tuni Nut, you'll have to go see his brother on the other side of town. Leave the building, then go west twice and into the building. Talk to the man here and he'll reveal that he wants to take the Tuni Nut up Restoration Wall, but he can't because his brother is injured and can't move. This is Symmetry City, ergo he can't move either. God, how does anybody get anything at all done here? Anyway, he'll give you the Tuni Nut, since of course it's your full time job to help other people by doing things they're too pathetic to do. Leave the building and go south twice.

Talus Peaks

Go west, then north twice. Go to the top right corner of the screen, then dive. Swim through this 2D screen, then climb the ladder. Talk to the man here, and he will say that he is Tokkey and that he is researching being able to go forward in time. Play the Tune of Echoes for him, and he will dance around for a bit, then teach you the Tune of Currents. With this song, you can go forward in time no matter where you are. It does not work both ways, however.

Go back through the underwater tunnel, then go south, south, and west. Stand several squares south of the owl statue, then play the Tune of Currents. Go south, east, south, west, south, south, and east. Now go north, up the stairs (not the vine), then lift the rock to find a time portal. Play the Tune of Echoes. Now go into the cave here, and go up the stairs. Go out the eastern exit. Push the block here the west. Go back in, down the stairs, and out. Play the Tune of Currents.

Go south, then up the vine. Go west, then read the sign. It says not to throw anything into the water. Screw the rules. Throw a bomb in. A fairy will appear and will ask you if you threw a Gold Bomb or a Silver Bomb. This is a recurring "test" in Zelda games, where you must answer honestly. So say "A regular one". The fairy will note that you are an honest person, and will allow you to carry 30 bombs instead of just 10. See, disobeying official-looking signs always results in something good. Go east, down the vine, and north. Play the Tune of Echoes.

Go south and push the bulb east five times, then play the Tune of Currents. Climb the vine, then go east, north, north, west, and south. Play the Tune of Echoes on the time portal. Go north, east, south, south, south, east, and north. This is Restoration Wall. Climb up, avoiding boulders, until you reach the top. Enter the cave, then talk to the man inside. He says that he is Patch, the restoration guru. Follow him downstairs, then help him with his "ritual" (it's actually a small minigame).

Basically, you have to slash the enemies so that they fall in the pits. However, there is a minecart that will hit the Tuni Nut unless you redirect the tracks by standing on a switch. You have to stand on the switch every time the cart goes around the tracks. It may sound simple, but it's actually comparatively difficult. Once you're done, leave Patch's cave, and go west, off the cliff, west, north, and west. Go to the southern part, then play the Tune of Currents. Go east, and grab Piece of Heart #6/12.

Go back through the currents portal, then go east, south, east, north, east, and into the building. Place the Tuni Nut, then leave the building and play the Tune of Currents. Because you helped the residents of Symmetry City in the past, it is now thriving in the present. Go north, and you will find an entrance in the volcano. This is the fourth dungeon, Skull Dungeon. Enter.

Skull Dungeon

This dungeon's theme is one of my favorites in the series :) By the way, it perplexes me that this dungeon isn't symmetrical when it's quit clearly in Symmetry City.

Getting the first Small Key

Go north to find that this level is filled with lava. Well, it's a volcano, what did you expect? Slash the enemies here (or trick them into jumping into the lava, that's fun too), then go west. Kill all the enemies here, then go west again. Jump across some platforms, then go north. In here you will find not only a Spark (annoying in their own right), but a new enemy by the name of Fire Keese. Ten times more annoying than a regular Keese, and deals twice as much damage too. Avoid them (or try to kill them, but I don't recommend it), and walk around this room until you reach a southwest door to the next room. Take it. Push the easternmost block in this room to the south, then open the chest for the Compass.

Go south, then kill the enemies. Jump across a tiny pool of lava, then push the colored block south, south, east, south, west, south, west, west. Open the chest that appears for a small key. Then go up some stairs and north. Jump off the cliff, then go east three times.

Getting to the miniboss

From the platform you are currently on, go to the south side and jump to the east, then again to the south. Go to the eastern side of this platform and jump north and then east. Go to roughly the middle of this platform, then jump to the west twice. Push the block to your left to the west, then jump north and push the block to your right to the east. Go north, then east. Slash the lever, then jump in the minecart. Jump to a chest and open it for the Dungeon Map. Then jump back in the minecart, slash the lever, and jump in again.

This minecart will take you through a room to another one, bringing you two rooms south of where you just were. On your way throught the first room (which you don't even stop in), slash the lever. Now when you go back, you will stop in that room. However, it will still take you south now. Here, you must ricochet a seed off the south wall to a moving switch in the northeastern side of the room. After doing so, a chest will appear containing a small key.

Jump in the minecart, then go northeast, east, and finally north. Here, you have to pull on the thing jutting out of the northeast wall. This will stop the lava flow temporarily, solidifying the lava. You must quickly walk across the solid lava before the lava flow starts again. Go north. Kill all the Stalfos here, then go west, then north. In this room, you have to jump over colored tiles to make them match the colored blocks next to them.

First, from the middle south block (middle column, south row), jump north to the middle north block (middle column, north row). Repeat. Now, from the left north block (left column, north row), jump south to the left south block (left column, south row). From the right north block (right column, north row), jump south to the right south block (right column, south row). From the right middle block (right column, middle row), jump to the left middle block (left column, middle row). Then jump back. Go west.

This is one of the worst designed rooms in the history of Zelda. Ok, so what you have to do is goad the Blade Traps into closing, then immediately jump over the north one, then go north of the block and immediately push it south twice. Now here's the stupid part. You have to goad the Blade Traps again, jump over the north one, jump back over it as it is returning, then push the colored block west while you're on a cracked tile. It's possible, but hard to do. If you don't manage to push the block and fall through, you have to leave the room and come back, which of course resets the entire puzzle. Blah.

Anyway, now that that nightmare's over, the rest of the puzzle is simple. Just push the block west four times, then south twice. Jump in the minecart, which will take you west, then north. Go east from here. First get rid of the Keese, then jump on the moving platform. You have to ricochet a seed off the north wall, to the east wall, to a switch. Then a chest will appear. Open it for a small key, then go west twice. Here, you need to use your key to get past a locked block, then jump over a colored tile twice. Go back east, then jump in the minecart, which takes you west, then south.

During your trip through the south room, you have to shoot at three Stalfos to the north with your seed shooter. This opens a door to the west. You may have to ride back and forth to get all of them. Then go west. This room is simple, but very difficult. Basically, you just have to jump across some moving platforms. However, this is actually quite difficult. Afterward, go south.

Here, jump onto the colored tile platform. The far right tile will instantly change color. From the middle tile, jump east to the far right tile. Repeat. Now, from the now-blue tile (the second from the right), jump west to the tile second from the left. Repeat. Grab the key that appears, then go north. Unlock the locked block here, then jump in the minecart, which takes you east, east, south, south. If you're missing a lot of health (I usually am at this point), smash the pot in the southwest corner for a fairy. Then go west.

Miniboss: Armos Warrior

This is the first miniboss with two phases, as well as the first one that really requires any strategy at all. It is a giant statue warrior, hence the name Armos Warrior. It has a huge shield that none of your weapons can penetrate, and a huge sword that it controls telekinetically or...something. Anyway, the Armos Warrior will walk in a rectangle around the perimeter of the room, and you have to stand so that it is in-between you and the sword. The sword will hit it while trying to hit you. This gets progressively harder, as the Armos Warrior will start switching directions and stuff. After three hits, phase two starts. This is fairly simple; it will try to ram you. Initiate a few spin attacks and it will die.

Getting to the Boss

Go south twice, then east. Bomb the cracked part of the north wall and go north. This is a classic "step on every tile once" puzzle. From the starting point, go west, north, east, east, north, west, west, north, north, north, north, east, south, south, east, south, east, north, east, east, east, north, west, west, west, north, east, east, east, east, east, south, south, west, south, south, east, south, south, west, west, north, north, north, west, south, south, south, west, west, north, east, and north. Crack open the chest here for the dungeon prize, the Switch Hook! This is more or less like the Hookshot or Clawshot, only instead of bringing one object to the other, it switches the two. This may sound weird, but it will make more sense later on.

Go west from here. Use the Switch Hook to switch with the diamond block on the other side of the chasm. Go north, east, and north. If you look east you'll see a diamond block. It may not look like you can switch with it, but you can. Do so, then go south and east. Switch with the diamon block here, then stand on the switch. While standing on the switch, switch with the nearby diamond block. The block is now on the switch, and you can go to the south. Do that, then go east, east, north, north, west, and down the stairs.

Go north, then go directly south of the diamond block and switch with it. From here, switch with the pot. Go right next to the diamond block on its right side and switch with it. Then step on the switch and switch with the block. Go right next to it on the right side and switch, then go to the left of the switch and switch. Stand on the switch and switch, then go south. From here, go west and switch with pots to the west, south, and east respectively. Go south to find another room of camouflage blobs. Kill them all, then go west twice.

This is another "step on each tile once" puzzle. First kill the Mini-Moldorms though, then leave and re-enter the room. Go north, north, north, north, west, south, south, south, south, south, east, south, south, south, west, west, north, north, north, north, north, west, north, north, east, north, west, west, south, south, south, south, east, south, west, south, east, south, south, west, west, west, west, west, west, west, west, west, north, north, north, east, south, south, east, north, north, north, west, north, east, north, west, west, north, north, east, east, east, south, south, south, east, north, north, east, east, south, south, west, south, west, west, south, east, south, west, south, east, south, east, north, north, north, east, north, east, south, south, south, south, west, and north. Open the chest for a small key.

Go north, then jump on a moving platform. From here, switch with a diamon block to the north and step onto another moving platform, then jump west and go up the stairs. This is a 2D screen. Jump on a vertical-moving platform, then switch with a pot. Switch with another pot, then jump to a ladder and go up. Go through the key block here and to the west. Switch with two diamond blocks, then go west, then down some steps. Pull the switch out of the wall, then run across the hardened lava to the north. Pull another switch out of the wall, but this time instead of running across, just switch with pots until you reach the exit to the north.

This room is very tricky and very clever. First go up the stairs and jump to the east. Pick up or switch with this pot, then go to the other pot here and pick it up, push it out of the way, or switch with it. Anyway, switch with the pot to the north. Push the other pot here to the north, then switch with a pot to the north and switch with a pot to the northwest. Push the other pot onto the switch, then switch with the pot to the east. Open the chest for the Boss Key. Now jump down the cliff and go south, south, east, east, down the stairs, through the 2D screen, and west.

Boss: Eyesoar

This boss is simple, but tricky. Basically, it's a giant eyeball with wings, and it has four mini-Eyesoars surrounding it. You can kill the mini-Eyesoars, optionally, but your main objective is to use the Switch Hook on Eyesoar. Once you do, it will fall and start spinning on the ground (....don't ask me, I don't get it either). When this happens, just slash it repeatedly. Repeat until it dies. Afterward, grab Heart Container #4/8 and then go north and get the Burning Flame.

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