Welcome to DE best, I mean, DE BEST average walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda. So, I'm going to create the parts as I go; hopefully creating 16-18 parts. Presumably, a part for every level including the First Quest and Second Quest. Maybe after completing dungeon parts, I'll create the world's simplest enemy/character/boss/item guide.So bow before the awesomeness of my walkthrough Enjoy my walkthrough!

This walkthrough is sponsered by the PIES™, "Pie145's Idiotic Entertainment System", which carries great games for the whole family; such as "Pie145: Expert Attorney" and "Super Pie Galaxy"! Costs 5,000¥ in Japan, $260 in the United States, 200£ in the United Kingdom, and 230€ in European countries. The PIES, "It's Seizurific!"

First Quest

Second Quest

Encyclopedia o' Other Things

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