Link Artwork 2 (Ocarina of Time)
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Welcome to the first part of Oracle of Ages.

(NOTE: This part will take you through Spirit's Grave.)

Veran's Attack

Before putting in your name, you see that Link went to the lair of the Triforce. It sent him somewhere. Now after you put in your name, you will see that you are not in Hyrule. Go north until you hear a scream. It is Princess Zelda's nursemaid, Impa. The enemies will scram, and Impa will notice your left hand glowing. Go up 1, and left 1. Push the block aside, and go up 2. Talk to every animal, and then talk to the bear again. You can get near the Singer. She is Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. However, Impa doesn't want this meeting to last. She is really Veran! Watch her attack. After this, you will get a sword from the real Impa.

Saving the Maku Tree


From where Impa is, go down 2 screens, and left 1. Here is Labrynna City. You can go to Vasu's in town for a Lv-1 Ring Box, with a friendship ring. You can also go to the store, which is advised to do so, to get a shield. Now, it is time to seek out the Maku Tree. From Vasu's go up 1. Go inside Maku Road. Go north until going up the stairs. This meeting is only bittersweet, for trouble in the past is causing terrible mayhem, including attack on the Maku Tree in the past. Go right, and enter the portal.


From here go to Labrynna city. It now a town, for it is smaller. Go to western L. City, and enter the Black Tower. Go deep into the tower, and talk to a man. One of them will give you a shovel. Dig back to the entrance, and to Maku Road Entrance. Dig with your shovel to enter.

Maku Road (Mini-Dungeon)

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