• Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
    • 1.1 – Boy Without A Fairy
    • 1.2 – Kokiri Forest
    • 1.3 – Inside The Deku Tree
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

1.1 Boy Without A Fairy

  • New Items: None
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

As soon as you start the game, you’ll witness a short scene in which the Great Deku Tree talks briefly about the forest children, known as the Kokiri, and explains his role in things. He then mentions the lone boy in the village who does not have a fairy, then we witness his nightmare…

Our hero, Link, is standing next to a drawbridge that is lowered. A white horse gallops out with a woman in a cowl and a little girl atop it. She looks so sad… =( Link then realizes an evil looking man is there on a black stallion. The man raises and hand towards Link and-GASP! That’s the end… What could it mean?

After witnessing the rather confusing nightmare (for now) you’ll then see the Deku Tree summoning one of the many fairies of the forest to go find a particular boy who will change the destiny of Hyrule forever – why, of course…

For a moment, we see through her eyes: a quick fly over the village shows you all the sights before Navi finally figures out where our hero resides. Inside, she yells at him very annoyingly (oh, don’t worry, it only gets worse) until he wakes up.

1.2 Kokiri Forest

  • New Items: Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Deku Stick
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

After the long movie and introduction of your obnoxious companion, we finally gain control of our hero. Move around using the Analog Stick (obviously) and make your way for the door on the other side of the pixilated room. Outside, you will see you’re childhood friend, Saria, who runs up and calls to you.

Climb down and talk to her if you wish. She simply expresses her excitement over your new fairy and urges you to continue on to see the Great Deku Tree.

A quick glance at your map reveals where you need to go. Heading to the opposite side of the village and jumping across the water reveals a slight problem. A particular Kokiri by the name of Mido is blocking the path. He considers himself a rival for Saria’s affection and is particularly put out that you’ve suddenly become favorites of the Deku Tree as well. He makes an excuse by saying he won’t let you past until you get a Sword and Shield.

Before we can continue with the game, we have to get both those items, which forces you to learn some of the basic controls of the game (good thing I suppose). We need a total of 40 Rupees (the currency in this game) in order to purchase the shield from the shop, so I suggest getting the sword first because it will make the gathering process.

~ Getting The Kokiri Sword ~

The sword is a little tricky to find. There’s a small fenced in area called the Forest Training Center, which is in the southwestern area of the village (bottom left on your map). Head up there and you’ll find a small hole in the wall next to a sign. Step up to the hole and press A to crawl in, then just hold forward until you pop out on the other side.

In this area, round the corner and gather the Blue Rupee (5), then turn around and wait for the giant boulder to pass. Quickly follow it and take the first right to find another Blue Rupee (5). Wait for the boulder again if you like or continue on if you’re quick enough. The next alcove holds a giant chest with the treasure.

To equip it, press Start and use Z and R (or left and right a bunch) until you get to the Equipment Screen, then select the sword and press A. Ahh, so much better. Work your way back to the hole and crawl back through.

Back outside in the Forest Training Center, you can check out the signs and talk to the dude with the ninja moves to learn how to use the sword. Z target a rock and try it out if you like.

Z-Target Sword Training:

~ Getting The Deku Shield ~

In order to get the shield, we’ll need 40 Rupees. It’s very easy to accumulate that much, this village is full of little secret spots, and a lot of them can be gotten repeatedly by simply entering a building and coming back out again…

9 Easy Ways To Make Money:

First of all, I suggest getting the Blue Rupee behind Mido’s House (5), then go inside and open all the chests (12), back outside, jump along the square platforms leading to the shop (5), then along the islands to the right, without falling in the water (5), enter the house here and throw the pots (6). That gives you at least 33 Rupees, getting the rest should be a piece of cake.

Head over to the Shop (northeast building). Upon approaching, a girl sitting above the doorway tells you to Z target her and talk to her with A. Nice to know you can do that. Enter the building.

Inside, talk to the shopkeeper and ignore all the other items, since we can’t use most of them and the others are free (you’ll see in a bit). Buy the Deku Shield for 40 Rupees. Equip it just like you did the Sword.

~ Seeing The Tree ~

Once you get both of the required items, make sure you have them both equipped before speaking with Mido. After downright insulting you, he lets you pass reluctantly.

Head on through. Near the end of the path, three enemies pop up, the first you’ll meet in the game. These things are pathetic, they don’t even move or attack. Simply slash them to bits and collect the Deku Sticks they drop.

At long last, head forward and talk to the Great Deku Tree. He explains that the nightmares you’ve experienced are because of the evil descending upon Hyrule. He goes on to say that he’s been cursed and that you can break this curse if you’re willing. When he’s done talking, say yes and and enter his mouth.

1.3 Inside The Deku Tree

  • New Items: Deku Nut, Fairy Slingshot, Deku Seed
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #1, #2, #3

~ Getting The Fairy Slingshot ~

Main Room

As soon as you enter, you’ll immediately encounter another new enemy: the regular version of the Deku Baba. These things can be pretty nasty. It’s a good opportunity for you to test out your Z targeting + shield techniques. You’ll probably get a few Deku Nuts in the process. Open your Start Screen and put Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts on two of your C buttons. And if you got hurt at all by the Babas, you can slash the nearby weeds (they grow back) cause they have a chance to drop Recovery Hearts.

Make note of the web on the floor, which we can’t do anything with yet. Now it’s time to ascend the wooden tower: you can start by either climbing the ladder or heading over to the vines, which will cause Navi to rant and rave about their climbable nature. Once you get up there, work your way clockwise around the area. You’ll come to some more vines with spiders on them. Ignore them and open the large chest to find the Dungeon Map. There’s one of these in each dungeon, showing you what all of the rooms look like (Nice thing to have really).

Continue right, jumping across to the last platform and approach the door. After Navi’s done explaining, press A to go through.

First Deku Scrub Room You’ll meet another new enemy here: a Deku Scrub. You’ll have to stay back to keep it from burrowing. Simply Z target it and use your shield to reflect its shot back at it. Quickly hunt it down before it can get back in its nest-thing. Go smack it with your- hey! It gives you a clue instead. When you fall really far, hold the analog stick in the direction you’re facing to roll. Nice. It’ll leave behind some Recovery Hearts and the next door will open.

Slingshot Room Here, jump on the platform (which begins to crumble) and to the next platform (or climb up the vines if you fell). Open the large chest to find the dungeon’s treasure: the Fairy Slingshot. Are you ready to fling some fairies? In any case, this puppy uses Deku Seeds for ammo, which you will now find when you slash bushes, etc.

If you need some hearts, climb up the nearby vines to a hidden alcove where a small chest contains a Recovery Heart. When you’re ready to go, look back at the entry door. The platform we used to get here broke, so we’ll have to improvise. There’s a suspicious looking ladder directly above the door that you can Z target. (Do so and) shoot it with your new Slingshot, causing the ladder to fall down (fits like a glove). Head back to the main room.

~ Getting The Compass ~

Main Room Go back right (to where you got the Dungeon Map) and shoot the Skullwalltulas. If you don’t get them, they will attack you when you climb the vines and potentially knock you off. Climb the vines and get to the very top, then go either left or right. Once you’ve gone a pretty good distance, press A to drop down onto the platform. This is the highest level of the room.

Follow the obvious path (but watch out for the shadows!). Another new enemy will appear: a Big Skulltula. These nasty things are a little frustrating in that you can only attack their backside. They only attack you if you get close though, so you can get close enough to make them come down, then simply wait for them to show their vulnerable side (why would they do that anyway?!). Go through the door up here.

Platform/Compass Room Step on the switch in this room to make the three platforms in the floor rise temporarily. Jump along them to the opposite side of the room and open the large chest to find the Compass. There’s one of these in each dungeon as well – they show where you are on the map, which door you came from, where the chests and elevators are as well as the boss of the dungeon.

Jump down and kill the Big Skulltula on the right, then the Deku Baba in front of the vines. Once they’re both dead, climb back up the vines, then step on the switch again and use the platforms to get to the left alcove this time. The small chest contains a Recovery Heart, but of more interest, there’s a Gold Skulltula directly behind it. Kill it and touch the token to collect it. There’s 100 of these spiders throughout the world of Hyrule, and by collecting all of the tokens, you can get prizes in one of the villages.

Jump down and climb back up the vines. The door we originally came from has bars in front of it… In order to make them go away, we have to solve the puzzle. There’s two torches here, one of which is unlit. Whip out a Deku Stick with a C button and go walk by the torch so that your end gets lit. It’ll only last for a bit, so run over to the other torch and walk next to it so the end lights it. After the door opens, slash your sword to conserve your stick (otherwise it’ll burn up).

~ Breaking The Web ~

Main Room Go back out to that upper area with all the Big Skulltulas and kill one of them. After it’s gone, if you look over the edge, you’ll see the web is directly in the middle. The game isn’t very clear at this point, but you’re supposed to jump for the center of that web. If you are a little on the edge, it’ll just bounce up and down like a trampoline, cushioning your fall (climb back up if you do miss). Once you manage it, you’ll fall down into a cavern partially filled with water.

~ A Few More Tricks ~

Main Room (Low) There’s two Gold Skulltulas in this room. The first is on the vines leading back up to the previous room. Simply shoot it with your Slingshot and climb up to get the token. The second is on the grating near the switch. Shoot this one too, (it’s hard to Jump Attack it without getting hurt) and jump from the nearby platform to get the token.

Climb up on the nearby platform and step on the switch. This lights a nearby torch that burns the cobwebs that were covering it (HINT HINT). Light a Deku Stick and jump into the highest part of the water, then run to the opposite platform. If you’re fast enough, you can make it to the door that’s covered in the cobwebs and burn them up. Nice.

Second Deku Scrub Room Use your shield to reflect its attack, just like the last one. Chase it down and it’ll give you another hint. Once he runs off, slash the nearby bushes for Deku Seeds if you were low. Now, to open the next door, we have to shoot the silver eye switch above it with the Slingshot. Go on through.

Spiked Log & Water Room As soon as you enter, Navi will exclaim that you can dive in the water with A. Jump in the water and swim to the left side of the room where you’ll find an underwater switch. Get above it, hold down A and use the Analog Stick to maneuver towards it. This will cause the water to lower temporarily. Quickly swim back to the first platform and climb up the ramp. Wait for the little platform in the water to come to this side, jump on, and easily ride under the log of death.

Jump up on the other side once you get there, then go kill the Big Skulltula (this one should be easy). After he’s gone, get on either the left or right side the stone block. Navi will excited tell you about pushing and pulling blocks. Great. Once positioned, hold down A and push/pull it until it’s under the doorway. Get on the middle side, walk into it and press A to climb up. Get up and enter the door.

Torch Room In this room, kill the Deku Baba and Withered Deku Baba and collect the goodies they drop. There’s two unlit torches and one lit one; I think you know what to do. Once they’re both lit, go through the open door.

Larva Room As soon as you enter, hang back and Z target the Big Skulltula straight ahead. From this far back, he doesn’t come down and his back is to you! Shoot him with your Slingshot twice to kill him before you even enter the room >=D.

Go on forward and watch out for the three shadows that are in the center. Stepping near them causes the eggs to fall from the ceiling, which immediately hatch into a new enemy: Gohma Larva. These things are only a pain in groups, simply Z target one, get close and slash away.

There’s two cobwebs in this room, but we can only go through the far one for now. Whip out a Deku Stick and light it on the nearby torch, then run it all the way to the farthest cobweb. After it burns up, slash your sword to conserve the stick and crawl through the hole.

~ Getting To The Boss Room ~

Main Room (Low) Back in the lowest part of the main room, we’re now on the upper level of it. Kill the Deku Babas if you like, then push the nearby stone block off the edge so we have a major shortcut! Nice. This last cobweb in the floor we can’t just jump through like we did the last one, so we’ll have to burn it. The two torches up here are too high up for us (jerks) but the one we used earlier when we burned our very first cobweb is low enough…

Jump down near your new stone shortcut and light a Deku Stick. Quickly jump back up and get to the cobweb. At this point, you can either roll with A or swipe with it by pressing the C button again. Either way, the cobweb will burn, revealing the deepest part of the dungeon.

In this final area of the dungeon, we can dive for Recovery Hearts if necessary. Get up on land and reflect the Deku Nuts back at the Deku Scrubs. Each one you hit will get trapped in some kind of blue webbing, but if you stun them in the wrong order, then you’ll have to start all over again…

If you remember from earlier, one of the Deku Scrubs we tackled gave you a clue for this exact puzzle. 2, 3, 1. Get the middle one first, then the right, and finally the left.

Go snag him before he leaves, this one gives you another clue, this time about the boss in the next room. Snag some hearts if you need them, then enter the boss door.

Parasitic Armored Arachnid, Queen Gohma

At the start of the battle, use either C-up or your Slingshot to look up at the queen on the ceiling, which will begin the battle. Although she looks pretty intimidating, she’s a piece of cake.

Her main attack is to wobble towards you and then try to basically fall on top of you, which can be easily defended against using your shield or simply moving out of the way. Her other form of offense is to climb onto the ceiling and make three eggs, which will fall to the ground and hatch to become Gohma Larva after a short bit.

The Larva are easily defeated with two sword swipes or a Jump Attack, but they can be killed quickly by simply slashing each egg before they hatch.

3 Ways To Stun Her

To harm Gohma, you have to use either Deku Nuts or your Slingshot when her eye is red (right before or after either of her “attacks”). This will cause her to fall down and be vulnerable to your sword. The Slingshot is by far the most effective. Regardless which way you do it, once she’s stunned, smack the heck out of her for as long as you can.

The easiest way to defeat her is to simply wait for her to climb on the ceiling and stun her then (this stun is far longer). If you do it right, you can finish this boss off in less than a minute.

After the cool scene of her disintegrating, snag the Heart Container left in her remains, then step into the shiny light to teleport out of the dungeon. Congratulations!

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
    • 2.1 – Leaving Kokiri
    • 2.2 – Hyrule Castle
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

2.1 Leaving Kokiri

  • New Items: Fairy Ocarina
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #4

~ The Curse ~

After defeating the boss and stepping into the light, you’ll appear back outside, only to hear another lecture from the Deku Tree as he finally reveals what happened to him: An evil man from the desert came and demanded the Deku Tree give up one of three Spiritual Stones, which, when gathered together, can open a door into the Sacred Realm. Once there, the evil man would be able to attain the Triforce, a remnant of raw power left behind by the three Goddesses who created the land of Hyrule.

After his epic story, the Deku Tree insists that the evil man from the desert must be stopped and never allowed to enter the Sacred Realm. Because the Deku Tree would not give him the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, he cast a curse upon the tree which cannot be lifted. Lame. Before he dies, he urges you to seek out “the Princess of Destiny” in Hyrule Castle and gives you the stone that the man was after. Oooo, shiny! The Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the Kokiri, then dies… Well, that’s no good.

Upon returning to the village, you are immediately stopped by Mido, who jumps to the conclusion that YOU killed the Great Deku Tree. Before you can get a word in, he leaves. Jerk! Make sure you save real quick. Since there’s nothing to do here at the moment, go ahead and leave via the exit on the opposite side of the village.

You’ll then witness a short clip in which Link runs across the bridge leading to Hyrule Field and Saria pops out of nowhere to say goodbye. Aww, so sad… As a parting gift, she gives him the Fairy Ocarina, a mystical instrument that allows you to play magic songs throughout your journey. Sweet. After that, Link decides to run away. Give her a hug or something, man!

~ Hyrule Field ~

As soon as you exit, you’ll witness a short clip giving you an overview of the field. The castle on the opposite side is our goal. When you regain control, head around the corner and- DOH! The owl who interrupts you is named Kaepora Gaebora, and he will speak to you endlessly about various matters. Basically, he just reaffirms that you need to go to Hyrule Castle and explains that you have a map, even out here. When he’s done talking, make sure you select the bottom option: No, I DON’T want to hear it again! Nintendo swaps his responses just to frustrate us throughout the game…

Once he flies away, start running towards the castle (use your mini-map to head straight there). If you’re quick, you’ll make it there before nightfall. If you don’t make it before night (likely) you’ll encounter a new enemy: Stalchildren. If you don’t want to face them, you can just wait on the road (they don’t appear if you do). At sunrise, the drawbridge finally lower for you.

~ Hyrule Castle Market ~

Once your finally there, immediately enter the first door you come to on this overhead view screen. This is a guardhouse where the soldier on duty is supposed to be watching the crates and jars to make sure nobody busts them up. Fortunately for us, he’s bored, so he’ll let you tear the place to shreds. =D

This is a great place to get Rupees early on, but more importantly, one of the crates in the back of the room next to the guard contains a Gold Skulltula. Roll into them, kill the foe and collect the token.

Head into the heart of the Market. There’s very little we can do here at the moment, so we’ll get the goodies later. Go to the opposite side of the area and follow the road.

2.2 Hyrule Castle

  • New Items: Weird Egg, Chicken, Zelda’s Letter, Zelda’s Lullaby
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #5

~ Trespassing ~

As soon as you enter, head forward to- DOH! It’s that stupid owl again! Kaepora Gaebora assures you that you are going in the right direction, then explains that in some areas, like towns and inside houses, time stands still, while outside (in areas like this or Hyrule Field) time will move regularly. So if you want to wait until day or night, you’ll have to leave town. Good to know I guess.

After he flies away, roll into the tree that he was perched on to make a Gold Skulltula pop out of its branches! Collect the token, then round the corner and you’ll find a gate blocking the way through the rest of the area. The guard refuses to let you in, so we’ll have to find another way. Back near the beginning of this area, there’s some vines against the wall. Climb up the middle of them to get on top of the nearby cliff. This gets us past the first obstacle.

Now, rather than trying to go all the way, go get caught by some of the guards. Just walk up to them until they see you. You’ll be tossed out at the gate from earlier. Lame. Head back to the vines and- hey! There’s a red haired girl here by the name of Malon. Talk to her to learn that she’s from Lon Lon Ranch, that round thing in the center of Hyrule Field. Her father, Talon, went to Hyrule Castle to deliver some crates of Lon Lon Milk, but she assumes he fell asleep. As long as you’re on your way there, you could wake him up if you find him, right? The obvious conclusion is to give you… an egg…

With potential omelette in hand, climb up the vines again and follow the cliff until you get to the end, then jump off on the other side of the gate (rather than go towards the guard). Once down there, turn to face the castle. You’ll see that there’s two guards on the path to the right, so we can’t go that way. Instead, climb up between the two guards on the right and the single guard up top on the left. You should easily be able to make it between them without being noticed.

Stay to the left (don’t go on the bright road) and you’ll come to another gate with two guards at either side. On the left, however, are some suspicious looking stones sticking out of the cliff here. Walk up to them and you’ll find their climbable. Get up top then jump down on the other side.

In this final area, there’s still those two guards at this gate to deal with… Jump into the moat instead and swim along, collecting Rupees along the way. Once you get to the far corner, climb out and continue the rest of the way until you find Talon sleeping away.

Most likely, it took you longer than a day to do this, in which case, the Weird Egg would have hatched into a Chicken. If it hasn’t hatched yet, just wait around until it does. Put it on a C button and use it while standing next to Talon to wake him up. Speak to him after he gets up to verify what Malon told you earlier about the milk delivery and the fact that he fell asleep. Upon learning that Malon asked you to find him, he runs away screaming out of fear of his own daughter. Strange, strange man.

Once he’s gone, grab the crates and push and pull them into the water. The second one will snap right on top of the first, giving you the added height you need to jump to the water flow coming from within the castle. From here, you can crawl through this hole into the inner walls!

~ Castle Courtyard ~

This area is littered with guards. Surely they could find better ways of keeping watch than making circles around the topiaries and flowers… I can see it now, one turning to the other and profusely declaring: “No way in HELL are people taking these royal blooms!”

Obviously, the goal is to make it through without getting caught. You can stand behind them, but not to either side. Wait until they are either on the opposite side of a fountain, statue, topiary, or are simply walking away from you to make your move.

After you’ve passed the final obstacle, simply turn left and head on into the quiet part of the gardens.

In this new area, there are no guards at all, so you can relax. Before talking with Zelda on the other side of the area, check out the cameo pictures in the window on the right side. =D

Anyway, go speak with the princess to engage the perhaps the lengthiest conversation in the history of the Zelda series. After a quick exchange of names, she’ll give away her family’s deepest secrets. As we already knew, after the goddesses left the land of Hyrule, a portion of the power remained in the form of three magical triangles known as the Triforce. What she reveals now is that whoever gains the Triforce will be granted any wish they desire, which could change the fate of Hyrule for the next hundred years.

After being allowed a peep show at the creepy Gerudo man she was spying on, she will recruit you to retrieve the remaining Spiritual Stones to get to Sacred Realm with her before Ganondorf does. She also gives you a “letter,” which you can use to get past the guard at the base of Death Mountain in Kakariko Village.

When you’re ready to go, head for the exit, where you’ll be greeted by Zelda’s nursemaid, a ninja of sorts who’s loyal to the royal family. She believes the young lady’s visions and will help you throughout your quest. For the start of this meeting, she teaches you your first song: Zelda’s Lullaby.

After that, Impa will then lead you outside the castle and point you towards Kakariko Village. After a quick flash of light, you are left to seek out your next objective. Unfortunately, before we really do scale Death Mountain, there’s a few other things we need to accomplish that she didn’t mention…

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
    • 3.1 – Sun’s Song
    • 3.2 – Epona’s Song
    • 3.3 – Saria’s Song
    • 3.4 – Cucco Roundup
    • 3.5 – Spiders
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

3.1 Sun’s Song

  • New Items: Hylian Shield, Sun’s Song
  • New Heart Pieces: #1
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

~ Getting The Sun’s Song ~

Hyrule Field The next dungeon is up on Death Mountain, but before we go up there, there’s a few things we need. For now, continue on towards Kakariko Village, just like Impa told you to.

Kakariko Village There’s tons of stuff we can accomplish in this town and the surrounding areas, but a lot of them are dependant on the time of day. That being said, continue on through this area to the Graveyard (exit on the far right side of the village).

Graveyard This place is rainy and mysterious during the day, with a kid walking around slowly with a stick attempting to imitate Dampe, the grave keeper. At night, ghosts called Poes will appear. Their easily defeated, but its easier to simply avoid them.

Head to the complete opposite side of the graveyard and you’ll find three large graves. If you read the ones on either side, one of the two deceased Composer Brothers will appear (who kinda look like Mario and Luigi). By defeating them, you can learn that they composed a mystical song that makes the sun rise and set at a whim.

Stand on top of the Triforce symbol in front of the largest of the three graves and play our new song: Zelda’s Lullaby. This will cause a storm, which strikes the tombstone with lightning, making it explode and revealing a hidden hole into the secret grave. Hop down into it.

Royal Family’s Tomb This place is littered with skeletons. You’d think the royal family would have wonderful burials for these wealthy royalty. Anyway, head down the ramp and you’ll find a new enemy that look much like bats: Keese. Kill all five of them in this room with your Slingshot to open the opposing door. Climb up the massive steps and go through.

In this next room, you’ll meet another new enemy, one which freezes you with its eerie gaze: ReDeads. They’re obnoxious to get close to and only safely defeated from behind, so for now, just try to avoid them. Work your way around the creepy, poisonous pools of death and get to the other side of the room.

In this final passage, go up to the large stone and press A to “check” it. You’ll witness a short clip in which Navi reads the poetic inscription and you learn the Sun’s Song, perhaps one of the handiest songs in the game.

Work your way out of the grave, using the Sun’s Song to stun the ReDeads. Once you get back to the first room, step on the colorful pad to return to the surface.

~ Goodies In The Graveyard ~

Graveyard Head to the back of the Graveyard, between the last row of graves and the Royal Family’s Tomb. Now face towards the entrance. Pull back the fourth grave from the left to reveal a hole. Fall in.

Inside, play the Sun’s Song to stun the ReDead, then get behind him and slash him to bits. After he’s taken care of, stand on the steps of the platform and play the Sun’s Song again to make a large chest appear, containing our first Piece of a Heart [#1]!

Next up, in the first row of graves (towards the entrance to the area), there’s a single grave with three flowers in front of it. Pull back the grave and jump in.

There’s just a lone small chest in here containing the Hylian Shield. We’ll need one for the next dungeon, and we can get a discounted price at the Market for 50 Rupees, but this one’s free!

3.2 Epona’s Song

  • New Items: Bottle #1, Epona’s Song
  • New Heart Pieces: #2
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #6, #7

~ Hyrule Field ~

While there’s several things we can do in Kakariko Village, let’s leave for now. It’s nice to have the Sun’s Song for the next couple parts just so you don’t have to wait in the fields until morning, which is why we got it first. The next thing on the to-do list is entirely optional, but there’s some cool goodies to get there. If you’re up for it now, head to Lon Lon Ranch in the center of Hyrule Field. Just your use mini-map, you can’t miss it.

~ Lon Lon Ranch ~

As soon as you arrive, enter the door on your left to meet up again with Talon, the fat farmer we met at Hyrule Castle awhile back. He has a little game prepared for you, involving chickens no less. You’ll have to bring some Rupees though, as it may take a few tries to get the hang of it.

Mini-Game: Super Cuccos!

As soon as the game starts, Talon will shoo the chickens away, which land in the other three corners of the room. Search each of those areas in general, and toss each of the wrong chickens you pick up in a safe direction so you don’t end up picking them up again. Once you’ve found one, move to another corner, etc. You should easily be able to win within the time limit.

To make this game immensely easier, you can toss all of the stray Cuccos into the area at the base of the stairs before you even talk with Talon. This way the only chickens left to pick up are the right ones! It’s practically cheating! I guess he’s too sleepy to notice though, eh? =P

Once you’ve caught all three Super Cuccos, Talon will insinuate the possibility of you wedding his daughter. After listening to his chuckling rambles, he’ll finally gift you with the first bottle, which is filled with Lon Lon Milk. Exit the building, then round the corner on the left. You’ll find a single tree all by its lonesome. Roll into it to cause a Gold Skulltula [#6] to fall down.

After collecting the token, head for the center of the corral, where you will find Malon. She engages you in small talk about the castle and her father, then introduces you to the horse, who immediately runs away from you. Speak with her multiple times until she starts asking about the “song her mother wrote.” Pull out your Ocarina while standing in front of her and she’ll teach you Epona’s Song.

Well that’s simply splendid! The potential free milk is a pretty sweet deal for a little while, until you get too many hearts anyway… Otherwise, for now, all it’s good for is making Epona follow you within the corral. If you’re really bored and persistent, you can play the song repeatedly to get her near the exit, then stuck on the outside of the corral; heh heh heh… >=D

That’s all the necessities here, but there’s a few more goodies if you’d like to stick around. Next, play the Sun’s Song to make it night. Get on the outside of the corral and follow it clockwise, avoiding the Guays (crows) as you go. You’ll quickly come to the feeding trough (that single wooden overhang thing in the lower right corner of the corral on your map), which happens to have a Gold Skulltula [#7] on it! This one is only here at night.

Now head for the feed silo (the big tower thing in the bottom left corner of your map). I suggest waiting to play that Sun’s Song, cause it’ll make you reappear in the center of the corral. Once inside the silo, move the crates by pushing and pulling them as well as climbing over them until you can get to the far corner. Once there, you’ll find a small hole that you can crawl through, inside which is our next Piece of a Heart [#2]! That’s it for Lon Lon Ranch.

3.3 Saria’s Song

  • New Items: Deku Seeds Bullet Bag, Deku Stick Upgrade, Saria’s Song
  • New Heart Pieces: #3, #4
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #8

~ Hyrule Field ~

Our next goal is head for Kokiri Forest. After exiting Lon Lon Ranch, it will be on your right. Go around the ruined wall and you’ll see it in the distance. On your way there, you’ll probably have an encounter with the nearby PeaHat. We’re never required to fight these annoying enemies, so I suggest you just avoid it altogether. Although it looks intimidating, you’re quite capable of defeating it, should you choose to do so.

~ Kokiri Forest ~

And here you thought we were done with the starting area, ha! Before we head for our objective, play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then head for that fenced area where we got the sword. The lone building in this upper area (the Know-It-All-Brothers’ House) has a Gold Skulltula against the backside of it. Wind your way around and kill it, then use a Jump Attack while Z targeting it to grab the token [#8].

Now, onward! If you were standing in the entrance to the area, head left and climb up that little ledge (behind to Mido’s House). Climb up the vines up here, then make your way around to the hollowed log which leads to…

~ Lost Woods ~

This area is a maze, which will kick you out if you make a wrong turn. There’s a couple goodies we can get along the way, so let’s get those as well. First off, take the right passage, which leads to a big area with a single tree straight ahead. Shoot the “target” thing hanging off the lone branch. If you get it in the middle three times in a row (100 points each), a Deku Scrub will appear and gift you with something special.

Nice. Next up, jump down and go stand on top of the stump to the right. Two Imps with reed flutes will appear, playing music atop the other nearby stumps. Whip out your Ocarina and they’ll let you join in their little game.

Mini-Game: Follow Along

This mini-game greatly resembles the electronic game “Simon” where you have to repeat the pattern they play on their flutes using your Ocarina. They steadily add one note at a time and if you can successfully complete the song, they’ll move on to the next one. If you manage to complete thee songs in a row without messing up, you’ll get the prize.

It’s pretty easy to beat it once you get used to it. If you manage to get the prize, the first time you’ll get a Piece of a Heart [#3]!

With those two goodies out of the way, we’ll continue on our merry way through the Lost Woods. Since this is your first time through, it’s immensely easy. All you have to do is follow the music. Crank up the sound if you like and stand close to each exit until you find the right ones. After only going two screens, Kaepora Gaebora (the owl) will pop up and hint at what I just told you. Ignore the fool bird who states the obvious and continue on my friend!

From the start, the correct path is: Right, left, right, left, forward, left, right.

~ Sacred Forest Meadow ~

As soon as you enter this new area, head forward, which causes a new enemy then appears: a Wolfos. You’ll encounter many of these monsters throughout your journey, so get used to them now. Simply target it and keep your shield up to get close, then either wait either right after it attacks or when it’s back is turned to stab it. He should be pretty easy for you.

After our fuzzy foe has been defeated, the bars blocking the way to the rest of the area will disappear. Round the next corner and we’ll encounter another new enemy, which is a variation of the Deku Scrub: the Mad Scrub. This variety shoots three seeds at a time, so it’s best to Z target them and walk towards them with your shield raised. You can either get close and use Deku Nuts or your sword, or simply shoot from afar with the Slingshot. Personally, I think the last option is much harder…

Using any of the strategies listed above, make your way to the other side of the area using your mini-map. There’s several dead ends along the way, but you should have no problem figuring it out. On the far side, you’ll eventually come to a ladder and a set of stairs. Take the steps, which leads to an enormous archway with two more Mad Scrubs guarding it. Defeat them quickly before they both cause trouble, then go the final distance to the most sacred part of the Sacred Forest Meadow…

You’ll witness a clip in which Link and Saria are reunited. It turns out she’s been the one playing that song we hear in the woods the whole time. She briefly comments that she feels this place will be important to the two of you later. She then teaches you her song, the same one as the woods.

On your way back, you can take a shortcut to avoid all of the Mad Scrubs. Simply climb the ladder at the bottom of the temple-like ramp to get on top of all of these grassy walls. From here, you can simply jump along the tops of these walls until you get back to the beginning and right on out.

As long as you’re up here though, make note of the ladder in the middle here that leads down to a hole. Inside is a fairy fountain, one of many in Hyrule. This is perhaps the easiest to get to throughout the game, so it’s a good place to stock up on Fairies later on.

~ Lost Woods ~

That annoying owl (Kaepora Gaebora) will appear once again. Although he makes me yawn, he does have some good advice. If you ever get stuck, try whipping out your Ocarina at certain locations to see if a musical staff appears. If it does, it means you’re supposed to play a song. After our feathered companion of sorts flies off, go ahead and get lost to return to Kokiri.

If you’d like some extra goodies, enter the Lost Woods again and take a left. You’ll see another Skull Kid playing a flute. If you get too close, he’ll run away, but if you stand on the stump, he’ll watch you expectantly. Alike the others, whip out your Ocarina. This time however, you get to play whatever you like. Playing one of the songs you learned will make him happy, but if you play Saria’s Song, he’ll give you our next Piece of a Heart [#4]!

Next, head left once more. In this final area (below the bridge) jump down into the lowest area and go to the other side. You’ll encounter a new enemy called a Business Scrub. Z target it and reflect its Deku Nut back at it to defeat it. Afterwards, it’ll be willing to sell you a fancy upgrade. Like all of the upgrades in Ocarina of Time, they can be gotten in either order. This is simply one of the two upgrades for the Deku Sticks found in the game. Do it, do it now!

Well, that’s all we have to do here, so make your way for Hyrule Field.

3.4 Cucco Roundup

  • New Items: Bottle #2
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

~ Hyrule Field ~

At long last, we’re returning to Kakariko Village. I know, it’s a pain to get the Sun’s Song and come back, but this way we could use the Song as we did our errands. I like to think it saves time instead of hanging out with the Stalchildren in Hyrule Field until night comes in order to get the tokens.

There’s a lady near the entrance to the graveyard standing in front of a small fenced area who waves her arms about pointlessly. She’s known as “The Cucco Lady” and she’s willing to give you a reward for putting the chickens back in the pen. Lazy woman…

They’re scattered across the village and some of them are nearly impossible to get to unless you practically cheat. Also, for this quest, try not to harm them too much with any of your weapons, otherwise they’ll pronounce a war cry of a cockle-doodle-doo and reign doom down upon you until you either leave the area or die.

1. Between the Cucco Lady and the entrance to the Graveyard. Simple.

2. On the ledge next to the Skulltula House in the center of the village. Either use another chicken and jump off the higher ledge of the unfinished building to float over to it, shoot it with your Slingshot, or use a Deku Nut. If you do either of the latter, chase it down and grab it.

3. At the entrance to the village.

4. There is a crate near the stairs leading up towards the upper area of Kakariko Village. Roll into it to reveal a Cucco spy, the fiend!

5. Right in front of the guard at the entrance to Death Mountain, there is a Cucco chillin’ near the ramp.

The remaining two Cuccos are in the northeast corner of the village, which you can’t even get to unless you practically cheat. Why Nintendo decided to have such an obnoxious and awkward mini-game puzzle is beyond me. They don’t even give you any hints on how to do this! Anyway, there’s two ways to get to this “secret area.”

Trick 1 Grab another Cucco, get up on the platform near the entrance to the windmill and jump off the ledge at an angle so you land on the skinny looking fence on the LEFT (closest to the potion shop).

Trick 2 Get on top of the lookout tower, hold Z while facing the center of the village, and side jump to the left. You’ll land on top of a fence. Jump down into the “secret area”. At this point, you can actually cheat and get a Piece of a Heart early (by talking to the guy on the roof). I won’t do it now, for the sake of the walkthrough.

Once you finally make it into the “secret area,” toss each of the Cuccos you find over the fence so you can retrieve them later.

6. This one is in the lower part of the area, near a hole. Be careful not to fall in, though! Throw this one over the fence and get the final chicken…

7. For the last one, once you get into the secret area, climb up the ladder and grab the unsuspecting Cucco. I like to fly back to the lady with this one.

Once you’ve finally gathered them all and put them in the pen, speak with the Cucco Lady to receive an Empty Bottle! She then explains she couldn’t get them herself because she’s allergic to her own chickens. Why do you have them, then?! Crazy woman…

3.5 Spiders

  • New Items: Adult Wallet
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14

Now we’re off to get some Gold Skulltulas. If you don’t care and aren’t planning to collect them, go ahead and skip this section. For now though, I think it’s important to at least get the Adult Wallet at this point in the game.


Now that we have some empty bottles, go to the patch of bushes at the entrance to this area and lift the lone rock, which reveals some bugs that scurry away. Quickly swipe at one with a bottle to catch it. Next, take it over to the left side of the area with the five graves by themselves, where you’ll find a soft patch of soil. Drop the bottle of bugs on it to make a Gold Skulltula pop out. Collect the token and return to the village.

First of all, play the Sun’s Song to make it night. We have five Gold Skulltulas to collect here, so turn up the sound and follow your ears… or just read my guide. =P

10. On one of the unfinished walls of the construction area. 11. On the side of the Skulltula House… Figures…

12. Roll into the tree in the center of the village. Just don’t let it fall on you =P

13. On the ladder of the lookout tower. Shoot it and climb up to snag the token.

14. Against the side of the building closest to the base of Death Mountain.

Next, we’re going to enter the House of Skulltula, which is right across from the construction area. Inside, you can speak with the cursed spider person in the center to learn about this family’s plight. They are under the “Curse of the Spider” which will progressively lift as you collect the Skulltula Tokens. Well that sucks… Anyway, they will slowly return to normal one at a time and the following number of tokens collected: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100.

If you’ve been following the walkthrough thus far, we’ve collected fourteen in total. Speak with the ugly kid on the right side doing jumping-jacks to receive the Adult Wallet.

Before we head onward, I should mention something about the prizes: The first few prizes are important, but it’s only worth collecting the tokens up through the 50 prize, as the final prize is completely useless. Anyway, I suggest at least collecting as many as possible for the first half of the game so you get the good prizes early on.

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
    • 4.1 – Goron City
    • 4.2 – Dodongo’s Cavern
    • 4.3 – Atop Death Mountain
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

4.1 Goron City

~ Kakariko Village ~

  • New Items: Goron’s Bracelet
  • New Heart Pieces: #5, #20 (Optional)
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

In the last chapter, we got lots of nifty stuff that’ll help us along the way. There’s two things we’ll need to complete this next section, however: Saria’s Song and the Hylian Shield. The latter can be bought from the Hyrule Town Market for 80 Rupees (drops down to 60 after you’ve talked to the guard at the base of Death Mountain), however, you can get one for free in the Kakariko Graveyard (refer to the previous chapter).

When you’re finally ready to proceed, give Zelda’s Letter to the Death Mountain guard in Kakariko Village. This will initiate a lengthy conversation in which he laughs at you, opens the gate, tells you to get the shield and comments that his kid desperately wants a mask from the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Town. The mask is part of a side quest that I’ll cover in a later chapter. When he’s finally done, head on through the gate.

~ Death Mountain Trail ~  This area has several Red Tektites, a jumping foe that come after you if you get too close. Simply Z target them and wait for them to come towards you. Once they jump at you, hit the B button without moving the analog stick to perform a vertical slash that will hit them in the air as well. As long as you time it well, you can defeat them incredibly easily. If you have trouble, just avoid them or use Deku Nuts.

Make your way up the area until you get to a large, cracked boulder where you can talk to the rock-like creature next to it. He’ll inform you that he is of the Goron race, one of many on Death Mountain. The boulder behind him blocks the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern, the Goron’s main source of tasty rocks to eat. It was sealed by none other than Ganondorf, the fiend!

Once you’re done talking to him, round the corner and continue upward. Once you get up into the large area, head to the right side of the flag. Avoid this rolling Goron by staying on the left side. If he hits you, he’ll knock you off the mountain. Continue on through and enter the giant, bannered entrance to Goron City.

~ Goron City ~

This city within the mountain is composed of many tiers which each have many doors and twisting corridors. For now, our objective is the bottom level, so you can just jump all the way down to get there quickly. Once there, head over to the big door, which is closed. How to get it open…? The nearby Goron gives you a clue if you speak to him: stand on the carpet and play Zelda’s Lullaby, which will cause the Goron leader to open the door.

Saria’s Song

For this next part, we will need Saria’s Song. If you didn’t get it yet, simply light a Deku Stick on the torch in here and run outside, lighting the torches as you go (which may cause the giant pot to spin). Just keep following the right wall, up the steps and around the corner into a corridor with boulders and Bomb Flowers. This part is not so obvious. With your lit Deku Stick, go touch one of the Bomb Flowers on either side to make it light. Stand back and enjoy the fireworks.

If you don’t have Saria’s Song, take the shortcut to the Lost Woods and refer to the third section in the previous chapter. Once you have acquired it, or you already have it, return to Darunia’s chamber and play the song while standing in front of him. I mean, that’s just common sense, right?

After witnessing the boss man dance a jig for you, he’ll turn all serious again, but be in a more talkative mood. Turns out, he’s willing to give you the Spiritual Stone of Fire…! If you can kill the beasts in Dodongo’s Cavern… Great. As a free gift (for no reason he claims), he’ll give you some helpful jewelry we need to even enter the cavern.

Fun With Ceramics With downright fantastic equipment in hand, there’s just one more thing to do here. Take a Deku Stick and light it on the torch nearby, then light all the torches on the lowest tier outside his room. This will cause the giant Goron urn in the center of the city to spin. Climb up the steps to the second to bottom tier. Grab the nearby Bomb Flowers, run and toss them into the urn. The goal is to get them to blow when the smiling face is facing you, which causes a Piece of a Heart to appear. It may take several tries, so be patient.

With the shortcut, Saria’s Song, Goron’s Bracelet and Heart Piece in hand, make your way out of Goron City through the top exit.

~ Death Mountain Trail ~

From the entrance to Goron City, head to the right, rather than back down the mountain. Here, you’ll find a little overhang with a lone Goron and Bomb Flower. Speak with him if you wish, though he holds no monetary value, so to speak. His companion, however, is now useful to us.

Pick up the Bomb Flower and toss it over the ledge. If you aim straight ahead, it will land beside the giant boulder below and blow open the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern. What? That was it? Why couldn’t these lazy bums who are ten times stronger than you do that?

Actually, as long as you’re up here, you can cheat and do a back flip at an angle over this shorter Bomb Flower fence to land on top of the roof of the Dodongo’s Cavern entrance and grab a Piece of a Heart (#20) early. I’m not going to do it for the sake of the walkthrough, but if you like, the option is open =)

Whenever you’re ready, go ahead and enter the Cavern.

4.2 Dodongo’s Cavern

  • New Items: Bomb Bag
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #15, #16, #17

~ Getting The Map ~

As soon as you enter, you’ll find an odd looking wall straight ahead. Use one of the Bomb Flowers nearby to blow it up, revealing the whole of Dodongo’s Cavern. This place is full of lava and fire enemies, so best to equip the Hylian Shield so you don’t burn your little Deku edition. As soon as you head forward, Navi will hint at this very thing.

Main Room Straight ahead, you’ll see a new statue enemy with a giant eyeball atop it; otherwise known as a Beamos. We can kill them with Bomb Flowers, but they’re best avoided for the most part right now. First off, we want to get to the left side of the room. You can do so by either jumping to the middle platform with the Beamos, and then left, or you can run along the dry ground at the very edge of the left platform right next to the lava, circle around the back and there’s a ladder leading up. Once you get there, pick up the lonely Bomb Flower and toss it at the funny looking wall nearby, which reveals a large chest containing, duh-duh-duh-duuuuuuh: The dungeon map. The next funny looking wall contains a Business Scrub selling Deku Shields, in case you burn yours.

~ Unlocking The Door ~

Next, work your way to the opposite side of the room, once again either going through the Beamos platform in the middle, or circling around near the lava and climbing up the ladder. This first bombable wall contains a Gossip Stone, which we can’t use yet anyway. Pick up the Bomb Flower here and kill the Beamos on this platform. Next, use the Bomb Flower (which regrows after a moment) to blow up the farther funny looking wall (behind where the Beamos was). Go through the passage that’s revealed.

Baby Dodongo Corridor In this small passage, you’ll find another new enemy: Baby Dodongos. Watch them carefully and slash them with your sword once they get close. Just make sure you’re out of the way when they explode and work your way to the other side of the room. Halfway across, you’ll see a bombable looking wall to the right which leads to Gold Skulltula #16. If you’re careful, you can lure one of the Baby Dodongo’s to it then kill it to make it blow open the passage so you can get the Gold Skulltula early.

I’m going to assume most people aren’t going to take the time (and frustration) to do that and will simply wait a little while. SO, go up the ledge and you’ll come to a barred door with a switch below it. You have to remain standing on the switch to keep the door open, so how do we get through the door? Push and pull either of the Armos statues on either side onto the switch to keep it down and go through the door.

Keese Corridor In this hallway, kill the two Keese if you like and enter the next room.

Lizalfos Room (Lower) As soon as you enter this room, the door shuts behind you. We then have a faceoff with a new enemy called a Lizalfos. They take turns attacking you, so don’t worry about them both coming against you at once. Z target the one that comes for you, use your shield to defend and then smack it between it’s attacks. Whenever it jumps over you, just use your shield to not get hit. They’re a piece of cake and they can’t hurt you if you just keep your shield up. As a side note, doesn’t it look like they’re wearing metal bras? Also, it’s kind of a good idea to avoid the lava. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll defeat them with ease. Both doors will then open. Snag some goodies in the jars nearby if you need, then head through the next door.

Dodongo Room In this next hallway, you’ll see a bombable wall in the corner. You can use the nearby Bomb Flowers to get in there, but it just leads to a Business Scrub selling Deku Sticks. Continue on through this room, and you’ll encounter yet another new enemy: Dodongos. This large version of the lizard things will breathe fire at you and are invulnerable except in their tail.

The trick is to stand in front of them to make them attack, then while they’re doing that, circle around behind and quickly smack them in the tail. Get out of the way because they spin around really quick. If you have extra Deku Sticks you can do a Deku Stick Jump Attack on their tail and kill them one hit. Now, the other easy way is to simply… Shoot them with your slingshot between their attacks… But how boring is that? =D

There’s three of them in the room, so defeat them real quick. You’ll then find that the next door is barred, so we have to solve a puzzle. There’s three unlit torches and one lit one in this room. I think you know what to do. Head back to the beginning of this room and whip out a Deku Stick, then run back to the door and light all the torches along the way. Go through the door.

Main Room We’re back in the center room, this time on an upper ledge. Run forward and step on the switch to open a barred door across the way. That’s it here, so hop down and make your way across to go through the door.

~ Getting The Compass ~

The Big Steps This giant rooms looks awful suspicious, does it not? We’ll get to this in a moment. If you’d like the compass (say yes, say yes!) then pick up one of the Bomb Flowers and blow up the odd looking wall on the left, which reveals a door. Go on through.

Compass Room In this treacherous room, you’ll encounter your first Armos. Unlike the statues from earlier, this one’s are alive. Run forward and touch it to wake it up, then run back. I suggest just using a Deku Nut and then a Jump Attack. After that, you can either run away from it to avoid it’s trampling powers and explosion, or just hold R with your Hylian Shield.

Once it’s defeated, open the large chest to get the Compass. Nice. Head back to the previous room.

~ Getting The Bombs ~

The Big Steps Alright, so we have a large number of Bomb Flowers on either side of this big pillar thing, with a suspicious gap of a Bomb Flower in the middle. Hmm. Pick up the lone Bomb Flower near the Compass Room door and place it between the other Bomb Flowers, causing them to blow up at the same time. The mass amount of firepower will cause the pillar thing to sink down into the ground, which is then revealed to be gigantic steps that lead into the upper area! How… convenient…

Climb up (takes forever doesn’t it?) and circle around either left or right. Once you come to the vines, stop to kill the Skullwalltulas as well as, duuun-dun-dun-daaaah, our fifteenth Gold Skulltula! Oh happy day! With that in hand, whip around and go through our next door.

Armos Room In this hexagon shaped room, you’ll encounter a variation of an enemy we’ve already encountered: Fire Keese. Be sure you have your Hylian Shield equipped so they don’t burn your other one. I suggest just shooting them with the Slingshot. Once they’re out of the way, head to the middle of the room and find the side of the platform that has the ladder. Pull the Armos Statue (the only one that’s not alive) out from in front of the ladder, then climb up and step on the switch. This opens both the doors and points you towards the next one. Jump down and go through the door.

Main Room (2nd Floor) We’re back in the main room, above the entrance. There’s two more Fire Keese here, so be careful they don’t knock you over. Just keep head straight across the bridge and you’ll get to the next room. There’s a deliberate chunk taken out in the center of it for no reason, JERKS!

Trap Room (Lower) As soon as you enter, stand next to the edge and look down. There’s a common Zelda franchise obstacle here we’ve yet to encounter: Blade Traps. For this first one, I suggest jumping straight ahead, between the two pillars. Run forward a bit and Navi will exclaim that you should use Z targeting to look around corners. Just keep going straight, being obviously wary for more Blade Traps, until you get to the Stone Block. You can pull this back to reveal a Recovery Heart behind it in the hole.

Pull the block to the nearby platform and use it to climb up. Once there, you’ll find a lonely little chest containing a Red Rupee worth 20. Pick up the Bomb Flower here and toss it at the funny looking wall above the ladder. Don’t worry if you miss, the Bomb Flower will keep growing back. You want to try and make it land on that little ledge, but if you find this too difficult, you can holding until it starts flashing faster, then toss it so it blows in mid air. Once you manage to blow it up, jump over and continue onward.

Flame Puzzle 1 In this next little room, the platform between you and the next hallway is filled with a raging flame. The suspicious looking Eye Switch above it, however, is watching you. Shoot it with your Slingshot to get rid of the flames momentarily. Jump across and head through the hallway, which turns out to be infested with Baby Dodongos! Oh nooos! Your Hylian Shield comes in handy here to avoid confrontation as they jump right over you. Continue on and enter the door at the end of the hall.

Lizalfos Room (2nd Floor) As soon as you enter this lava filled room, two Lizalfos appear. Ahh! We’re much more confined, now that we have to fight them on these little platforms, but it shouldn’t make any difference. It just makes it harder to Jump Attack. Once you defeat them both, the next door will open. If you got hurt during the battle at all, there’s some Recovery Hearts out on the platform off to the side (check it out, we’re in the top part of the room we fought them in earlier!) Aren’t the natural formations of square platforms in this room logical? Gotta love it. When you’re ready, head through the door.

Flame Puzzle 2 Ah, another flaming puzzle. Shoot the Eye Switch just like last time and you’ll encounter another problem. The next platform is still burning! Jump to the first platform and look to the left. You’ll see there’s another Eye Switch in the cubby. Shoot this one to douse the second flame. Onward, to victory!

Trap Room (2nd Floor) We’re back in the room with the spiky traps down below. From this upper area, jump to the next platform and climb up the ledge on your right. Open the large chest to get the dungeon item: Bombs! Now we can blow everything up! It’s like Zelda meets Bomberman… maybe not…

Now, you’ll notice there’s a bombable wall down a level. DON’T DO IT! It’s just a couple Business Scrubs selling Deku Nuts and Deku Seeds (worthless). Continue on through the next opening.

~ Giant Dead Dodongo ~

Main Room (2nd Floor) We’re back in the main room in the final area of it. Run forward and step on the switch to make a shortcut, extending the lift of one of the elevator things to the upper floor. Awesome. Continue forward and you’ll see a stone block which has a clue as to what we need to do next… After examining the poetry, head right and onto the bridge. There’s a bombable wall ahead, but it just contains a small chest with a Red Rupee (20). Snag it if you like.

So, as the poem said, we need to make the giant Dodongo’s eyes red. How would one suppose we do that after we get an explosive item, hmm? You’ll notice, the bridge suspiciously has holes right above the eyes. Stand next to the edge of each of these holes and drop a Bomb down (by pressing the C button twice). Wait for that one to blow, then do the other eye. Once both the eyes are “lit,” it’s mouth will go down, revealing another door! At this point, we just need to get down, so you can go the long way, jump to your doom, or do what I do: Jump down onto the skull, then down onto the platform.

Before we head into the skull, there’s a Skulltula you probably didn’t snag earlier. While facing the Dodongo skull, go to the right side of the room and through the farthest doorway, which leads us back into the little hallway with the Baby Dodongos.

Baby Dodongo Corridor Follow the right wall, avoiding the Baby Dodongos, and you’ll come to the bombable wall you probably passed by earlier. It’s possible to lure the Baby Dodongos close and use them to blow it up, but now that we have Bombs, we can get in here. Blow open the wall and enter the small room.

Gold Skulltula Room 1 This small room contains three Keese and a Gold Skulltula. For fun, you can try tossing one of our Bombs at them and watching them explode >=D Next, you’ll have to use a Jump Attack or backflip to collect the token. With that in hand, return to the main room and enter the throat of the beast; so scary!

~ Getting To The Boss ~

Final Room We’re right next to the boss; unfortunately, we can’t get through the door just yet. Hop down into the square room and defeat the Fire Keese if you like. Head to the right (the only other area you can climb up) and follow the long hallway.

“S” Shaped Room The two Fire Keese in here are awfully obnoxious, so I suggest defeating them first. Jump down and make your way to the opposite side of the room, climbing over the blocks when you get to them. On the other side of the room, you’ll see a bombable wall on a ledge. Toss a Bomb onto the ledge or just hold it until it’s about to explode and then toss it, if you have trouble hooking it onto the ledge. Go through the door.

Gold Skulltula Room 2 In this room, we have a lone Armos statue guarding our next Gold Skulltula. After defeating it, go ahead and snag the token. Return to the previous room.

“S” Shaped Room Those stupid Fire Keese have come back, so you may have to defeat them again. Head over to the ledge we climbed over and use it to get on top of the high wall. Now use it to run along the top of the wall and drop down into the next area. There’s a Fairy in one of the jars to the left that you can snag in a bottle if you like. Continue on through the next hallway.

Final Room We’re back in the square room, but there’s a stone block here! Push it off the ledge, then hop down and kill the Fire Keese which are both back from the dead. Next, push/pull the block onto the switch in the hole in the center of the room. This will keep the boss door open. If you’re ready, go on in.

Boss Room Once in there, use a Bomb on the funny looking patch on the floor, then open the chest for some Bombs (so you’re full). Fall down the hole to begin the boss battle.

Infernal Dinosaur, King Dodongo

King Dodongo is another easy boss that just looks big. Its large size makes for awkward attacks that are easily avoided. It only has two forms of offense, the first of which is to breathe fire at you, which takes him a long time to charge up. His second attack is to roll around half the arena, which he does repeatedly throughout the battle, usually either immediately after the first attack, or when there’s an awkward situation where he can’t hit you that well.

Both of his attacks are easily avoided by standing close to the lava, or in one of the insides of the corners. For the rolling attack, you can also just hold in your shield to avoid taking damage.

With that being said, you should follow Navi’s advice and try “giving him a shock.” Do so by throwing a Bomb or Bomb Flower into his mouth while he’s inhaling to breathe fire. It will explode in his stomach, stunning him for a moment. Use the opportunity to slash him with your sword. Just be prepared to jump to the side with the lava to avoid his roll immediately after, then circle around to the other side or wait in one of the corners to face him once again.

Four or five hits will kill this beast. And if you plan ahead, you can throw the Bomb, whip out your sword while he flings himself in the air, then use A to do a Jump Attack on him as soon as he hits the ground, dealing extra damage.

After the old king has been defeated, be sure to grab the Heart Container that’s left behind, then enter the blue portal to leave this dungeon.

4.3 Atop Death Mountain

  • New Items: Big Bomb Bag, Stone/Shard of Agony, Spin Attack
  • New Heart Pieces: #6, #7
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #18, #19, #20, #21

~ Goron’s Ruby ~

After exiting the dungeon, you’ll quickly be reunited with Darunia, who is quite pleased to see you. After giving you a friendly pat on the back that plants you on your face, he’ll lament about how Ganondorf came and put the boulder in front of the Cavern, and how special you are. Somehow, you two become Sworn Brothers, whatever that means. Ooo, Darunia knows how to glow. I wish I could do that…

He then gives you Goron’s Ruby, the second Spiritual Stone we were after. He’ll then urge you to go see the Great Fairy on top of the mountain. We’ll follow his advice momentarily. After the conversation, two Goron’s fall down and wish to have a little huddle of love. Run away from the Goron hugs, Link!

~ Trailblazing ~

Now that we’ve narrowly escaped death in the arms of the rock people, we have some goodies to grab all over Death Mountain. Head back towards Kakariko Village and along the way, you’ll see a funny looking chunk of the wall (and the sounds of a Gold Skulltula emanating behind!) It’s just begging to be blown up with one of your newfound Bombs. Do so and kill the spider, then climb up the oddly climbable stone surface.

Next up, we need a bottle of Bugs. If you don’t have one, head to the entrance of the Graveyard in Kakariko and lift up the rock directly to your right. Head back to the entrance of Dodongo’s Cavern and release the bugs on the soft soil here to make yet another Gold Skulltula appear.

Alright, before we head up to the top of Death Mountain, let’s pay a quick visit to Goron City.

~ Goron City (Revisited) ~

There is a large rolling Goron in the city now, known as “Hot Rodder Goron.” Be careful not to get too close to him, as he will run you over. You can stop his crazy awesome rolling by using well timed Bombs to blow him up, but he just gets annoyed at you. Stop him under the closed in, cave-like area on the north side of the city and he’ll give you a nifty upgrade.

With a lot of Bombs in hand, head to the top of the city. There’s three rocks blocking the path on the west side of the city. You can either blow them up, or use the ropes leading to the pedestal and tightrope your way there. The latter option may be fun, but it’s not really worth the time.

Once you make it to the other side, follow this short path to be taken to a rock maze… You can’t do anything with the silver boulders at the moment, so just blow your way through the regular boulders until you find all the treasures. Just try to stay on the right side for the first half, then the middle after that. At the end, open the small chests to get a Purple Rupee worth 50 each! Roll into the crate to find a Gold Skulltula. With that, leave Goron City.

~ Getting To The Top of Death Mountain ~

Death Mountain Trail And now, it’s time to ascend Death Mountain to speak with the Great Fairy like Darunia told us to. When you’re ready, head back to the part of the trail where the path splits and this time go to the highest point thus far. There’s three boulders, two of which are blocking the way. With our new Bombs, we can blow our way through.

Blow up the first one, then hold a Bomb and wait till it’s about to explode, then toss it at the second. Jump over and collect the Red Rupee (20) that was underneath. Climb up and there’s another boulder up here, which will reveal a hole with a cow in it, should you desire milk (by using Epona’s Song).

Continue along the path and you’ll abruptly find you’re caught in an eruption of the volcano! Make sure your Hylian Shield is equipped and simply hold R to wait it out. The eruption comes in bursts, so make a break for the other side between the gaps in the flying magma and rocks. Once you get close to the other side, it’ll stop, so don’t worry. =)

Whip out your Slingshot and kill the Skullwalltulas before climbing up. After that, it’s smooth sailing up to the top. Once you get up there, you’ll find a couple things of interest, one of them being the Owl. Ignore him for now and enter that hole in the mountain on the right.

Death Mountain Crater Whew, is it hot in here! We’re not really supposed to be here yet, but there’s two things we can grab real quick. Make sure you’re not in here when the timer ends though, otherwise you’ll get killed! First off, roll into that crate at the entrance to find a Skulltula spy!

At this point, you may want to reenter to ensure you have a full timer. Run forward and when you come to the ledge, line yourself up so you’re facing towards the Triforce platform down below. Now run at the cliff. Don’t worry, you’ll flip around and grab hold of the wall, which is climbable! Now start climbing down and you’ll find a small cubby in the middle of this cliff that has a Heart Piece! Now, we can’t get back in time, so instead, jump into the lava (this is actually better than waiting for the timer). You’ll appear back at the entrance with one less heart. Exit.

Atop Death Mountain With those items in hand, swerve around the bird for now and lay a Bomb against the funny looking wall, which blows to reveal a hidden cave. Enter it to find our first Great Fairy Fountain. Run forward, stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda’s Lullaby.

A large, scandalous woman will then appear. After giggling and making idle chat, she’ll give you our first magic ability: The Spin Attack. Before you leave, she reminds you to visit her friend near Hyrule Castle, who will give you another power. Good to know.

~ Flight For Fun Stuff ~

Head back outside and speak with the owl. After another conversation that will undoubtedly make you yawn, stand underneath him when he’s done talking to get a ride back to Kakariko. By taking this shortcut down to the village, we can get a hidden prize.

Kakariko Village Okay, before you go ahead and jump off the building, there’s a Piece of a Heart we can get. There’s two ways to collect this puppy: Use the Hookshot (which we don’t have yet) or use the Owl’s free ride from Death Mountain (you can do it as many times as you like) to get on top of this roof. Since we’re up here, let’s snag it now, shall we?

Sneak off to the right side of the roof and peek over the edge, above the Cucco Lady’s chicken pen. You’ll see there’s a thatch roof overhang. Jump down to it and turn around to find a hole in the wall of the house (they should really get that fixed). Inside, there’s a cow behind bars. Not a very good prison for the criminal I’d say (why is there a cow in a house…?) Collect the Piece of a Heart [#7] next to it.

Now, if you forgot and jumped off the building, don’t feel too bad, because until you leave the area, all you have to do is play the Sun’s Song, which restarts the area and makes you appear wherever you entered the village from. In this case, that’s on top of the roof. Pretty cool trick, isn’t it? =D

~ Stone of Agony ~  Before we leave Kakariko, there’s one more thing we should snag. Hop down and enter the Skulltula House nearby. You should have 21 Gold Skulltulas collected so far. Talk to the next kid who’s doing jumping jacks as well (he must be really stiff and have stretch his legs I suppose). He’ll gift you with an item that’ll help us collect the rest of the Gold Skulltulas down the road.

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Great Deku Tree
  • Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny
  • Chapter 3 – The Mighty Collection
  • Chapter 4 – Dodongo’s Cavern
  • Chapter 5 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
    • 5.1 – Market
    • 5.2 – Zora’s Domain
    • 5.3 – Lake Hylia
    • 5.4 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
    • 5.5 – Spiritual Stone of Water
  • Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
  • Chapter 7 – Forest Temple
  • Chapter 8 – Fire Temple
  • Chapter 9 – Ice Cavern
  • Chapter 10 – Water Temple
  • Chapter 11 – Bottom of the Well
  • Chapter 12 – Shadow Temple
  • Chapter 13 – Spirit Temple
  • Chapter 14 – Ganon’s Castle

5.1 Market

  • New Items: Bombchus, Din’s Fire, Deku Seeds Bullet Bag, Biggest Bomb Bag
  • New Heart Pieces: #8, #9
  • New Gold Skulltulas: None

Our next destination is Zora’s Domain, but there’s a couple goodies we can get before that. Make your way to Hyrule Town Market.

~ Hyrule Town Market ~

Now that we have some money, there’s two mini-games that are available to us. You may have already played a couple of these, but now we’re fully equipped to play just about all of them.

If you run out of cash at any time, just enter the Guardhouse right before the drawbridge leaving the area and slash the jars for some easy loot.

Head to the Shooting Gallery. It should be pretty easy to spot because it’s got a picture of a target above the door.

Shooting Gallery The owner of this shop has big lips as well as a big prize if you can complete his little challenge. The goal of the game is to shoot all of the Rupees that come out. It’s the same pattern each time, so it should be plenty easy to remember. Just take into account that your Deku Seeds take a little bit to travel for the moving ones.

If you get almost all of them, you can play again for free. Only perfect scores get prizes, and only the first prize is anything other than the usual 50 Rupees. All in all, a pretty easy mini-game.

Next, enter the Bombchu Bowling Alley (the door with the checkered picture next to it). It’s on the same side as the Shooting Gallery, in between the exit to Hyrule Field and Hyrule Castle.

Bombchu Bowling Alley

This game has no time limit, so be sure to take your time. The goal is to drop the Bombchu’s down at angles so that they miss the obstacles along the way and hit the targets on the wall. Remember that they can climb walls as well, so you can use either of the sides to your advantage.

The first two areas are simple, but the last one has a giant chicken that really, just won’t budge. It stays in a little ditch right in the way.

I find it’s easiest to simply lay them down when the chicken is in the middle and the little one is off somewhere else, that way, the larger one will most likely move by the time the Bombchu gets there. The other method is to stand off to either the left or right side, aim for the target and wait for the big chicken to be on the opposite side.

The other method is to stand off to either the left or right side, aim for the target and wait for the big chicken to be on the opposite side.

Just be patient and time it well. The prizes for this game change every time you play, but they go through a cycle, so if there’s one you particularly want, you can get it.

There are multiple prizes for this mini-game, which will be cycled through, so if you miss it, you can get back to it if you keep playing. The prizes, in order are: Bombchus, Heart Piece, Bombs, Bomb Bag and Purple Rupee (50). The initial prize is a random one from the list, but from then on, it will always cycle to the next one in line.

It’s a pretty easy game really, it just costs a lot of Rupees… Use the guardhouse nearby to get more if you need it. Since the prizes cycle through, you can always come back for these goodies later if you don’t make it the first time.

Little Richard That’s it for the mini-games for now. There’s one more thing we can do though. Play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then you’ll find there’s lots of dogs running around the market. Try not to touch any of them, as they’ll follow you around until you leave the area. Head over to the street vender stand near the Bazaar (underneath the white guy hanging out in the window above). Go touch the white puppy that’s hanging out here and go to the right side of the area. Go through either of the exits into the back streets of the market.

In the Back Alleys, go to the left side and you’ll find one door that’s open only at night. Inside there’s a large woman in a blue dress who’s scared for her little dog that’s outside. If you brought the dog with you, she’ll be excited that you brought “Little Richard” back and grant you a Piece of a Heart [#9].

At long last, head on through to the Hyrule Castle area.

~ Hyrule Castle ~

Climb up the vines and go straight ahead. Jump down and blow up the boulder behind the “Dead End” sign. Crawl through the hole you find.

Inside, play Zelda’s Lullaby to make the Great Fairy of Magic appear. She’ll give you another spell that will be quite useful to you.

5.2 Zora’s Domain

  • New Items: Magic Beans, Silver Scale
  • New Heart Pieces: #10, #11, #12
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #22, #23

~ Zora’s River ~

Hyrule Field Now that we’ve gathered some goodies, we can tackle the next area. From Hyrule Field, follow the river from Hyrule Town drawbridge upstream and go through the passage.

Remember This! Run forward as soon as you enter the area and you’ll have another encounter with the owl. Before you scream, pay attention to what he says. To summarize: at the end of this area, you need to play Zelda’s Lullaby in order to enter Zora’s Domain. Good to know, huh?

Die Boulders! After he flies away, roll into the tree on your left to make a Gold Skulltula pop out. Kill it and collect the token [#22]. Next up, you’ll notice there’s some boulders blocking the way onward. Blast them I say, blast them! After the rubble clears, you’ll see a Cucco straight ahead. Make note of that and round the corner.

Beans, Beans, A Magical Fruit… Here you’ll meet a chubby fellow eating something out of a bag. Turns out he’s willing to sell you some of the “Magic Beans” he’s eating. Everytime you purchase one though, the price goes up. As lame as that is, these are quite valuable and this is the only place you can get them, so fork over all the Rupees you have. You’ll probably be able to purchase at least three. Test one out on the soft soil next to him. It won’t do anything for awhile yet, but it’ll more than pay for itself when the time comes.

Stroll Along The River With that, it’s time we head through this area. If you’d like some secrets along the way, head back and pickup that suspicious chicken. If at any point you lose the chicken (if it touches the water) it’ll appear back here. Jump to the opposite side of the river and follow it until you get to the corner. You’ll encounter a new enemy in the water called an Octorok. Just keep running to avoid it’s rocks and jump over the river once more at the shortest point up here.

Run forward and follow the path to the left, hopping over the little jump and working your way around. You’ll see that there’s another new enemy in the water, another variation of the Tektites we faced earlier. At this point, there’s a Heart Piece you can snag if you brought the chicken. Simply jump at the platform ahead of you, drop the chicken in mid air as you’re touching the platform and you’ll grab hold. Pull yourself up and jump for the prize [#10]!

Hop down to the platform below, avoiding the new enemies here: Blue Tektites. If you’d like yet another Heart Piece, pick up the chicken again and continue along to your right. When you come to the platform, toss the chicken up, climb up yourself, then pick it up again. Turn right and go through the water, repeating the process.

Once done with the two sets of platforms, go left across the water and follow the path across the bridge until you get to an open area with twisting platforms going everywhere. Hop to the next platform once you get a chance (on the right) then follow this one up to the top, closest to the waterfall.

Now here, if you brought the chicken, go to the highest point in the area and turn around. You’ll see a Heart Piece [#11] in the corner on a platform all by its lonesome. Using the chicken, you can jump all the way to it and claim it early. Mwahaha!

Next up real quick, play the Sun’s Song to make it night. You’ll hear a Gold Skulltula on a nearby ladder. Hop down into that shallow portion of water and slay the spider to collect our token [#23].

Parting The Waters At long last, get on the top platform in front of the waterfall and you’ll find a square, grate-looking thing. Stand on top of it and play Zelda’s Lullaby like the Owl told you to do earlier. The waterfall will then part, revealing the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Nice work Moses!

~ Zora’s Domain ~

Run around and familiarize yourself with the area real quick. It’s pretty straight forward. The spiral ramp in the middle takes you up or down and you can just jump in the water below to go down quickly anyway. There’s a shop nearby, but they don’t sell anything too exciting.

Heart Piece For starters, let’s head upstairs. At the top, you’ll see the fat King Zora sitting away. Rock on dude. There’s a Piece of a Heart you can get pretty easily using the torches nearby. If you don’t have any Deku Sticks, there’s one in the jars along the ramp. We’re going to light the torches in the following order:

Once all five torches are lit at once, a large chest will appear behind the waterfall, containing a Piece of a Heart [#12]!

Diving Game With that, go back to the top of the area and take a left when you come to King Zora. The water will lead you to the top of the waterfall, where a Zora awaits with a fun mini-game you can play.

Diving Game

This simple game allows you to get some easy rupees. Pay the Zora at the top of the waterfall in Zora’s Domain and he’ll toss those as well as some extra Rupees into the water below and give you 50 seconds. Jump off the waterfall and hold A to dive repeatedly to get the goodies. Remember that you can swim while underwater, so try to grab two or more Rupees at once. If you’re getting disoriented, use Z to redirect yourself.

If your time limit runs out, the Rupees disappear. There is no other prizes for this mini-game other than Silver Scale and the extra Rupees you get for playing (if you get them all that is). Occasionally though, he’ll throw pink Rupees worth a whopping 50!

The game’s pretty easy. Keep playing until you successfully get all of them, then go back up to get your prize. Cool. Once you have that in hand, jump back down into the water and dive for the deepest part, where you’ll find a hole. There are several of these throughout the game that are shortcuts to other places in Hyrule. Swim through it.

5.3 Lake Hylia

  • New Items: Bottle #3, Scarecrow’s Song
  • New Heart Pieces: #13
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #24, #25

~ Lake Hylia ~

Message In A Bottle… Quite Literally…! Alternatively, you can walk here from Hyrule Field, which you may have done earlier. In either case, near the edge of the water (where the stone pillar ruins are) there’s something in the water that Navi will fly to and glow green. Swim to it, then dive down to get it.

A bottle…! Except it has a letter in it… from the missing Zora princess! As nifty as that is, we can’t actually use the bottle until we give the letter to King Zora. But as long as we’re in the area, there’s some nifty stuff we can do…

Getting The Scarecrow’s Song First of all, head to the small fences on the right side of the area where the ground is all cultivated and looks ready to be planted. There’s two scarecrow’s here, Pierre (top) and Bonooru (bottom). Speak with the lower one and he’ll tell you that he never forgets a tune. Put him to the test by whipping out your Ocarina.

Make up a song for him (must be 8 notes long). We can’t do anything with this song yet, but just make sure it’s something you can remember; it’ll come in handy later.

Gold Skulltulas Next, slash the lone bush on the top ledge with Pierre to find some bugs. Put them in a bottle, then head over to the Lakeside Laboratory (the big house with the chimney) on the opposite side of the area. You can use the bugs to make a Skulltula [#24] pop out, and you might as well plant a Magic Bean while you’re here. Once again, it won’t do anything for awhile, but it’ll come in handy later.

Next, hop back in the water and swim to the smaller of the two islands in the lake (with the two pillars on it). Press B repeatedly while swimming to go faster. Once you get there, play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then kill the Gold Skulltula [#25] that appears.

Fishing Pond And finally on the to-do list for this area is the Fishing Pond in the corner of the area near the land. You’ll have to swim to it, but once inside, you can play a nifty mini-game that’s pretty snazzy for an N64 game. There’s hours of entertainment here for you to explore, especially if you like fishing.

After paying the man behind the counter 20 Rupees, you’ll be given a fishing pole and can fish for as long as you like. This particular mini-game can easily lead to hours of fun trying to find the biggest catch.

Press A to cast and reel in. Press B to wiggle and use the Analog Stick to pull the line in a direction. Once you’ve found a fish you’d like to snag, Z target it, then use A to cast. Use it in midair to get it closer to your destination if it goes to far.

Let it get close then use a combination of B and the Analog Stick to attract the fish. Just do nothing if you get the wrong one and it’ll let go. If you miss, use A + R to reel in fast and start over.

That’s all the basics, just remember: DON’T SCARE THE FISH! If you do, they all run to the deep water. The other tip I can give you is that all the fish start in a specific spot. The biggest one is by the arched log, close to the three sticks sticking out of the water.

For more in-depth information about this mini-game, please visit our Fishing Pond Guide

That’s all there is to do here at the moment. When you’re ready, go ahead and swim back through the hole to get back to Zora’s Domain.

~ Zora’s Domain ~

Go on upstairs and stand on the platform, then whip out your bottle with a letter in it to show it to the king. After a short conversation and one of the lengthiest butt hopping I’ve seen in my entire life, you’ll be allowed to proceed onto Jabu Jabu’s fountain. Before we head back there, however, there’s more more thing we need.

Go back downstairs (or dive off the waterfall) and snag a fish from the shallow water with your newly emptied bottle. They’re easy to spot and they tend to hang around a circle of stones. Alternatively you can buy one from the Shop for 200 Rupees… Or not…

With fish in hand, head back upstairs and go through the secret area King Zora was hiding from us previously.

~ Zora’s Fountain ~

There isn’t much to do here at the moment, so go ahead and approach Jabu-Jabu, the great fish lord thing that the Zora worship… Anyway, there isn’t much to do, but if you talked with some of the Zora down below, one of them will tell you to bring a fish offering.

Whip out the fish in the bottle I told you to snag earlier and lay it on the ground, which will cause you to be inhaled. Well that’s something you can write home about, no?

5.4 Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

  • New Items: Boomerang
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #26, #27, #28, #29

~ Finding The Princess ~

Mouth (Entrance) Even though that previous little clip made it seem like you’re trapped inside this giant fish, you can actually exit by… walkthrough through his teeth… Why of course! With that totally logical escape route in mind, let’s continue.

Upon taking a step forward, two Octorok’s will pop out of the water. Press Start and equip the Deku Shield again, because it’s more handy in this dungeon anyway. Either use that to reflect their attacks back at them or just dodge their projectiles and shoot them with your slingshot.

Either way, once they’re dead, you need to figure out how to open the veiny door ahead. You can kill the Shaboms (bubbles) if you like, but they’re pretty harmless. At the start of the corridor where the room gets smaller, there’s a small nob on the ceiling that Navi will fly to. Shoot it with your Slingshot to open the door.

Throat (Elevator Room) In the next small room, you’ll meet your first Biri, basically a floating electric jellyfish. You’re probably best off just avoiding them for now. Make your way around and enter the opposite door.

Upper Stomach (Ruto Room) Triumphant music! It’s the Zora Princess…! Who claims to know nothing of a letter in a bottle and certainly doesn’t want your help. Well fine then. After a quick smack talk, she’ll fall down a hole. Sigh… Go on after her…

~ Ruto Transportation Service ~

Lower Stomach (Room with Biri) Upon falling down, talk with her multiple times to make her stop complaining. She mentions her “precious stone”, which must be the Spiritual Stone of Water we’re looking for… Anyway, she’ll crouch into a little ball, to give you the honor of carrying her around. Lazy fishface… So for this little endeaver, you’ll carry her around, but if you drown her, leave the room without her, etc… She’ll appear back at this point. Go ahead and pick her up before too many Biri get close and enter the door nearby.

Switch Puzzle In the next room, you’ll find yourself in a hallway with several Shaboms. If you just wait a bit, they’ll float into the larger part of the room, or you can kill them with your sword, or even toss the princess to pop them; It’s great fun!

Round the corner and you’ll be met with a small puzzle. Jump down into the lower water and be wary of the Stingers in the water. You should kill them now while the water is low, as they can be frustratingly hard to avoid while you’re swimming. A good way to kill them is to actually toss the princess at them while they’re still burrowed (or whatever you want to call that) – it’ll kill them one hit.

Now, you can’t climb up the other side, so you’ll have to use the switch in the middle of this pit to raise the water level. Before that however, toss Ruto up to the other side so she’s safe. If you sink her, she’ll appear back in the previous room and be angry with you. After stepping on the switch, you may want to get the Skulltula token nearby and the fairy in the jars above to keep in a bottle for later.

After using the raised water to climb up the other side, pick up the princess and continue down the Shabom infested hallway. You’ll find another “closed” door. Once again, shoot the dangly nob from the ceiling and head on through.

Throat (Elevator Room) In this next room, quickly put the princess down and use your shield to reflect the Octorok’s attack. Now, if you’re in need of some Deku Nuts, there’s a Business Scrub nearby that can supply them; simply dive through the hole straight ahead and reflect his nuts to buy some for 20 Rupees if you so desire.

In either case, pick up Ruto and wait for the spiked platform to come your way. Jump on and let it take you back to the small hallway we were in earlier. Jump onto the side and enter the door that leads to the room you first met Ruto in.

~ Getting The Boomerang ~

Upper Stomach (Ruto Room) From now on, if you lose Ruto, she’ll appear in this room. With that in mind, make your way to the opposite side of the room to the door we’ve ignored until now. Be careful, as there are some Biri and new Bari that will drop from the ceiling. The latter is harder to defeat and will split into three Biri when defeated. Enter the door.

Intestines? (Hallways) This branching hallway has many doors that you can’t access yet. There’s also a new enemy here, the Tailpasaran, which are electric floating monsters. You can’t even hurt them yet, so simply head right for now and jump on the switch; you’ll need Ruto to press it down all the way. Go through the door it opens.

Stinger Room: Boomerang In this next small room, there are four Stingers hiding in the floor. Just set Ruto down near the entrance and slaughter them. After they’ve been defeated, a large chest will appear with the Boomerang! Nice. Equip your new found weapon, pick Ruto back up and exit the door.

~ Parasitic Tentacles (Dungeon Map & Compass) ~

Intestines? (Hallways) Now that we can actually hurt all of the enemies in this place, you can actually set Ruto down and kill the Tailpasaran if you so desire. In any case, make your way to the opposite side of the room to the other door with the switch. Once again, use Ruto to step down on it. This time however, it’ll pop back up once you step off it, so set her down on it and go through the door without her. What a shame. =)

Red Tail (Dungeon Map) In this next room, you’ll meet your first Parasitic Tentacle. Simply Z target it, get close, and circle around it while continually using your Boomerang. After a few good hits, it’ll die, leaving behind a large chest with the Dungeon Map inside. Exit the room.

Intestines? (Hallways) Ruto is annoyed that you left her, and actually, every other room will make her disappear if you leave her behind. That would be fine for now, so if you don’t feel like bringing her along, you don’t have to. Anyway, if you’d like to get the compass, just round the corner and enter the nearby door, to which Navi will exclaim that this half of the Parasitic Tentacle is now gone. Nifty.

Shabom Room (Compass) In this small room, should you choose to go this way, you’ll find tons of Shaboms (bubbles) and a time limit! If you don’t kill the bubbles within 40 seconds, you’ll start this room over again and lose some health. No real explanation as to why… but… hurry up! I find it’s easiest to simply Z target and use your Boomerang. If you’re feeling daring, try a spin attack to nab a bunch of them at once. Once you’ve put the pop on them, a chest will appear containing the Compass. Woot.

Intestines? (Hallways) Whether you did that last room or not, head back to the opposite side of this massive, hallway room to where you found the Boomerang. The room right next to it is now open, so head on in.

Blue Tail Inside, there’s another lone Parasitic Tentacle. It should be simple for you to kill at this point. After doing so, exit this room and make your way for the middle, as well as the final, hallway.

Green Tail Once inside, there’s the last Tentacle, but watch out for the Biri surrounding it. I suggest you kill them first before you tackle the large enemy, as it can slap you into the others otherwise. Once you’ve defeated them all, the door will open. Head back to the main room (where you first found Ruto).

~ The “Precious Stone” ~

Upper Stomach (Ruto Room) The hole closest to the top left (opposite where you first saw Ruto) used to have a large tentacle sticking through it that has now disappeared. Fall down this hole to land on a new platform you couldn’t reach before.

Lower Stomach (Room with Biri) There’s two Gold Skulltulas on the wall here, which you can now grab their tokens with using the Boomerang! After doing so, head through the only hallway on this platform and enter the door.

Bigocto’s Lair Inside, Ruto will begin squirming around and demanding you throw her on the platform in the center of the room. After doing so, a short clip will begin and she’ll get the Spiritual Stone of Water! Lame… take a step forward and… oh no… that’s really… too bad… =)

Mini Boss: Bigocto

This giant Octorok isn’t stuck in the confines of the water alike his brothers. He circles around a spinning spiked platform of doom trying to run you over, and he runs just about as fast as you do, so it’s difficult to catch up to him. Once he rams into you, he’ll then turn around and start over again. Occasionally, he’ll disappear and reappear on the opposite side of the track. Just watch the spikes to know which way he’s traveling.

As is pretty obvious, you’re going to have to stun him using your new-found Boomerang. You can hit him anywhere with it to stun him, but he’s only vulnerable to your sword from the backside once stunned. Below are the two ways to defeating him:

Catching Up (Hard) The first method is to run away from him, sticking close to the spikes so you gradually catch up. Once you’re close enough, Z target, Boomerang, slash his backside. Simple, but lengthy and he can be tricky at times, suddenly turning on you or burrowing to the opposite side. (When I first played, I thought this was the only way to do it!)

Standing Still (Easy) The easy way is to understand one thing: he turns around if he hits you or occasionally when you stun him. What does this mean?

Stand still and get mowed over on purpose, then stun him and slash away. Repeat.


Stun him with Boomerang. Wait until stun wears off, let him spin around a little bit, stun him again while he’s facing away. Smack him. Repeat.

The second method makes this battle pathetically easy once you notice the way he moves. Either way, after four sword slashes (or two jump attacks) to his vulnerable spot, Bigocto will be a Bigloser.

Generally, he drops three hearts when he dies, so pick those up, then step onto the platform to go up to the next level. Once there, you may want to snag the fairy in the jar and put it in a bottle if you’re not full. Head for the only exit, killing the Biri along the way.

~ Getting To The Boss ~

Red Jelly Puzzle The next room has some wiggly electric jelly blobs that hate you. Before tackling them though, you may want to kill the Octorok below. After doing so, stand on the platform near the door you entered from and use your Boomerang on the first angry tofu, which will freeze it, allowing you to use it as a platform. Jump onto it and freeze the second and make your way to the next door.

Throat (Elevator Room) You’ll appear in a small area with a lone platform across the way. Jump onto it and it’ll lower to connect an old platform to a door we have yet to venture. There’s a switch to open the door, but it pops back open if you step off it. Unfortunately, we no longer have Ruto, so just snag one of the nearby boxes and use it instead.

Biri Room In this last room, kill all the Biri real quick then go to the far side of the room. You’ll find a Gold Skulltula on some vines nearby. After killing it, climb the vines (snagging the token along the way) and get on top.

Once there, you’ll notice another switch thing hanging from the ceiling. There’s a spider-web like barrier blocking the way though. Simply Z target it and use your Boomerang. It may take a few tries to get the distance right, but once you hit it, the door leading to the boss will open. When you think you’re ready, head on in.

Bio-electric Anenome, Barinade

Phase 1: Tentacles The battle starts out by slicing off the three appendages that are attached to the ceiling, sucking energy out of Lord Jabu-Jabu. The natural conclusion is to use the Boomerang. Target one at a time and dismember them as you circle around to avoid the electric beams.

Phase 2: Jellyfish The next phase is a little harder. He releases the top row of jellyfish and allows them to orbit around the main body. The electric “connection” to them is dangerous as well, so try to weave in and out to get close. Once you’re close enough, use your Boomerang on the main body (which is now slightly vulnerable). This causes the connection to the outer jellyfish to break momentarily, making them no longer invincible. You can also just wait awhile and he’ll disconnect, but he’ll shoot while disconnected. Slash up the jellies, stun the main body again before it comes back to life, repeat. Your sword and Din’s Fire work for killing them, but Deku Nuts and the Boomerang get my vote for the best methods.

Phase 3: Spinning Defense After the first set of Jellyfish die out, he’ll send out his last line of defense, spinning around the main body quickly as he zips around the room. Z target the main body and try to keep some distance between you as you continually use your Boomerang. Once you make it through the jellyfish, they’ll be separated again. This time however, he can shoot you while stunned. Quickly run forward and throw a Deku Nut at the main body (to hopefully take them all out at once), or use the previous methods.

Phase 4: Vulnerable At Last! Once all of the jellyfish are gone, he’ll zip around the room a little more aggressively and shoot faster. Just keep moving and using your Boomerang to stun him once again. Once you get him, go slash away at the main body with your sword. After a couple slashes, he’ll sink down into the ground to protect the body. Run away for a bit until he gets back up. Repeat. After a good ten sword slashes or so, Barinade will explode.

I never realized electric fish thingies grew tons of zits when they died… Grab the Heart Container and go meet up with Ruto in the blue light for a quick scolding on how long it took you to save her. Yeah, sure am glad I saved you…

5.5 Spiritual Stone of Water

  • New Items: Farore’s Wind
  • New Heart Pieces: None
  • New Gold Skulltulas: #30, #31

Upon exit, there’s a quick scene with Ruto quickly changing her mind and wanting to make Link her personal slave. She gives you the choice of saying what you want, but either way, she’ll hint at it being an engagement gift for the two of you. Whoa nelly! Either way, you get the Spiritual Stone of Water! I love how cool the water looks right here…

Once the movie finally ends, you’ll be floating in the water in Zora’s Fountain. Our next objective is to head back to Hyrule Castle Town, but there’s tons of stuff we can get with our new found Boomerang. First of all, let’s take care of the few remaining goodies here.

Swim to that small piece of land off in the corner (bottom right of the map). Roll into the lone tree out here to make a Gold Skulltula [#30] pop out. Kill it, then turn towards the boulders. We can’t actually move the silver one yet, but if you could, you’d find a crack in the wall that clues you into the fact that it’s bombable. Lay a Bomb next to the silver boulder, then head inside the cave that’s revealed.

Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol inside to make the Great Fairy of Magic appear. She’ll gift you with Farore’s Wind, a spell that lets you mark an area, then teleport back whenever you want. It only works in dungeons, but it’s still cool. Wish you could get this in the next game (Majora’s Mask)…

Back outside, play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then swim towards the exit. Along the way, you’ll see a log that arches out of the water (on Jabu-Jabu’s left) right before the exit back to Zora’s Domain. Get on the log and kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall. Use our new Boomerang to collect the token [#31].

---More coming soon!

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