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"I am Volga and I will be your doom."

Volga (ヴァルガ Varuga?, Hylian VHylian OHylian LHylian GHylian A), the Scorching Berserker (灼熱狂戦士 Shakunetsu bāsākā?) in Japan and the Dragon Knight in English, is an antagonist from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.


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For most of Hyrule Warriors, Volga acts as Cia's subordinate who seeks to fight strong opponents. Differing from Wizzro, Volga is an honorable warrior who faces his opponents head on, always confident in his abilities to overcome all. He searches for strong opponents to combat and 'heats up' any battle he is in. With his Dragon Spear and a bellowing war cry, Volga will strike opponents with heavy blows repeatedly.

Before his encounter with Cia, Volga was originally a noble dragon guardian of the Eldin Caves who preferred to stay out of conflicts started by humans. During his final battle with the Hyrulean Forces, Princess Zelda is able to reawaken his noble spirit, undoing Cia's brainwashing. However his code of honor causes him to choose to die honorably (via freeing himself from the power of darkness he obtained from Cia and fighting using his remaining strength) fighting the Hyrulean Forces one last time, making him a tragic figure.

Background & History

Little is revealed of Volga's back history, other than he is a noble dragon warrior who lives in the Eldin Caves with an army of fiercely loyal Lizalfos, Dinolfos, Bulblins, and two King Dodongo who serve him. Though only implied in-game by his design and name, he was intended by the developers to be Hyrule Warriors incarnation of Volvagia.

Guardian of the Eldin Caves

Before Cia's invasion, Volga was originally the Dragon Guardian of the Eldin Caves, his duty to protect it from outside forces while ruling his monster followers and allowing the Gorons to both mine there and permitted them to seal Wizzro's Ring within the Crystal Cave keep.

War Across the Ages

Cia's Tale: The Dragon of the Caves

After being possessed by a fragment of Ganon's spirit, Cia seeks out Volga, wishing him to be a general in her Army and ventures into Eldin Caves in search of the dragon knight. With the aid of Wizzro, Cia finds Volga and tries to convince him to work for her but he tells her he has no interest in Humans or their wars and tells her to leave. Determined that Volga will serve her, Cia and her forces engage Volga and Volga's Army. Cia and her army manage to defeat Volga's forces, including the two King Dodongo despite a betrayal by Wizzro. Cia defeats Volga along with the traitor Wizzro, but Volga still refuses to serve her. Cia then decides to use her magic to brainwash and empower both Volga and Wizzro into servitude. Thus Volga joins Cia as one of her top generals putting both his might and his forces under her control.

The Armies of Ruin

Volga, alongside Wizzro, commands the force of monsters that Cia sends to attack Hyrule Castle, leading the vanguard. He eventually confronts Link (at the time a knight in training) while fighting Impa. However, after Link shields Impa from Volga's fiery blast, Volga discovers that Link possesses the Triforce of Courage, and is forced to retreat.

The Sorceress of the Valley

He later appears at the Valley of the Seers where he ambushes Impa when she is approaching the Western Fortress. However, he is driven off by Lana, although not before vowing to return for a rematch.

Land in the Sky

After Cia opens the Gates of Souls, Volga travels to the Era of Skyloft, where he forges an alliance with the Demon Lord Ghirahim, although Volga's arrogance is such that even Ghirahim had disgust with it. Volga, likewise, suspected that Ghirahim was inherently untrustworthy and informed Cia that he's most likely insincere in his desire to join her (which ultimately turned out to be true, as it's implied the Demon Lord only joined Cia because she contained his master in her, or at the very least a presence similar to his master). After Ghirahim is forced to retreat by both Fi and Link and Levias grants access to Volga/Ghirahim's territory, Link fights Volga as he is preparing to advance onto Skyloft. Although the battle is even, Volga eventually powers up to significantly overpower Link and Fi, forcing them to retreat to the Great Fairy's fountain to grant Levias enough food to summon a lightning storm to weaken Volga. Afterwards, they manage to drive him off.


After Ganondorf invaded the Valley of the Seers to confront Cia, Volga independently attempted to attack Ganondorf's stronghold, although he was forced to retreat due to a barrier placed around the latter's home base.

Shining Beacon

He later appears at the Valley of the Seers where Cia uses her powers to power Volga up to become nearly unstoppable. After just barely being beaten near the Great Fairy's fountain, he retreats and powers up more. However, Zelda manages to appeal to Volga's warrior pride to cast off Cia's influence and fight Link with his own abilities to prove his own skills as a warrior. However, Volga is quickly killed by Link, although he remarks that he does not have any regrets with death, with Cia expressing her irritation at Volga's last moments.


Volga Lance

Volga is a powerful and experienced warrior who commanded an army of Lizalfos, Dinolfos, King Dodongos, and various other lesser monsters, which is why Cia selected him a prime candidate to serve as a general in the Dark Forces. Volga is capable transforming between his Dragon and Humanoid Knight forms at will. While in Knight form he can use parts of his Dragon form such as transforming his arms into dragon claws or grow dragon wings on his back. He also possesses the Dragon race's signature ability to breathe fire, which he can used in either form. He also possesses some form of healing ability which can be augmented by Cia magic, making him a dangerous foe. Though he initially fell under Cia's control and remained under it for some time, in Shining Beacon, Princess Zelda is able to remind him of his noble heart, allowing Volga to free himself of Cia's control, though due to his pride he decided to die fighting the Hyrulean Forces.

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Moveset & Weapons

Dragon Spear

Dark Volga

Hyrule Warriors Volga Dark Volga (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Volga from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Volga is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Volga that appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode. He has the same moveset and material drops as Volga. He can also transform into a dark version of Volga's dragon form.

Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Materials Volga's Helmet (Silver Material drop)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Volga's Dragon Spear (Gold Material)


Volvagia Artwork
Hyrule Warriors Volga Standard Outfit (Lu Bu Recolor - Twilight DLC)

Volga in his Standard Outfit (Twilight) his Lu Bu Recolor from Hyrule Warriors

Volga's design is based on the Dragon Volvagia, a Boss from Ocarina of Time. Designers purposely made him look as inhuman as possible, so that when players encountered him, they would instantly know he was an incarnation of Volvagia.

Due to his immense strength and ability to go into a fit of rage where he is near invincible, Volga has drawn comparisons to Lu Bu, a character with similar traits from the Dynasty Warriors series from which the gameplay is based (in fact Volga's Standard Outfit (Twilight) is a Recolor outfit based on Lu Bu).

He also shares some similarities with General Onox, in that he is a heavily armored warrior who can transform into a mighty Dragon.

Though he was created as an incarnation of Volvagia, Volga possesses good and noble qualities and was originally a dragon guardian similar to Valoo from The Wind Waker (his Standard Outfit (Great Sea) is a Recolor based on Valoo) and the Three Dragons from Skyward Sword.


Volga's Helmet and overall persona are based on Volvagia. Due to this, Volga's name is apparently derived from Volvagia's.

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