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Disclaimer: Sorry if my English is bad sometimes. I'm German, so that explains it. :D

A Disastrous Night

A Long, Long Time Ago... [Prologue]

A long time ago, there existed a Divine Power that fulfilled everyone's wishes. The ancient scriptures say it rested in a mysterious country, and its entrance lies in Hyrule. Many people went to search for this country... but none of them ever came back.

One day, the evil power streamed out of this country and stretched its hands to Hyrule. Many knights died in a huge battle to gain time for the seven wise men of Hyrule: They banned the evil back into its world to exile it there forever. The resulting seal closed the gates between the two worlds and Hyrule could exist longer. As time progressed, the people forgot about these terrible events, and the war turned into a fairytale.

Recently, a magician named Agahnim gets famous on the royal court. In a supposed good intention, the King made him his personal adviser. However, the fatefully good turn was short-lived: In reality, Agahnim is a servant of evil.

Now he tries to break the old seal. For that, he kidnaps the heirs of the seven wise men, only to send them to the Dark World at midnight. Only when all heirs are in the Dark World, the seal is breakable and evil would be free again.

Princess Zelda is one of those heirs...

Wondrous Dreams

Link is plagued by mysterious nightmares. A princess speaks to you. She asks you for help... Suddenly, Link wakes up. Your uncle looks at you and speaks with an unusual calm: he has to leave for a short time. You must stay in the house. He leaves the house armed - in the middle of this stormy night.

As you get the control over Link, get out of bed and open the chest in this room. You get a Lamp - a useful item. You can light dark places with it. Right now, it doesn't work, because you don't have any magical energy (bar in the top-left corner). Now go outside. Outside of your house, jump down the hill on the right and walk the path to the north to the next screen.

A Stormy Night

Here you follow the path to the left, past the trees and then go over the bridge. A guard blocks the guard entrance of the Hylian castle. He says you must go home - but something isn't right.

Turn to the right, step onto the little paved path and follow it continuously. The path ends at a bush that you pick up. Now fall into the hole - the secret passageway to the castle.

One Last Request

You land in an underground basement. Walk to the left to find your uncle... but he's dying. He asks you to free Princess Zelda. After you received your weapon and shield, walk past your uncle and through the door in the bottom-left. Kill the two guards on the right and take the 5 rupees from the chest. In the pots, you can freshen up your magical power a bit.

Now go through the door in the bottom-left corner. Now you are actually inside the palace garden. Now it's not far: Go to the left, past the guards and enter the Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule Castle

An Unwanted Guest

In the entrance hall, the guards don't welcome you that sincerely: Fight them and go through the door to the left. Follow the narrow corridor to the top and then into the next room. Here, immobilize the guards too and walk forward, until you can go through another door to the right. In the next room, go downstairs.

Now you've reached the basement of the castle. Kill the guard in front of you to get a key. In the chest you can find the castle map. After that, open the locked door.

Searching for Zelda

In this room, go down the stairs, take care of the guard and go south to the next screen. Follow the path here and just let the guards fall into the pit, until you reach the next screen. Here you follow the path, past both of the stairs to go through the door in the top-left.

Slay a guard and go through the door on the right side. Kill another guard here for a key. In the chest of this room, you get the Boomerang: It will be useful, because you can stun enemies with it and you can also collect items you couldn't reach normally.

Hyrule's Dungeons

Go back through the door and unlock the door at the top. In the next room, go downstairs. In B2, also go downstairs to B3. When you're there, kill the guard, then go to the right through the ward.

Here you have to fight the boss: Attack him, when he doesn't swing his ball. If he does, take a bit (!) of distance. After a few hits (6-8) you get the Big Key. Go up to the lock and free Princess Zelda. After you've heard her story and agreed with her, open the small chest (5 rupees). Because there's nothing else to see here, you can go the same way up to the ground floor now.

[Directions: Upstairs to B2, upstairs to B1, down, down, past the guards, take the stairs to the right, right, up, jump down the ledge, up, upstairs to ground floor]

The Secret of the Throne Room

Back on the ground floor, go to the left to the next screen. Then go down the corridor and go through the door at the end. In the main hall, go up and go upstairs to the 1st floor. Zelda will tell you that a secret passageway to the Sanctuary exists. First kill the guards, before you hurry to the throne.

Again, Zelda speaks and explains the operation of the secret mechanism to you: Push the stone with the coat of arms behind the thrones from the left side to the right (just walk against it) and enter.

Let There Be Light

On the other side, it's pretty dark. But you still have your uncle's lamp, so at least you can see your feet with it. The lamp doesn't use up any magical energy, as long as you don't light torches.

Defeat the rats when they cross your way and walk to the wall on the right; then go north, until you can see a path heading east. Go there and then go north, until you see a door. Go downstairs. When you're there, light the torch in front of you and smash the snakes to your left to go even further downstairs.

Snakes, Bats & Rats

When you're there, go upwards (Caution: Snakes) and then go to the right to open the small chest (small key). Go back to the crossing (the one you just passed) and walk upwards (to the left is only a pot with magical energy). Open the door with your key.

Then go to the left and through the door. Then walk to the north wall and from there, go to the left until you find the door. In the following room, defeat the three rats. One of them has a small key. Open the door in the top-right corner with it. In the following room, just go upwards.

Refuge at the Sanctuary

Push the stone in the middle upwards and go upstairs. Then go through the following door. Pull the right lever to activate the door mechanism (the left one only drops snakes into the room). Go through the door and you've arrived at the Sanctuary.

Now, the priest and Zelda are keeping a longer lecture and make a plan. When you have agreed to execute this plan, open the chest next to the priest: A heart container is yours - this item expands your life bar to a full heart!

Now, go through the door at the bottom.


On the Way to Kakariko

It's finally daytime, it's time for the heroic act. Your next goal is Kakariko, a small Hylian village. Kakariko lies in the western part of the country. Leave the sanctuary gardens and when you step onto the path, go to the left. In the next screen, follow the path and go to the next screen to the left. On the left side of the screen, there's the house of a fortune teller (who tells you for 10 rupees that you will meet Sahasrahla) and on the bottom side of the screen, you can see the village gate.

If you want to, you can first go to the north and enter the Lost Woods for a piece of heart. If you go straight there, you will see nine bushes in a square shape. Cut them down and fall down the hole. Take the piece of heart and leave the woods again. Now go south through the gate.

Once you've arrived in the village, you should explore a few houses and the town, before you're going to search for the elder. Because if you ask the woman in his house, Sahasrahla isn't in Kakariko...

The Bottle Dealer

Collect 100 rupees and go to the bottle dealer. He's next to the bird statue in the middle of the village. Buy the bottle, you are going to use it soon.

The Frightened Woman

In front of the houses next to the bird statue there is one woman on each side. Don't come close to them. They only call the guards and lock themselves in their houses. However, the guard is no problem for you... but useless.

Mysterious Fountain

Above the house left next to the bottle dealer, you will probably be paying attention to a cave. Go onto the hill over the cave and jump down there, so that you fall into the fountain below. Here you can find 70 rupees, a piece of heart and bombs. With this, you don't have to buy bombs.

Blind's House

Head east from the cave, until you see a gray narrow house. Go inside and then downstairs. Downstairs you can find 80 rupees in four chests. (First, push the right stone of the bottom-left chest downwards, then push the left stone of the top-right chest away.) Then, put a bomb to the crack at the upper wall and blow it up. Behind it you can find 30 rupees and a piece of heart

A Few Arrows

Go south from the bottle dealer until you find a blue house. Go inside (Don't mind about the man on the street. You can catch him later on with the Pegasus boots). When you're inside, put a bomb to the cracks on the right wall. Behind it, you can find a chest with 10 arrows inside. However, since you don't have a bow yet, they're useless at the moment.

The Bug-Catching Net

From the blue house where you've found the arrows, head east to the next blue house. Go inside to talk with the boy. He gives you his bug-catching net. With it, you can catch small fairies and store them in bottles. If you don't have any energy left, they revive you.

The Second Bottle

From the house where you've got the bug-catching net, walk directly to the south against the house. You automatically get in. Inside you find another empty bottle in a chest.

The Village Shed

In the bottom-left corner of the village, there's a brown shed without an entrance. Put a bomb to the front wall to blow up an entrance. Beside two rats, you can find some useful items inside.

The 15 Second Minigame

In the south of Kakariko, outside of the actual village, there's a big house at the left end of the screen. Inside, blow up the wall to get to the garden.

A boy offers you to get through his labyrinth in 15 seconds. If you win, you get a piece of heart. Tip: Use the shortcut underneath the sign, if you jump over the fence.

Kakariko's Shop

A little shop lies in the south area of the village next to the shed in another little shed, next to a boy who feeds the chicken. You can buy a red elixir for 150 rupees, a heart for 10 rupees and ten bombs for 50 rupees there.

Hint on Sahasrahla

Next to the shop there's a little boy who feeds the chicken. He tells you that the village elder went to the east. He marked on your map, where exactly he is. Now, you've done everything in the village.

On the Way to Sahasrahla

The Way to the East - Part 1

Now you should have two bottles, the bug-catching net, bombs and the information that Sahasrahla went to the east, so you're ready to go to his hideout. Use the following path starting from the bird statue in the village to find him:

From the statue, go east to the last street of the screen and then just walk through the south gate of the village. Walk downwards (you can jump down the small ledge) to the red house, head east to the trees to get past the house and continue your journey to the south until you find the path heading east, which you will follow.

Here just follow this path and go to the right. Again: Follow the path and go upwards.

The Way to the East - Part 2

This place should be known to you. Correct, here's your house. Now walk to the right, the way to the east of the country is now obvious:

Follow the well known path to the right and go over the bridge that's right above you. After that, turn to the right and enter the next screen. Now go upwards to another screen. Here you march through the two arches and go upstairs after.

You reach the Old Ruins.

Meet Sahasrahla

Go all the way upwards until you see a small ruin house in a mini hole. Jump down the ledge and enter the building.

Now you find Sahasrahla. Speak with him. He holds a small dialogue and doesn't give you many options to say "no". The exploring of three dungeons is your main task now. The first dark place is not far from here. But before you go, look at the cracked wall behind Sahasrahla. Put a bomb there. Behind it you can find 100 rupees and 5 bombs.

Heading for the Eastern Palace

Leave Sahasrahla's hideout and take the first stairs behind it. Don't be afraid of the awaking armos statues, just avoid them. Hurry to the right, then down, until one of those statues locks the way to the right. Just defeat them.

Go to the right, then down, and here defeat the armos statue as well. Take the stairs, go right and then go up. Go upstairs 4 times, take a deep breath and enter the Eastern Palace.

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