The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has ten songs for Link to learn during the game. Some of the songs are brought back from Ocarina of Time while some are new. Link utilizes the Ocarina of Time to play these songs, while in his alternate forms, as a Deku, a Goron, or a Zora, Link will play the songs on each form's instruments.

"Song of Time"

The "Song of Time" is the first song that Link learn in this game. It is learned on the first cycle after knocking the Ocarina of Time out of Skull Kid's hands. Once Link regains possession of his ocarina, he remembers the notes to the song. Since Link is in the form of a Deku on the first cycle, when he pulls out his ocarina to play the "Song of Time", the Pipes of Awakening is pulled out instead, as it is the equivalent of the Ocarina of Time when Link is in the form of a Deku.

The notes to the song are as followed
N64-C-Right N64-Button-A N64-C-Down N64-C-Right N64-Button-A N64-C-Down

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