"I have learned only recently of a man that slipped into this well-guarded town!"
— Benja talking to Link about a rumor relating to Vilia

Vilia is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Once the main quest "Forbidden City Entry" is triggered, Link learns that a rumored man is a merchant who sneaks into Gerudo Town. Link meets her at the inn of the Kara Kara Bazaar, wearing traditional female Gerudo clothing since men are forbidden at Gerudo Town. Link acquires a set of similar Gerudo attire from her for 600 Rupees, including the Gerudo Veil, Top and Sirwal, in order to sneak into the Gerudo Town. While Link is dressed as a Gerudo woman adopting the proposed strategy, Vilia teases Link and tells him that he is adorable. However, at that moment a gust of wind lifts up her veil, revealing what looks like a grey beard underneath.

True Nature

Though Vilia passes herself as a Gerudo "Vai" she is actually a male Hylian in female Gerudo clothing and is the rumored male merchant who sneaks into Gerudo Town using the same method he proposes to Link. Vilia is able to pass as a Gerudo due to his dark skin and red hair, wearing the veil to cover his beard. Unlike Vilia, Link is only able to pass for a Hylian vai though is quite convincing thanks to his androgynous appearance which is increased by feminine mannerisms that he inadvertently makes while disguised, enough to impress Vilia and a Hylian vai tourist Jules who manages to realize his true gender though keeps it a secret out of respect for his skill in passing as a girl and the fact he is a fellow Hylian who braved the desert.

Thanks to Vilia, Link relearned the trick that allows men to skirt around Gerudo Town law which he had previously learned in the past from Urbosa when Princess Zelda had taken advantage of Gerudo law to dodge Link's protection detail according to Urbosa's Diary. However none of the other male merchants managed to discover his secret preventing the trick from being abused as Vilia and Link treated the Gerudo respectfully and did not abuse their ability to access Gerudo Town in an effort to maintain their disguises as the guards of Gerudo Town are keen to throw out any voe they find.

Vilia remains in Kara Kara Bazaar the rest of the game selling Gerudo vai clothing to Link allowing him to repurchase its pieces should he sell it as he is required to disguise himself even after befriending Gerudo Chieftain Makeela Riju as she requires Link to maintain his disguise out of respect for Gerudo Town law and tradition much like Urbosa did in the past. Link keeps Vilia's true nature a secret from the Gerudo and Hylian merchants having seen his true face when a gust of wind revealed his beard he hides under his veil.


"You were able to find the man who snuck into Gerudo Town, and you got a Gerudo outfit from him."
— In-game quote
"They only let women into that town...And to think we came all the way out here..."
— Robsten talking to Link about Gerudo Town
"I knew it. You look adorable! Absolutely adorable! ...Just so adorable."
— Vilia talking to Link
"There was that pretty Hylian gal at the general store."
— Robsten talking to Link about Vilia
"Going shopping when you don't have any money... You're such a tease, toying with a lady's emotions like that..."
— Vilia talking to Link
"A suspicious merchant, huh... From my point of view, pretty much any merchant that isn't Gerudo looks suspicious, you realize? Still... Yeah, I can think of someone... That one vai merchant in full Gerudo garb... She frequents the general store a lot. I'm sure there must be more to her story. But what do I know? Plus, I'm not going to poke my nose in another's business."
— Emri talking about Vilia to Link
"A sneaky what? You mean a voe, sneaking around town? I haven't seen anyone like that. There's a Hylian vai who likes to relax on the roof. Though in the afternoon, it's probably too hot up there."
— Shaillu talking about Vilia to Link
"Oh, my. What a lovely young lad you are. Do you need something from me? What's that? You've heard about a man who snuck into Gerudo Town? Oh, I don't know anything about him... Sorry I couldn't be more help."
— Vilia talking to Link