This is the first part in my Link's Awakening walkthrough (yay!). I hope you like it! Here, we'll be going to Mabe Village and the Mysterious Forest. Mysterious indeed..

Mabe Village

Here's the backstory: You have defeated Ganon and saved the land of Hyrule, as in A Link to the Past. People began worrying about Ganon returning and what not, and et cetera. For training against the big bad return of big bad Ganon, Link searches for a new island - or a new adventure. But the thing is, as seen in the opening scene, there's a deadly storm, Link's boat
Wake up link

Wake up, Link!

crashes, and he lands on the shores of a just unknown island. Then a girl comes and tries to wake him up! Wow, this is getting adventurous already. After the save file stuff, you or Link, if you wanted to keep the originality, is in a bed. You wake up, and see the same girl in the intro. After thinking she is Princess Zelda (she never makes a appearance in here!), she introduces herself. Her name is Marin. (Sounds like Malon from Lon Lon Ranch. Wha?) Marin explains everything of how she saved you and how you got here. We can take control of Link. Talk to the big-nosed guy with a appearance to Mario (There's going to be lots of Mario references!). His name is Tarin, the father of Marin. He gives you your shield.
My shield yay

"Ooh, a shield-Wait, its mine?"

Leave the house and enter Mabe Village. It ain't that big, really..Mabe village

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