"I am Vire, Onox's loyal henchman! I heard someone was trying to stop Onox, but it's just some kid! Fine! I can handle you!"
— Vire

Vire is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. He serves as the mini-boss of the Mermaid's Cave and Ancient Ruins in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, respectively. He is presumably the same race as the Vire enemies in games preceding the Oracle games, but he is much more powerful than the Vires of past.

Unlike other mini-bosses in the Oracle games, Vire has a clear personality and plays a more substantial role in the storyline; he is depicted as the henchman of Veran or General Onox, depending on which game the original file is being played in. When he is defeated in one game, he will reappear and recognize Link during the Linked Game. In a linked version of Oracle of Seasons, Vire tries to hinder Link by moving the Pyramid Jewel to a higher ledge, while in a linked version of Oracle of Ages, he kidnaps Princess Zelda and takes her to the Black Tower. Link defeats Vire for good in both Linked Games.


Vire (Oracle of Ages and Seasons)

In battle, Vire will first fly directly at Link in order to attack. He is weak against swords. After taking enough damage, Vire will change his strategy, keeping his distance and forcing Link to approach in order to attack. Vire will fly around the room while shooting either a pair of blue projectiles, or a single red one which homes in on Link. Both projectiles can be destroyed by Link's attacks. Once damaged enough, Vire will turn into two small Keese that can be finished off the same way as his previous form.


Vire (Oracle of Seasons)01:32

Vire (Oracle of Seasons)

Vire (Oracle of Ages)01:35

Vire (Oracle of Ages)

Linked Game

If Link is exploring a Linked Game (in Oracle of Ages, having played Oracle of Seasons first), Vire kidnaps Princess Zelda. After Link reaches the top of side scrolling section, he rescues Princess Zelda. This sequence is similar to gameplay of the Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong, and may be intended as a reference to it.


Linked Game Zelda Rescue (Oracle of Ages)01:23

Linked Game Zelda Rescue (Oracle of Ages)

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