Alright, since I just finished Majora's Mask, I've been wanting to do another walkthrough. I've chosen Oracle of Ages. This won't be 100% in the sense that you will get absolutely everything, because the rings are virtually impossible to get all of, and are actually impossible to get without Oracle of Seasons. So Pieces of Heart, trading quest, etc. but not all the rings (can you really blame me, though?). This walkthrough won't have the exact same expertise that my Majora's Mask one had, but it should still help you out.

Part 1

The beginning and the first dungeon.

Part 2

Getting the Mystery Seeds and finishing the second dungeon.

Part 3

Getting to Crescent Island, getting your items back, and finishing the third dungeon.

Part 4

Helping the residents of Symmetry City and finishing the fourth dungeon.

Part 5

Helping the Gorons get rid of the Great Moblin and finishing the fifth dungeon.

Part 6

Playing games with the Gorons and finishing the sixth dungeon. Coming soon.

Part 7

Cleansing the sea and finishing the seventh dungeon. Coming soon.

Part 8

Getting to and finishing the eighth dungeon. Coming soon.

Part 9

Finishing up the game. Coming soon.

Linked Game Differences

Things that will occur differently if you are playing a linked game.

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