"I have learned only recently of a man that slipped into this well-guarded town!"
— Benja talking to Link about Vilia

Vilia is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Once the main quest "Forbidden City Entry" is triggered, Link learns that Vilia is a merchant who sneaks into Gerudo Town. Link meets him at the inn of the Kara Kara Bazaar, wearing traditional female Gerudo clothing since men are forbidden at Gerudo Town. Link acquires a set of similar Gerudo attire for 600 Rupees, including the Gerudo Veil, Top and Sirwal, in order to sneak into the Gerudo Town. While Link is dressed as a Gerudo woman adopting Vilia's strategy, Vilia teases Link and tells him that he is adorable. However, at that moment a gust of wind lifts up his veil, revealing what looks like a grey beard underneath.


"You were able to find the man who snuck into Gerudo Town, and you got a Gerudo outfit from him."
— In-game quote
"They only let women into that town...And to think we came all the way out here..."
— Robsten talking to Link about Gerudo Town
"I knew it. You look adorable! Absolutely adorable! ...Just so adorable."
— Vilia talking to Link

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