Part 1 to my Link's Awakening walkthrough!

Let's Get Started!

OK! the basics! Type in your characters name (presumably Link). The prologue starts! You are Link, traveling on the seas but alas, a storm has broken out! Of course Link, having no defense for a storm in his tiny boat, shipwrecks on Koholint Island.

Wake Up!

"What a relief! I thought you'd never wake up!"
Marin in overprotective mode

The next scene; you appear in a bed, in a house, in a strange area. The girl, Marin says you have been asleep; she feared that Link could've died. Get out of bed. Spy the man by the table and talk to him. His name is Tarin, he will give you the shield that was left behind on Toronbo Shores. The shield will deflect basic enemy projectiles by pressing down the button the shield can be activated with. Talk to Marin again, she will tell you to go to the Toronbo Shores to find the sword he had left behind. She says that many monsters have appeared since Link's arrival. out.

Find the Sword!

"Now I understand why the monsters are starting to act so violently..."
— Owl, the Preacher of Koholint Island

Go west from the house, until you see what appears to be a well. Go down (by the two kids playing a *coughmaniacalcough* game of ball pass-back). So move down, dodging Octoroks as you move your way down, resisting the urge to move east (Hold the urge back. Hold it.). As you reach, Toronbo Shores, you may notice Urchins blocking your path, to get pass them, hold down your shield and push them out of the way out of harm's reach. So, keep pushing the Urchins out of your way. So, proceeding on with the walkthrough, keep blocking the urchins, until you find the *GASP* sword! Before you get the weapon, the Owl will confront and will greet you, telling you about the fact that you cannot leave Koholint Island without waking the Wind Fish from it's slumber. The Owl wants to meet you in the Mysterious Forest (Get the Hint. GO THERE NAO).


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